Austin Macauley Publishers was cordially invited to attend the Inauguration ceremony of Al Ummah Book Shop


On 22nd July 2019, Al Ummah Book Shop was formally inaugurated in a ceremony attended by Austin Macauley’s team. The event was wonderful and the crowd was huge. It was the launch of the bookstore’s main branch located in the Emirates of Ajman.

The ceremony organisers warmly welcomed Austin Macauley’s team and appreciated its participation in the event.

Austin Macauley Publishers actively took part in the event and spoke about the bookstore launch and its association

Al Ummah Bookshop has a large collection of Austin Macauley titles for all kinds of readers, neatly stacked in wooden shelves. It holds Austin Macauley’s books of every genre which will attract readers of all ages. These books are available in Arabic and English languages.