Fabrice Jaumont Writes A Thought-Provoking Article for GESS

Fabrice Jaumont, the author of The Bilingual Revolution, writes a thought-provoking article about the potential benefits of living in a world where every child was born bilingual. The informative article got published on the Global Education Supplies and System (GESS) website. It gives us a clear insight into the social, academic, and neurological benefits of growing up as bilingual. Check out the article here.

The Bilingual Revolution is the story of a movement born in Brooklyn and told through the eyes of parents and educators. Fabrice’s book encourages the adoption of bilingual programs in schools. The benefits of bilingualism are huge, and it can create an impact on children, their schools, and even the country. The Bilingual Revolution emphasizes that bilingual education can only get promoted if our education system fully supports it. This book is the perfect guide for setting up your bilingual program and igniting a revolution.

Fabrice Jaumont is a scholar-practitioner, award-winning author, non-profit leader, and education advisor based in New York. He currently serves as Education Attaché for the Embassy of France to the United States.