Austin Macauley’s E-Books Now Available at Jarir Reader

As forward-thinking publishers, we leave no stone unturned to make our amazing reads accessible to the book enthusiasts. Our readers can choose their favourite books from our collection now available at Jarir Reader. Ranging from romance to poetry, thrillers to crime, horror to mystery, adventure to sci-fi, children to young adult and much more; Jarir Reader showcases a variety of e-books by Austin Macauley Publishers. Visit their website now to grab your favourite reads in e-book format and relish them during the summers. You can also download our books from Jarir Reader app on App Store and Google Play Store.

Jarir Reader is a book reading application by Jarir Bookstore. Jarir Bookstore was established in Saudi Arabia in 1974. It allows readers to purchase and read a wide range of books in different formats and languages. You can satiate your inner bookworm’s appetite by the vast collection of e-books Jarir Reader provides.

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