Fayza Emad Khalifa’s Novel ‘Hakima’ Inspires with a Tale of Overcoming Bullying

In a recent interview on a popular radio channel, author Fayza Emad Khalifa shared insights into her latest novel, “Hakima,” a compelling story that delves into the theme of bullying. The novel follows the journey of Hakima, a girl with a kind heart who faces bullying due to her weight and mature appearance. Khalifa’s narrative explores how Hakima navigates these challenges and ultimately overcomes bullying, leaving readers captivated by her resilience and strength.

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Fayza Emad Khalifa has always had a passion for literature and writing. Her academic excellence and gold medal at university reflect her dedication and talent. From a young age, Khalifa dreamt of becoming a writer, and “Hakima” is a testament to her commitment to storytelling. Through her novel, Khalifa not only entertains but also inspires readers to confront and overcome adversity, making “Hakima” a must-read for audiences of all ages.