Nawal Benzaouia, Interviewed on the Lovin Dubai Show

The author Nawal Benzaouia was interviewed recently on the Lovin Dubai Show. The interview involved a discussion of her book for children, Maya and Grace: The Tale of the Girl with No Hair. The whole conversation revolved around the inspiration behind her writing this book which she attributed to her sister.
Maya and Grace: The Tale of The Girl with No Hair is a children’s book authored by Nawal Benzaouia. The book is the story of a girl with no hair and her family`s quest for finding a cure for her. It is a fascinating tale of love and familial bonds. You can get your copy from here.
Nawal Benzaouia is a respected and established businesswoman. Her company, Massiraa, is based in France and the USA apart from the UAE. Her sister is with Down Syndrome, which motivated her to write this book.