Your Idea, Their Money Grabs the #1 Spot on the ‘Best Sellers in Financial Accounting’ Category on Amazon

Your Idea, Their Money by Saad AlSogair has become a stellar hit as it reaches the #1 spot on the ‘Best Sellers in Financial Accounting’ category on Amazon USA. The book has received a mind-blowing reaction from book reviewers and critics and is considered a book nobody would want to miss out on reading.

Your Idea, Their Money is the ultimate entrepreneurs’ handbook to land their first investor. This book is written for aspiring entrepreneurs who struggle to kickstart their startups. Many business owners have amazing product ideas, but a lack of investment fails to get their business off the ground. Saad AlSogair shares insights into the basics of entrepreneurship and provides business owners with a blueprint to impress investors. Through this book, business graduates and owners will learn how to build business plans, put pitches together and dive deep into the mindset of investors.

Saad AlSogair is an angel investor, mentor, and advisor from Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The inspiration for his book, Your Idea, Their Money, came to him after reviewing numerous pitch decks and pointing out costly mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Saad decided to capitalize on this opportunity and help entrepreneurs land their first investors. Over the years, he has been a part of at least 400 early-stage startups, including Ripple, Calm, and Dollar Shave Club.