Wid Kattan

Wid Kattan is a poet, writer and mother. She works as a psychiatrist, therapist and life coach, and specializes in women’s mental health and wellness. She trained in Canada and works in Saudi Arabia. Her empathic way of helping others through her work is firmly rooted in her personal as well as her professional experience.

Dr. Najat Sultan

Dr. Najat Sultan holds a Ph.D. in public administration on the ‘impact of organizational conflict on strategic decision-making’ and a master’s degree in public administration in the subject of ‘administrative pressures and their impact on administrative decision-making’ from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration from UAE University. Dr. Najat Sultan is a lecturer at the Institute of Administrative Development in the United Arab Emirates and is a member of the preparation team of the International Journal of Administrative Sciences (Arabic Edition). In addition, she is the Acting Director of Research and Consulting as well as the Head of Admission and Registration Department at the Institute of Administrative Development in the United Arab Emirates. She loves drawing, reading, writing stories and novels.

Dr. Shadi Tarsha

The author is a pediatrician who grew up during the 1970s and 1980s in a small village in the Syrian province of Homs, in an educated family consisting of a father who worked as lawyer and a mother as a schoolteacher. He was connected to his mother’s town more than his father’s, where the natural beauty of mountains become green in spring while snow-capped in winter. The charming and beautiful nature inspired his drawing skills, but he was interrupted by the university life which took him away from all of this and engaged him in the serious study and hard work, planning for the near and distant future--something that was not easy. After graduation and specialization, he left his hometown in search of a job opportunity that could secure him and his family a decent life while ensuring his professional development. He found a job in the United Arab Emirates, where he now lives with his family, has set up a practice to improve his profession, and is designing his children’s future.