Austin Macauley Publishers was cordially invited to attend the Inauguration ceremony of Al Ummah Book Shop

On 22nd July 2019, Al Ummah Book Shop was formally inaugurated in a ceremony attended by Austin Macauley’s team. The event was wonderful and the crowd was huge. It was the launch of the bookstore’s main branch located in the Emirates of Ajman.

The ceremony organisers warmly welcomed Austin Macauley’s team and appreciated its participation in the event.

Austin Macauley Publishers actively took part in the event and spoke about the bookstore launch and its association

Al Ummah Bookshop has a large collection of Austin Macauley titles for all kinds of readers, neatly stacked in wooden shelves. It holds Austin Macauley’s books of every genre which will attract readers of all ages. These books are available in Arabic and English languages.

Austin Macauley’s Titles Are Now Available on Amazon, Jamalon and Neelwafurat.

Austin Macauley Publishers are thrilled to announce that its 37 astonishing books can now be purchased through Amazon, Jamalon and Neewafurat. The book reading experience has gone to a different level helping readers to buy the book at one-click.

Austin Macauley Publishers have always devoted themselves in searching convenience for its valued customers. With the advent and progress in the technological sector, literary fans find it more suitable to buy their books online through some wonderful websites.

Amazon is one of the biggest online e-commerce store based in Seattle, Washington. Nowadays, technology has revolutionised our reading ways and eBooks are very common; therefore it has introduced a reading app. Through this application, people can download eBooks to their phone, a guide to this application.
To browse through our collection on Amazon.

Jamalon is an Arab based online bookstore. It offers cash on delivery services throughout the Middle East along with PayPal and Master card payment methods. This site has fairly organised books into English and Arabic types which are further classified into sub-categories. This website also offers mind-blowing seasonal and weekly deals.
Check out our titles on this bookstore.


Neelwafurat is the largest Arab bookstore. The website is in the Arabic language. It has a friendly interface and products are nicely showcased. It offers advanced search options which make searching for a book simplistic.
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We will soon be launching our titles on

An alternative way to get access to our books is through our website.

Have a happy reading!

Austin Macauley’s Titles Are Now Available at UaeBook and DXB Book

Good News for all the book lovers out there! Austin Macauley’s books are now just a click away. Just scroll through these beautiful Instagram stores to get hold of that perfect book you have been meaning to read. Austin Macauley Publishers prioritise their readers by providing them with the book experience they entreat for and are always in search of exploring ways to make their shopping experience easy, therefore, it has partnered with the aforementioned two Instagram bookstores.


Uaebook specialise in selling books at cheaper prices. From incredibly chilling thrillers to mind-blowing memoirs, this store offers a wide range of Austin Macauley’s books. Uaebook give the feel of the world’s greatest neighbourhood bookstore. They deliver to all emirates and Gulf countries. You can also order through their WhatsApp number: 00971556674743


Dxb_book aim to change the world by providing easy delivery service of books to all emirates and Gulf countries. They offer plenty of choices among Austin Macauley’s collection in every genre one can think of. You can also order through WhatsApp using the number: 00971555654424


You can always explore Austin Macauley’s amazing collection through our website or order via these Instagram’s pages. We hope our books transport you to different enchanting lands and you find our books innovative, educational and inspiring.


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Austin Macauley Publishers’ Exciting Presence at Sharjah International Book Fair 2018

The 3rd largest Book Fair of the world – Sharjah International Book Fair, witnessed an astonishing exhibition courtesy of Austin Macauley Publishers™ great show. Sharjah International Book Fair is organized annually by Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), promoting literature, publishing, book reading & writing. Continued from 31st Oct – 10th Nov (2018) at Expo Center Sharjah, SIBF 2018 was not less than a dream come true for book lovers and literary enthusiasts.


The Sharjah International Book Fair 2018 hosted 1,874 publishers and about 1.6 million book titles from 77 countries. It also organized 1,800 events including seminars, book signings, author talks, book readings, storytelling and many other exciting events.


The Fair was visited by almost 2.23 million visitors in 11 days, including 230,000 school students. These activities received a whopping 2.7 billion social media impressions. The hashtag #SIBF18, was used in 70,000 social media posts and reached 300 million users.


Austin Macauley Publishers’ stand at Sharjah International Book Fair 2018 also witnessed an overwhelming number of footfall, as the stand was visited by a lot of book lovers and school students. The visitors loved the fascinating collection of books and catalogues; bought heaps of books for themselves, showcased by Austin Macauley Publishers. Austin Macauley’s team also presented the books and different gifts to the honorable guests.



Austin Macauley Books at Sharjah book fair



Austin Macauley Publishers™ has been taking a part in numerous networking events and talks while marketed the author’s brilliant books at the Fair too. The Fastest Growing Publishers – Austin Macaulay scheduled different meetings with new and upcoming authors, book industry professionals including literary agents, journalists, distributors, book buyers and printers.



Austin- macauley- stall- SIBF
Austin Macauley Stall at SBIF


Our published author, Liam Kelly, visited Austin Macauley Publishers at Sharjah International Book Fair to promote his series ‘The Wonderful World of Worried William’. Moreover, our newly published author from UAE named as ‘Ahmed Ashujaa’ also visited the stand to represent and talk about his book – ‘Ahmed’s Dreams’. The authors signed their books and took pictures with the visitors. We received an incredible response on social media for our authors’ visit at SIBF18.


Austin Macauley Publishers™ congratulates the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) for successfully organizing the event. We’re thankful to the Management of Sharjah International Book Fair for providing us with the platform to encourage reading and writing among the masses. Austin Macauley Publishers will be honored to participate again in the next year’s 38th edition of Sharjah International Book Fair 2019 with many more exciting activities and surprises from the literary world.

Austin Macauley’s highlights at SIBF






Austin Macauley’s bar raising jab at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2018

ADBIF or the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair was organised by KITAB in association with Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. It was the first time Austin Macauley Publishers was part of the fair.

The event took place at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, from 25 April to 1 May. It is considered to be one of the most popular book fairs of Middle East and North Africa.

The 1st Abu Dhabi International Book Fair took place in 1981. It has enjoyed a successful run for over 25 years.

Book lovers from all around the world gather under one roof to show their appreciation and admiration for literature.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has been visited by exhibitors from more than 60 countries worldwide.

Austin Macauley Publishers were present at Stand # 7E41, Hall # 7 with a unique collection of exciting books on display. Many Arabic and English authors visited Austin Macauley’s stand. ‘Worried William’ author Liam Kelly, one of Austin Macauley’s authors, also visited the stand and took pictures with visitors.

Austin Macauley will be honoured to be back again for next year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

Author 'Liam Kelly' with his book 'Worried William' at Austin Macauley's stand during Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2018.

Austin Macauley’s maiden Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival was a tremendous success

Sharjah Book Authority organized another remarkable children’s reading festival at Sharjah from 18th to 28th April. This was the first year of the fair Austin Macauley was a part of it. Austin Macauley brought another literary flavor to the festival. Their stand was a hub of activity and children enjoyed the collection of books on display.

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival takes place every year and attracts over 300,000 visitors. About 125 exhibitors were in attendance at Expo Center Sharjah. The festival holds a lot of attractions for kids and adults. It is the perfect environment for families and enhances their love and passion for books.

Austin Macauley hit the ground running at stand F13 inside of hall 6. Austin Macauley had a display of wonderful books for children. Visitors of all ages became a part of Austin Macauley’s aesthetically pleasing coloring activity making it a highlight for them. Austin Macauley’s energetic team greeted guests with numerous gift items when they arrived at their stand.

Austin Macauley Publishers thanks the management of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2018 for having the company’s highly experience and skilled team onboard and providing young kids much needed exposure to literature. The publisher is already looking forward to being a part of the festival in 2019.

One Year and Counting – ‘Austin Macauley Publishers U.S.A Chapter’ Celebrates 1st Anniversary

As part of our international expansion and bringing success to authors worldwide, Austin Macauley Publishing opened its doors in United States of America on Jan 20, 2017.

Austin Macauley was founded in 2006 in London, England. The aim of the company was to be a forward-thinking independent publisher, which provides writers the opportunity to tell their stories and gain a footing in a very competitive industry.

Our success led us to expand our operations to Cambridge and eventually, because of high demand of our services from across the pond, we opened an office on Wall Street, New York City.

This is a time when most publishers are making it very difficult for authors to get their stories published but our goal has always been to accept manuscripts from all authors and make it easy for them to get their books published.

The success and acceptance that we have seen in America has only emboldened our resolve and we are planning on opening two new location in the next two years.

First of these locations will be based in Melbourne, Australia.

On this, our first year anniversary, we promise to continue to offer our quality publishing, design, marketing, and a host of other services to authors in the U.S and across the globe!

Arabic Language Day

A significant day in the universal calendar is of December 18th, 1973 when the United Nations General Assembly approved ‘Arabic’ as an official UN Language.

Being one of the earliest languages that man has communicated with; today, nearly 300 million people across the globe use Arabic as their native language; and, Classical Arabic – an earlier version of Modern Arabic – is the liturgical language used by 1.7 billion Muslims across the globe.

Arabic has immense contributions in the field of science, culture, philosophy, arts and etcetera. There are many famous books of the language such as: The Epistle of Forgiveness (Resalat Al-Ghufran), written in 10th century by Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri and focuses on divine comedy with its deep philosophy and brilliant language; Chronicles of Majnun Layla and Selected Poems by Qassim Haddad, a complex and layered lyrical love story; The Prophet by Khalil Gibran, which has been translated into 40 different languages, deals with the topics such as life and human conditions.

Last year on this day, Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO said, “The Arabic language, in its classical form and its many dialects, is a global language in which the identities, beliefs and aspiration of peoples across the five continents are expressed”. Also, she condemned the fields of higher education and scientific research that disseminate the Arabic language online saying, “UNESCO wishes to recall the importance of multilingualism and knowledge of languages in an increasingly globalized world; greater efforts must be made in schools and universities to diffuse the Arabic language and consolidate its learning with a view to the development of research, scientific innovation and creativity. The dissemination of the Arabic language throughout the world is a source of tremendous energy for cooperation and peace: let us join forces to release its full potential”.

If we take a look at the modern Arab Literature, one of the latest contributors in promoting Arabic is Samia Bazzi. She worked as a professional translator nearly for 15 years and since last 13 years she’s teaching translations and different branches of linguistics at Lebanese Universities. In her book ‘Taste the Arabic Proverbs’ she has translated the famous Arabic proverbs into English, explaining their meaning and contexts.

A recent government initiative – Bil Arabi, however, aims to maintain the prominence of the Arabic language by promoting its use on social media. Because, almost 90 percent of UAE residents use Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media on daily basis the initiative could prove a success. Bil Arabi is expected to involve events and campaigns in the following year, which would be targeted to the young generation. Meanwhile, UNESCO hosts a two-days’ workshops and roundtables focusing on how the technological advances could be used to teach Arabic, its future and its relationship with science.

We hope that the Arab literature keeps expanding; and for this purpose Austin Macauley strives to contribute further, welcoming all the readers with its collection, and provides a platform to the aspiring authors.

Gulf news covers Austin Macauley’s role in UK-UAE collaboration

SHARJAH: UAE and UK are experiencing new heights in literary relationship, said UK publishers who attended the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair as honorary guests.

The UK trade mission told Gulf News that the positive gestures by Sharjah organizers is a clear indication of expanding cultural exchanges of all things literary, between the two countries. The UK team is led by The Publishers’ Association and The London Book Fair.

Jade Robertson, International publishing director of Austin MacauleyTM Publishers, told Gulf News that our firm has recognised the importance of UAE’s book market and accept it as the stepping stone to give us increased exposure in the Middle Eastern region.

Robertson optimistically stated that “our firm is so enthusiastic about the UAE market that soon we are opening our new office in Sharjah Publishing city. We’re one of the first UK book companies in Sharjah and we plan to nurture old relationships and build on new ones as well. The SIBF is a critical venue to connect within the industry.”

Adding more she said “It’s important to get our brand out there, to show our titles and interact with our readers.”

Philip Parham, British Ambassador to the UAE, was all praise for the hospitality from the SIBF organizers and stated that “UK physical book exports to the UAE are currently worth over £37 million (Dh178 million) a year. We welcome this chance to strengthen further this commercial partnership between our countries.”

Perham was of the view that “UK publishers attending SIBF will meet counterparts from the emirates and beyond, forging new global collaboration in rights sales and exports.”

Hamzat Wassl, highlights Austin Macauley™ publisher’s presence in the 36th SIBF

SHARJAH: UK was the guest of honour at the 36th edition of Sharjah International Book Fair, and it did full justice to it by showing appreciation of the Middle East and North Africa affairs through its stand.

The stand hosts to a number of leading agencies, including Austin MacauleyTM Publishers, exhibiting literature for guests interested in the regional affairs. As a guest of honour, UK is showcasing among other contemporary British literature, the Birmingham Quran manuscript.

Jade Robertson, International Publishing Director of Austin Macauley Publishers, says that the bond formed between SIBF and UK is going a long way in benefitting people of both cultures. She is of the view that this collaboration is going to foster understating and values between the two nations having diverse cultures. It also aims to strengthen the cultural and economic ties.

Adding more she says “Austin MacauleyTM publishers is here to contribute to the literary activities and to look out for the finest talent, this region has stored for the world. We are quite excited to be here, the opening of our office in Sharjah allows us to assist all the future authors and the regional publishing industry thrive better.”

Austin MacauleyTM publishers plan to export Arabic books to UK and New York as the number of Arabic speakers in both the regions is increasing.


Austin Macauley Publishers features in Sharjah’s Newspaper, The Gulf Today

Sharjah Publishing City, Sharjah: UK, being the guest of honour at the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), showed its mastery by exhibiting their appreciation of the Middle Eastern and North African affairs, through the literary publications showcased on its stand.

Its stand houses to a number of leading agencies like Austin MacaulayTM Publishers, who have items that cater to the interests of guests fond of or connected to the affairs of Middle Eastern region or North Africa.

The Gulf Today Newspaper published the article on 2ND November, 2017.

Jade Robertson, International Publishing Director of Austin Macauley Publishers, said the link established between SIBF and UK is going to benefit the people of both the regions. Austin Macauley will export Arabic books to UK and New York to satisfy the appetite of Arabic speaking audience of the two localities, which is growing more and more with every passing day.

UK, the honorary guest is also showcasing the contemporary British Literature and the Birmingham Quran Manuscript, which is translated especially to enlighten the people about the Arab culture and their way of living.

The UK exhibitors are participating in this event in tandem with the aims and objectives of the UK/UAE 2017 Year of Creative Collaboration. The idea revolves around the engaging of culture in the broadest sense. This includes science, language, literature, arts, business, sports and technology.

For the full article visit:  here

Sharjah International Book Fair 2017 is here!

36th Edition, world’s 3rd biggest book fair, irresistible events and titles, it doesn’t get any better than that!

60 countries, over 1,650 publishing houses offering over 1.5 million titles from 60 countries are going to participate in the 36th Mega edition of Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF). Starting from 1st of November 2017 concluding at 11th, you will have eleven days of sheer variety and hands on professional programme that will be hosted as an affiliation of SIBF’s TRC (Sharjah International Book Fair).

This programme will be helpful in the accumulation of 250+ privileges experts from different parts of the globe, held on Monday and Tuesday, i.e. the 30th and 31st of October 2017. The idea is to facilitate the buying and selling of publishing translation rights.

The said mega event will be hosted by Sharjah, 3rd largest emirate in the UAE. ‘A world inside My Book’, has been declared as the theme for this 11 day event this year.

Fun Facts – SIBF in the Spotlight:

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting facts associated with SIBF:

  • Planned by SBA (Sharjah Book Authority) the SIBF event this year is expected to spread across 14,625 Sqms.
  • 393 guests joining for 48 countries who will be participating in over 2600 events.
  • An event that is expanding all the time, new participants this year would be Denmark, South Korea and Bangladesh participating in this sizzling event for the first time.
  • One name, countless events ranging across several professional programmes such as the Cultural café, the Cookery Corner, the Cultural programme and the intellectual programme.
  • Extensive in nature among them all and feature of this year’s event edition is the Kid’s Programme, packed with 1,632 activities, offered by 44 visitors from 20 nations.

Not to forget, the sizzling hot social media station which will be hosted by SIBF, having 33 activities associated with it and workshops to put the cherry on top, this will help in engaging thousands of Social media lovers and sawyers with their focal point floating around cultural, social and media issues.

You aren’t going to miss it, are you?


Sharjah Publishing City! A literary opening for the Arab world

Sharjah adds one more landmark to its name and this time it’s the Sharjah Publishing city, to fulfil its literary appetite.
Covering approximately 20,000 square meters and each floor is 10,000 square meters, the Sharjah publishing city is equipped with latest technology every publisher needs for a guaranteed success. Adding to that, the tax free culture of the free-zones and accommodating nature of the region makes it a unique idea altogether.
If you are still unaware of the surprise named as Sharjah Publishing free zone then you need to read this from Ahmed bin Rakkad Al Ameri, chairman of the book authority “Sharjah Publishing City is the Arab world’s very first publishing free zone, offering those in the book industry the opportunity to capitalize on tax-free privileges while benefiting from being a wholly independently owned and operated company.”

One stop shop for top publishers:
This literary hub will cater to the leading international publishers like Austin MacauleyTM and many others. For all others who seek a name in the publishing world, Sharjah Publishing City is a platform where they can operate in a fully supportive, integrated environment and under the shadow of leading international publishers.
This free zone facility is not only going to facilitate the international authors and publishers to showcase their talents but will also benefit the local writers of the region in giving them the exposure to the world. Rakkad Al Ameri, emphasized on the fact that Sharjah Publishing City will not only be publishing hub of the Middle East only, but its spectrum will be the whole world. It connects the whole world, China to North Africa, India to Europe and US to the Asia.
According to Al Ameri “It is actually 365 days of book fairs in one spot.” We have the ideal environment for trading and training. “A lot of people can’t get a visa to the United States for training, and they can’t afford the cost. We are creating one stop shopping for publishers in Sharjah”. This facility will not only introduce the Arab and international publishing professionals to each other but also will allow creative talent to come forward and thrive.