Ashes of a Lost Country by Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa Received a Rousing Review at Amazon UAE

Ashes of a Lost Country - Book Review

Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa’s historical fiction, Ashes of a Lost Country, received an amazing review on Amazon UAE. The reviewer praised the novel for its ingenious writing. Check out the review here.

Ashes of a Lost Country unravels the lives of Palestinians and their struggles for their homeland. The book shares the tragedies and hopes of the homeless Palestinians. The use of metaphors and powerful ingenious writing makes the novel more intriguing to read. Get a copy of the book here.

Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa was born in Palestine. His early life was a mix of joy and misery as he travelled for education. He went on to seek refuge in France after Israel attacked Palestine. Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa is currently living in the United Arab Emirates.