Nausheen Ahmed’s ‘Ahmed – The Chief’s Son’ Chronicles Adventure and Heritage in UAE’s Heritage

In a recent newspaper article titled “UAE’s Heritage Gives Great News,” the spotlight shines on Nausheen Ahmed, a talented author whose work is enriching the literary landscape. Ahmed’s latest book, “Ahmed – The Chief’s Son,” delves into the adventurous tale of a young boy, Ahmed, who dreams of partaking in the lively activities of his tribe, rather than focusing on the serious responsibilities of a chief’s son. The narrative, set against the backdrop of a small Arabian village by the seashore, captures Ahmed’s journey as he embarks on a thrilling pearl diving expedition, fulfilling his long-awaited wish.

Nausheen Ahmed, a Dubai-based author, journalist, and storyteller, is renowned for her captivating narratives that resonate with readers across the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. With a deep affinity for the UAE’s culture and heritage, Ahmed’s storytelling prowess is evident in her ability to weave engaging tales that impart valuable lessons and insights. Through her work, Ahmed aims to instill a sense of pride and belonging among the youth, emphasizing the importance of preserving Islamic values and heritage for future generations.

With a background in Journalism and Mass Communication, Nausheen Ahmed’s journey as a writer began at a young age, narrating stories to her siblings. Over the past 25 years, she has honed her craft, appealing to readers of all ages with her diverse range of stories. Currently collaborating with Austin Macauley Publishers on a series of historical fiction adventure books titled “The Children of Arabia’s Past,” Ahmed continues to inspire and educate through her literary contributions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the UAE’s rich cultural tapestry.