Wajeeha Bilal

Wajeeha Bilal is a writer with a passion for literature, books, and life. She writes to inspire and awaken the readers through mindful awareness. She is the author of "The Beautiful Present" and the writer of her blog "A Happy Awakening". Having a master’s degree in literature and exploring the different realms of literary writings, she has found her calling in the genre of self-realization, actualization and awakening.

Majd Radwan

Majd Radwan is a copywriter and a certified life coach. Syrian by birth, rebel by choice, love by essence. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in French Literature and a certification in Journalism has never defined who she really is. She takes the shape of her inner world, her deepest desire, and her higher self.Majd is also a contributing author. She has been published in various publications including Yogalife Magazine, Rebelle Society, and Dubai Poets.

Maitham Y. Almaskeen

Maitham holds a master’s degree in International Management from University of Liverpool. The career history of Maitham is a story of strife. In 1999–2000, Maitham was working as a worker in a milking factory due to personal circumstances that prevented him from enrolling in a university. However, life obstacles didn’t kill the morale of Maitham; at that time he aimed to work and study at the same time.The journey of working and studying at the same time started in 2000 and ended in 2012 when he got the Master’s degree. Maitham’s is a story of a person who started his career as a worker then shifted drastically to become a manager, adviser, and decision maker, not just in looking after the HR management, but also covering a strategic role from HR and organizational development perspective.