Gulf Weekly Interviewed Our Inspiring Young Author Fadhel Abbas

Gulf Weekly interviewed the inspiring young author, Fadhel Abbas, about his poetic release, Crows on Fetish. While talking to Gulf Weekly, Fadhel Abbas shared the battles he faced during his journey. Read the complete article here.

Crows on Fetish is a poetic book filled with waves of emotions, from sadness, grief and depression to the rebirth of his emotional self. The book reflected the author’s loss and emptiness that he shaped into poetry. The use of analogies in his writing reflects his thoughts of mind and soul and how he used those in overcoming his struggles. Get your copy of the book here.

Fadhel Abbas is an inspiring emerging writer from Al Malkiyah, Bahrain. Born in 1998, he studied history at the University of Bahrain. The author overcame his struggle with depression and poetically shared how he battled out of it.