Dr. Fathia Saeed Salih Mohamed

Dr Fathia Saeed Salih Mohamed is an Assistant Prof. in Nursing. She has an MSc in cardiothoracic nursing and graduated from Khartoum University in1998. She also has a master's degree in nursing from the University of Medical Science and Technology, (2006), and a PhD from Gzira University (2013).

Beverley Mason

This new children’s author has been a teacher for 30 years. Originally from Essex in the UK, she has lived and worked in the UAE for 8 years. She lives modestly with her husband and11 rescue cats! Beverley is an ex national triathlete but currently enjoys more leisurely pursuits such as reading, writing, watching Netflix, and of course, looking after cats!

Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Qanbar

Before being a teacher, the author was once a student, who wrote short stories. Now, he writes short stories as well as novels, and has a novel titled, “A Piece of Fabric – Sahar”