We are delighted to announce that our captivating book, The Geographical Names- Memory of Generations (الأسماء الجغرافية) by Dr Khalifa Alromaithi, is in the shortlisted titles for the Contribution to The Development of Nations category of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award's 18th edition.

We are thrilled to announce that Fayiza Emad Khalifa, the author of Hakima, recently appeared on a TikTok podcast to discuss “How to Become a Great Writer”.

We are pleased to share that My Mama’s Magic, by Amina Awad, has recently been featured in Nasher News. The article praised the book for highlighting human difficulties and ways to deal with them.

The Gulf News, an esteemed media enterprise, recently ran an article on Liam Kelly, the author of the Worried William book series.

Shaakirah Mesias, the author of 27 Years- Just a Piece of Meat, is scheduled to host a book signing event at the Floranca Café, Kalba, Sharjah, on 22nd June, Thursday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Nawal Benzaouia, the author of Maya and Grace, recently got featured in the French outlet L’ALSACE. The article provided a profile of the author, and the author, in her statements, stressed the need to view disabilities differently.

The Way Out of Boredom, by Grace J. Choi, was recently featured on two news sites. The features touched upon her inspiration behind writing this book and herself briefly.

We are thrilled to share that Stefano The Frog, a children’s book by Stephanie Bou Jawad, has reached No. 6 in the Amazon Top 100.

The author Nawal Benzaouia was interviewed recently on the Lovin Dubai Show. The interview involved a discussion of her book for children,

The Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali Book Club returned for its last installment of 2022 on December 18th. Readers met for a pleasant morning featuring books and coffee at the IKEA café and bakery.

Youssef Beainy’s insightful novel, Twelve Lives, recently received a positive review. The review provided a brief overview of the themes explored in the book and praised the author’s ability to effectivity guide the reader toward growth through realistic stories.

Our author, Deepika Dubey, was presented with the SHE Award for her biography novel, Turned Mile into S’mile. The award ceremony took place in Dubai on 10th October 2022. The award honours inspirational women who have excelled in their respective fields. Watch her acceptance speech here.

Our incredible author, Hassan Al Ali's latest book, Cracking the Sales Code, is now available in Boulder Bookstore- Pearl Street Mall Boulder, CO, United States, Colorado and Barnes & Noble, Ste 500 Ocala, FL. Readers are advised to visit their nearest stores to get their copies.

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has launched the “Reading Box 2022” program in Mirdif City Center, from 19 to 28 January.

Our incredible author, Hassan Al Ali's latest book, Cracking the Sales Code, is now available in Barnes & Noble (Olympia, WA, US). The book provides valuable insights into sales strategies and careers. The readers can get their copies from the Olympia branch.  

Mohamed Sultan AlOwais’s book, Al Furdha – The Harbor – and Other Stories, was featured by the HATT POST on Wednesday, 14th September. The featured article highly admires the author’s writing skills and finds his books attractive to the readers.

Cage-Free Radio Network interviewed our brilliant author, Ameen Zaidi, for the book, The Last War. The author discussed the learning process, the path of writing, and his experience writing the book.

US-based radio, Cage-Free Voices Radio Network, interviewed our brilliant young author, Khalid Almessabi, for his children’s book, The Mysterious Creatures. He talked about the inspiration behind writing the book at such a young age.

Our acclaimed author, Dr. Salwa Al-Nuaimi’s history book, The First Barrel of Fortune, is now available at the Gulf News Store.

Our celebrated author, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi’s book, Soar with the Green Shaikh, was featured by Gulf News. The book is also available at the Gulf News Store.

Our amazing book, Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book, is now available at the renowned newspaper, Gulf News’ store.

Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa's historical fiction, Ashes of a Lost Country, received an amazing review on Amazon UAE.

Our wonderful author, Latii Xi’s book, Inspirational Poems, and Thoughts Over the Current Times, can be accessed through the QR code available at the Dubai Cares pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020.

Our esteemed author, Giovanni Bozzetti, will appear for a live radio interview on Talk 100.3 FM at 5:30 PM on 10 January 2022. The author will talk about his wonderful book, Emirates: Nothing Is Impossible.

Gulf Weekly interviewed the inspiring young author, Fadhel Abbas, about his poetic release, Crows on Fetish. While talking to Gulf Weekly, Fadhel Abbas shared the battles he faced during his journey. Read the complete article here.

We are delighted to tell you that the insightful book of our amazing author Saad Alsogair, Your idea, Their Money, is now available at Boulder Book Store, Colorado, USA.

Your Idea, Their Money by Saad AlSogair has become a stellar hit as it reaches the #1 spot on the ‘Best Sellers in Financial Accounting’ category on Amazon USA.

Book lovers are going to consider this news as music to their ears! Palak and Pooja have stocked their book 'Is Life as We Know It?' at various bookstores and schools around the UAE.

Fabrice Jaumont, the author of The Bilingual Revolution, writes a thought-provoking article about the potential benefits of living in a world where every child was born bilingual. The informative article got published on the Global Education Supplies and System (GESS) website.

We have some great news! The Amman International Book Fair is back after a gap of one year, and book lovers are ecstatic about it.

Austin Macauley Publishers UAE has now partnered with Readers Bookshop in Jordan to bring all of your favourite English and Arabic books closer to you. Some of the most incredible titles published by Austin Macauley will now be available to you at the Readers Bookshop, located at Issa An-Nouri St., Amman, Jordan.

Austin Macauley’s talented author, Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani, gets shortlisted for the ‘Contribution to the Development of Nations’ award for his book, Diving with Seven Livelihoods, published in 2019. The finalists will be awarded in an online ceremony in May. The awardees of all categories shall be honoured with a merit certificate, a gold medal and a cash prize of AED 750,000. Read more details about the award here.

Austin Macauley has got some good news for you! The appeal of our books is making waves and has reached across continents.  Austin Macauley’s books are read and appreciated by people all around. Our collection of books is increasing with new additions. In our quest to bring our famous books to more and more readers, we have partnered with Virgin Megastores to bring you 25 exciting titles. 

Forced into a COVID reality, we all miss big gatherings and delightful events. Here is a great opportunity for all of you to take part in a one-of-its-kind virtual book fair, which will also give you a chance to interact with Austin Macauley Publishers. This book fair is being arranged by Trends- a research organization. To ensure the safety of all, the event has been organized virtually. The book fair started on 24th January and is going to last till February 7th. So, do tune in and check out the range of Austin Macauley books displayed at the fair. You will be happy to get your most wanted books at good prices. You can get all the relevant information about the book fair here. For our Arabic readers, check out here.

We are pleased to announce that six of our Arabic titles are now available at The Bookshop Library EST. The Bookshop is a large shopping store with a variety of supplies ranging from stationery, office supplies, arts & crafts to computer supplies, smartphone accessories and books. The books’ collection at the store includes both English and Arabic titles. Now you will find six of our Arabic titles there as well. This is surely an addition you will love.

All the books of Austin Macauley UAE can now be ordered online through Keeping up our vision, we have delivered yet another promise of making the availability of our books at your doorsteps just as convenient as it can get. You can now easily get all our Arabic and English titles by placing your orders at Sanad Books. Sanad Books is a large online bookstore which excels in delivering your most wanted, most desired titles to your homes.

Considering the choices and preference of our readers, we have now made available a number of our titles as e-books on Abjjad is an online platform for reading and culture lovers that allows Arab readers, writers and bloggers to register on the site and build a virtual library in which they can share their current or future books and readings. It is accessible via a website as well as a mobile app which you can download through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Considering the increasing fame of our books across the globe, we continuously endeavour to ensure that your favourite titles are readily available to you without any hassle. Hence, we are delighted to announce that you can now order all of our published books through book delivery from

‘A Perfect World of Books’. That’s what the tagline for Booktopia – one of the oldest bookstores in Dubai – says, but the perfect just got a whole lot better! Austin Macauley UAE has now partnered with Booktopia to bring your favourite books closer to you at one of the largest Bookstores in Dubai.

As forward-thinking publishers, we leave no stone unturned to make our amazing reads accessible to the book enthusiasts. Our readers can choose their favourite books from our collection now available at Jarir Reader. Ranging from romance to poetry, thrillers to crime, horror to mystery, adventure to sci-fi, children to young adult and much more; Jarir Reader showcases a variety of e-books by Austin Macauley Publishers. Visit their website now to grab your favourite reads in e-book format and relish them during the summers. You can also download our books from Jarir Reader app on App Store and Google Play Store.

We are excited to let all our readers know that our books are now available at various bookstores in Egypt. The readers can grab the copies of their favourite books from Knowledge Book Center and the Elite Bookstore, Alexandria, and The Reader’s Corner, Cairo. Austin Macauley’s prominent collection includes all genres from inspiring fiction to knowledgeable non-fiction, exciting children’s reads to adventurous journeys and from scented poems to crime world’s bitter truths. Austin Macauley Publishers are operational day and night to meet your literary appetite and to make the wonderful work of our authors within the reach of all the readers of the region.

Thinking about the expanding fame of our books in the region, we continually endeavour to ensure that all your preferred titles are effectively accessible at your closest book shops. Along these lines, we are pleased to declare that Austin Macauley's books are now being offered by Dar Al-Jenan in Amman, Jordan.

Austin Macauley Publishers UAE bring exciting news for all the book enthusiasts. From January 2019 onwards, all our books having e-book copies, written by our very talented authors are now available at the biggest online Arabic bookstore, Neelwafurat. These ebooks include all the genres of fiction and non-fiction categories; avid book readers should not be missing out on these remarkable reads.

Fabrice Jaumont has been recognized as a powerful advocate for language learning and immersion programs across the globe. On Friday 14th February 2020, he will be presented with The Foreign Language Advocate Award which is awarded yearly in memory of the long-time secretary-treasurer of the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

As always, Austin Macauley Publishers UAE bring exciting news for all the avid book readers. From January 2020, all our books written by our very talented authors are now available at the famous online bookstore Keef Book. The books include all the genres of fiction and non-fiction categories; book enthusiasts should not be missing out on these remarkable reads.

Considering the increasing popularity of our books across the region, we constantly strive to make sure that all your favourite titles are easily available at your nearest bookstores. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that Austin Macauley’s books are now offered across all branches of Dubai Library Distributors in the UAE

A highly talented author of an incredible read Real Illusions, Amin Al-Sati, has been interviewed by Al-Ghad TV at the signing event of his book on November 6th, 2019, in Sharjah Book Fair 2019. In his interview, he talked about himself and his book briefly, he stated that Real Illusions is the start of his literary career. This book is about illusions and daydreaming and how we live in it partially or completely at some stages of our lives. 

Austin Macauley Publishers have always been at the forefront of book publishing and we have been steadily gaining popularity in the Arab world owing to our already established presence in the UAE. We are proud to announce that our high in demand books are now available at the BookLand Bookstore in Jannusan, Bahrain. Jannusan is a popular destination for tourists and a lot of foreigners are also permanently settled there.

Platinum Book store, in Kuwait City, Alsharq, brings the exciting Arabic and English books of Austin Macauley Publishers for all the bibliophiles of Kuwait. Don’t forget to hop in there and check them out on your visit to the store. The books are written by our distinguished authors.

The author of his autobiography, Ashes of a Lost Country, Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa was interviewed by the popular channel Alghad TV on November 6, 2019 at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2019. In his interview, Ghassoub described his traumatic past and hardships, his education, and how did he reach his present position as a Professor at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) in Dubai.

There is a piece of exciting news for all the book-enthusiasts!  Kinokuniya Book Store, Dubai Mall (Level 2), UAE, brings you all the titles of Austin Macauley Publishers written by one of the world’s famous authors, all under one roof. Don’t forget to check them out on your next visit to the mall!

On 22nd July 2019, Al Ummah Book Shop was formally inaugurated in a ceremony attended by Austin Macauley’s team. The event was wonderful and the crowd was huge. It was the launch of the bookstore’s main branch located in the Emirates of Ajman.

Austin Macauley Publishers are thrilled to announce that its 37 astonishing books can now be purchased through Amazon, Jamalon and Neewafurat. The book reading experience has gone to a different level helping readers to buy the book at one-click.

Good News for all the book lovers out there! Austin Macauley’s books are now just a click away. Just scroll through these beautiful Instagram stores to get hold of that perfect book you have been meaning to read. Austin Macauley Publishers prioritise their readers by providing them with the book experience they entreat for and are always in search of exploring ways to make their shopping experience easy, therefore, it has partnered with the aforementioned two Instagram bookstores.

The 3rd largest Book Fair of the world – Sharjah International Book Fair, witnessed an astonishing exhibition courtesy of Austin Macauley Publishers™ great show. Sharjah International Book Fair is organized annually by Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), promoting literature, publishing, book reading & writing. Continued from 31st Oct – 10th Nov (2018) at Expo Center Sharjah, SIBF 2018 was not less than a dream come true for book lovers and literary enthusiasts.

ADBIF or the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair was organised by KITAB in association with Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. It was the first time Austin Macauley Publishers was part of the fair. The event took place at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, from 25 April to 1 May. It is considered to be one of the most popular book fairs of Middle East and North Africa.

Sharjah Book Authority organized another remarkable children’s reading festival at Sharjah from 18th to 28th April. This was the first year of the fair Austin Macauley was a part of it. Austin Macauley brought another literary flavor to the festival. Their stand was a hub of activity and children enjoyed the collection of books on display.

As part of our international expansion and bringing success to authors worldwide, Austin Macauley Publishing opened its doors in United States of America on Jan 20, 2017. Austin Macauley was founded in 2006 in London, England. The aim of the company was to be a forward-thinking independent publisher, which provides writers the opportunity to tell their stories and gain a footing in a very competitive industry.

A significant day in the universal calendar is of December 18th, 1973 when the United Nations General Assembly approved ‘Arabic’ as an official UN Language. Being one of the earliest languages that man has communicated with; today, nearly 300 million people across the globe use Arabic as their native language; and, Classical Arabic – an earlier version of Modern Arabic – is the liturgical language used by 1.7 billion Muslims across the globe.

SHARJAH: UAE and UK are experiencing new heights in literary relationship, said UK publishers who attended the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair as honorary guests. The UK trade mission told Gulf News that the positive gestures by Sharjah organizers is a clear indication of expanding cultural exchanges of all things literary, between the two countries. The UK team is led by The Publishers’ Association and The London Book Fair.

SHARJAH: UK was the guest of honour at the 36th edition of Sharjah International Book Fair, and it did full justice to it by showing appreciation of the Middle East and North Africa affairs through its stand. The stand hosts to a number of leading agencies, including Austin MacauleyTM Publishers, exhibiting literature for guests interested in the regional affairs. As a guest of honour, UK is showcasing among other contemporary British literature, the Birmingham Quran manuscript.

Sharjah Publishing City, Sharjah: UK, being the guest of honour at the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), showed its mastery by exhibiting their appreciation of the Middle Eastern and North African affairs, through the literary publications showcased on its stand.

36th Edition, world’s 3rd biggest book fair, irresistible events and titles, it doesn’t get any better than that! 60 countries, over 1,650 publishing houses offering over 1.5 million titles from 60 countries are going to participate in the 36th Mega edition of Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF). Starting from 1st of November 2017 concluding at 11th, you will have eleven days of sheer variety and hands on professional programme that will be hosted as an affiliation of SIBF’s TRC (Sharjah International Book Fair).

Sharjah adds one more landmark to its name and this time it’s the Sharjah Publishing city, to fulfil its literary appetite. Covering approximately 20,000 square meters and each floor is 10,000 square meters, the Sharjah publishing city is equipped with latest technology every publisher needs for a guaranteed success. Adding to that, the tax free culture of the free-zones and accommodating nature of the region makes it a unique idea altogether.