Fayiza Emad Khalifa’s Inspiring Podcast

We are thrilled to announce that Fayiza Emad Khalifa, the author of Hakima, recently appeared on a TikTok podcast to discuss “How to Become a Great Writer”. The podcast was released on the Media Majlis Channel’s TikTok account. You can find the podcast here.

Enter the world of “Hakima,” where the protagonist, a girl named Hakima, faces the harsh realities of bullying due to her appearance and unique circumstances. With a heart full of kindness, she navigates a challenging journey filled with prejudice and judgment. As you delve into this novel, discover how Hakima’s resilience and spirit help her overcome adversity, and follow her story to uncover the transformative events that shape her life. You can order the book here.

Fayza Imad Khalifa is a talented writer born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. With an Egyptian father, Jordanian mother, and three sisters, Fayza excelled academically, earning both high school and university accolades. Her passion for writing, cultivated from a young age, has led her to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.