Zainab Alrustamani

An architectural engineer with a master’s degree in the same specialty, she researches on the impact of climate change on environmental development. She is interested in self-development and diving deep into self and life. Each individual has his own experiences according to the values that he desires for his life.

Dr. Shahad Alkaeit

Dr. Shahad Alkaeit is a dentist who graduated from Princess Noura University for Women, and was born in Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She works on her hobby and passion in writing things related to life despite her preoccupation in studying dentistry, and she still finds time in writing the things that made her personality and made it what it is. She sees that the medical world does not take a person from the work of his passion and love to do small things, as she finds that her study of dentistry is what took the writer's part out of her and made her express herself in the best way possible.

Amro Algendy

Amro Algendy is an Egyptian writer, novelist, and short film producer. Member of the Egyptian Writers Union, he has published many works that topped sales in Arab bookstores, and more than one work has been chosen for him to compete amongst the most influential and widespread work lists in the Middle East. A pioneer in psychological literature, where he presented the first Arabic novel to discuss the idea of "Sico Drama" in one of his works, which met with great success in literary circles. Amro Algendy is one of the most inspiring figures in contemporary literature, as he was able, within ten years, to enhance his presence with the reader, with his various works and pioneering ideas, which contrast with the literature presented. Many writers and critics consider it "one of the most important elements in the literary world".