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As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers he was trained to solve presented engineering problems. As Chief Engineer and in other executive roles he was predominantly required to solve presented organisational problems. Although a member of the Chartered Management Institute, he read for a Master's degree in Organisational Analysis and Development, at the University of Bath, focusing on the psychology of individual and group decision-making behaviour. Within his studies he examined the socio-technical needs that surfaced through the introduction of new technologies. Almeric would consider himself to be an organisational problem solving journeyman who constantly strives to improve his own and other's performance. He works with an applied assumption that all leaders and managers in organisations share the same intent. Almeric is the founder of The Centre for Organisational Management that focuses on improving the quality of leaders and managers decision-making to enable individuals, teams and the whole organisation to succeed. Executive coaching programmes are designed to enable the individual and their teams to directly transfer the developed competencies into the performance of their organisation.  


Samia Bazzi has worked as a professional translator for over 15 years and for the past 13 years has been involved in teaching translation and different branches of linguistics at the Lebanese University. She has published extensively on language, culture, and ideology. Her book Arab News and Conflict: A Multidisciplinary Discourse Study has been used as a reference in leading universities in the world on the relationship between language and politics.


Lina Saad was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. During the 1980s Lina attended Evangelical School in Beirut and lived through the Civil War, experiencing the severe stress the Lebanese went through at this time. In 1986, she joined her parents back in Sierra Leone until she completed her GCEs and then returned to Lebanon to graduate from high school. Lina graduated from Westminster College with a BA (Hons) in Hotel Management and established Alicia Restaurant in Warren Street, London.