Fayza Emad Khalifa Shares the Inspiring Story of ‘Hakima’ on Fujairah TV

Author Fayza Emad Khalifa recently appeared on Fujairah TV to discuss her latest novel, “Hakima,” a poignant tale of overcoming bullying and adversity. The novel centers around Hakima, a girl whose kind nature and unique appearance make her a target for bullies. Through Hakima’s story, Khalifa explores themes of resilience, self-acceptance, and the power of kindness.

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa has always been passionate about writing. Her academic achievements and gold medal at university are a testament to her dedication and talent. With “Hakima,” Khalifa not only entertains but also inspires readers of all ages to embrace their differences and stand up against bullying.

During her interview on Fujairah TV, Khalifa shared her journey as a writer and the inspiration behind “Hakima.” She hopes that her novel will resonate with readers and encourage them to be kinder to one another. Through her storytelling, Khalifa aims to promote empathy and understanding, making “Hakima” a powerful addition to the literary world.