Author Fayza Emad Khalifa Inspires Students at Al National Charity School Event

Author Fayza Emad Khalifa recently captivated students at Al National Charity School with an engaging event centered around her novel, “Hakima.” The novel, which explores themes of bullying and self-acceptance, resonated deeply with the students, sparking meaningful discussions and inspiring messages of empathy and kindness.

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa’s visit to Al National Charity School was a heartwarming opportunity to connect with young readers. Her own experiences with literature and writing have fueled her passion for storytelling, and she shared this passion with the students, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and stand up against bullying.

The event at Al National Charity School highlighted Khalifa’s commitment to inspiring and empowering young minds through literature. By sharing Hakima’s story, Khalifa not only entertained the students but also imparted valuable lessons about the importance of kindness and acceptance. Her visit was met with enthusiasm and gratitude, leaving a lasting impact on both the students and faculty alike.