Author Prem Rawat Shares Insights on Finding Peace Within in Radio Interview

Author Prem Rawat recently appeared on a popular radio show to discuss his latest book, “Hear Yourself,” which offers readers a path to finding the antidote to fear, anger, and worry. The book, filled with wisdom and practical advice, encourages readers to connect with their inner selves and find true contentment in life.

During the interview, Prem Rawat shared his insights into life and the human experience, drawing from over 50 years of his own extraordinary journey. From his early days as a teenage icon to his current role as a global peace ambassador, Prem has touched the lives of millions with his message of hope, happiness, and peace. Through his work with The Prem Rawat Foundation and The Peace Education Program, he has brought his message to over 100 countries, inspiring individuals to find peace within themselves.

“Hear Yourself” has received praise from notable figures such as Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter Michael Bolton and Poet Laureate of the United States, Emeritus, Juan Felipe Herrera. The book’s message of self-discovery and inner peace resonates deeply with readers, offering a transformative journey towards true contentment.