One Year and Counting – ‘Austin Macauley Publishers U.S.A Chapter’ Celebrates 1st Anniversary

As part of our international expansion and bringing success to authors worldwide, Austin Macauley Publishing opened its doors in United States of America on Jan 20, 2017.

Austin Macauley was founded in 2006 in London, England. The aim of the company was to be a forward-thinking independent publisher, which provides writers the opportunity to tell their stories and gain a footing in a very competitive industry.

Our success led us to expand our operations to Cambridge and eventually, because of high demand of our services from across the pond, we opened an office on Wall Street, New York City.

This is a time when most publishers are making it very difficult for authors to get their stories published but our goal has always been to accept manuscripts from all authors and make it easy for them to get their books published.

The success and acceptance that we have seen in America has only emboldened our resolve and we are planning on opening two new location in the next two years.

First of these locations will be based in Melbourne, Australia.

On this, our first year anniversary, we promise to continue to offer our quality publishing, design, marketing, and a host of other services to authors in the U.S and across the globe!