The Brilliant Nawal Benzaouia Gets Featured in L’ALSACE

Nawal Benzaouia, the author of Maya and Grace, recently got featured in the French outlet L’ALSACE. The article provided a profile of the author, and the author, in her statements, stressed the need to view disabilities differently.

Maya and Grace is the story of a family that lives in the kingdom of Mouchi, where their youngest daughter Grace suffers from a mysterious condition. When their parents disappear, and their brothers leave to find them, Grace and her sister, Maya, embark on a journey of their own. Follow the adventures of the two sisters in this captivating story for all ages. Order the book here.

Nawal Benzaouia is a writer and a founder of Massiraa, an accessibility company. She writes books which celebrate people with disabilities, inspired by her sister with Down syndrome.