Author Mona Al Ali to Host a Workshop at English High School – Al Ain

We are excited to announce that Mona Al Ali, the author of ‘UAE Maritime Heritage’, will be hosting a workshop on Thursday, July 11th, from 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at English High School – Al Ain. Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the rich maritime heritage of the UAE with Mona as your guide. Don’t miss out on this engaging workshop, where you’ll embark on an in-depth journey into the past. Mark your calendars, and see you there!


UAE Maritime Heritage is the result of a daughter–father collaboration. Abdullah Mohammed Suleiman Al Ali is a pioneer in preserving UAE heritage, and Mona Al Ali was his daughter. This beautifully illustrated book documents Abdullah’s extensive knowledge of traditional crafts and maritime industries in the UAE. Readers are taken on a journey through UAE maritime heritage, offering insights into vanishing ways of life. Abdullah and Mona aim to revive and protect this heritage for future generations, making this book a testament to their dedication and ongoing work.


Mona Al Ali is the author of this book, but this book is the fruit of her father’s efforts, who was one of the pioneers of Emirati folk heritage. The writer takes great pleasure in presenting this book, possibly the first of its kind to explore traditional crafts in the United Arab Emirates in both Arabic and a foreign language.