Roxana Jaffer in the Latest Author Spotlight of ‘The Emirates Time’

Roxana Jaffer, our renowned leading author, recently appeared for an interview on ‘The Emirates Time’ for her profound philosophical book ‘Why I Did Not Die’, which offers solace to the readers in between its enchanting lines. This tale of meaningful philosophies unravels the universal realms of belief, hope, and faith in our lives.

During the interview, Roxana Jaffer shared insights from her book. The interview slowly and steadily got more interesting as she shared her passion for poetry and literature and how she found tranquillity in the works of famous poets of old, such as Rumi and Kabir. The author also shared that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope and things always get aligned for us. Read the feature here.

‘Why Did I Not Die’ is an extensive account of the real-life incidents of Roxana’s Jaffer life, which will familiarize you with the power of hope and resilience. From the toughest and ugliest downfalls of life to the phases of doubt and misery, this book will help you invading the courage and self-belief hidden inside you. This book is indeed about her creativity as a result of the eight instances in her life where she did not die. Buy the book here.

Roxana Jaffer has a profound passion for a positive approach to life and has embarked on the journey of transforming this world into a better place for all. Roxana has impacted the lives of almost 517,325 undernourished children around the globe in partnership with the United Nations’s World Food Program. Along with an MBA in leadership and education from Harvard Business School, she also excelled in the hospitality industry. Among Roxana’s many achievements, a few are worth mentioning. She was honored with the ‘Most Influential Women Leader Award’ for empowering underprivileged communities. She also helped millions of youngsters find meaningful employment, and even her workplace hotel earned the esteemed Arabia CSR Award for seven consecutive years as well.