Roxana Jaffer Interviewed by Dr. Zainab Al-Qaisi at the Eshraqat Book Fair

Our inspiring author Roxana Jaffer was interviewed by Dr. Zainab Al-Qaisi on May 24, 2024, at the Eshraqat Book Fair in Abu Dhabi, on “The Impact of Knowledge in Promoting Tolerance.” Her session at the Eshraqat Panel Discussion highlighted her leadership and dedication to creating a better world. Her insightful responses left a lasting impact, encouraging the audience to address global issues, foster empathy, and promote education and innovation.

Why I Did Not Die is a book on a life of resilience, hardiness, and adaptability, offering lessons drawn from real-life near-death experiences. This book explores profound questions about fate, the cycle of life and death, and whether birth and death are preordained. Is death merely a side effect of living? After life, must death inevitably follow? To follow the answers to these questions, order the book here.

Roxana Jaffer, a dedicated advocate for positive change, leads with compassion and a heartfelt commitment to improving the world. Her journey, marked by determination and empathy, leaves an enduring impact and motivates others to embrace the cause of positive transformation. Her creative expression in words is likely influenced by the eight instances in which she narrowly escaped death.