Hamzat Wassl, highlights Austin Macauley™ publisher’s presence in the 36th SIBF

SHARJAH: UK was the guest of honour at the 36th edition of Sharjah International Book Fair, and it did full justice to it by showing appreciation of the Middle East and North Africa affairs through its stand.

The stand hosts to a number of leading agencies, including Austin MacauleyTM Publishers, exhibiting literature for guests interested in the regional affairs. As a guest of honour, UK is showcasing among other contemporary British literature, the Birmingham Quran manuscript.

Jade Robertson, International Publishing Director of Austin Macauley Publishers, says that the bond formed between SIBF and UK is going a long way in benefitting people of both cultures. She is of the view that this collaboration is going to foster understating and values between the two nations having diverse cultures. It also aims to strengthen the cultural and economic ties.

Adding more she says “Austin MacauleyTM publishers is here to contribute to the literary activities and to look out for the finest talent, this region has stored for the world. We are quite excited to be here, the opening of our office in Sharjah allows us to assist all the future authors and the regional publishing industry thrive better.”

Austin MacauleyTM publishers plan to export Arabic books to UK and New York as the number of Arabic speakers in both the regions is increasing.