Horror Books: How to Outline a Scary Story Plot?

Writing a scary story plot is no easy feat. It needs practice and a good command over your craft to write something that can send chills down your readers’ spines. But like any story, writing horror books follow a basic pattern of developing an outline, setting the environment and creating characters. We have listed some basics of writing a scary story plot and have laid out the anatomy of a horror story. So let’s dive into writing your best horror novel.


Setup an Environment

First things first, you have to set up an environment for your readers. In a movie, it is easy to frighten the viewers with the help of visuals and background music, but in writing, you will need to explain the environment in such a way that it creates a feeling of fear. Write about an empty house with unusual sounds coming from a room, the main character getting trapped in an empty elevator or visiting a new town in a forest where everyone looks peculiar.


Tap into Your Own Fears

One useful tip when writing horror books is to first write down your fears and then use them in the story plot. You can better explain your fears and can write about them at length. Don’t try to frighten your readers with something you are not afraid of because then you won’t be able to properly explain it.


Use Fear of Unknown

One of the frequently used tricks to writing successful horror books is to instil the fear of the unknown in your readers. We, humans, are designed in a way that we are afraid of the things that are out of our control. So by adding an element of unknown fears, you can craft out an engaging horror storyline for your readers.


Add A Horrifying Element to an Ordinary Moment

As every story you write should be close to reality to make it more believable. The same goes for a scary story plot. It is more frightening when you add an element of horror to an everyday situation. The main characters go out for a walk but loses their way and end up in front of an abandoned old house with their names written on the house walls or door. Or a young mother is alone in her house but she hears unusual sounds coming from their old storage room. Take such everyday scenarios that people can relate to, and then add an element of horror in it.


Show – Don’t Tell Your Story

We have already discussed how in writing horror books you have to create an environment for the readers to go through a certain emotion you want them to feel. A good story shows the readers where to go, without telling them. Avoid over-explaining a scene. Let the readers connect to your story and picture the scene in their minds.


Don’t Go Overboard with Gore and Violence

Avoid using excessive violence and giving gory details. It can become distasteful after a certain time. If you keep giving the same details about a violent act in a story, your readers will feel bored and lose interest. Instead, add these details in a place where they will impact your readers.


Read How Popular Horror Stories Are Written

It is always wise to keep a check on the kind of stuff that is trending in the readers’ community.

Read about the popular books and novels available in the market so you get an idea of how the stories are written and what makes them popular among the masses. We have selected our 3 popular horror books to help you get an idea of the stories that are readers’ favourite these days.

Is It A Ghost

Is It A Ghost? by Lienah Higazi


This is a story of a young girl Erika Darlington. She starts noticing that a guy lives in her room, who is only visible to her and no one else can see him. She feels unsafe in his absence and is comforted by his presence. All is going well until he starts talking to her. To read more of this bone-chilling horror book, buy it here.






Heptagram by A. Jihini


The story of losing loved ones, Heptagram follows Ghassan’s journey who is in trouble after Yassine goes missing in the early hours of a holiday. A story full of surprises and a soul finding journey, this is undoubtedly one of the best horror books. You can get a copy of it here.





Count Dracula's Society

Count Dracula’s Society by Yousria Abomosallam Elsayed


When the world gets sick and tired of the evils of society, they start making pleas and prayers, and then a miracle happens. Suddenly, the media stops broadcasting its usual high rating news about war, its atrocities and destruction. Entertainment has also become free of all immoral programs. They are more focused on rebuilding the spiritual and moral supremacy of man and establishing peace and justice throughout the world. To read this book, buy it here.






End You Story with a Twist


Just as the beginning of a story needs to be impressive and engaging, the end also needs to be a memorable one. Try adding an unexpected twist to the end of the story such as a character who was helping the protagonist to get out of trouble was the villain’s friend who was trying to mislead the protagonist. Or make the love interest of the hero turn out to be a member of some cult. Adding an unexpected twist to the story will leave a memorable impact on the readers.

So, get down to writing a horror story by using these tips and tricks. Let your imagination lead you to craft an engaging story and soon you will have written a spine-chilling horror storyline.

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Summery Reads to Refresh Your Soul

Summers is a time of long, sweltering days. With few outdoor options to entertain ourselves in the scorching heat, we often indulge in activities that we can comfortably carry out indoors. Some of us listen to music or do yoga, some are glued to their TV screens while others read and write. Reading good summer books can take you on a virtual literary tour from the comfort of your home. As the weather warms up and the pandemic is keeping many of us stuck indoors, it is a wise decision to stock up on some great summer reads. Whether you are the kind who stays indoors a lot in summer or the ones who love to hit the beach with their best beach books, we have got you covered. We are presenting you with the best summer reads of 2021. So, let’s get started.


Evergreen by Mahdiya Amira


The first book from our summer reading list is Evergreen. Written by Mahdiya Amira, this is the story of a girl who is an introvert and also a tad bit judgmental. She has an unsettling name which she doesn’t like to be known by many. She also feels she is different from many in her close circle but still sometimes tries to blend in. Being an introvert, she is always lost in her thoughts, irrespective of where she is. To read this entertaining story, you can buy this book here.






Reflections by LP


The next epic read from our summer reading list is Reflections. This book contains eloquently written poems dealing with human interactions, emotions and nature, that binds us all together. Written by LP, this book will prove to be a perfect match for reading on the beach. You can grab your copy by clicking here.







Love Stories Short

Love Stories Short By Nour Alhassan


If you are a fan of love stories with lessons, then this book is for you. Love Stories Short is a book of short stories, written by Nour Alhassan. The author has used a different approach to storytelling. She has written each of the love stories with a lesson. This book will be a great pick to add in your pile of  good summer books’ collection. To get a copy of this book, click here.






Feelings of a Pen in a Cloud Of Sadness

Feelings of a Pen in a Cloud Of Sadness by Khloud AL-Qahtani


This is a poetry book written by Khloud Al Qahtani. Filled with poems about love and sadness, this book can be your best companion in the breezy and bright summer mornings. You can buy this book here.





Lennie & the Three Paper Boats

Lennie & the Three Paper Boats by Mariam bin Tarish


If you are in search of some books for little ones, then Lennie & the Three Paper Boats is a great pick from our summer reading list. This book tells the story of a little girl named Lennie. She has a golden ticket but, unfortunately, it turns her dream into a nightmare. Lennie is stranded on a stormy island. This beautiful tale of courage and patience is written by Mariam Bin Tarish. You can grab a copy of this book here.




From Brokenness To Whole

From Brokenness To Whole by Rema El-Sayed


One of the great summer reads is From Brokenness to Whole that reaches out to the soul-searching people. It talks about keeping a hopeful heart when surrounded by chaos and darkness. Through this book, the author, Rema Al Sayed, asks us to search for courage and unconquerable strength within ourselves, rather than looking for help from the outside world. The pain and chaos that is surrounding us is not our reality, instead, we are eternally invincible. Perfect for the long summer afternoons, you can get this book here.





The Cultural Thought in the United Arab Emirates

The Cultural Thought in the United Arab Emirates by Hazem Hasan Al Arraj


The next pick from our good summer books is an intellectually invigorating book titled The Cultural Thought in the United Arab Emirates. Written by Hazem Hasan Al Arraj, this book puts forward the idea of shaping the Muslim community’s present and future around the globe by following the legacy of Arabs and Islamic culture. The book reviews the prominent features of Arab and Islamic culture, seeking to form a deeper understanding of how their past was linked to the present and the future. To grab a copy of this insightful book, click here.





Caffeine by Hala Al-Saidalani


Caffeine is our next stunning read from our hot summer list. Hala Al-Saidalani with her beautifully written poetry is telling us about souls and their feelings. This deeply thoughtful poetry book will prove a good match for the starry summer nights. You can get this book by clicking here.




mirage water

Mirage Water by Sarab Al subaih


This is one of the good summer books you wouldn’t want to miss. In a beautifully penned down poetry by Sarab Al Subaih, Mirage Water talks about a female soul who is questioning the men of this world who first gave her life and hope only to abandon her later. Through a series of metaphoric questions, the female soul slithers in her miseries. A must-read for summer evenings, you can buy this book here.






Messages by Duaa Mohammed Al-Khawjah


Our last pick from the summer reading list is Messages by Duaa Muhammad Al-Khawja.

It tells about the unread letters written by the main character to someone long gone. To know more about these letters and the untold secrets, you can buy this book here.





We hope our carefully curated list of best summer reads 2021 will keep you company while you relax in the backyard of your home this summer. Buy these books and enjoy the journey they take you on.


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Best Romantic Novels to Read This Summer

When life gets monotonous and routine becomes dull, the best remedy is to pick a good romance novel and immerse yourself in the world of love. Love reads provide you with the much-needed break and make your emotions and feelings alive again. Though a large number of people find romance novels cheesy but nothing can beat the beautiful tales filled with passion, excitement and love. So, one should always tell oneself that it is OKAY to fall in love with the idea of love. Also, at times romantic books provide us with some important lessons which come in very handy when we are facing confusions or issues in our relationships. So, if you are on a vacation this summer season or just want to relax at home, picking a nice romantic book will certainly make you happy.

We have some awesome recommendations of summer reads for you and if you are a die-hard romantic, then you are certainly going to love some of our best romantic novels that we’re listing down below.




by Danah Hatim Aal Mariee

This book provides the readers a very powerful message. It highlights that there is always learning in failure, but during difficult times there are people who just watch and do nothing. For these people, it is the sanest thing to do. At times, people only give unsolicited advice. Some people comfort you and try their best to pull you out of the misery but such people are very few.

To read more of this book, please click here.




Fragrance of September’s

Fragrance of September

By A. R

Fragrance of September is one of the best romantic novels to read this season. It revolves around the strong emotion of love. It equalizes love with a spell of magic, a cureless disease, addiction and even poison.

To get this love read, click here.




Lost In The Echo

Lost in the Echo

By Fayrouz Khaled

This summer read beautifully covers the feeling of empathy. It tells the story of Malikah who has a lot of empathy in her and deeply feels the emotions of people around her. While she loses herself in the process, she ultimately realizes that empathy is instead a blessing.

Click here to read Lost in the Echo.




Madly Intrigued

Madly Intrigued

By Hams

Madly intrigued is a deep romance book filled with sincerity of love. It covers the strongest of emotions of love, hate and madness. The book is a tale of apprehensions and being stuck between life and death. To read this romance book, click here.





Secret Concern

Secret Concern

By Dr. Ibtisam Hashim Farran

This book tells a story of a woman named Roa who has to go to a mental health facility due to her mental issues. Unfortunately, her depression makes her attempt suicide. Will she survive?

Click here to read more about this book.




To the One Whose Love Captivated Me

To The one Whose Love Captivated Me

By Shouq Al-Fehaid

To the one Whose Love Captivated Me sweetly describes selfless love. It sheds light on how taking care of the one you love can be deeply satisfying.

To access one of the best romantic novels, click here.





You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

By Maitha Ahmad

You Are Beautiful is an intriguing love story of a girl named Athba who comes across a young guy in a city of fog and falls in love with him. Fortunately, Athba and the young man get together at a friend’s house.

To know more about this beautiful story, click here.




Unforgivable Confessions

Unforgivable Confessions

By Lubna Nassif Obeid

Unforgivable Confessions is a moving story of an expatriate that highlights the turmoils in his life. It covers the loneliness the expatriate feels and how he deals with his problems all alone with nobody to help. Even when he tries to talk to people, he feels no connection with them.

It is a great summer read and you can access this book here.




The Battle of Love

The Battle of Love

By Nagham Mohammed Alsamarqandi

The Battle of Love is an amalgam of the bitter realities of life and falling in love. It covers how some girls face injustice from people who they were close to and how they find peace in the arms of a stranger. It also shows how people become so selfish in achieving the object of their affection and even use magic to get it.

To get hold of this interesting book, click here.




Robbery of Another Kind

Robbery of another Kind

By Najat Sultan

Robbery of Another Kind is a story of a girl named Rovan who receives a text message that completely transforms her life. This message reminds her of the past when she had fallen in love, but unfortunately drifted apart and ended up alone. She realized later in life that the person was just not worth it. This book is a modern-day love story and a perfect summer read.

Click here to read the book.



So, these are our recommendations for some of the best romantic novels that make epic summer reads. We hope that all these books take you on a beautiful journey of love, emotions and feelings.

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The Concept of Green Books and Why Go for Digital Publishing?

Digital Publishing is Cost Efficient and Nature Friendly

Digitization has altogether changed how we live our lives. In this modern age, just like other areas, the literary world has also transformed to a great level. With the advent of ebooks and digital publishing, reading has become much more convenient and easy. More importantly, the future of digital publishing post-Covid is also very bright and fewer people are buying the printed form of books. This blog covers the advantages of green books and how they will transform future publishing.

Given below are the ways green books have positively impacted the publishing process. We hope all these points will help you in opting for digital publishing.

Green Books Are Easily Accessible

One of the biggest advantages of ebooks and digital publications is that they can be accessed anywhere. Multiple books can be kept on one device and can be accessed even when you are not home. Even without internet connectivity, ebooks can be read wherever as per convenience.

Paperless Publishing Is Eco-Friendly

Paperless publishing is great from the perspective of the environment. It saves trees and also decreases the negative impact of book disposal. In addition to this, pollution is also reduced when books do not have to be transported from one place to another.

Digital Publishing Has More Capacity

Due to a huge storage capacity, a large number of pages in a book can be published. In the printed form, books with long lengths can be very costly. Therefore, digital publishing can save a large sum of money.

Digital Books Keep On Evolving

Digitization helps the authors to add new features in the already published books. For instance, a book written on history or politics can add new links about the latest development that took place related to that topic.

Ebooks Are Easy on the Eyes

The majority of people might differ here but one of the great advantages of reading an ebook is that it is easy on the eyes. Adjustment of screen brightness and dark feature save the reader from the adverse effects of reading for long durations.

Digital Books Are Easy to Share

Your friends and acquaintances do not even need to borrow books from you, you can just share the interesting content by sending them links to complete books.

Digital Books Have Multi-Media Content

A major attraction of a digital book is to have audio and visual content also. Some readers prefer to listen instead of reading and digital books help them greatly to go through a book and do their chores in parallel. Moreover, video content makes the book experience more interactive.

Digital Books Can Easily Be Searched

Like many other benefits of digital books, it is so simple to find a book of your choice on digital platforms. One does not need to go to multiple bookstores to get the desired book. Only with a click of a button, one can get a hold of the favourite book.

Digital Publishing Covers Dictionary and References

While reading the printed form of a book, the reader at times has to consult a dictionary or references which becomes very distracting. Digital books help the reader to have instant access to dictionary and references which saves him a lot of hassle and also helps him in focusing completely on the book.

EBooks Can Be Easily Self-Published

If an author has views and thoughts that need to be shared with the rest of the world, then self-publishing on digital platforms is a great idea. It helps the new writers to develop confidence in their writing abilities and have an audience.

Digital Publishing Can Help Content Marketing

As time is passing by, the idea of demand generation through digital media is gaining more and more popularity. Digital publishing can help content marketing on a large scale. By using the appropriate digital platforms, books can help the stakeholders reach the target audience in really cost-effective ways. Many large-scale companies are carrying out content marketing through digital publishing to achieve their desired goals.

In short, future publishing of books belongs to the digital world. Digital connectivity has opened innumerable doors of opportunities for aspiring and experienced writers. There is also no doubt that the benefits of digital publishing are unlimited and there are millions of topics to write about.

Therefore, the future of publishing industry seems very bright and all the stakeholders should make full use of this. It is also important to mention here that problems with publishing industry can only be solved if digital avenues are completely explored.

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Let’s go digital and publish more green books!

A Complete Guide to Writing a Book Review

Guide to Writing a Book Review

We all must have heard about the term ‘book review’ but do we know what it is? Let’s have a conversation about what a book review is, how it’s done and why is it needed. We shall not only answer the aforementioned questions but also help you become a pro book reviewer! Without further ado, let us begin.

What is a Book Review?

It is a systematic and critical analysis in which a book is evaluated based on the quality of content, the fashion of delivery, clarity and the authenticity of the content.

This piece of writing can be an opinion, a synopsis, or even an analysis of an expert. It is also known as book commentaries. The length of book commentaries is not restricted to a certain word limit or a paragraph or pages. Books are also reviewed by other authors.

Why is a Book Review Needed?

Books commentaries are analysed based on an individual’s taste. Book commentators might be reviewing the book to share their valuable insights on the subject matter or for educational purposes.

Books are also reviewed for printed publications. The publications can be academic journals, newsletters, a yearbook or any sort of journal. The book reviews can also be done for online marketing of the books.


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If you are confused about how to start your writing journey, have a look at our ‘How to Become An Author’ guide and find all the answers.

How to Write a Book Review?

Journals have a section exclusively dedicated to these book reviews under different names. The name of this section can be Book ReviewOpinion or Analysis or under a field-specific title. A book review is a detail, an assessment of the book from the standpoint of a critic-judged based on the quality of content and the importance of the book. So, a book review should always focus on the central idea and the content.

It is crucial to say here that a book commentary should not be mistaken for a synopsis or a report. It is solely an evaluation based on the forte and shortcomings of the content. It can be thought of as a SWOT analysis. A book review should not only portray the aim of the book but also discuss whether the writer has been able to accomplish it and substantiate it with proof.

Apart from the above rules, there is not a specific criterion or a format to follow for a book review.

They are very personal and an individual’s take on a book. They can be as short as 80-150 words or long up to 1200 words. It entirely depends on the reviewer. However, a few recommendations may help you while writing a review. You must mention the name of the book, the writer, the kind of book, the date of copyright, the worth of the book and ISBN. Since you must write the main idea of the subject matter, refer to the preface of the book. However, if you are unable to find one in the preface, these questions might help you conclude the central idea of the book.

  • From which standpoint the book has been written?
  • In which category does the book generally fall? Is it an educational read or a fiction-based story or something else?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the author’s narration tone? How correct is his choice of words? Does the content maintain consistency, individuality, fluency and a sense of development?
  • Is the tone of delivery appropriate for the target audience?
  • Have you been able to relate to the context on a personal level?
  • How has the book impacted you?
  • Based on the goal or the main purpose of the book concluded by you, how well did the book meet its purpose?
  • Would you suggest this book to anybody? If yes, then why?
  • Describe the sequence of development with reference.
  • Does the book stimulate all of your five senses or play with our visualization?
  • Is the content engaging and compelling?

Mention the general context or the general subject matter of the book. Skim through the table of contents as well. This gives you an idea of how the writer has sorted out the book as the chapters progress. The book should be analysed for how interesting it is, how useful it could be, whether the book is objective-oriented and if the subject matter is complete. Discuss the validity of the arguments presented by the writer to support the narrative. Comment on the arguments. State if you are in agreement or disagreement with the ideas and substantiate it with your reasons. Talk about the loopholes you might have come across while reading the book. Draw a comparison with other books belonging to the same category to arrive at a precise conclusion.

How to Write a Book Review With Austin Macauley?

Austin Macauley offers a variety of books for the readers, covering all genres from fiction to non-fiction. We can help you write a book commentary.

All you have to do is grab one of our books. Visit our website to access the amazing book collection we have. If you are a fiction fan, choose a book from this section here. If you are into non-fiction, pick a book from here.

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Austin Macauley Publishers has also made publishing your book easier than ever. Through an online submission form, you can get in touch with us and make a submission of your manuscript.

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Your Next Austin Macauley’s Book Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Austin Macauley’s Book Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Many people find it simply entertaining to read about their zodiac signs and daily horoscopes. Others, however, use astrology to better understand how the stars and moon affect their daily lives. It has always been a question of great interest for many to know about the planetary positions and how they can affect different life events. People interested in astrology books often want to learn how stars and planets and their positions in a particular time affect their everyday life decisions. Your zodiac sign can tell about the best travel destinations for you, the shows to binge-watch in a week or even the colour you should wear in a particular week. So, why not pick a book or two to read based on when you were born?

With most parts of the world being under lockdown due to COVID 19 and limited contact with the outer world, now is the best time to grab a book or two to read. With so many great books out there, it becomes difficult to decide which ones to read. But worry not, we have got you covered.

Check out our list of some very interesting books for each zodiac sign to read while you are confined to your homes in this pandemic.

Let’s begin!


Legacy of Foggy Village

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Book: Legacy of Foggy Village

Aries, the bold, heroic and fearless rams are the first among the astrological zodiac signs. They are the most competitive ones of all zodiac signs and enjoy getting through the most challenging situations.

An Aries would find this book very interesting. Based on the story of two young boys and their courage and fearlessness, Legacy of Foggy Village by Mezoon Alnaqbi is a must-read for this zodiac sign. Buy this book here.



Glimpse of Jordan

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Book: Glimpse of Jordan

Taurus is represented by the bull. Taureans love to relax in calm environments, surrounded by tranquillity. They love scenic locations and soothing aromas.

For their sophisticated nature, our book named Glimpse of Jordan by Danah Tuffaha, Hanan Al-Amad and Nedaa Elias is one of the best ones to read. It’s about a fairytale adventure where the heroes are lime plaster statues and they visit their hometown, Jordan. In this book, the author talks about the smells of lemon and Jasmine, and the cosy, inviting homes of the capital city of love and safety, Amman. If you want to check out this book, then you can buy it here.


Mythologies of Late

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Book: Mythologies of Late

In astrology books, the Gemini is represented by the astronomical twins. The Geminis always keep themselves busy.

Our book named Mythologies of Late by Allan Nanva will prove to be a good choice for the busy bees these Geminis are. This book talks about the ordinary experiences of life and how humans tend to forget about these simple things due to their busy and loaded days. The author of this book tries to make them visible again. Read it now. Get your copy here.



In the Paths of Life

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Book: In the Paths of Life

Cancer is a water sign. This zodiac sign has this innate ability to pick up the energies of a person or any environment they are in.

For their intuitive nature, this book about feelings named In the Paths of Life by Rashid Saeed Abdullah Al-zuhori is a good match. This book translates a set of contrasting emotions resulting from a situation, relationship or experience as this life has a lot to offer. Buy your book here.



In Love with Dracula

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)

Book: In Love with Dracula

As the Leos are a summer sign, they tend to be fiery. According to astrology, Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. As this sign is ruled by the sun, they tend to be high-spirited and carefree but also passionate.

Our book, In Love with Dracula by Nadine Jamil Omar, will be an interesting read for a Leo as it is a story of passion and fearlessness. Get this book from this link.



Ashes of a Lost Country

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22) 

Book: Ashes of a Lost Country

Virgo, the earth sign, symbolized by the goddess of wheat and agriculture is considered an idealist. They think rationally and have a practical approach to life.

For such signs, we recommend reading our book, Ashes of a Lost Country by Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa. This book is a beautiful real-life story of the author himself, who was born in the war-torn country, Palestine. To buy this book, click here.




Khalid’s Promise

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Book: Khalid’s Promise

Libra, an air sign, is symbolized by the scales. This sign is obsessed with uniformity and love to have a balanced approach towards everything in life.

For our very disciplined Libras, we have our general fiction book titled Khalid’s Promise. Beautifully written by Amna Ibrahim Al-Badwawi, this book tells us a story of a young Emirati

girl named Amal. She lives in a kind of household that has a lot of rules and regulations in place. Living her life in a conservative family makes it hard for her to stay happy.

To find out more about this amazing piece of writing, buy it here.


Is It A Ghost?

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Book: Is It A Ghost?

Scorpio is a water sign. This sign is believed to be emotional and also have psychic powers.

The Scorpios will love to read our horror book titled Is It a Ghost? by Lienah Higazi. This is a story about a young girl named Erika Darlington who can sense the presence of a mysterious guy living in her room and it’s only her who can feel it. To read more of this horror book, buy it here.




The Peaks

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Book: The Peaks

Sagittarians are always seeking knowledge. This zodiac sign has its interest in areas like geographical, spiritual and intellectual adventures.

Our book named The Peaks by Haytham Mohammad Alborghoush All-Rayes Saad Abdul Aziz Al-Zeer is a perfect match for the interests of a spiritually awakened Sagittarius. Click here to buy this amazing book.




My Thoughts Have Snowed for You

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

Book: My Thoughts Have Snowed for You

The zodiac sign, Capricorn, is represented by the sea-goat. Capricorns know how to keep a check on their emotions while going through different phases of this life.

For a calm and calculated Capricorn, the book titled My Thoughts Have Snowed for You written by Hakim Charef is a must-read. This is a story of a man named Adam, who is constantly fighting his inner demons. This story is about hope after pain and grief. As Adam is going through his own battles of emotions and struggles, this tale keeps the reader involved in Adam’s world. Get your book here.



Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It!

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 20)

Book: Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It!

Aquarius is referred to as a mystical healer. This air sign is represented by the water bearer.

Under our Health and Wellbeing category, this book titled Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It! written by Dr Louise Lambert is the right choice for you. This book offers different approaches to its readers that can be used to integrate happiness in life and keep it alive over time. Buy it here.



The Battle of Love

Pisces (Feb 21 – Mar 20)

Book: The Battle of Love

Pisces is the last one on the list. As it is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, you will find Pisces always bouncing between fantasy and reality.

For this sign, we have a book named The Battle of Love by Nagham Mohammed Alsamarqandi. This is a story about romance amidst the bitter realities of society. This book takes us on a journey of two girls who had dreams and aims to do something big, but life had something else in store for them. To buy this book, click here.



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Tips And Tricks for Self-development on World’s International Day of Conscience

5 Tips And Tricks for Self-Development

April 5th is recognized as the World’s International Day of Conscience by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of human conscience. The human conscience is the human voice from within that discriminates right from wrong. This day reminds us to believe in our inner voice to reach our maximum potential by working consistently on self-development. It is an opportunity to recall the significance of conscience in human development and its role in personal growth.

Austin Macauley has some of the best self-development books in store for you to read and learn from, but let’s see what self-development means before looking over the books!

1. What Is Self-Development?

Self-development is a technique of analyzing yourself based on the abilities you have, the behavior you display, and the ambitions you aim to achieve in life. It is not a mere assessment rather it is a natural need for humans to have. This need is termed self-actualization – the need to become the best version of yourself.

Human development is not only defined by one’s attributes, values, hopes, and dreams but also how well you behave. In addition to that, self-development pertains to not only how good you perform for yourself, but also for the outside world. Such development takes into account your mental as well as physical well-being.

Our habits and skills play a huge role in the progression of self-development in addition to the mental strength of an individual that contributes to the process.

2. Why Is Self-Development Important?

Self-development has a crucial role in human life. Without it, humans fail to operate. But let’s find out how?

Personal growth means being able to make the right choices, maintain the right state of mind, having a nurtured personality in a way that benefits you in building strong relationships with your family, professionally and makes you a confident person in general.

This is why self-development is an elementary process to be a part of.

Let’s have a look at some of  the incredible self-help books Austin Macauley has in store for you.

Best Self-Development Books to Read


A Journey Goal: A Step Towards Achievement

Book: A Journey Goal: A Step Towards Achievement

Author: Manal Albassam

Like the name depicts, Manal Albassam talks about all the ideas and steps needed while working towards the accomplishment of one’s goals. The author walks us through a journey that entails all the factors required for self-development and self-fulfillment alike. The book offers us strategies to cope with problems and guides us in a way that helps us rectify, self-contemplate and evolve as a whole.

Do skim through the book to have an insight into ‘steps towards achievement’ to work towards self-development.



Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It!

Book: Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It!

Author: Dr. Louise Lambert

Can happiness be deemed synonymous with personal growth? Dr. Louise suggests why the achievement of happiness in life is a goal itself and how it is deeply related to human-development. The author shares her take on what science has to say about the fact that a happier person easily adapts, evolves and grows in general. It reveals all the ways like self-empathy and gratitude, tailored to bring out the best in you for you!

Grab the book now to learn more about self-development from our very own, Dr. Louise Lambert.



Overpower Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Book: Overpower Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Author: Hanan Al-bastaki

Hanan Al-bastaki shares her valuable insights on techniques to overcome negative thought processes based on rationality and argumentation. The author also discloses how the health of the mind is as crucial as the body’s when it comes to the functionality of humans in life. The tactics and methods catering to OCD have been implemented by the author herself.

Buy this book and learn how to Overpower Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and embark on a journey towards self-development.



Pain and Hope

Book: Pain and Hope

Author: Maria Ali

Maria Ali explicitly states the tips and tricks to self-love in her book. The book perfectly describes the elements of self-love and nurturing of soul and mind in terms of self-development. She explains how peace of mind is important and shares her perspective on ways to achieve ambitions in life without giving in to hopelessness. The ideas are inspired by her learnings and experiences in life. Let’s read the book to savour the true sense of self-love.



Forty Pages Notebook

Book: Forty Pages Notebook

Author: Ismaeel Alsayed

Forty Pages Notebook is Ismael Alsayed’s take on how to establish and excel in life. He takes his readers on a voyage where he summarizes all methods and approaches that help us succeed as an individual one step at a time. Ismaeel Alsayed guarantees how experimentation, hurdles and their counter-strategies ensure a better future in Forty Pages Notebook. Buy the book to reap the benefits in a way that helps us become a better version of ourselves on an individual level and for society.




Unless we do not work on reaching our maximum potential, we cannot succeed in any walk of life – be it professional life or family life. Self-development essentially dictates our lives, success and failures in life, and how we humans function in general. World’s International Day of Conscience is celebrated to know the significance of conscience. Let’s exploit this opportunity and get your hands on Austin Macauley’s best self-help books to read and relish!

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How to Promote Your Book on Instagram – A Practical Guide for Authors

Promote Book on Instagram

Successful sales businesses are being run on Instagram. With each passing day, Instagram is turning into a product showcasing platform. Essentially being a visual social medium, it allows for effective, market-oriented HD display of a range of products. Apart from being a complementary promotional space for big businesses, Instagram also serves as a virtual shop for home-based small start-ups. As creative as the uses of Instagram can get, we have some good news for all  authors reading this blog. You can use this platform for promoting your book as well. Instagram is very promising that way. Most of the accounts on Instagram are run as blogs. The users do appreciate and show love for the content they like. So, authors, get ready! We have listed down pro ways for you to use Instagram for your book promotion.

  1. Get Started With a Business Account

Most of the blogs on Instagram are made as business accounts. While your purpose is book promotion, it is advisable to create a business account. A business account offers a ‘shop’ feature as well. Using this feature, people interested in buying your book can reach the buying options in one swift click. Consider it a rule that Instagram promotions work best with business accounts. With a clear purpose of boosting book sales in mind, your business account will enable you to avail a range of options. Ready to promote your book through systematic efforts? Create a business account on Instagram and there you go!

  1. Devise a Content Strategy

You have a clear goal in mind; you want to promote your book to boost book sales. But there is a lot of competition out there. There are other authors working towards the same goal and utilizing the Insta space in pretty much similar ways. Here comes the importance of your content. Yes, the obvious content will include your book’s pictures. But imagine for a minute that there are no boundaries and you can let out your creativity in this virtual space at your disposal. Sync your book promotion strategies with an overall content strategy. Do share images of your book placed in versatile settings, but do not forget to complement this with a sneak peek into your lifestyle. Create posts about important literary events and holidays for example World Book Day, National Grammar Day, World Poetry Day, and even months like Library Lovers Month (February) or Read a New Book Month (December). Relate events, whenever you can, with your book and its themes.

  1. Connect With Your Community

Should we tell you a little secret about your book’s Instagram promotion? The secret is called ‘shoutouts’. Show some generosity and appraise the work of other authors. This attitude will help you connect with the writing community and other authors will also return the favour. This way, your book will reach their followers. In the online spaces, ‘reach ’and ‘engagement’ is the key. What happens when some content goes trending in the virtual sphere? It has actually reached the greatest number of people across the globe. Hence, promote your book by allying with fellow authors and work towards maximizing the reach of your book.

  1. Make Use of Influencer Marketing

While you are on Instagram, why not get the maximum benefit! Big following accounts rule the Insta world and are usually known as influencers. Get in touch with some influencers whose interests and posts are related to books and who are avid readers. A collaboration might work out and they might agree to talk about your book as either a post, a story or a small video. Again, this will add to the reach of your book. For a detailed guide, read our blog on book promotions through bloggers and online reviews.


If you wish to publish your very own book, submit your writing with us today and make it happen.

If you are confused about how to start your writing journey, have a look at our ‘How to Become An Author’ guide and find all the answers.


  1. Make Use of Ads Feature

The best thing about Instagram promotion is that you can run ads about the specific product you are selling. Since this is going to be a paid venture, keep a share in your budget for this particular book promotion strategy. This money will pay you off well, and don’t worry since it is a small amount of money that can easily be managed. Remember how ads pop in while you are scrolling through the stories and posts? You must be very well aware that these ads do catch our eye and we often end up checking the ad runner’s account. Such is the power of ads. So, advertise your book!

  1. Go Live

Insta Live feature is the best that could be introduced to this app. What a pleasure to talk to celebrities and your favourite bloggers! The stay home scenario has pushed a greater need for such live sessions. Make sure that your content schedule also includes a once in a while live session. Not just your followers but you, yourself, will also enjoy this communication. Talk about your book, talk about a bundle of other stuff and even before you know it, this fun session will help promote your book.


Austin Macauley Publishers has also made publishing your book easier than ever. Through an online submission form, you can get in touch with us and make a submission of your manuscript.


  1. Use Hashtags

To ensure better reach and engagement on your posts, using appropriate hashtags is a must. While looking for a particular thing or idea, people usually search for relevant hashtags to help them land on the right spot. If someone is looking for book suggestions, they might just put that hashtag in the search bar. Instagram will show all the posts with ‘#BookSuggestions.’ So, promote your book using the right hashtags. Compile a basic set of hashtags and then use a mix with additions and subtractions according to a specific post. For example, if you have shared an aesthetic picture of your book, never forget to use the hashtag ‘#BookPhotography.’

  1. Arrange Signed Copy Giveaways

An important pillar in your book promotion strategy is giveaways. Giveaways on Instagram attract a lot of people. You have your book to send as a giveaway gift. You can make it even more attractive by announcing a signed copy with a small note as the giveaway reward. Link your giveaway contests with festive occasions. Whenever you send a copy, ask the winner politely to share feedback once they are done reading your book. This way, you will have one more review to add to your Instagram book reviews. More people will be attracted to your account through the giveaway rules that you will set. For example, tagging friends, asking them to follow the account and the like.


All this said, let us conclude by saying that Instagram has a lot of potential in terms of promoting your book. Make use of what this app has to offer for free.

We wish you all the best!

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Top 10 Booktubers You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 10 Booktubers

“There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature.”

P.G. Wodehouse


Since the evolution of web 2.0 in 2004, everything has become centred around user-generated content, especially  visual content. Many book clubs, storytelling sessions and book review discussions have moved  to the online world as well. Nowadays, people post photos of their latest reads on Instagram as well as  sell their books online.  Publishers like Austin Macauley tend to offer electronic book copies and cooperate with different YouTubers to review and expose  new releases. To view Austin Macauley Publisher’s latest releases, kindly click here.

There are 2.3 billion active, monthly YouTube users. This makes it the main channel for marketing books Here’s a list of the most entertaining Arab booktubers (video bloggers) who are worth subscribing to their channels:

Sami Al Batati – سامي البطاطي

Sami Al Batati, a well-known YouTuber from Saudi Arabia has  a YouTube channel of 275K subscribers. He is a writer and avid book reader who won at the famous IReadAwards in 2019. He’s concerned with reviewing books, and he is used to engaging with his book-centric audience. He also conducts  regular Q&A sessions on his channel named: Shadow of a book –  ظل كتاب. Sami’s channel is one of the most entertaining channels  about  book reviews and book marketing. In addition to being a YouTuber, Sami has  a huge following  on Instagram and Facebook as well, which keeps him accessible to all his subscribers and book lovers.

Betaa El Kotob – بتاع الكُتب

Betaa El Kotob is a Cairo-based YouTuber with 75.9K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is well-recognized for reviewing trending books and giving a few book briefs. He has a strong fan base on Facebook and Instagram and acts on readers’ book recommendations.


Austin Macauley Publishers has made publishing your book easier than ever. Through an online submission form, you can get in touch with us and make a submission of your manuscript.


Akhdar – أخضر

If you don’t have the time to read a book a day, Akhdar is here to offer you a creative solution. Akhdar is an authentic book summarization YouTube channel. It summarizes books using animations to make it easy for you to read and cut down the time needed to read the book completely. Using vibrant visuals and animations, Akhdar has managed to have 1.14 million subscribers. Now, they are expanding to a mobile application to help the book lovers. They are also investing in those who want to give book reviews.. Akhdar started in Egypt and now expanding.

Salefni Ketab – سلفني كتاب

Salefni Ketab or Lend me a book is a YouTube channel with 67.5K subscribers and reviews Arabic novels. Seif Habashi, the YouTuber behind the channel, is not afraid to be himself. His content is completely authentic and professional.

El Zatoona – الزتونة

El Zatoona means the olive in the Arabic language and it’s a synonym for the expressions, in a nutshell. It is a YouTube channel for book reviews run  by Michael Rashid, a bookworm dedicated to books and influencing young Egyptians by guiding them to read more. His YouTube channel has 1.42 million subscribers. He keeps on spreading positive energy that he became an icon for optimism in the Arab YouTube world.

Khair Jalees – خير جليس

Khair Jalees is a non-profitable initiative that aims to spread knowledge and integrate hobby of reading to all Arabic speakers. It does so by summarizing the best-selling and influential books and presenting them in a simplified way to the watcher using whiteboard technology. They also do podcasts and share their content across different digital channels. Khair Jalees is a channel of 281K subscribers and is based in the United Arab Emirates.

If you wish to publish your very own book, submit your writing with us today and make it happen.

If you are confused about how to start your writing journey, have a look at our ‘How to Become An Author’ guide and find all the answers.

Nedal Reads – قراءات نضال

Nedal Reads is a YouTube channel run by an active young girl who is fond of reading. She has managed to gain 253K subscribers who are completely overwhelmed with her impressive way of reviewing books. Nedal has many followers on social networks and runs a book club named Nedal Reading Book. Her channel provides her subscribers with recaps about the books she reads. Nedal always stays up to date with the newest and best books.

Eithar Al-dibs – إيثار الدِبس

Eithar Al Dibs, is a TEDx speaker, YouTuber and a social influencer  with  an active base on social media. She is on the road to gain as many subscribers for her rich content reviewing books on YouTube. Eithar is a dentist who is into reading and reviews books as  a hobby. She also creates short films. Her Instagram feed is a piece of art.

Menel Akher – من الآخر

Run by Mai Magdy, Menel Akher YouTube channel has 27.7K subscribers who wait for Mai’s weekly episode every Friday at 10 PM (UTC+4). Mai has a likeable attitude in front of the camera.  You can notice her Egyptian sense of humor quite easily. Mai is also active on Goodreads and has her listings and active book reviews on the platform.

The Novelist – الروائي

The Novelist is  a YouTube channel run by the Egyptian YouTuber, Amr, who is into Arabic and translated novels. Concerned with historical novels, book roundups, recommendations and reviews, Amr is considered one of the most talented book influencers to follow. The Novelist has 34.4K subscribers.

In a nutshell, making use of the current digital channels is a perk, and whoever makes use of them is smart enough to make use of the opportunity. Following the latest technological trends and adapting our habits to it, is a form of evolution. This evolution  can lead us to a smart world where knowledge is accessible by all and for all. This is why, Austin Macauley Publishers has invested in digital channels and has been engaging with different book influencers and book bloggers to stay on top after 15 years of active publishing. If you are an aspiring writer, submit your writing with us and pave way for your dream of becoming a published writer come true.


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How to Write an Engaging Sci-Fi Book: 7 Super-Tips to Follow

7 Tips to Write Sci-Fi Books

Have you ever read a science fiction book so good you wish you were a part of it, playing the lead role, solving mysteries or battling aliens from outer space? If yes, then all of that is the genius of the writer. They are the ones making those characters, the intricate plot you so want to solve. A well-written science fiction book makes you mesmerized, and it compels you to marvel at the story. A brilliant author creates revolutionary sci-fi characters like Darth Vader from Star Wars, a legendary villain, and Marty McFly from Back to The Future, a charismatic protagonist.

Being an exceptional science-fiction writer requires inquisitive imagination, engaging plot development and extraordinary writing skills. Here, we will be sharing seven tips to enhance your writing skills to write a sci-fi read:

  1. Question Everything in Your Book

Every author has a particular way of planning out how to start a book. Some like to create a world initially and then fill it with characters. Some work on their character’s arc before focusing on the larger picture. You might be tempted to go with either of them. But in fact, it would be preferred to begin with both in parallel. Create your character arcs as you develop your world. Question everything about the characters and the world. Why is my hero sad all the time? Why is my world ruled by Martians? The more you answer your own questions, the better your plot and characters would develop.

  1. Take it One Book at a Time

This point needs to be noted if you are thinking about writing a science fiction book series. You must focus on one book at a time instead of worrying about what to do with the sequel. Develop your narrative logically in a way that maps the whole storyline together. Set small milestones for your book and develop characters, their motives, allies and foes with each stop (if necessary). Stop worrying about your next book because the readers are only interested in the book they would be reading currently.

If you wish to publish your very own book, submit your writing with us today and make it happen.


  1. Make the Characters and Story Relatable to the Readers

The best science fiction books have one thing in common: relatability. It shouldn’t mean your characters and story have to be stereotypical and monotonous. The characters should be innovative, have flaws and are not too overpowered. They should still connect to us, in some way or another. The readers can invest more into the book this way, and it makes for a thought-provoking read as well. The best sci-fi book characters like Dave Bowman from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Bo Dennis from Lost Girl, are all likeable and relatable characters.

  1. Unravel Your Main Lead’s Personality and Motives

Show the readers your main lead’s traits, motives and personality. A motive builds a path for moulding a strong main hero. This will, in turn, make for a good sci-fi book. Describe your hero’s every action. If he’s suffering from hysteria, what was the reason behind it? If your character wants to rob 100 million dollars from the bank, what is his motive? Be elaborate, use splendid adjectives and write with flair.

  1. Consistency is Key When Writing Science-Fiction

Consistency is essential when writing a science fiction novel. The gravest sin you could make while writing a sci-fi book would be to deviate from the rules set by yourself. Everything that flows in your story should make sense. You could develop the personality of your characters, change their motives halfway through, or even create alternative worlds if the storyline permits so. But you cannot insert illogical subplots and give irrational justifications for it. Stay within the rules of the universe your book is set in.

If you are confused about how to start your writing journey, have a look at our ‘How to Become An Author’ guide and find all the answers.


  1. Explore Different Places in Your Story

Nobody wants to read a sci-fi book set in the same mundane world as their own. Readers look forward to reading the opposite of that, they want to get mesmerized and awe-struck by the sci-fi world. They want to be swept away into the realms of sorcery and madness. Try creating a world a reader has never seen before. Remember Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? I bet you’d never heard about a chocolate factory as huge and remarkable as that. Writing a sci-fi book depends on your imagination. Who knows, you might be the next J.K. Rowling!

  1. Write a Jaw-Dropping Climax

The best science fiction books blow their readers away with a brilliant climax. The climax is the midpoint of the book filled with tension, drama, speculation and thrill. As a reader, the climax is the most remembered aspect of the novel. For a sci-fi book, it’s even more important because the story has already gripped its readers and they are hungry for an impactful end. Some of the best climaxes keep you in a dazzled state for weeks. If the end of the book makes its readers go “WOW,” this means you’ve successfully written an impactful science fiction book.


We hope you learned something new to enhance your writing skills from our list of tips to write a sci-fi read. Good luck with writing your latest sci-fi book!

Catch our newly released books on our website and keep yourself updated about our books and authors by following us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. If you are an aspiring writer, submit your writing with us and pave way for your dream of becoming a published writer come true. Austin Macauley Publishers has also made publishing your book easier than ever. Through an online submission form, you can get in touch with us and make a submission of your manuscript.


Celebrate International Women’s Day by Reading Four Empowering Books

4 Empowering Books to Read on Women’s Day

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” – Hillary Clinton


International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on the 8th of March, every year. It’s a day to commemorate the achievements of women in social, cultural and economic spheres of life. International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on women empowerment, where women can make their own life decisions and break down all the barriers to their personal and professional growth. As Michelle Obama once said: “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” It won’t be flawed to say, if given an opportunity, women can achieve anything, even if it’s conquering the world.

Best Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

  • Raise your voice in the workplace. Make sure women receive a fair share of benefits and support at work.
  • Gather your friends and arrange a movie screening. You can select a movie which encourages gender equality and promotes the advancement of women.
  • Play a role in supporting women-owned businesses. Encourage others to do the same as well.
  • On this 8th of March, read a book by female authors that raises awareness about gender disparity and fosters girl power.

Austin Macauley Publishers has always been a strong advocate of women empowerment and gender equality. Austin Macauley promotes women to come forward and publish their books, which provides them with a medium to raise their voice.

Here is a list of books from our resilient and influential female authors who have truly been a source of inspiration for many!


Nothing and Everything All at Once

Book: Nothing and Everything All at Once

Author: Sabrina Marie

Sexual assault is an extremely traumatic and disturbing moment in one’s life which nobody deserves to go through. This book is about a sexual assault survivor and her road to recovery. Moving from present to past, this book gives an inside view of the important decisions she took on the way that helped her move on. Sabrina Marie’s book heals those women who have gone through sexual assault and encourages them to find the lost courage again. To buy this book, click here.




The Trials Of Allura

Book: The Trials of Allura

Author: Dina El Shammaa

Inspired by a true story, this modern-age story revolves around the life of Allura, a middle eastern woman, living a mundane life. The transformation which changes her, from being introvert and vulnerable to being bold, resolute and full of fire, is spectacular. How many trials and tribulations did Allura had to go through? Buy this empowering book to find it out.





Khalid’s Promise

Book: Khalid’s Promise

Author: Amna Ibrahim AL-Badwawi

This book narrates the various stages in the life of Amal, an Emirati girl belonging to a conservative family. From coping with her mother’s and friend’s loss to her father’s marriage to a foreigner, she has experienced the worst of times. Khalid’s Promise takes us through Amal’s university life and her marriage to Khalid who became a rock in her life. To find out more about Amal’s journey through a cloud of despair to salvaging her happiness, buy this book here.




From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

Book: From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

Author: Grace Lagos

Kacey is a free-spirited girl who longs for freedom like her Australian friends. She likes to socialize with people, but coming from a conservative Greek family, restrictions are put on her. Her mother wants her to get married to a Greek boy as soon as possible. Kacey falls in love with an Irish boy and runs off with him. Catastrophe strikes Kacey when her husband, Jack, suffers a fatal heart attack. Will Kacey stand the test of time? Will Kacey side with her husband or will she choose her children above all? To find out, buy this book here.



On this day, let’s all strive to raise awareness about women’s equality and lobby for increased gender parity. We hope you would enjoy these empowering books from Austin Macauley Publishers’ female authors on International Women’s Day! Austin Macauley encourages female authors to publish their books and supports women empowerment.

Happy International Women’s Day!

To stay updated with the newly released titles, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are a writer yourself and want to be heard, why not submit your manuscript to us and make your dream of becoming a published author come true.

Organize Your Bookshelf: 9 Cool Ways to Sort Your Personal Library

9 Cool Ways to Sort Your Library

It can be pretty daunting if you’re planning on how to organize your bookshelf for the first time. Many people spend loads of their time cleaning and setting up their houses. But when it comes to organizing bookshelves, they run out of ideas. The purpose of organizing a bookshelf is to help you find the book you are looking for swiftly.

Instead of stacking all the books randomly on the bookshelf, you should organize your books in a way that looks pretty. It should provide easy access to the book you want to read. Organizing bookshelves should not put you in a conundrum or riddle your brain. Choose a design that matches your surroundings, and above all, clicks your heart. It doesn’t matter if you arrange your books alphabetically, by genre, or by colour. Just make sure your bookshelf looks sleek and has easy access.

Whether you’re organizing your books for the first time or you’ve done it plenty of times, don’t worry about it. These refreshing ideas will help you organize your books in a better way. The organization of your books should be in a way that matches your style and works best for you.


  • Organize Your Books in Alphabetic Order

This is the most boring way of organizing your books, though it’s the most commonly used one. You can arrange your books alphabetically by title or by author. This method is useful if you own a large number of books and want to locate a book in an instant. It will give you a mini-library vibe right in your house.

  • Separate Your Books by Genre

You might have a great library of books ranging from different genres such as:

  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Science-fiction
  • History
  • Crime
  • Mystery

Separating them by genre is useful when you want the right book for your mood. If you want to unwind after a hectic day or, you’re travelling to the mountains, you’ll know where to find the perfect book.

  • Organize Your Books According to Colour

This the most aesthetically pleasing way of arranging your bookshelf. You don’t have to go crazy looking for the perfect colour match. Instead, you can group the books having the same colour shade. A visually appealing bookshelf not only makes you feel happy but encourages others to have a quick read as well.

If you wish to publish your very own book, submit your writing with us today and make it happen.

If you are confused about how to start your writing journey, have a look at our ‘How to Become An Author’ guide and find all the answers.


  • Chronological Order

Place the books according to the publishing date, or in order of the events that occurred. Although this takes a lot of time, bookish people are going to love it as they can easily locate books on the same subject. Another way would be to shelve them chronologically by the date you’ve read your books. This method will come in handy if you have a massive collection and want to remember which book you read first.

  • Set Your Books According to the Four Seasons

Does your bookshelf have four rows? If yes, then set your books according to the four seasons. Label each row as Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. If a book contains beaches or cosy holiday towns, stack them on the Summer shelf. If a book is about Christmas eve or New-Year Night, put it on the winter shelf. This method would provide a much-needed nostalgia to your evening reads.

  • By Language

This one is for the multilingual readers out there. This could be your go-to style if you like reading books in different languages. Maybe you have a good collection of English, Arabic and French novels. You could organize your books starting with the language you enjoy reading the most. Follow it by the second most read, and so on.

  • Organize According to Size

It might be weird to look at books of every size stacked together on the bookshelf. Books arranged by size make your bookshelf look pretty and neat. Maybe you want to read that Marvel comic book of yours, or you’re in the mood for a Shakespearean melodrama. You would know where to find that book.

Austin Macauley Publishers has made publishing your book easier than ever. Through an online submission form, you can get in touch with us and make a submission of your manuscript.


  • Arrange According to Your Priority of Future Reading

What’s the point of having a bookshelf full of books you have already read. For a bibliophile, the TBR list never comes to a halt. They always have books on their shelves in line to be read. You might be looking forward to reading that particular book you have your eyes hooked on. So arrange your bookshelf according to the order you would be reading your books in the future.

  • Combination of ways!

If you own a plethora of books, and are at loggerheads, incorporating different styles in your book-organizing could be the way to go. This would make it easier for you to organize your bookshelf. Eventually, you would be able to set your books in several ways rather than just sticking with one.

  • Start your bookshelf with all the fiction titles.
  • Next, put all the books you received as presents or bought on sale on the second shelf.
  • On the third shelf, put all the books based on their colour.

We hope you all have a wonderful time arranging your bookshelves! Listen to your heart and let the organization flow smoothly. Also, never be afraid to tweak your bookshelf every once in a while. Changing now and often would keep your bookshelf fresh and modish.

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Five Book Genres to Compliment Your Mood

Five Book Genres

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.

William H. Gass

Believe it or not, books have that amazing aura about them which transcends you to places you’ve never imagined before. It takes you on exhilarating adventures and lets you meet innovative characters full of life. Books have the power to make you cry out of joy, and make you appreciate the little things in life. There are so many moods and emotions you can associate with books. Today, we bring you five book genres for five distinct moods.

  • If you feel like getting lost in your imagination, read these fantasy books.


A Mysterious Marking

Book: A Mysterious Marking
Author: Taiba Albahrani

Amara’s world rattles when she finds out that her brother has been touched by a deadly disease: The Morbus Touch. Amara knows where to find the cure. But her path to finding it is filled with life-threatening obstacles and menacing encounters. Will she succeed in saving her brother? Or will time run out for her brother? Buy this fantasy book now.





Legacy of Foggy Village

Book: The Legacy of Foggy Village
Author: Mezoon Alnaqbi

Being the best fighter in the village is Akhiro’s dream. To become the man he always dreamed of, Akhiro has to go through countless challenges of friendship, loyalty and trusting his trainer’s methods. Hiroushi considers Akhiro as his brother. Little does he know his blind trust on Akhiro will come to haunt him.  Get your hands on this fantasy book now.




Searching Adventures

Book: Searching Adventures
Author: Mezoon Alnaqbi

Kyle is kidnapped by a mysterious guy and taken to Renion Island. From there, a new adventure begins for Kyle which will alter his life for good. Why was Kyle kidnapped? Will his life get better or spiral downwards? Buy this book here.






  • If you’re feeling poetic and brimming with emotions, read these poetry books


Ahmed’s Dreams

Book: Ahmed’s Dreams
Author: Ahmed Ashujaa

A beautifully written poetry book which promises to grasp the attention of its readers. The intricate poetry highlights feelings of love and trust. Buy this poetry book here.







Book: Why?
Author:  Khaled Hazem Nusseibeh

Written by an author that has acquired the flavours of the East and West. This poetry book revolves around themes of religion, philosophy and, politics. Buy this poetry book now.






On Loss

Book: On Loss: A Daughter’s Journey
Author: Razan H. Abdul Majeed

This poetry book is straight from the heart where readers can connect to it. On Loss: A Daughter’s Journey is an acknowledgement to those that have loved deeply and lost greatly. You wouldn’t want to miss this poetry book.






  • If you’re feeling the love in the air, grab one of these romantic books.


Osaka Sunset

Book: Osaka Sunset
Author: Solomon Li

Thomas is a lost soul and wants to regain his spiritual consciousness. His parents want him to get married soon, but he has other plans. Just before his birthday, Thomas undertakes a personal pilgrimage to Japan to discover what’s missing in his life. Buy a copy of this romantic book here.




Secret Concern

Book: Secret Concern
Author: Ibtesam Hashim Farhan

Roa’a has to fight the inner voice which persuades her to commit suicide. She is placed in a mental institute after suffering a severe type of psychosis and paranoia. Doctor Omar and Doctor Hanan have taken the responsibility to treat her. Will they save Roa’a or will she do what she intends to? Get yourself a copy now.





In Love with Dracula

Book: In Love with Dracula

Author: Nadine Jameel Omar

Two people are brought together by fate. Their love story begins intertwined with good and evil. The pot of buried secrets resurfaces which destines to have severe consequences. This book is a must-read for those looking for an enjoyable romantic read.  Order this romantic book here.




  • If you’re in the mood to relive your childhood, pick a children’s books.


Munir the Millionaire

Book: Munir the Millionaire
Author: Zainab Ali Albahrani

Munir is a bright kid who observes everything around him. A series of events allows him to ponder on the importance of money. From then onwards, Munir begins his search to find astonishing ways to have good money when he grows up. What ideas does Munir have in mind? Get this children’s book now.





The Little Nurse

Book: The Little Nurse
Author: Dr. Reem Bent Nasir Aldosari

While playing outside, Hima injures her knee badly. Her mother consoles her and calls Reem, the nurse next door. Reem cleans Hima’s wound and eases her pain. Hima likes Reem and asks her to tell her more about nursing. Hima gets so inspired by Reem that she wants to be a nurse too. Buy here.


The Strange Ring

Book: The Strange Ring
Author: Ahlam Yahya Jhaaf

This book is an exciting tale about three young friends who find a strange magical ring. The strange ring fulfils the wish of anyone who finds it. The kids wish to explore Arab countries. The kids begin a journey full of adventure and fun. Get a copy of this book here.



  • If you’re craving to solve a mystery, have a look at these mystery books


The Devil Also Knows the Truth

Book: The Devil Also Knows the Truth
Author:  Amro Algendy

What if you woke up and suddenly discovered that the life you just lived was nothing more than an experience? What if you realized that it was one of many experiences you have already gone through? Read this mind-blowing mystery book to find out.





The Royal Falconer

Book: The Royal Falconer
Author: Norbert Van De Hemn

After the death of her husband, Lady Adela, a lady of noble birth is allowed to return home. Her journey back to her hometown is filled with danger and conspiracies. She is arrested and made to stand trial for murder and theft. Her only saving grace is the King’s royal falconer. Can he save Lady Adela before it is too late? Buy the mystery book now.






Book: Grandmother Fran’s ACCIDENTAL ARSONIST
Author: Carol Moxham Boot

This is an intriguing story which addresses the real world. This twisted story is about Frances Plum, her grandson Mitchell and Jerry. From bullying to domestic violence, this book will keep its readers on the hook.





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6 Romance Books That Build A Better She

Every woman loves to read. And when it comes to reading, romance books can revolutionise a woman’s      life miraculously. Take the first step right now. Start reading good romance books that teach you how to live your life to the fullest. Stuck in past thoughts? Your thoughts and feelings follow a persistent pattern. Probably, they will appear, reappear and… It is only you who can get yourself out of comparative reasoning threads like well or unwell, optimistic or pessimistic, and cynical or credulous.

Our prolific writers at Austin Macauley Publishers compose books that promote the well-being of our valuable feminine readers. From their pen, you get insightful romance books that help you get in touch with your inner self. Their eloquence empowers you to embrace your feelings and emotions, not to seek escape from them.


Robbery of Another Kind

Robbery of Another Kind by Dr. Najat Sultan’s

Dr. Najat Sultan’s      Robbery of Another Kind is a post-modern love novel. It relates the story of Rovan, a      teenage      romantic girl, who has no choice but to let technology drift into her life. Like every one of us, she receives      gazillions of emails every      day – solicited and unsolicited. The shrewd author      carefully selects the earthy human theme of love and romance as manipulated by information technology in our times. Soon, Rovan daydreams about her soul-mate. Love is in the air. She finds herself in the warmest arms, carried by and spun into the air. Deceived by the fake lover, she cries bitterly, jailing herself in poisonous thoughts of self-prison. Now she is stuck in her past bitter thoughts. She decides never to fall in love again. The story twists when a future email inspires the heroine and the reader to rediscover their lost authentic selves. Light of romance shines always. It guides those lovers who seek their true selves. Rovan sets on to rediscover authentic true-self. Robbery of Another Kind teaches you to observe adverse effects of information technology on your personal feelings and emotions, and then embrace them openly. Ironically, robbery empowers you to accept your feelings and emotions as influenced by technology. Could this technological way of strengthening feelings and emotions be justified? Get your copy of the book to find out.


Secret Concern

Secret Concern by Dr. Ibtisam Hashim Farran

Are you stuck in your feelings and emotions?      Secret Concern      by Dr. Ibtisam Hashim Farran is a unique postmodern love story novel that challenges scepticism      caused by      psychological penetration into your romantic familial life. The novelist merges medical      science and literature as part of the healing process of Roa’a – a 30-     year     -old married school teacher, suffering from chronic personality disorders. Roa’a stands for every modern working woman paralysed by the nuisance of modern jobs and familial disorganisation. She symbolises every modern household who has turned pompous, sullen, self-centred     , and quarrelsome. Like every modern girl, Roa’a is stuck in an inconsistent pattern of romantic feelings and emotions that cause chaos, confusion and havoc in her life. Symbolically, Roa’a teaches young girls how to live a free life – a life filled with feelings and emotions, a life full of romance, joy and abundance. She encourages you to embrace your feelings and emotions, and not to      avoid      them.


After a While

After a While by Ghaim

Ghaim’s      After a While      is one of the best romance novels. It tells the      story of a hundred winters old lady. Did you ever notice when the sun shines early in the morning, you too start shining? Definitely, yes. We human beings are predominantly driven by changes in days, nights, and seasons. The lady in this story is winter-obsessed. Winter shapes the way she lives; how she sips coffee; how she breathes a sigh of relief; how she hugs him; how she trembles in downpours without him. Deviating from the days of a fragmented lady, the winter lady offers you more humour     , sense of happiness, candlelit romance, and warmth during blue winter.



Behind My Strength is a Weakness, Loving You

Behind My Strength is a Weakness, Loving You by Dina Al-Saigh

Behind My Strength is a Weakness, Loving You is a poetry book.  It takes you on a journey of self-romance. It is through self-romance that you love others.      Dina Al-Saigh’s pen uplifts you by opening you to your true self. You’re a holy temple of love, built by pains, suffering, screams, tears and sighs. When you start engaging with sorrows     , you take the first step to beautify your life. You begin strengthening yourself, thus regaining the lost kingdom of love.      Pain teaches you to embrace your feelings and emotions, in the first place.





Momentums by Majd Radwan

Momentums      are an irresistible set of  poems on love      that play on divine music. In recent years, there’s been a strong urge to sing, ring and listen to such super, sublime music. Majd Radwan composes      perfect poetic verses, filled with divine romance, mesmerized by human passion. Short rhyme, flowing with consistent rhythm initiates the singer and listener alike to move on to a higher world.





On Loss

On Loss by Razan H. Abdul Majeed

On Loss      stands out as best poetry book that becomes a beacon of light for all of us – we all love, loose, and grieve to make sense of our losses. Razan H. Abdul Majeed interweaves themes of life, death, and time to rediscover lost paternal romance. Would she succeed? To find out, get your copy here.





Feel free to choose some of these ultra-modern books and reflect on them to transform your mindset. When you’re resisting inner war, there is another way too – open yourself to your limitless infinity by reading a good book.

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10 Smart Book Promotion Strategies for Authors

10 Book Promotion Tips for Authors

Writing and publishing your book is one part, promoting it is another. While the sense of accomplishment that comes with publishing your book is unmatched, you will have to maintain this feeling by investing just an equal amount of time and energy in marketing your book. The good part is you own and love your work and the effort required to promote your book will not feel like a loathsome job. With some simple and easier book promotion tips listed below, you will begin to enjoy the whole process. Have faith and read on!

Invest time in promoting your book

For successful book promotion, you will have to dedicate your time. Now that you have authored a book, you do know that there is no shortcut to success. Invest time every day! Yes, there are smarter ways to go about promoting your book, but even smart work requires time. Whenever you have a chance to meet acknowledged writers, ask them about the strategies they have employed to get their book to a wider audience.

Increase your online presence

Remember, online book marketing is key. You might not be used to social media and other online platforms, but it is essential to promote your book online. So, gradually start building your presence online and try to maintain author profiles on Amazon and Goodreads, alongside your regular social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Build online relationships and engage with your online friends. This will be rewarding in the long run.

Have your own website

Make and maintain your own website, this will give you a feeling of running your very own project. Make your project as interesting as it gets. Publish daily blogs on your website. You may put down your reflections on any current event. This will take you farther along in your writing journey, while also bringing you the satisfaction that you are not out of your writing practice.

Create unique content

Offer free and interesting content on your social media. Share such excerpts from your book which may arouse the reader’s curiosity and pull the reader into reading the complete book. Do not just talk about your book, make your account diverse, so that your audience and fan club is generated. Once you attain a reputation, people will want to read your work.

Keep an eye on the engagement you get. This will help you gauge an idea of your audience and what they like to see and read more.

Hype up your upcoming book

Ideally, book promotion should begin before the release. You can run an online pre-order campaign. Try to create a hype around your upcoming book on social media so that the audience can see that something big is coming. Make your audience look forward to your book’s release date. Also, try to get pre-release book reviews from various online book review services before the release and share them on your social media.

Compile a mailing list

In the process, you will be contacting a lot of people and will find some to be encouraging; showing an inclination towards the theme of your book. Include them in your mailing list. Make sure to update your mailing list club whenever you are undertaking any new project or arranging any event related to your book. This is one of the best tried and tested book marketing strategies. You can start with using an email platform such as Mailchimp to capture your mailing list and promote it across your social media or website.

Make use of both paid and unpaid collaborations/services

If you have published your own book, do not hesitate to contact a specialized company to help you with running a book marketing campaign. Hire professional services whenever needed, for example getting the book cover designed. You will not regret making this financial investment. However, you can also collaborate with your PR list if you have a tight budget. Your blogger friends will love to give a shout-out to you and your masterpiece.

Organize online promotional events

As soon as your book is out, start preparing for one or two promotional events. Given the current scenario, you will have to arrange the events online. You can make maximum use of Facebook and Instagram live. Online promotional events will not hinder the prospects of your book, since such events also do pretty well. The important part is to engage bookstores and private libraries into being a part of your event. You can collaborate with book bloggers to help spread the word about the event or about going live.

Keep pamphlets ready

Get handy pamphlets (related to your book) printed! Keep them in your bag all the time. Being in a gathering is a good chance to let people know about your book through these pamphlets.

Cash your strengths!

Do all it takes to promote yourself and your book but do not let go of your unique self in the process. Keep your uniqueness intact and let it show through all the content you create and all the blogs you write. Just know your exclusive strong points and utilize them to the maximum in all the activities related to book marketing.

We wish you all the best with your book promotions!

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Business Books to help you Achieve Success and Reach your Goals!

Business Books

A business might look simple enough as buying something and selling it at profit, or providing a product and selling it to the masses, except it isn’t that simple. A business, be it of any kind, is filled with intricacies most of us have no idea about. There are secrets to success that are only divulged to those who have been working relentlessly for years, learning through trial and error, never giving up and learning from their mistakes.

They say there’s nothing better than to learn from your experience… or is there? What if you could jump ahead, skip all the years of hard work and find perhaps… a cheat code to getting your business on the right track? Well, we have the answer for you! Books. In particular, business books, written by experienced professionals who revealed their business tricks and strategies that led them to the apex of success in their books.

In reading and analysing these books, you will learn before you make any mistakes. You can fix your business model, make your user interface more friendly, explore new avenues of marketing that you previously hadn’t thought of and much more! There are many different ways to use business books; just start by asking yourself what you want to learn and what your weaknesses are. Then, find the solutions to those and learn from them!

Here are some recommended business books that will save you from the trouble of making mistakes by helping you learn from the experiences of business tycoons.


The Octopus Director

The Octopus Director
Eng. Aisha Al-Ali

In any business,  administration is key. Without the logistical and technical support of administration, no business can take off. In this book, the author aims to elevate the readers’ ability to engage in, oversee and manage workplace resources. The book provides an excellent opportunity to help readers manage technologies in a non-technical way. This book is for those wishing to achieve high administrative positions and develop their careers further!

The author, Aisha Al-Ali, has a bachelor’s in engineering, majoring in IT from Sharjah University in 1997 on a scholarship given only to high achievers. The author earned the Distinguished Employee award from Sharjah Government in 2009.


Symbiosis in Hospitality Management

Symbiosis in Hospitality Management
Peter Alatsas

This book is based on the concept of mutualism, within the broader concept of Symbiosis in a business context. Mutualism in Symbiosis is when two organisms share resources and benefit from the outcome mutually. In a business setting, this is when stakeholders treat one another as partners for mutual benefit.
This book, in particular, focuses on hospitality management and the relationship between key stakeholders. The book is written for hotel operators, owners and their representatives as a guide to help manage and oversee the business operations and also guides how to further consolidate partnerships that benefit the parties involved mutually.

The author is an expert in hotel management, having done his bachelors in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Ryerson University, and anMBA in Management Consultancy from Sheffield Hallam University. He has travelled the world and has a quarter century of experience in hospitality tourism and education. Currently, he is the COO of Frontel Group and General Manager of The Venue Hotels in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Engineering Project Management Highlighted from Design to Execution

Engineering Project Management Highlighted from Design to Execution
Eng. Abdullah Theeb Qandil

A book perfect for engineering and construction enthusiasts looking to streamline their businesses. This book talks about the entire construction process from start to finish; including the designing, project submission, major and minor mistakes that are usually made by the owner, contractor and project consultancies. It also explains the dangers and obstacles observed in each step of the construction process and gives solutions to such problems. An all-in-one guide for business owners and enthusiasts alike!

Born in Jordan in 1978, the author has a major in Architectural Engineering and a Masters in Construction Management. Having years of experience working as an Architect in the Contracting and Engineering Consultancy field.


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2021’s Good Books to Read for Everyone

2021's Good Books to Read

A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

The human mind works in extraordinary ways. Just by looking at a few jottings on paper, our mind turns them into images that help them perceive better. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new, something astonishing about yourself. Well, knowledge is the power that can be used to change your state of mind and enhance wellness. Find some good books to read for the weightlifting of your brain. The beauty of reading is that each one of us experiences books in our own ways, through our lenses.

Here we mentioned some of the great benefits of reading for you!

  • Reading Reduces Stress

Take out time for yourself when daily stress is taking its toll. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. Reading helps faster in reducing stress than sipping a coffee or listening to music. You can read whatever book you want, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, or motivational books to stimulate your mind.

  • Increases Imagination and Creativity

According to the researcher, Dr Lynell Burmark, the visual imagery is programmed in the human brain. We build images in our minds when we read, which helps us in remembering things a lot faster.

  • Helps in Writing

Expand your vocabulary and write in a perfect formal way by experiencing a good study. You can find some good books with different perspectives to read, or you can come up with your idea for writing.

  • Enhances Quality Time With Your Family

Reading improves quality time with your children. Research confirms that reading books to children promotes cognitive skills in children. They absorb things faster and develop the ability to communicate adequately. In today’s digital environment, it is encouraged that children may catch out some time to read with their parents. It will lift the confidence of the child and will provide the capacity to focus.

  • It Is Fun

Why get bored when you can read a good book? Read books about nature, inventions, space or general knowledge. Find some good novels to read to kill time. Stick yourself to a good book and it will take you on a magical ride with your favorite characters.

Here are some of our best up-coming books by our top-notch writers to get you started:


Narrative Techniques in The Thousand and One Nights and Its Impact on World Fiction

Book: Narrative Techniques in The Thousand and One Nights and Its Impact on World Fiction

Author: Dr. Sharifah bint Mohammad bin Naser Al-Oboudi

Enjoy reading the history of The Thousand and One Nights and its impact on world literature and literary figures. Figure the uniformity of the techniques with the later fabricated literary approaches of metafiction. The book mentions the extended legacy of Egyptian fiction writer and Noble Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz’s short but abridged novel, Layali Alf Laylah (interpreted into English as Arabian days and nights). This book also highlights the legacy of the American fictionist and critic, John Barth, it concentrates on his short story collection, Ten Nights and a Night: Eleven Stories.


The Flute Boy

Book: The Flute Boy

Author: Fanny FM

Experience a melodic curve in the story of a poor orphan boy who delights a beautiful princess by the tune of his flute.




The Mysterious Shadow

Book: The Mysterious Shadow

Author: Amna Salem bin Hashel

Sophie Bethalion, a school going girl, sees a mysterious shadow on her way to school. She starts observing the same shadow quite often. One day, she takes a day off from school due to heavy snowfall. However, she doesn’t stop investigating about the shadow. Read this new fiction release and solve the puzzle of the mysterious shadow. From where did this shadow come? Make head or tail of this interesting shadow with Sophie.




Travelers’ Tales

Book: Traveler’s Tales

Author: Ruhie Jamshed

Enjoy the 15 travel stories by Dubai residents from all over the world, who love to imprison their thoughts on paper. From mysteries to love stories to the ones that inspire, this book will take you on a roller coaster ride where you’ll feel all kinds of emotions.




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Set New Year Goals for Your Writing

Writing Goals for 2021

New year resolutions are often inspired by our bigger ambitions. Just as we divide a day into smaller tasks, we count on yearly progress when it comes to our bigger aims in life. If someone wants to become a neurosurgeon, he/she will move through years of medical studies and specialized surgery training to reach that goal. If you aspire to be a famous, recognized writer whose reputation reaches millions across the globe, you will have to dedicate years altogether. What time is better than the start of the year to remind yourself of your passion!

Setting new year goals is the best way to start a year. It sets the tone of the coming year with optimism and hope. If you are a writer or you want to be one, use the dawn of 2021 to set goals in writing. Writing is a time-consuming task, and there many are stages of refinement. Nevertheless, the reward is too big to miss out on. Even if you are feeling stuck, start afresh. At a later time during the year, you will be able to combine the new and old manuscripts and bring the best out of them.

Working with a team of reputed editors and authors, we list down here some suggestions on new year’s resolutions for writers. Utilize them and incorporate them into your own style and we hope this year will turn out to be very productive in your writing voyage.

Read, Read!

All writers are keen readers as well. The writing journey for  most writers begins with inspiring reads; that push them to create equally worth reading content. While working on your own book, make sure to take time out for reading as well. At the start of the year 2021, you can set yourself a goal for the number of books you will read each month. Reading will give you new ideas and inspirations on form, structure and plot. With regular reading, you will learn how to write your book. You can always make comparisons between what you are reading and what you are writing.

Join Other Authors!

Being connected to other writers comes with its own perks. You get a space where you can discuss your ideas. Having like-minded people around will boost your tendencies, and you will feel more welcomed and accepted. If you already have writer friends, discuss your goals with them and help each other to achieve them. In this way, you can keep a check on them, and they can do the same for you. If not, make a resolve to build a strong network this year. You can do that online as well; by utilizing social media platforms.

Associate Yourself with Your Story!

You must keep yourself engaged with your target audience of your book. If you are putting together a children’s book, interacting with children will help you get a good understanding of their minds, what they like and engage well with. This will allow you to write a story which will be tailored towards your target audience and create a book they will truly enjoy.

Connect with Editors and Publishers!

Introducing your manuscript into editing stages is very important. You will never be fully ready for this phase. Anticipations of rejection will haunt you all the time. But we will advise you to do this as early as possible. We, at Austin Macauley, are also offering editing and publishing services and we are open to submissions. You can read more about us here. We edit your manuscripts with care and keep you involved at all stages.

With these ideas surrounding new year goals for the writing community, we wish you a very happy and productive year!

Happy Writing!

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Are Audiobooks as Good as ‘Reading Books’?

Audiobooks or Reading

Audiobooks are versions of books, that are meant for the ears instead of the eyes. Wait, what? Well, the idea of not reading a book might sound a little less familiar, but familiarity is growing with time. More and more audio versions are being made available. Comparing audiobooks and paperbacks can make us look into the bright and dark sides of both. One is about listening and the other about reading.

Books have traditionally been associated with sitting down in some leisure time and reading your favourite kind of book. Audiobooks appear to be more convenient; since many of us struggle to have the time to develop a consistent reading habit. . Audiobooks, definitely are an innovation, designed to cater for our fast-running routines where we prefer digital media and movies over reading in our free time. This innovation, however, genuinely provokes the question of what is superior and more valued; audiobooks or reading?

Audiobooks for Adults; Accessibility

They are perfectly designed to provide an experience to blind or visually impaired people, ensuring that everyone has access to books.

Audiobooks: Learning Languages

Audiobooks are helpful for those who understand a language but cannot read written text. This utility comes in two ways; they can listen to a book and secondly, they can also learn to read gradually by holding the book in front of them whilst the narrator reads the book aloud.

Audiobooks are also a good tool to help introduce children to different languages. Since children learn to speak from scratch, their learning can be enhanced by listening to audiobooks. While there are numerous ways to teach/learn a language, audiobooks have an edge for communicating the accent and pronunciation very delicately. This also applies to the learning of all languages and accents.

Audiobooks for Children

Audiobooks are a great way of getting children to learn new stories and new skills. Some children do not want to sit down with a book sometimes, audiobooks are a great way introduce new books to them in a different and engaging way.

Audiobooks Vs Reading

It will not be a very good idea to weigh audiobooks and reading against each other. We cannot cancel reading for listening; since both are essential skills. We should take advantage of all technologies. Likewise, we can welcome audiobooks and can take benefit from them. Reading is one remarkable brain exercise, which aligns and sharpens our focus and allows us to look for details. It strengthens insightfulness.

Audiobooks are more fun when it comes to fiction. Since they strengthen the traditional practice of storytelling, audiobooks are a tech-inspired solution for our nostalgia of olden golden times. However, for non-fiction, reading is always a better idea because non-fiction, academic books require more attentive energy. When we read, we can understand more clearly and are more receptive to ideas. We can also use both reading and audiobooks in combination. First, we can read difficult texts and then listen to the same, just to affirm and reinforce our prior knowledge.

Audiobooks are just a more refined, tech-driven version of the old school  stories or the bed-time stories used to amuse children. Now, the difference is that we have audios of a range of books, and not just children’s books. Audiobooks are not a replacement for reading. They are a luxury; something you can have as an addition to your basic survival kit. To say that listening is the new reading, will sound more like a flawed assertion. We should not seek to replace one with another, rather a better idea would be to let audiobooks and reading co-exist.

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Romance Books to Get You into the Mood for Love!

Romance Books to Get You into the Mood for Love

It takes great emotional strength to read romantic books. The best romance books are ones where you just can’t put the book down. The characters pull you into their world, and you feel as they feel, becoming a part of their world as they become a part of yours. Love stories are the best way to spend your time, especially with there still being restrictions on going out at the moment. Good books are hard to come by, but when they do, you can bet they’ll become a permanent part of your collection. So, read ahead and find a new book, a new experience to lose yourself into!

Whether you’re an avid or a new reader who has fallen in love with romance books, we have something for everyone in our collection of love stories. Below are some of our recommended books for you to get going.



From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair
Grace Lagos

Kacey, a Greek girl with a free spirit, falls in love with an Irish boy. Her controlling and disapproving parents want her to marry a Greek boy as soon as possible. This becomes a problem for Kacey. Will love be enough to transcend the cultural boundaries and the pressure on Kacey by her parents? To find out, grab your copy of the book here.
The author, born in a town outside Brisbane, Australia, was three when her parents bought a farm where she grew up. On the vast and empty farm, she had her books to keep her company, providing an escape into another world. She works now in the public service and lives in Brisbane with her husband, two children, and grandchildren.



Single Mother

Single Mother
Mohanachandran T

A love story about two people who could not get married despite being in love with each other due to social differences. They surrendered to the fact that they’ll enjoy what little time they have together and move on with their individual lives. Only years later, their past reunited them, albeit in a very different and unexpected way. Check out this interesting romantic book here.

The author is a civil engineer by profession with an interest in writing. His first book was published in 2016 and his second published in 2017, both being self-help books. The author has also established an Indian school in the UAE, which is now one of the best in the country.



Robbery of Another Kind

Robbery of Another Kind
Dr Najat Sultan

This story is about a young girl called Rovan living at a time when development in technology allowed After receiving a message, Rovan was taken back into the past, where she fell in love and devoted herself to the one she loved. Suddenly, however, things changed, and she found herself alone. This is a story about love and the meaning this word carries. Order your copy of this romantic novel now.

The author holds a PhD in Public Administration. She is a lecturer at the Institute of Administrative Development, UAE, the Acting Director of Research and Consulting as well as the Head of Admission and Registration Department at the Institute of Administrative Development, UAE. Her passions include reading, drawing and writing.



The Battle of Love

The Battle of Love
Nagham Mohammed Alsamarqandi

A romantic novel revolving around the lives of different girls as they face the struggles of life. Their ambitions and dreams stopped in their tracks as each girl experienced injustice from loved ones. How they cope with these situations and the events that unravel will culminate in the practice of black magic and the loss of innocent lives. Learn more about the story here.

The author is a Saudi poet and writer with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature.



She Was

She Was
Nura Alhamadi

She Was is a novel about love and loss. She gave him a home when he had nothing.  But fate has its way. She was snatched away from him and taken to a place from where there is no return!





Rose Marie

Rose Marie
Badriah Al-Ahmad

Arthur’s pain is unbearable. He cries for the woman he loves, the distance between them and his inability to see her has turned him into an insomniac. What has Arthur done for her to behave this way towards him? Has he wronged her? Will his pain ever end? Find out in this romantic story, Rose Marie.

She has an interest in short stories and prose.




Me and His Wife

Me and His Wife
Maryam bin Sultan

The past has a funny habit of coming back to haunt you when things are going well. After almost three beautiful years of marriage, there is now a storm coming, filled with hatred and contempt. Will our characters and their lovers escape this storm unscathed?

She started participating in writing competitions at a young age. She also got the first position for her short story at Ras Al Khaimah.





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