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Founded in London (2006), Austin Macauley soon became one of the most promising publishers in the UK, working hard to give authors the best chance of succeeding in an increasingly crowded market. The success carried over to the United States of America and United Arab Emirates as new branches opened up in New York City and Sharjah. Known for creativity and efficiency with a superior response, Austin Macauley has built a reputation and established a footprint in the local and international publishing industry.


Author of the Month



Farah J.Ahmed

Farah is a working mother to a little girl, who is her absolute world. Farah is of British-Bangladeshi origin, born and raised in London. She always had a passion for writing since she was very young, but it was when her daughter was born that she wanted to take on writing children's books. Now writing her first story, she gets her inspiration from her fun and loving daughter, and working on more books to inspire growing children everywhere.