Austin Macauley’s Titles Are Now Available on Amazon, Jamalon and Neelwafurat.


Austin Macauley Publishers are thrilled to announce that its 37 astonishing books can now be purchased through Amazon, Jamalon and Neewafurat. The book reading experience has gone to a different level helping readers to buy the book at one-click.

Austin Macauley Publishers have always devoted themselves in searching convenience for its valued customers. With the advent and progress in the technological sector, literary fans find it more suitable to buy their books online through some wonderful websites.

Amazon is one of the biggest online e-commerce store based in Seattle, Washington. Nowadays, technology has revolutionised our reading ways and eBooks are very common; therefore it has introduced a reading app. Through this application, people can download eBooks to their phone, a guide to this application.
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Jamalon is an Arab based online bookstore. It offers cash on delivery services throughout the Middle East along with PayPal and Master card payment methods. This site has fairly organised books into English and Arabic types which are further classified into sub-categories. This website also offers mind-blowing seasonal and weekly deals.
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Neelwafurat is the largest Arab bookstore. The website is in the Arabic language. It has a friendly interface and products are nicely showcased. It offers advanced search options which make searching for a book simplistic.
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