Watch the video to find out how we transform book proposals into recognised publications



Step 1

The process starts with the author sending us a sample of the work they wish to submit. This is passed to our editorial department to assess: if they find it appealing and marketable, the author will then be asked to submit a copy of the complete manuscript.



Step 2
We start with a raw manuscript. After the work has been scrutinised and reviewed by our board of editors, it needs to be formatted correctly. This stage varies in complexity from simple changes such as removing additional spaces to giving the book a particular look by the use of special fonts and layout styles.


Step 3
In comparison with submission and production, marketing is a much more open-ended process and can involve a wide variety of approaches, any combination of which may be used to promote a particular book. This process begins prior to a book’s publication with an internal strategy meeting in the marketing department.


Step 4
Royalties are earned from book sales and are paid to authors every six months to allow the collection of accurate and sufficient sales data. Besides receiving a well-earned recompense from their work, writers receive an itemised statement detailing the number of copies sold and the stockists from which copies were purchased.
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