Palak and Pooja Get Their Book Stocked Around the UAE

Palak and Pooja Get Their Book Stocked Around the UAE

Book lovers are going to consider this news as music to their ears! Palak and Pooja have stocked their book ‘Is Life as We Know It? at various bookstores and schools around the UAE. As Palak and Pooja aim to increase the sales of their book, it will come as good news for all those anticipating and looking forward to reading the book. It’s time for a reading galore, everybody!

Now, you can find the book at:

  • Emirates International School, Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Gems Wellington International School, Dubai
  • The House of Wisdom, Sharjah
  • Dubai Library, Jumeirah, Dubai

Is Life as We Know It? is a beautiful healing book that offers a fresh perspective on life and existence. The book lets you explore a plethora of questions, making you overwhelmed with new thoughts and introspection. No matter where you are and what you feel, the messages etched in this book will make you contemplate your inner beliefs. Brace yourselves to rethink everything you thought you knew.

Palak and Pooja, the authors of this book, are two sisters who love to enjoy life. Through this book, they wish to share a different perspective on life. Their words and the messages they have sent out will make the readers wonder about the hidden truths of life and compel them to re-look their life.