Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani Shortlisted for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award 2021

Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani Shortlisted for Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Austin Macauley’s talented author, Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani, gets shortlisted for the ‘Contribution to the Development of Nations’ award for his book, Diving with Seven Livelihoods, published in 2019. The finalists will be awarded in an online ceremony in May. The awardees of all categories shall be honoured with a merit certificate, a gold medal and a cash prize of AED 750,000. Read more details about the award here.

Ahmed Bin Thani’s Diving with Seven Livelihoods is a biography. Hailing from Al Manara, one of the villages near the coastline, he grew up in Dubai. He went fishing, diving and indulged in shipbuilding voluntarily. Since childhood, he was fascinated by the success stories and experiences of his senior divers. These inspirational stories had left a deep impact on the author so he took interest in all kinds of ships, their gears and diving equipment.

His father used to build ships with wood. He assisted his father since he was ten. He adored the nature of this work. As a grown-up, he loves navigation and star gazing. He is a helicopter pilot in the Dubai Police Force. Get your hands on the book to know more about his life story here.