Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat brings over 50 years of experience from his extraordinary journey through life. From boy prodigy, 70’s teenage icon, to global peace ambassador, Prem has brought exceptional clarity, inspiration and deep life learning to millions. Now based in the United States, the founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation, Prem works with people from all walks of life, showing them how to experience their own source of peace and wellbeing. His global effort spans over 100 countries, bringing a practical message of hope, happiness, and peace to all, one person at a time. He is the internationally bestselling author of Peace Is Possible and the founder of The Peace Education Program. Prem is also a pilot, with nearly 15,000 hours of experience, a photographer, classic car restorer, and a father to four children and grandfather of four.

Wissam Tamer

After finishing his engineering degree from the American University of Beirut in 1994, Wissam Tamer landed in Dubai towards October 1994. After a long career in Telecom Engineering, our author is currently an entrepreneur running three businesses in different fields. It was during COVID 19 that he decided to draw on his experiences and readings to write The Princess And The Caterpillar, hoping that his daughter can make it into a play at school.

Nawres Chikhaoui

An aspirant, passionate, and resolute cabin crew that has unsurpassed dedication for soaring, considering it life itself. On crossing miles in 2018 to the UAE for attaining her big dream, Nawres had to face stumbling struggles from a young age, to find herself later, devoted to a bigger mission: the mission of getting to her absolute best while doing what she loves, striving to achieve more of the notable visions, and hence running a fearless and purposeful excursion.