Austin Macauley E-books are now Available at

Austin Macauley E-books at

Considering the choices and preference of our readers, we have now made available a number of our titles as e-books on Abjjad is an online platform for reading and culture lovers that allows Arab readers, writers and bloggers to register on the site and build a virtual library in which they can share their current or future books and readings. It is accessible via a website as well as a mobile app which you can download through the App Store or Google Play Store.

We always try our best to make things convenient for our readers and authors. Just to accomplish one more milestone in our flourishing journey, you can now read a variety of genres on your mobiles and ipads. Abjjad is a reliable, user-friendly app with one million users. Join the club and read your favourite books from the ease and comfort of your home!

Just to give our readers a sneak peek, you will find fiction, non-fiction, travel books, children books, romance, mystery, horror, thriller, crime, fantasy, science fiction, contemporary and a lot more on the list at So what are you waiting for! Download the Abjjad app today and enjoy our amazing e-books for free!