Nawal Benzouia’s ‘Maya and Grace’ Captivates Readers with a Tale of Adventure and Sisterly Love

Author Nawal Benzouia has been featured in a newspaper for her latest book, “Maya and Grace,” a captivating story set in the Kingdom of Mouchi. The book follows the Poro family, including the adventurous young boys and the beautiful Maya, whose care for her sister Grace leads to an unforgettable adventure. The story is a heartwarming tale of family, adventure, and the bond between sisters.

Nawal Benzouia’s passion for writing stems from her dedication to the people of determination, and her keen business sense has led her to expand her company, Massiraa, internationally. Inspired by her sister with Down syndrome, Nawal saw a need for books that encourage readers to see beyond disabilities and recognize the abilities within each individual. “Maya and Grace” is a testament to her commitment to promoting inclusivity and understanding in society.

“Maya and Grace” promises to delight readers of all ages with its enchanting story and valuable message. Nawal Benzouia’s storytelling prowess shines through in this tale of adventure, sisterly love, and the power of looking beyond disabilities to see the true abilities within us all.