Mohamed Sultan Alowais’s Book Al Furdha – The Harbor was Featured by HATT POST

Mohamed Sultan AlOwais’s book, Al Furdha – The Harbor – and Other Stories, was featured by the HATT POST on Wednesday, 14th September. The featured article highly admires the author’s writing skills and finds his books attractive to the readers. Read more about the news feature here.

Al Furdha – The Harbor – and Other Stories is an autobiography in which the author attempts to recall his memories and describes major and minute events that took place in the past. The author wants to forget those memories to relish the present, but he can’t do it anymore. Get a copy here.

Mohamed Sultan AlOwais is an ambassador to the UAE and a compassionate writer. He is one of the great observers and knows the nuts and bolts of writing. Despite writing, he also practices different hobbies, one of them is photography.