Best Arabic Books for Kids in 2022

Arabic books for kids

The language learning process is made up of two major aspects:, reality and fantasy. In reality, children learn by connecting words to objects and concepts through touching, hearing, and seeing. In addition,, they learn through reading stories, fairy tales and folklores, letting them fly through magical worlds and distant lands where honour rules. Stories for children are a means of education, helping them learn about values, morals, and norms in a community—in our case, the Arabic-speaking community.

When buying children’s books, we have to choose those books which have some purpose and moral. You want the books to be informative and relatable. A good book helps your child in learning new concepts, including colours, words, numbers and more  complex topics. Picking up the right book can often start a discussion between you and your child and motivate them to read independently and find teachable moments in the reads.

We at Austin Macauley have some of the best Arabic books for kids that will not only enhance their Arabic language, grammar and speaking skills, but also guide them on Arabic culture. These reads will teach them important life lessons and provide them with a knowledge of their community and literature.

Our latest releases are a mix of fantasy, short stories, inspirational, and informative Arabic stories for kids that are guaranteed to spark their imaginations and bring joy and happiness to them. These children’s books open portals to worlds full of entertainment, knowledge, awareness, and understanding. They don’t just take them into the imaginary worlds of magic and colours, but also challenge their creativity and make learning more of an adventure.

Let’s dive into the world of fantasy and adventure filled with magic and marvels, with our latest Arabic books for kids that your child will surely enjoy. Inspire your little ones to love learning Arabic with these inspiring easy-to-read books!

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Ahlam’s Victory

Ahlam’s Victory

We start our incredible list of the best Arabic books for kids to read in 2022 with Ahlam’s Victorywritten by Najla HamoudaIt takes us into the life of a young girl, Ahlam, and her inspirational story of failure. During her study, she faced a failure, which made her frustrated and anxious.

She worked hard and managed to turn that failure into success with her strong will and commitment. This act taught her a lesson about facing failures and creatingher own success. This prompted her to encourage others to achieve their dreams.

The book motivates young readers to face their failures and empowers them with self-belief and strong devotion. The book is a perfect gift for your child.

Get the copy of Ahlam’s Victory here.

Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary is a delightful book written by Shahd Alkubar that revolves around Aisen and her friends attending an international school. The school has students from around the world with different backgrounds and religions.

The book shares the fun daily activities and memories they had in their school until an unexpected event hits them with an important life lesson.. A total of ten events are shared in the book with valuable end lessons.

The book is a good gift for your child, teaching them about respect, communication, and goodwill.

Find out more by ordering now.

At Grandmother Hissa’s House

At Grandmother Hissa’s House

At Grandmother Hissa’s House is a beautiful fiction book that explores children’s delight in visiting their grandmother’s house.

The book shares a captivating portrayal of scenes from grandmother’s terrace, singing of birds, the feeling of wind with the sweet smell of basil and the hussle in the streets. The author has always hada feeling of comfort and security when visiting his grandmother. These sensations are illustrated in his writing.

Get your copy of the book from here.

How a Whale and the Moon Helped Me

How a Whale and the Moon Helped Me

Yasmin was always a stubborn child as her father had spoiled her by fulfilling her every wish. She has become obsessed with having every new toy and gadget. Her latest absurd wish is of a new tablet, even she bought one only last month.

However, her  father refused to buy her a new one.

To what extent will she go to get her wish? How can a whale and the moon help her fulfil her desire?

Find out by buying the copy here.

Munir the Millionaire

Munir the Millionaire

Munir the Millionaire by Zainab Ali Albahran is a delightful book about a young boy named Munir who is intelligent, energetic, and a keen observer. His knowledge of his surroundings and his observation skills helped him to realize the importance of wealth and finances.

This realization made him dedicated to finding ways to earn money and become rich. He starts searching for different ways to earn money when he grows up. This book teaches its readers about the importance of looking after your money and the advantages of being a keen observer.

How will Munir pursue his dream of becoming a millionaire? Find out by ordering a copy here.

Nahola and the Insect Hunter

Nahola and the Insect Hunter

Nahola and the Insect Hunter is a children’s adventure story written by Omnia Bint Saeed Albadi. The story is about an active bee, busy in her daily activities of collecting honey with her friends. Her days are the same going from flower to flower, collecting honey and bringing it back to the hive.

It changed when she and her friends faced a daunting situation. This was no ordinary danger as she encountered an insect hunter trying to harm them and their hive. What will she and her friends do to protect themselves from the hunter?

This book is a good example to use when teaching children how to deal with unknown situations.

Get your copy of this wonderful book from here.

The Lady of Colors

The Lady of Colors

The Lady of Colors is a beautiful story of a gorgeous butterfly whose wings are mesmerizing like the colours of flowers. Her beauty is admired all around the forest.

The story begins when the butterfly and her friend start a journey through the forest. The story takes a turn when they encounter interesting events and unwanted disasters during their voyage. They must find a way to finish their journey safely.

The book is a good example of ecocriticism, beautifully featuring different regions of the jungle. Malek AL-Chouayakh portrayed a marvellous picture of the scenes that take place during the characters’ journey in the forest.

Find what happens next by ordering your copy here.

The Late Dress

The Late Dress

The Late Dress is a short story by Knanah Hatim Eissa narrating the adventures of two curious children, Talal and Lamar, and their friends through the United Arab Emirates. Talal and Lamar have always wanted to travel through the UAE and explore its beauty, people, and culture.

Their wish came true when they were allowed to travel and experience the colours of the United Arab Emirates. They met different people, tried new clothes, ate diverse foods, and attended various cultural events. The adventure they shared resulted in an overall memorable experience.

Be a part of the adventures by ordering your copy of The Late Dress  here.

The Little Nurse

The Little Nurse

Hima slipped and fell from the swing, injuring her knee in the process. The wound on her knee began bleeding, and she started crying as it was painful. She scampered home to her mother while crying with pain. Her mother comforted Hima and called Reem, the nurse living next door.

Reem came instantly and treated her wound, bandaging up her knee. Hime felt inspired and decided to become a nurse when she grew up. She started asking Reem questions about her profession.

Reem answered all the curious questions of Hima about her work. She explained the importance of nurses, their services, and the honourable profession. Author Reem Bent Nasir Aldosari gracefully describes the story and the nursing profession in the book. This book can also be a good gift for your child to spark interest in the nursing profession.

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From short stories to colourful picture books filled with fantasy and fun, these books contain key life lessons and principles. These Arabic books for kids will bring joy, nourish their characters, and create an everlasting positive impact. We hope that you’ll find the perfect book for your child from the list, to help open their minds to cultures beyond their own.

Check out our books’ section for more interesting reads, including short stories, fantasy books, inspirational stories or any of the other genres you like.

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Inspirational New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Readers

Inspirational New Year's Resolution Ideas for Readers

It’s that time of the year again! The New Year has just begun, and its time to look back on the last 12 months to see how far you have come, and reflect on what you have achieved from the previous year. What were your goals, and to what extent you were able to keep up with those resolutions? What were the mistakes that we made and, how are we going to correct them this year? This year should not be the same as all previous years.

A new year means an opportunity to experience new things, read new books, explore new ideas and expand your literary horizons. Before all this, it’s time to think about your new year reading resolutions! Our New Year’s resolutions can be simple, and achievable rather than setting unrealistic goals and then punishing ourselves to achieve those goals. We can set the goals based on our self-compassion. In that way, we can keep our resolutions and feel happier in the process. Making yourself committed to your resolutions can result in a healthier, more balanced and satisfying year.

Setting a New Year’s resolution is one of the traditions of a new year. Similarly, another unwanted tradition is breaking those resolutions within a month. However, this year should not be the same, you can change this undesirable tradition by setting a realistic and small goal that you can achieve with consistent efforts and achieve satisfaction.

To help achieve your New Year’s resolutions, you have to stay committed whether it’s reading more books, listening to more audiobooks, or organizing your bookshelves. Well, we have rounded up a list of 10 inspiring ideas for our readers that are easy to complete and make 2022 a book-filled year. Making an effort and completing even one (or more) of these resolutions can further increase your happiness and satisfaction. We have also shared some of our latest releases that you can read as one of your resolutions.

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Read More Books

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is reading more books, and for the right reasons. This resolution is easily achievable as readers always tend to focus on more reading. This way, we can achieve our reading goals. We can bend this resolution as we need, track our reading, keep a reading log, attempt reading new genres and diverse authors. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the world from other perspectives.

Join a Book Club

Reading is often considered a reclusive activity; however, it doesn’t have to be this way. For this year, try joining a book club in your area to socialize and make some friends while reading. This way, you can come out of your comfort zone and interact with like-minded individuals. If your non-reading resolution was to socialize more, then you can have two for the price of one.

Trek a Mountain 

Sometimes you have to do something just for the sake of pride and achievement. Hiking a mountain can bring an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. While attempting this feat, don’t forget to bring your favourite book with you because sometimes all you need is a dose of fresh air and your favourite book on a hillside. This activity can be one of those New Year’s resolutions that you will remember for a long time.

Declutter Your Bookshelf

Do you have books sitting in the bags, overflowing your shelves, or lying around different places in your house? If so, then it’s time to declutter and organize your bookshelves!

Cleaning out your space can create a sense of relief. Quell your stress by decluttering your bookshelves, donating any book you don’t read anymore to your book club or library to create a clean and organised place. It is a useful resolution if you don’t have enough shelf space for all the books you own, and it can be an exciting New Year’s resolution.

Reread a Favourite Book

While cleaning out your bookshelves, maybe you can find the all-time favourite book that you were planning to read again. It could be best-selling science fiction or classic romantic poetry—whatever it is, commit to reading it and experience the joy and thrill you felt the last time. This resolution is particularly easy to complete and has no downside. Reading your favourite book will bring back a remarkable sense of nostalgia and feelings you felt the first time.

Explore New Genres 

For this new year, if you want your New Year’s resolution to be more rewarding, then try exploring new genres. This can open up new horizons and you can read more diverse books. Reading helps us learn new things, explore new worlds and experience new emotions.

For this resolution, pick a number and read that number of books of different genres that you don’t usually read. Try reading foreign authors and experience how they view the world. This experience can be remarkable with endless opportunities.

Write a Thank-You Card

One of the trending New Year’s resolutions can be writing a thank-you note to someone. It can be your teacher that helped you start a career, any family member that inspired you on the way, your favourite author that you love reading or your childhood friend that was always there for you. Buy a card, write down what changed you and how they inspired you, and send it. This will bring immense joy and pleasure, and they will cherish your kind words, and in a way, you will fulfil your resolution.

Finish a Book Series

You’ve always promised yourself to read that famous book series from the best selling author. Well, it’s time you make it happen. For this New year’s resolution, make sure to read the series that you always desired. You can read at any pace while enjoying the moments you experience during that read.

Support Your Local Library

Libraries rely on readers. Their survival is dependent on the community and the readers. Without them, the libraries fail to exist. Therefore, this year, make your New Year’s resolution to support your local library in every way possible. You can contribute and show support by donating your books, time, and money for the betterment of your community library and readers.

Have Fun While Reading

The most important resolution on the list is having fun and enjoying reading. Whether you managed to achieve other goals or not, you should always find ways to have fun and create memories to cherish. Reading is a source of joy and happiness and, we should do those activities that give us pleasure and personal satisfaction cause every day is a beginning of a new year.

Here are some of Austin Macauley latest releases that you can make a part of your new year’s resolution reads.

Like a Movie Subtitle

Like a Movie Subtitle

Like a Movie Subtitle is a mesmerising blend of poetry, imagery, and prose. The book is a combination of creative writing, colourful images and thoughtful phrases. This book will make you fall in love with the art of writing. The author’s beautifully expressed words make the book a treat for the eyes and mind.

Grab your copy of the book here.

Blossomed With Love

Blossomed With Love

Blossomed With Love is a poetry masterclass expressing the feelings of the author for her loved one. The book describes the feelings, emotions, and sentiments expressed in a dreamy way. The sense of security, calmness and peace is reflected in her writing.

Get your copy now.


Self-improvement Convo

Self-improvement Convo

Self-improvement Convo is a wonderful self-help book to improve self-esteem. It takes its readers on the path of confidence and positivity. The book teaches us about confidence and self-development. The book urges the readers not to get discouraged about their appearances, lack of confidence and other related issues. It encourages them to improve themselves to live a happy and steady life.

Order now from here.

Crows on Fetish

Crows on Fetish

Crows on Fetish is a poetic book filled with waves of emotions, from sadness, grief and depression to the rebirth of his emotional self. The book reflected the author’s loss and emptiness he faced and shaped those feelings into poetry.

The use of analogies in his writing reflects his thoughts of mind and soul. The beautiful portrayal of his thinkings during that time and the spirit and determination shown in overcoming his struggles.

Get your copy of the book here.

My Heart’s Words

My Heart’s Words

My Heart’s Words is a beautiful portrayal of the tragedy that the author faced when the sudden news of her mother’s death shocked her world.

Her world turned upside down and from an early age, she had to experience the harsh reality of the world. She expresses the pain and sorrow that she felt during that time in this book.

Get your copy of My Heart’s Words here.

These inspiring New Year’s resolutions can help readers set new goals for the new year.  Austin Macauley has always tried to provide its readers with a unique and memorable experience. If you are interested in reading more informative and inspiring blogs, you can check out our blog section. Be a part of Austin Macauley by sharing your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling this Online Submission Form.

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The Best Adventure and Fantasy Books to Read Before 2021 Ends

Best adventure books and fantasy novels

When you read a book, you imagine yourself in a fictional world where you are the brave protagonist fighting evil, slaying mighty magical creatures and conquering kingdoms. Our minds are always drawn towards fantasy novels and adventure books, and we enjoy imagining different scenarios. There are thousands of books that you can read; however, finding a good book with well-driven ideas and a creative storyline can be difficult. Austin Macauley has always provided readers with engaging books by outstanding authors.

To be able to share a good fantasy book, writers have to put themselves in the minds of the readers so that they can picture different perspectives and document the most appealing option. The fantasy genre is filled with hundreds of thrillers with different storylines ranging from crime thrillersmurder mysteries, fictional worlds and creatures and many more.

We at Austin Macauley have compiled a list of Fantasy & Adventure novels to read by the end of the year. These novels are a mix of both reality and fiction, engaging readers and keeping them focused on what’s coming next.

These adventure and fantasy novels are guaranteed to keep you on your toes and keep your interest glued to the story. They are a combination of both fantasy novels and adventure books filled with amazing battles, incredible creatures, and realistic worlds that you always wanted to visit.

Let’s dive into the world of fantasy and adventure filled with magic, mysteries, and murders with our top picks that you will surely enjoy.

Night Catchers

Night Catchers

We start our picks with an incredible fantasy book written by Katherine Rich that takes us into the life of Aya, a young girl that recently moved to the remote countryside of England with her step-brother. Adjusting to the new setting is a challenge for her. She stumbles upon the dark world of good and evil.

The writer beautifully captures the encounters of Aya with all the mythic beasts and legends that you can imagine in a fantasy world. Roaming the dangerous world like in a video game, she has to fight her way up to face the ultimate evil.

The power that only Aya possess can awake the ancient spirits of the underworld, which will help save her world from destruction, but can she do it in time? Let’s see. Get your copy of Night Catchers now.

The Forbidden Tree

The Forbidden Tree

An epic fantasy novel, The Forbidden Tree by Bin Jarad follows Hajar in a world of betrayal, broken promises, and the disloyalty of the Leo family of the Scourthon Isles.

Hajar, the princess of many qualities has to embark on a journey one last time to take revenge for her father’s assassination. In this journey, she is not after the crown but wants to bring an end to those who were involved in the murder of her father.

Hajar is faced with the dilemma on her quest as she also has to reunite and make unwanted alliances with the ruling Ostegaard families that still have a dark grim past. Hajar must confront the Scorpio family about their broken oath in the book of blood that led to all these events.

Get your copy of the excellent fantasy novel here.

Tales from Al Baha

Tales from Al Baha

Tales from Al Baha brings stories from the cities of Ghamed and Zahran, comprising of the childhood memories of different individuals from the last two decades in a small village of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These popular tales are in the form of short stories to engage culturally diverse audiences and create a sense of connection between the readers. These short stories are both fictional and modern stories that the author Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ghamdi gathered over forty years.

Order your copy now.

Shrink It

Shrink It

AlShaima Taleb Hussein is an excellent writer when it comes to portraying the impacts of technology on our children. In this novel, she humorously uses her creativity to illustrate the influence of technology in the modern world.

The novel portrays Ahmad’s journey when he comes across a strange but intriguing ad for an app called Shrink It. The app had a warning message to be responsible and not install if one is not brave enough.

The App prompted curiosity in Ahmad, and he installed the application without reading its description. What happened next shocked Ahmad as he found himself under an unexpected event where he must find ways to return to his normal form.

This novel also describes the carelessness of today’s generations, their irresponsibility and excessive use of technology, and the impacts that come with it.

The book is available for order.

The Sahara Spy

The Sahara Spy

The Sahara Spy portrays the hardships that Sara faced during her quest to find answers about a gruesome crime. The investigation led her to a tangled web of events and clues, all in a classic adventure challenge.

Her quest takes her to the troubled town of Al Rashid, where she faces her ultimate challenge. With her determination and passion, Sara and her team start their journey to find the truth. With all that’s going around her, will she be able to find it?

This adventure novel by Faadumo Farhan inspires the youth to find justice and take action for what’s right. Her work has always been an inspiration for the younger generation.

Get your copy of The Sahara Spy now.

The Secret in The Scrolls

The Secret in The Scrolls

After being forced to work in the ministry, Zara has become highly organized. It was a normal day with the usual schedule, including a meeting with the health minister.

The events of that day led Zara on an adventurous journey following ancient scrolls, secret lairs, and tombs with her newly-found friends. She embarked upon a journey, to not only find answers, but also to find her true self.

With each clue, they come closer to the ancient burial site of the machine that could obliterate or preserve their world. The choice was up to them to decide. This journey also paved the way for Zara to find her true self.

The Secret in the Scrolls is Sara Adnan’s debut book. Her love for ancient history has provided the readers with an excellent adventure novel.

Get your copy of The Secret in the Scrolls now.

Who Is There?

Who Is There?

Curiosity leads to learning new things, and books are a great way to encourage kids to learn and explore. Zain Alsharif has beautifully illustrated the adventures of Salem, which rose from his curiosity. It took him to places he never thought he would go and meet people he never dreamt of meeting.

This adventure novel starts with a mystery. Playing in the garden with his sister, Salem hears an unfamiliar voice coming from the trees. In search of the voice, he goes towards the trees. This leads to a unique experience and adventure of Salem that he will always remember.

Zain Alsharif is an aspiring writer who aims to make an impact on children with his stories and provide them with a unique learning experience.

You can order your copy of the book here.

Mr. Shabhon and the Closet

Mr Shabhon and the Closet

Imagination sparks creativity, and with a creative imagination, a child can achieve happiness. This book teaches children to expand their imagination, using it to create happiness, fulfil their dreams, and make the world a better place.

The story is about a young boy with a closet in his room, using his creative imagination to embark on an adventure and experience things that he dreams to achieve someday.

Ibtisam Al Wardi brings a story of children with imaginative adventure challenges. With creative imagination, they can achieve what they dream and use their dreams for things they cannot achieve.

This book can be a perfect gift for a child with a creative imagination. Order now!

These amazing adventure and fantasy books will surely illuminate your mind, and take you on an experience that you will not forget. Austin Macauley has always tried to provide its readers with a unique and memorable experience.

If you are interested in fantasy novelsadventure bookssci-fi adventure challenge books or any of the other genres, you can check out our book section. If you think of yourself as a good writer, submit your work. You can also send it online by filling our Online Submission Form.

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Everything You Need to Know About Historical Fiction

Everything You Need to Know About Historical Fiction

Human beings have always been connected to their past in one way or another. The quest to stay connected with our history has given birth to the genre of historical fiction. This genre, with its imaginative powers, cast a spell on its readers. Whether it’s the pre-pharos era, the evolving medieval period, or the modern tech-inspired fast life, homo sapiens (the scientific name for humans) have always possessed a curiosity to dig deep into their past. Resultantly, historical fiction became one of the topmost read genres.

What Exactly is Historical Fiction?

You must be wondering what this genre is all about? Is it based on real events or fictitious? Let’s take a plunge.

According to, historical fiction is defined as:

“The genre of literature, film, etc., comprising narratives that take place in the past and are characterized chiefly by an imaginative reconstruction of historical events and personages.”

Let’s make it simpler.

Historical fiction must be based on events, figures, or places set in the past. Among many good things about this genre, the best thing is, you can add your imaginative elements to the main plot as much as you wish. It doesn’t necessarily need to be all true; that’s why there is reason to call it fiction.

The Origin and History of the Historical Fiction

1. Classic Chinese Historical Fiction

The history of writing historical prose dates back to the Chinese classic book, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which was set in the 3rd century. Chinese historical fiction concerning the 7th century to 16th century dominated the world of literature. Their other famous classics, Water Margin and Journey to the West are also based in the distant past.

2. Classic Greek Historical Fiction

Classical Greek authors were also famous for their historical fictional work. The most popular classic book, The Tale of Genji, was written before the 11th century.

3. Classic Arabic Historical Fiction

The popularity of historical fiction didn’t only remain confined to the West, but it also fanned out the warm Arabian deserts. The Lebanese author, Jurji Zaydan, became a prolific historical fiction writer. His 23 books of the same genre played an important role in shaping the historical perspective of modern Arabs. Jurji influenced the minds of people and educated them about their history. Among his books, Fleeing Mamluk and Virgin of Quraish are the most popular ones.

4. Modern Historical Fiction

Modern historical fiction, with its foundation in the early 19th century, became widely read. The credit goes to the Scottish author, Sir Wales Scott, whose literary masterpieces are incredibly famous among European readers.

In the 21st century, historical fiction is in its blooming phase. A number of established and new writers are on their paths to success.

What are the Subgenres of Historical Fiction?

Like any other genre, historical fiction also has its own subgenres. Let’s have a look.

1. Historical Mystery

This thrilling subgenre is based on crimes or murders committed in the distant past. A special name given to this subgenre, historical whodunit, is now widely known and accepted by publishers and libraries. It took birth since the popular historical mystery novel, Cadfael Chronicles, by Ellis Peter.

The editor of the Publishers Weekly Keith Kahla states, “The historical mystery has become a critically acclaimed, award-winning genre with a toehold on the New York Times bestseller list.”

2. Historical Romance

Another prominent subgenre of historical fiction is historical romance. Over the years, it has always remained the most-read subgenre. The history of writing historical romance dates back to Georgette Heyer’s The Black Moth. Her famous novel, Regency, was inspired by Jane Austen’s novels.

3. Historical Fantasy

This historical fiction subgenre is also widely read. Many prominent writers have contributed to its success. Among them are David Gemmel, Julliet Marilier, and Poul Anderson. David Gemmel’s book, Greek Series, is based on the life of the great military leader, Alexander the Great. The plot has some historical events and elements of fantasy, especially supernatural powers.

4. Children’s Historical Fiction

This subgenre is quite popular among children because of the blend of history and fantasy that it presents. Often these books come in series to keep the imagination journey of children on track. Exploring different historical periods and figures is a peculiar trait of these books. American Girl and Magic Tree House series are some famous children’s historical fiction.

5. Other

Historical Fiction, because of its wide range of subgenres, has many contributions to literature. Some other subgenres include but are not limited to, historical gothic, meta-fantasy, comics and graphics, and documentary fiction.

Tips to Write Historical Fiction

Here are top tips on writing historical fiction:

  1. Research, research, and research. Get all the information and try to keep it accurate.
  2. Add fictional characters. Tap into your creative edge and add some influential fictional characters to your plot.
  3. Be careful about the language and historical details of different historical periods and cultures.
  4. Keep it interesting. Eliminate lengthy elements and dialogues from the book.
  5. Connect it with the modern age so readers can relate to it.

How Far Should a Writer Dwell into the Past to Write a Historical Fiction Book?

After having a good idea about historical fiction, this question must have clicked in your mind. Well, there are different parameters. Let’s see what experts say.

The Historical Novel Society draws the definition as “written at least fifty years after the events described”.

On the other hand, critic Sarah Johnson defines historical fiction as “set before the middle of the last [20th] century … in which the author is writing from research rather than personal experience.”

Contrastingly, Lynda Adamson states, the “generally accepted definition” for the historical novel is a novel “about a time period at least 25 years before it was written”

Now it’s up to you what definition you follow. After all, it’s all your brainchild.

Are There Any Awards for Historical fiction?

The good news is, there are awards of appreciation for the highly acclaimed novels. There are a number of literary awards dedicated to this wonderful genre of literature. Let’s have a look.

  1. James Fenimore Cooper Prize
  2. Walter Scott Prize
  3. Geoffrey Bilson Award
  4. Langum Prize for American Historical Fiction
  5. Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction
  6. Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction

Tips for Choosing a Good Historical Fiction Book

The book should

  1. Fulfil the criteria of historical fiction
  2. Provide information that resonates with the true event of the past
  3. Present a perfect blend of history and fiction
  4. Skillfully unfolds events
  5. Provide easy to read information

What Are some of the Best Modern Historical Fiction Books?

Without any doubt, classic historical fiction books are masterpieces. However, over time, with language advancements, they have become difficult to comprehend. In such a situation, book lovers look for modern historical fiction books. We have come up with some of the best ones. Let’s have a look.

The Royal Falconer

The Royal Falconer

This thrilling historical mystery book is set in the medieval period.  The plot revolves around a Norman woman, who after the death of her husband sets on the journey back to her home in France. Little did she know that journey will turn into a nightmare. She gets subjected to conspiracy, theft, and finally a murder trial.

There comes a twist when the king’s royal falconer arrives. Will he prove her innocence or increase her miseries? To find out, grab a copy here.




Narrative Techniques in the Book of the Thousand and One Nights and its Impact on World Fiction

Narrative Techniques in the Book of the Thousand and One Nights and its Impact on World Fiction

This must-have historical fiction book presents a critical analysis of the literary masterpiece, The Thousand and One Nights. This book has immensely influenced the world of literature. It also critically appraises metafiction and prominent Western fictionists. Further touching the legacy of the American critic John Barth, it also takes into account the work of other famous writers. Order your copy here.




Bin Arraf

Bin Arraf

This is an intriguing historical fiction novel about a girl named Alia. She embarks on a journey to Badia. Along the way, she sees different signs with hidden meanings. Let’s follow her on her path to curiosity and learning. Get your copy here.





Why Historical Fiction Is the Best Genre?

Unlike other genres, it keeps us connected to our golden history. A touch of fiction with history makes the far-gone eras more fascinating.

As Anais Nin says, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

Here are the top five benefits of reading historical fiction.

  1. It educates us about our glorious past.
  2. It gives an in-depth insight into the minds who shaped the world.
  3. Some valuable and powerful lessons can be learned from these historical events.
  4. Familiarity with past events boosts our knowledge.
  5. It allows us to read about personalities who became beacons of the change.


We will sum up the discussion with the words of Antony Beevor.

“The power of historical fiction for bad and good can be immense in shaping the consciousness of the past.”

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Tips for Authors to Write a Captivating Book Blurb

Tips for Authors to Write a Captivating Book Blurb

Ever wondered why some of the books do not get the recognition they deserve despite all of the scholarly work inside them? You’ve guessed it right, “The Book Blurb”.

It is true when they say, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” While you have to maintain a good first impression in every aspect, the book blurb is no different. It is the lynchpin for the success of your book – a make and break point that cannot and should not be taken for granted. If you are successful in writing an enthralling blurb, chances are high that your book captivates the readers scrolling through the aisles for a perfect read.

Since the book blurb plays an instrumental role in defining the success of your book, let’s have a glance at what it is.

What Is a Book Blurb?

The blurb is regarded as a preamble of a book. It is a brief yet informative account of the book that appears on the back cover (traditionally, it used to be inside). In today’s publishing market, when more books are purchased online than in brick-and-mortar stores, you’re more likely to come across blurbs on any digital retailer’s product page. Any information that best describes the book and intrigues the audience should be included in it. The main goal of the book blurb is to draw readers in and entice them to buy the book. And guess what? You have only 100-250 words to impress the audience.

Blurbs are an important aspect of book marketing since they are meant to encourage consumers to purchase the book. A blurb is successful if it makes the reader want to read more; if it bores or overwhelms the reader, it needs to be changed.

Constituents of a Good Blurb

The recipe calls for an ingredient, so does a good blurb need its components. Following are some of the vital integrants that make a well-written blurb.


A book goes on a journey around the globe. You never know who will pick up your book in which corner of the world. Keeping in mind the wide range of readers who would be interested in your book, it is usually better to make your blurb as simple as possible. Intricate language, jargon, and specialised terminology – all are going to add complexity to the blurb. This will restrict the readership of your book. The blurb should be written in layman’s dialect unless your book is aimed at a specific audience.


When your blurb is too long it gets boring. Not every reader has a significant amount of time or patience to read all of the lengthy stuff. That is why it is highly recommended to keep it as precise as possible. This would save much time for the readers and altogether would make your blurb enticing.


Before you sit back and start writing a blurb for your upcoming book, you need to do a thorough analysis of already written blurbs. This should help you figure out what work fits best for your book, as well as offer you an idea of what other authors are writing and what readers are expecting. Moreover, you will be able to have a fair idea about the most preferred style for the book blurb in your genre.

Stir Emotions:

Your blurb will be able to stand out if you are writing for a targeted audience. It should appeal to the emotions of a certain category of readers you’re writing for. Case in point; if you’re a sports coach who wants to make it big by offering valuable insights and knowledge in the form of a book to people who can’t come to the ground, you can do so. You must ascertain that the blurb relays the book highlights that the niche actually desires. Is it, for example, stamina-boosting advice? Is it a question of endurance? Agility? Mention how your book will assist them in achieving their objectives, whatever it is.

Start With Hook Statement:

The readers will be drawn to the book by the hook statement. They won’t read the remainder of the blurb if your opening sentence is uninteresting, and they won’t buy the book either. Always begin with a dramatic statement or one that establishes your authority. You should choose your book description phrases carefully to lure them into reading the rest of the blurb.

Define Characters and Conflict:

Cognizant of the fact or not, readers scan the synopsis to see if they want to spend time with your core characters. A good blurb should also offer readers a sense of who the protagonist is. Because your readers will be spending several hundred pages with the central character, they need some kind of reassurance that they will enjoy reading about his or her life.

Similarly, the major plot in your book is what propels it forward. If everything goes flawlessly for your main character, readers will become bored quickly. The conflict in your work (what comes in the way of your main character’s aims) is what keeps readers reading because they want to know how the conflict is resolved. Undoubtedly, the purpose is to pique the interest of potential readers and make it impossible for them to put the book down after reading the blurb.

A Good Conclusion:

When it comes to a blurb, a good conclusion is the icing on the cake. The conclusion leaves the last and most recent impression to the one who is reading the blurb, so make sure it is well written. A well-written conclusion will add more to the intrigue of the readers and it will eventually compel them to read the book.

All of the abovementioned elements are an integral part of a good book blurb.

Mistakes to Circumvent

Underneath are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid while writing a book blurb.

Opening With Overused Phrases or Words:

Most of the people start with banal words or phrases that diminish the impact of their blurb. As we have previously discussed the significance of the hook statement, you need to avoid such trite utterances.

Writing the Summary of the Book:

This is the most repeated mistake, especially by the authors in their nascent stages. They give away too much in the blurb and leave little to no room for imagination. Writing a summary and a blurb are two different things and they need to be distinguished. It should only provide enough information to arouse readers’ interest and end on a painful nail-bitter that will compel them to purchase the book.

Giving Away Everything:

Beware of adding any sort of spoilers in your blurb. If you fail to establish the stakes, and conflict resolution is disclosed, readers might lose interest. If the suspense is gone, no one would bother to read the book.


It is true when they say self-praise is no recommendation! Boasting about your work and ranking yourself up among others is a false practice. You need to realise that you are not the judge, readers are. Never praise your work as it delivers a bad impression.

Improper Use of Keywords:

The author should capitalise on the potential keyword searches. Most of the time, people tend to ignore this crucial ingredient. That is why their work could not stand among the others’ and make up to the top. Each genre has a certain set of keywords. Making proper use of them will get your work to appear higher up in the online bookstores’ searches.

Never Write in Third Person:

Many a time, authors tend to write the blurbs in the first person. Often travel memoirs’ or success stories’ blurbs are conflated to be written in the first person, however, this is a false practice. The rule of thumb is that all of these should be written in the first person.

As indicated earlier, a book blurb is a cornerstone for the success of any book. By paying heed to all of the aforementioned Dos and Don’ts, your blurb will prosper. Also, you will find an escalation in the reading audience, as well as your book, will rank among the best-selling.

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Austin Macauley’s Gifting Guide

Austin Macauley's Gifting Guide

Everyone wants to make their loved ones and close acquaintances happy. Buying your loved ones gifts is a great way to show them you love and appreciate them. But the question is—how to decide on the perfect gift for a close person or a special friend? Arguably, books are considered to make one of the most perfect gifts for many people. As there are a huge number of books available in the world, it is easy to find a book on every topic. But again—the problem arises—which book to buy for someone?

With so many options available, choosing the perfect book as a present can be overwhelming and a daunting task. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. With our gifting guide, you can choose a perfect title for the right time. So, let’s begin.

Books for Little Munchkins

Kids love to receive gifts, and nothing can beat the feeling of receiving an interesting and fun-filled storybook as a kid. They mostly love books that have a fascinating story, are colourful, and have illustrations and pictures. To help you find the perfect book for the little munchkins around you, our list has some very interesting and fun-filled storybooks. so, let’s dig in to find the perfect book for the little friends.

  1. Glimpse of Jordan by Danah Tuffaha, Hanan Al-Amad and Nedaa Elias
  2. Diversity by Maryam Saqer Al Qassimi
  3. Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book by Austin Macauley UAE
  4. Blossoming Kindness by Yasmine Hammad
  5. The Strange Ring by Ahlam Yahya Jhaaf

To find some more amazing and wonderful books for children, read our blog here about perfect summer reads for the kids.

Books for That Special Friend

We all have that one special friend who loves to read and would love to be gifted a book. But again—the difficult thing is to decide what kind of book should you buy for your bestie. When you give someone a book, it strengthens the bond between you and that person. So, it is always important to put some thought into buying a book. It should be a useful book which is also enjoyable for your friend. So, to help you out here, we have collected 5 books from our famous titles. These books are from different genres—such as fiction, health and wellbeing, biographies, and also some romance novels. Let’s check out the titles.

  1. Diving with Seven Livelihoods by Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani
  2. Overpower Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by Hanan Al-bastaki
  3. Homes by Dr. Nuha Talal Ibrahim Zelai
  4. Carnival by Yasir Alsabali
  5. The Silence of London by Muna Alsuwaidi “Salfat3shg”

Books for Mom and Dad

Well, you love your parents. Everyone does!! But nobody knows for sure what their parents would love to have as a present. To make things harder, your parents wouldn’t even help letting you know what they would like to have as a present. So we need to think a lot before buying a book that would become mom’s or dad’s favourite. To help you in this regard, we have curated a list of books that has some exciting titles—books about travel, health and fitness, novels, and also some crime fiction. So, let’s delve into our list of books we have specially chosen for the moms and the dads out there.

  1. Fly by Sithara Palavar
  2. A Piece of Fabric by Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Qanbar
  3. Heading East by Abdulla Nasser Sultan Alameri
  4. The Descent by Fatma Hussein
  5. Is Life as We Know It? by Palak and Pooja

New Year Specials

Are you someone who loves to put things in order and organize important stuff in life and your surroundings? Or do you know someone who may be the kind of person who loves to write a New Year’s resolution and stick to it all year? If yes, then we have gathered some really inspiring and helpful books for you. From organizational books to educational ones—our list includes each one of them. Any book you choose from this list is guaranteed to make a very special gift to the disciplined one in your social circle. So, let’s check out what titles have we added to our list of New Year’s special books.

  1. Toward Creating Organizational Organization by Maitham Y. Almaskeen
  2. Philosophy of Excellence by Dr. Abdullah Attoun
  3. Dot by Lubna Mohammad Altamimi
  4. So Many Hats (or Veils) by Wid Kattan
  5. Momentums by Majd Radwan

Books for Your Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the best time to show your special someone how important they are. You can send your significant other a bouquet, along with an interesting novel, so they can enjoy the read and think of you every time they pick the book. With Romance books being the most popular genre, it may become overwhelming to buy the perfect book for Valentine’s day gift. But worry not, we have got it all sorted for you. We have chosen the 5 best books from the Romance genre. All the titles in this list are romantic fiction. So, let’s check them out.

  1. Rose Marie by Badriah Al-Ahmad
  2. I Believed You by Laila Bashar Al-Kloub
  3. She Was by Nura Alhamadi
  4. What Do You Know About My Love, Baby? by Shaikhah Kaseb
  5. In Love with Dracula by Nadine Jameel Omar

Books for Religious Occasions

Many people love to spend religious occasions and festivities by reading books from the religion and spirituality genre. They enjoy spending Ramadan reading spiritual guides and even their Eid holidays reading books. To help you out here, we have gathered 5 of our best books for you to give away as gifts on religious occasions. These include titles infused with the element of spirituality. So, let’s check them out.

  1. Oh My God! by Wad Hangol
  2. Pillars of Islam by Ahmad Mouhammad Alkharraz
  3. Sada-e-Haqq by Jameel AbdusSamad
  4. The Modern Statistic of the Most Beautiful Names of God by Dr. Daifallah bin Safar
  5. The Impact of Production Costs on Zakat of Agricultural Crops and Exploited Items by Mr. Abdullah Hamoud Ould Abdi

We hope this blog about books from different genres, you will find it easy to choose a perfect gift for your loved ones. From this list, you can choose a book as a present for the little munchkins in your family, your parents, a special friend, or even your significant other.

Happy gifting!

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Which Book Genres are the Most Popular in 2021 and Why?

Most-Read Genres of 2021

When it comes to books—there are a lot of genres out there to read from. There are romance books, thrillers and mystery stories, science fiction, poetry books and many more. Different people like different kinds of books to read and would almost involuntarily reach that aisle of a bookstore, where they can find books from their favourite genre. The three most popular book genres which people like to read in the UAE are;

  • Romance books
  • Crime and Mystery books
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy books

Romance books are the type of fiction books that revolve around feelings of love. A romantic novel is based on the relationship of love between two main characters. It may include many other characters as well who play a positive or negative role in the love story of the main two characters. Although most romance novels are read by women, it is slowly gaining popularity among men as well.

Crime books primarily revolve around criminal acts such as murders or grand thefts. Books included in this genre are mostly murder mystery novels, dark fantasy, and thrillers. They primarily focus on the investigation of a crime, mostly murder.

Lastly, sci-fi books, as is clear from the name, deal with the topics of science and technology. Whereas, the stories in fantasy books are a form of speculative fiction that is inspired by myths of the real world.

To know more about the trending book genres in the year 2021, read this detailed article here. This article gives the readers a forecast of what to read and what to publish in 2021. Reading about the genres in detail may overwhelm you, but worry not. We have gathered 3 books from each genre for you to read, so you can decide which genre best suits your liking.Thus, without further ado, let’s get started.

Romance Books—Our Top 3 Picks:

From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

From The Heights of Heaven to The Depths of Despair

The first pick from our romance books is this story about a Greek girl named Kacey. She was the kind of girl who wants to live her life to the fullest and enjoy it. She would look at the lives of her Australian friends and co-workers and wish to spend her life like them. But her mother wanted her to get married to a Greek boy soon. This makes her defiant and she leaves her house. She eventually meets and falls in love with an Irish boy, who loves her equally. But their love brings with it many clashes and disputes. Will their love win the tests of life or will they let go of each other? To find out what happens to the love story of Kacey, buy this book here.



Fragrance of September’s

Fragrance of September’s

The next one from the romance books is the story of unrequited love. This book asks the readers to find the answers to all the difficult questions of life and love. Does the love for a particular person makes its way in our hearts as if it was decided in the heavens? Or do we let his love into our hearts on our own? And what happens when we love someone and their love makes the way in our hearts? What happens when their love sweeps over us and engulfs our minds and bodies? Does the heart heal after all the sins we commit? Or does it remain filled with negativity and toxicity till we die? To find out answers to these thought-provoking questions, get the Fragrance of September’s here.



For the Bound Hearts

For the Bound Hearts

This last book we have added to the genre of romance books is not about traditional love, but about self-love. This book talks about the sad moments we all go through in our lives and how we feel once we encounter those feelings. This book is written in a bid to help people overcome the sadness and hardships of their lives. You can get hold of this amazing and inspirational book here.





Crime and Mystery Books—Our Top 3 Picks:

The Guardian

The Guardian

The first one we have picked for you from the crime and mystery books’ genres is The Guardian. This newly released book tells the story of a man and his 7 children. They live in a small and peaceful town. But one fateful day, a fire breaks out and engulfs one of the houses, causing the father of the 7 children to die. His death brings misery and hardships to the lives of these children and also brings along some greedy and selfish relatives. Their main motive is to get hold of the orphans’ money and other properties left behind by their father. But the town’s merchants get together and give refuge to the orphans. They also appoint the chief merchant to become the orphans’ guardian until they reach the age of maturity. Will the orphans and their wealth be kept safe from the clutches of their greedy relatives? To find out more, buy this crime and mystery book here.


A Thug in the Corridors of the Past

A Thug in the Corridors of the Past

This book revolves around the motives and mental traits behind a criminal mind. It talks about how a person starts a crime on a small scale as a small dishonest act. But eventually, one gets used to deceiving people and using unfair means. Before one knows it, one gets so used to doing wrongful deeds that it’s difficult to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. This spreads like poison in one’s heart and eventually results in numbing a person’s morals completely. People seem alive on the outside, breathing, talking and thinking—but on the inside, they feel dead and senseless. To read more of this bone-chilling narrative about crime, get hold of this book here.


Come On, Let’s Chase Him to Tunisia

Come On, Let’s Chase Him to Tunisia

This last crime book on our list is a story of revenge. Salem returns to London, expecting Brigitte to wait for him in their apartment. But she is not there. Upon inquiring, he finds out she was with another man named Peter. He drops her off at Salem’s apartment. When she returns, they argue and in the heat of the moment, Salem punches her in her face. The unexpected blow makes her fall, and the back of her head hits a coffee table that is made of steel. She dies, and Salem flees the country. Salem’s father has ordered him to stay in his country because Interpol had requested the Yemen authorities to hand him over to the British Police. They have refused their request because of his father, who is an influential person. After some time, he is allowed by his father to go to Tunisia. On the other hand, Peter is keeping an eye on Salem’s movements, and when he knows Salem is going to Tunisia, he also plans a trip to Tunisia. He convinces his beautiful and charming sister, Antonia, to accompany him so he can use her beauty to seduce Salem. He, then, would revenge the murder of his lover Brigitte. To find more about this gripping revenge and murder mystery book, buy it here.


Science Fiction and Fantasy Books—Our Top 3 Picks:

Labib and the Freakish

Labib and the Freakish

The first book is an interesting one from the sci-fi books. It takes the readers on a unique journey. This journey is an educational one, that takes us through the human body. The courageous Labib travels inside the human body with his mythical friend named Freakish. Together, they unravel the mysteries of the human body. This story will definitely intrigue the readers and make its place among the good sci-fi novels. Get a copy of this fascinating and unique book here.



The Forbidden Tree

The Forbidden Tree

This book is a fantasy story about deception, the breaking of promises, and manipulation.

Hajar wants to revenge the death of her father, who was killed for the crown and his position. Hajar doesn’t want the crown or other valuable possession. Instead, she wants to avenge the death of her father as it ended her family’s dynasty. Would Hajar and her son be able to succeed? To find out more, buy this book here.




The Flower of January: The myth of Flowers, Stones, and Trees

The Flower of January: The myth of Flowers, Stones, and Tree

The last book on our list is a story about the flower of January. When the breeze of life blew, the flower was motivated to escape, so she ran. During her special journey, she witnessed the beauty of the universe, the days and the nights. You can read this beautiful fantasy story here.





We hope that you enjoyed our recommended books from the most-read genres.

Happy reading!

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The Moving Type, One of the Biggest Writing Collaborations From Writers All Over the World!

The Moving Type

Releasing on Thursday, The Moving Type is unique in storyline written by over 100 contributors from around the world. Created amid a global pandemic, the strongest chapters were born from the toughest times.


The Moving Type was a project coordinated by Devika Sharma, a marketing professional from Dubai and took six years for The Moving Type to move from a concept to a year-long digital collaboration between writers from the UAE, Australia, UK, Canada, India, USA and more.

Due to the nature of the narrative, The Moving Type takes readers through a journey of adventure, thrill and romance following the main character Nadia, who becomes unwillingly entangled in the pharmaceutical corruption of Lifalabs, after receiving cryptic messages from an anonymous source when a virus continues to spread across the city of Matana. Taken against her own will, Nadia becomes the test subject of a grueling medical trial and is injected with a deep purple dose of Budlyt-19. With friends turning to foes, loyalty turning to betrayal and antidote turning to obsession in a capitalist pursuit of Matana, will Nadia ever escape the hands of corruption? Or will the colour purple stay true to its meaning of wealth, power and ambition for the corrupt?

The idea for a relay-style book struck Devika Sharma when she was in university, still finding her feet and playing with the idea of becoming a writer, or a publisher/editor. But as luck would have it, she found a way to become all three.

It took six years and a lockdown in a pandemic for The Moving Type to move from a concept written on the back of a ‘Fundamentals of Finance’ textbook to a year-long digital collaboration between writers from the UAE, Australia, UK, Canada, India, US and so many more.

According to Devika Sharma, “The key message from this book is simple: The strongest chapters are born from the toughest times. In the midst of a pandemic, it was incredible to connect with complete strangers from all over the world who couldn’t be more different from each other, and yet, here we were creating a beautiful little cocoon that we could escape to by just doing what brings us unparalleled happiness and purpose.”

Devika praises the unique characteristic of the book as each chapter carries its own style, its own agenda, its own voice. Even if there wasn’t a big heading separating each chapter, you would immediately be able to tell that a new writer has begun working on the story. In theory, this seems like a potential disaster but it was fascinating to see how the storyline could pass from one writer to the next seamlessly.

The book has been written by many authors from all over the world. Authors of The Moving Type have come forward and shared their experience of contributing to this book. One of the co-authors of this book, Zaha, a soon-to-be graduate of English and Cultural Studies said, “Since childhood, I have had a passion for writing. Whenever I had the chance, I would write short stories and poems. It became a goal of mine to share my work publicly. When I found out about this project and read the first few chapters, I was intrigued by the mystery of how the story was unfolding and how I, myself, would push the plot forward. The idea of people from all around the globe building a story together was so thrilling that I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it!”


Talking about how she felt about writing only a chapter, she said, “At first, I approached this project with excitement at the idea of writing one chapter of a larger novel. However, once I sat down to write, I began to feel constrained. Secondly, I felt stressed to not only be carrying a plot further, but at the realization that I was paving the way for the next writer to build off my work. To ensure that my chapter flowed smoothly from the previous, I noted down key themes and character traits so as to not create any plot holes.”

Furthermore, she added, “The previous authors had already done such a fantastic job of creating an ominous and mysterious tone throughout their chapters. I was especially fond of the themes of survival and discovery. Therefore, I tried to carry those themes out in my chapter.”

Another incredible author of this book, Elisabeth Ten Cate, was also asked why she opted to become involved in the project. She added, “During lockdown, my world felt a lot smaller than usual, so I felt a craving for interactions beyond my usual network. The idea of working on a story with a group of random strangers sounded great.”

Talking about how she felt by writing only one chapter, she added, “I read the previous chapters and took notes. There were a few points that had been touched on in previous chapters but weren’t developed further, so I wanted to reference these to make them feel deliberate and not overlooked.”

When asked about the themes she envisaged when pulling through to her chapter, she said, “I wanted to refer back to things that had been mentioned in earlier stages of the story so that they felt deliberate and I wanted to add something that would make the plot appear less black and white.”

Elizabeth is from the Netherlands but has lived in London for the last seven years. She studied philosophy, worked in marketing and communications for a few years, and is currently training to become a UX designer. Her primary goal was always to become a published novelist.

Another talented author, Julia Malone, was interviewed and told that she wanted to be involved in this project because she loved a creative challenge. Writing is her solo hobby, and with the pandemic, she has been spending a lot more time alone than ever before. This opportunity gave her a wonderful way to collaborate with creatives around the world, as she stretched her writing skills to co-produce a work built by the varied unique imaginations of many.

When asked how she felt by writing only one chapter, she said, “Writing only one chapter was exciting. I had no idea how it would influence the narrative moving forward and reading each week to see how strands were woven together from the ideas of each author was a wonderful interactive journey to go on. To make sure the chapter flowed through from the previous, I picked out key character details and expanded upon them, like Tara’s social media presence. I asked myself, how could this be a part of the story?”

Julia Malone has majored in English at the University of Toronto, exploring many different areas of literature. Julia has been teaching third grade for four years and has started up a Microfiction after school club for a number of creative students at her school.

Talking further about her experience, she told, “One of the big themes I saw pulling through to the chapter I’d written was that of isolation. We have e obvious isolation of characters in a lockdown, unable to meet in person, but we also have the stark sense of isolation that is apparent in the characters’ video calls as they try to grasp on to a piece of each other’s lives and find that each seem so futile. Ron tries to escape his isolation through video games and Tara does much the same through her social media following, reaching out to hundreds of others, trying to connect while they all feel lost in the unknown of the pandemic. Adi and Nadia seem to be lucky to have each other at first glance, but we soon realize that the two cousins know little of what’s truly happening in their personal worlds. Adi’s isolation comes out through his desperation for control which sends him down a possibly controversial path, thereby influencing Nadia’s fate.

From there, the story takes off! How do these four characters deal with their sense of isolation? How does it influence the plot? This theme seemed timely to explore and I’m eager to discover how it may or may not have influenced the conclusion of the book!”

Jeremy, one of the co-authors of The Moving Type, was also interviewed. When asked why he wanted to be involved in the project, he said, “I hope to one day become a novelist; it has been my dream for the last 12 or so years, I had written this during a time when I was uncertain about this dream being within reach. However, I did this for fun too, to see what would happen!”

Jeremy also shed light on writing only one chapter and how he made sure it flowed through from the previous, he shared, “I had read the previous chapters which gave me an idea of what could happen next. That’s part of the fun, crafting the unknown, a scenario that is up to the interpretations of the beholder! For me, I took inventory of how the characters were feeling, and where they were. It then became a matter of improvising and planning where to take it from there.”

Jeremy also gave an insight into his background. He said, “This is quite an extensive one. I have just graduated from a course I didn’t particularly want to do, having had to pick it because my original choice (English Literature) required what I did not have.

I am deaf, born to divorced parents with a love for books and a dream to be a full-time novelist someday. Currently, while I wait to start my masters, I am working by submitting manuscripts to agents and publishers. I write dystopian, mysteries and drama.”

We also got the opportunity to talk to Leanne Price who took part in the project, she said, “I’ve always loved writing and wanted to push myself during the pandemic. Seeing that this was for a good cause made it even better! I felt nervous writing only one chapter, but it was amazing to see how one page could change even the genre of the story. I wanted to show character development and emotions through a very tense scene. I wanted to show themes of friendship and science fiction, my personal favourite in books!”

One of the co-authors of this book, Matt Fudge who has written a chapter in the book shares his thoughts as well. He said, “I wanted to be part of this project to get my writing out there in whatever way I could! Writing one chapter was odd; it felt like sending my baby out into the wild, not knowing what the rest of the writers would do with my character and the plot ideas I’d set up. I connected my chapter to the previous ones by just looking into one character that hadn’t really been touched yet, so that it was both continuous and progressive. This is definitely the first thing I’ve had published, so even if only one little piece of it is mine, it’s cool to be a part of. I really tried to talk about loneliness in my chapter, and the effect it has on people who can’t escape it.”

Another co-author, Rebecca Steele added, “The idea of working together with various people across the globe to create a story was exciting. It was something good in a pandemic where so many things were uncertain and so much negativity was in the air!”

The credit of coming up with such a grand concept goes to Devika Sharma. Unique in storyline and creation, this book project was written and illustrated by over 100 contributors from around the globe. It is a must-read book and we’re sure you would not want to miss out on this one, in the collaborative nature of the book all proceeds will be donated to the Lions Club. You can grab a copy of this book here.

Happy Reading!

Empowering Teachers and Students Alike with Our Educative Reads!

Empowering Teachers and Students Alike with Our Educative Reads

As teachers play a vital role in imparting the knowledge to the younger generations, so it is of the utmost priority that they get authentic information. The teachers must be careful while delivering lectures to the students as they contribute to make them an asset. Furthermore, the students must also listen to their teachers to get the required and updated information. They must learn from their teachers to read the best books that will bring confidence in them to participate in healthy discussions.

As Colleen Wilcox says,

“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.”

Here are some of the recommended books for the teachers and students to read this International Teacher and Student month.

Phonological Error Patterns from a Clinical Perspective

Phonological Error Patterns from a Clinical Perspective

It is our first recommended book for the teachers and specifically for the students as it provides an understanding of the phonological error patterns. The systematic errors by children are common during the learning process and expressing the knowledge. It identifies the common phonological errors neglected by children. This evaluation assists in the diagnosis of common phonological and articulation disorders. It also discusses the differences between phonology and speech. Other dimensions include normal speech development, phonological mistake patterns, and ways to diagnose speech sound abnormalities. It also examines speech sound abnormalities more thoroughly.

Teachers and students must click here to improve their phonological errors.



A Practice

A Practice

It is one of the best books for students studying in school. It helps in learning as it describes the stories of twelve children having learning issues. Each of them gets help from a tutor to improve their learning problems. Their tutor is an expert in The Clinical Teaching Model, and she delineates the achievements and the issues of curative tutoring. The journey of tutoring comes across modern theories and techniques of teaching.

Click here to practice the best learning and tutoring methods.




Adam’s First Day at School

Adam’s First Day at School

It is the story of Adam who is excited about his very first day at school. He is happy to make new friends in school and to learn from new teachers. A new chapter of life is going to start for Adam. Find out what he will learn on his first day.

Click here to get this inspiring book for students.



Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary

This is one of the best books to read in October, the International month of teachers and students. The book has described the story of the school life of Aisen and her friends. They have got admission in an international school where they get exposure to students of different nations and religions. It comprises the memories of daily events in school. By reading this book, you will enjoy the entertaining journey of Aisen and her friends in school life. Eventually, they learn from some incidents that occur one day.

Click here to start an exciting journey of school life with Aisen and her friends!


Is It Uncool to Go to School

Is It Uncool to Go to School

It is a story about Peter, a boy who does not like to go to school. It is difficult for him to wake up early in the morning every day. So, his mother decides to assist him. It is a thought-provoking book that will make little students mindful of the need and importance of going to school.

Click here to grab your copy. It is a must-read book to encourage students to get up and go to school.


Effective Leadership and Performance Effectiveness – Leadership to Ward Off Harm and Bring Interests

Effective Leadership and Performance Effectiveness – Leadership to Ward Off Harm and Bring Interests

This book falls under the category of ‘books for leaders.’ It motivates students to develop leadership skills and encourages teachers to utilize their leadership skills effectively. Abdullah Hussain Shugaibel discovered in his book that the magnitude of response depends on the acts of persuasive power. An effective leadership determines the performance of an institution. Effective leadership is achievable by making bold decisions to avoid harm and dedicating oneself to bringing interests together, which leads to progress by the execution of the necessary actions promptly. This book gives the concept of successful leadership, and performance effectiveness is based on making courageous and dedicated judgments and then doing the right things in the right way.

Click here to get the inspirational book.


Smart Architecture

Smart Architecture

This book proposes a scientific research technique for debating between two architectural camps: identity and scientific development for advanced architecture. There are various extensive arguments in this book that analyse the benefits and drawbacks of both adherence to identity and modern architecture. It provides a neutral perspective that allows readers to conclude the debate and to select between the two. It must be a good read for the students to enhance their knowledge in the era of technological advancement.

Get this thought-provoking book here.


The Four Levels of HR Excellence

The Four Levels of HR Excellence

This book facilitates the knowledge of HR management. It provides an easy and innovative way of bringing change in the development of HR departments in the present era.  This book is based on the four levels of the HR excellence model. This book can help any HR department in strategy formulation, previewing the concepts of HR into easy illustrations, and to make a framework to keep a check on HR effectiveness.

This is a specifically recommended book for educators.

Get this beneficial book by clicking here.



TV News 3.0

TV News 3.0

This book describes the journey of media advancement. The news of every happening gets digitalized on the news channels. All the developed news channels have competitors. In this growing era of technology, it is hard to trust authentic information as we do not know the facts of every happening. From an educational perspective, this book helps teachers in understanding the logical information that may facilitate the teachers to gather factual data. In this way, a teacher can provide quality knowledge to the students that will ultimately develop their future opinions.

It will be a good read for the teachers to tackle the fast flow of information. Click here to get the book.


Pick few books to dedicate to your teachers and students this October. Take this chance and start a hobby of book reading. It will have positive effects on your life with surprising benefits. Get ready to read your compelling book from the collection of our best books!

If you are an aspiring author and intend to publish your writings, submit them on our website. You can also fill the online submission form to win a chance to publish your work with us.

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An Essential Guide on Putting Your Life Journey Into an Autobiography

Tips for Writing a Good Autobiography

An autobiography is a self-narrated biography. It is an account of the life of a person written by himself. Autobiographies are not written with the intention of publication, usually. Some authors publish their autobiography in the form of a long book while a formal autobiography is written for a specific purpose like education, job, or business. Autobiographies are of many types including religious, intellectual, thematic, and fictionalized. The major concern before writing an autobiography is how to start it and how to keep coherence and sequence? To tackle these writing challenges, we have listed the following tips for writing a good autobiography.

1- Determine the Category

There are four categories of autobiographical writing. The first and foremost task is to select your category. This can be determined by the life story of the writer. You have to develop an interesting theme for your autobiography. It could be about love, faith, hardship, fate, or any other thing that you feel has impacted your life the most. You have to follow the pattern of the chosen category throughout the events in your autobiography. For example, if you are writing your religious inspiration, you have to add the related incidents in your autobiography. In this way, the content of the autobiography can make the pattern of the story.

2- Explore the Most-read Autobiographies

The next autobiography writing tip is to choose the specific category in which your life story fits well i.e., religious, thematic, fictionalized, or intellectual. This depends mainly on how you choose to write it and also on the most dominant aspect of your life. Read the already existing popular autobiographies on the category that you have identified. Try to understand the flow of the story by reading different autobiographies and deliver your own story in the same way as famous writers have done. By doing so, you get familiar with the content and structure of writing an autobiography. You can also get inspiration and writing prompts from the well-written autobiographies of other people.

3- Select the Target Audience

The target audience must be determined while writing an autobiography. If you are writing your experiences for your family, the choice of words must be different than the autobiography written for a larger audience. If you are writing an autobiography for the general public, your autobiography content must be interesting to grab the attention of readers towards your life story. The choice of words must be effective as the reader is unaware of your story. Write your story in a way that readers can learn from your experiences.

4- Create a Draft

Making a draft is one of the most important autobiography writing tips. The whole story is organized and based on this outline. You have to build your story in a selected category through brainstorming. You must follow a chronological sequence of events of your life. This technique can help get the attention of the readers. The well-organized content of the autobiography keeps the reader’s interest in reading more about your life. Remember that this is not the final draft as you will incorporate changes several times to make it best presentable and readable. The final draft will be created after the completion of the autobiography.

5- Recall and Relive Your Life

When you decide to write an autobiography, you have to sit back and recall your life happenings. Remember, even the trivial details and happenings are important for your writing. Starting from home, the pattern of events goes on. Pick out your most interesting memories of childhood. The unique description of your childhood is effective in making your autobiography different from other autobiographies. Moreover, add some cultural practices performed by your family. You can also add some important moments that may make an interesting start to your autobiography.

6- Maintain Your Pace and Concentration

Spare a specific time for writing your autobiography; a time when you are able to recall your memories in the best way to write them down as the content of the autobiography. Put some motivational quotes in the writing place that keep you focused to complete your life story. Whenever you feel difficulty in proceeding with your story, read the best autobiography books to get the necessary inspiration to proceed. Reading autobiographies of others will help you in mastering several expressions of writing.

7- Make the Story Fascinating

Write a creative autobiography title that grabs the attention of the reader. You must avoid lengthy sentences as readers get bored of unnecessary details of an event. Add some spicy events too and link the story as best as you can. Your life story should be written as a series of both interesting and sorrowful events that urge the reader to read till the end. Let your readers feel the emotions as you have felt them.

8- Utilise Writing Tools

Another essential tip is the use of techniques to reduce the issues in writing. Several helpful tools help in writing including some online websites and dictionaries. Use these tools to write your autobiography without consuming much time. You have to avoid the difficult vocabulary so that the reader can understand your story. It will be easy for the reader to read the story in a flow if you write it in a palatable creative manner.

9- Structure the Compilation

This is another autobiography tip that must be incorporated into the autobiography writing. An organized compilation of events helps in keeping the attention of the reader. You should add inspirational or interesting events of your life consecutively in your story. The autobiography content is arranged in a particular series starting from childhood to adulthood and then goes on to the next phases. In brief, mention the achievements or failures that have changed your life and disclose the lessons you learnt from such incidents.

10- Revise Your Work

After compilation, go through your work to find out the gaps. You can share your draft with your family and friends to point out any major mistake of grammar or spelling. Being an author, you can incorporate essential changes to your autobiography. When you are satisfied with the compilation, place the work away from you for some days. After that, review your work with an active mind. Make sure that you write all the necessary details about yourself. Try to integrate your emotions while writing to make the best autobiography just like other renowned autobiographies.

11- Publish Your Autobiography

When you are satisfied with your story after incorporating changes, then you can utilize several sources to publish your autobiography. You can print your story by yourself i.e., self-publishing. You can also publish your autobiography with any publishing house. You have to be very careful in the selection of a company while publishing your story as you worked hard on your autobiography content. Be careful of some publishing houses that cost you much for your publication.

Examples of Best Autobiography

Wanderers of Nostalgia is an autobiography authored by Ansar Qasim Ahmed, in which she describes the journey of finding happiness. She has used the concept of nostalgia and has written her imagination that nostalgia is observed when any joyful thing is replaced by ugly things.  She has concluded that happiness can be found in past events if you are not happy in the present.

You can get the complete autobiography here. Hope you will find it interesting and captivating!

Another of our publications, With the Long Hair, is one of the best autobiography books written by a young author, Lilith. In her autobiography, she talks about the bookshelves having letters placed in them grabbing her attention. In the proceeding story, she is scared of sadness and dullness. She is afraid of losing someone. In brief, she has written about all her fears.

To read more about this young author’s life, click here to get the book.

The process of writing your autobiography may be both pleasurable and a learning experience. Your life narrative may soon become a reality that will be remembered by your loved ones for centuries. You need to be focused and motivated through a defined strategy.

If you are an emerging author and intend to publish your work, send your manuscripts on the submissions portal on our website. You can also send your work through the Online Submission Form.

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Can’t Take Out Time for Extensive Reading? Get Your Hands on these Amazing Short Story Collections



The fast-paced world we live in keeps us busy all the time. It is no longer possible to sit for long hours reading a book or spending time watching a full 3-hour movie. People now prefer short and quick forms of entertainment more than ever. With everything becoming digital, it is now easy to read a short story on Kindle and other reading apps. If you are one of the many people who cannot take time out from your hectic schedule to read lengthy books and novels, you don’t need to worry as we have got you covered. We have compiled a list of some great short stories you can read while you are commuting to or from work, going to the gym or sipping your evening tea. So, without further ado, let’s check out our list of amazing short storybooks.




The first short story we have added to our list is the story of a girl who hates her name. Evergreen is her last name and her first name is known to very few people. She lives a different life and finds it extremely difficult to fit in. She is lost in her thoughts and dreams, even when she is around her mother or sister. Although she is different from other people and can hardly get along with anyone, she makes an effort to fit in. To read this interesting short story about an introverted girl who hates her name, buy this book here.




French Fries for Birds

French Fries for Birds

This book is a semi-autobiographical book of poems and short stories. Narrated as seen through the eyes of a young Emirati woman, this book talks about the experiences of grief, loss, depression and other emotions that are difficult and often too much to handle. If you are always busy and in a rush, this book is a perfect fit to read on the go. You can buy this book here.






From the Perspective of a Pen

From the Perspective of a Pen

Our next pick for you is a beautifully written short story told From the Perspective of a Pen. With its carefully chosen words and impressive language, it will surely make it to the list of your favourite books. Buy this bundle of deep thoughts here.





New York Underground

New York Underground

This short story deals with the intricacies of human life and how one should spend his/her life in order to be triumphant in the eyes of God. This story talks about the multiple challenges humans face in their lives and suggests what needs to be done for overcoming those hardships. It helps the readers to understand the true meaning of living. Buy this thought-provoking book here.






My Morals Makes Me Beautiful

My Morals Makes Me Beautiful

Our next pick is a book about morals and how it makes a person beautiful. The book is a collection of 25 short stories that give the reader a chance to go through the events and understand the basic morals of life. The book teaches about basic human qualities like love, courage, satisfaction, being just, vanity and respect. You can get this book here.



Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

A beautiful collection of 9 short stories, this book is all about basic moral lessons. Each story carries a moral with fictional characters like plants or animals making it an enjoyable and interesting read. The author used to tell these stories to her children to make them learn about the beautiful morals of life. Buy this interesting book for your young kids here.






The Red Juice

The Red Juice

Set in the backdrop of the beautiful country of Morocco, this short story takes us in and out of the main character’s recurring dream in which he is standing near his father’s grave and can see a palm tree like a grey ghost, stretching its arms towards him. To read more of this gripping story of death, demons and despair, make a purchase here.




Wake Up and Open Your Eyes

Wake Up and Open Your Eyes

The next book we have selected for this list is a story of a young girl named Yasmine. She is in that phase of her life where she dreams of doing extraordinary things but somewhere down the road, she loses her focus and ends up procrastinating and delaying things. One day, she wakes up from her dream to an alarm ringing. Would she be able to break free of the monotonous life cycle? To find out, grab a copy of this book here.






The Mysterious Shadow

The Mysterious Shadow

This is the story of an ordinary child named Sophie Bethalion who goes to school every day. But one day on her way to school, a mysterious shadow catches her attention. After that day, Sophie often notices that mysterious shadow. What is that shadow and where does it come from? To find out, grab a copy of this fascinating book here.





Love Stories Short

Love Stories Short

The last pick from our list is this book of love stories filled with lessons. It has many valuable lessons for young minds who are more than often caught up in a wrong relationship. You can gift this book to the young adults around you. Buy this book here.







We hope that now you can easily manage to take some time out of your hectic routines and read these amazing short stories.


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10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day



Reading is arguably the most important ability one can have in the modern world. Each book you read opens up a portal of new information for you. Every time you read a book, your imagination gets a boost, and you learn something new. When you regularly start reading books, your critical thinking and analytical skills improve and somewhere along the way, you discover something fascinating about yourself. Well, if you are a person who doesn’t like reading books, you’re missing out on something that could change your life for good.

In this blog, we will look at some of the benefits of reading books. Hopefully, it will benefit you and motivate you to read more.


1. Reading Makes You Smarter, Sharper, and More Creative

Reading books makes you smarter. Through reading, you can understand topics that are of interest to you. Reading books ignites the imagination of the reader. They get introduced to fictional worlds, historical settings, and intriguing characters that stay on with them for a long time. Once you read regularly, it can become a hobby, and it eventually helps you understand yourself better. You start to understand the people around you, the society you live in, and the different aspects of life in a better way.


2. Improves Memory

Our mind is a machine that can learn, comprehend, and process so many thoughts at a given time. Reading is a fundamental skill needed to function in society. It improves memory because when we read, we compel the brain to get used to remembering characters, facts, details or situations. It won’t be wrong to say that reading is, indeed, a great mental exercise.


3. Lowers Stress level

In life, there are times when stress gets the better of you. Whether it’s work-related stress or any other worry, reading books helps you melt down your stress level. Reading is one of the fastest ways to relax your brain. Whenever you feel like you can’t handle stress, reading a gripping novel would be the perfect answer to it. Reading books will transport you into another world, leaving you stress-free and happy.


4. Builds Your Vocabulary Skills

By reading more and more, you get introduced to new vocabulary. There are so many words in the dictionary that you can only comprehend if you are an avid reader. It makes you a skilled conversationalist. You get to convey your feelings and emotions and understand the other person’s words in a better way. With an increased vocabulary, you will become a better communicator.


5. Brings a Positive Impact on Mental Health

Snuggling up a captivating read can do wonders for your mental health. It relieves you from mental worries and anxieties, fully immersing you in the magical world of books. Losing yourself in books is the ultimate remedy for mental problems. According to many types of research, people who read regularly are less likely to develop severe brain diseases in old age, such as Alzheimer’s disease.


6. Reading improves Compassion and Empathy

Reading books on different people, their struggles and setbacks, and their journeys can help mould your personality. You tend to get more emphatic and compassionate towards others. By reading books, you understand the pain and worries of the people in the book. You can better relate to those who are different from you. Books offer us a gateway to a magical place, ready to engulf us into its surreal world. Believe it or not, but even one book can change your mind and outlook for good.


7. Boosts Your Writing Ability

Just like reading improves your vocabulary, it also improves your writing ability. With every book you read, you learn a different style of writing. Well-written books are the catalyst to emulating a proficient writing methodology because you subconsciously get influenced by it. It’s a fact that you can’t deny. The more you read, the better your writing eventually becomes. Apart from enhancing your writing capabilities, it enhances your analytical skills, critical thinking, and decision making.


8. Upgrades Your General Knowledge

If you want to increase your general knowledge and be neck and neck with the most influential people in the world, you need to be a reader. Reading books helps you become aware of unknown topics, enabling you to hold a conversation with anyone. It improves your general knowledge that can be pretty useful when squirming your way through the challenges of life. Apart from that, a well-read person also gives off positive vibes to the other person, making them more desirable and appreciated.


9. Helps You to Relax

Reading is the ultimate de-stressor for you. It can help you unwind and bring a night of sound sleep. In addition to reducing stress levels, it brings inner peace and tranquillity. Reading spiritual and calming books can have a positive impact on your stress levels as it reduces blood pressure and anxiety. Reading is also a potent mood booster. So whenever you need a great sleep, it’s best to take out your favourite book and give it a read before you slumber.


10. Stimulates the Brain

Reading books stimulates the brain by forcing it to think and concentrate on the pieces of information you have in front of you. Just like dumbbells are needed for a physical workout, books are a tool to cultivate the mind. When you’re reading, you train your mind to become sharper, processing more information with each passing second. In turn, it improves your memory and analytical thinking.


You see, there’s a book for every person out there. Whether your taste lies in poetry, historical fiction or romance novels, you are bound to find a book that captures your attention and ignites your imagination.

So, take a break from the screen for a while. Get yourself a book, and bask in the mesmerizing feeling of reading a book.

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Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book

UAE-Expo 2020-Dubai-Mascots-Activity-Book-1

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival is held every year to connect children with books and reading. The event this year was organised by Sharjah Book Authority with the main theme of ‘For Your Imagination’. It took place from May 19 to May 29, 2021. 27 authors from 15 countries participated, alongside 172 publishers. More than 500 activities were organised including theatrical shows, workshops, cookery sessions, panel discussions and a literary competition.

In this reading event designed for children, there were many new books launched. Expo 2020’s Dubai Mascots Activity Book was one such book that was launched in this reading festival. This book is about the 5 mascots who take the readers on a tour of Expo 2020. The main theme of Expo 2020 was “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, with three subthemes; Suitability, Mobility and Opportunity. For each pavilion, the expo has 5 mascots named Rashid, Latifa who are the guides and Alif, Opti and Terra, the expo’s guardians.

The Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book is all about the adventures of these 5 mascots. Specially designed for children aged from six to nine years old, this book teaches about Science, Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Environment Preservation in a fun and interactive way. This book contains quizzes, fun challenges, and other activities, teaching the children about interesting technological advancements in energy, environment and space travel. Jade Robertson, the International Publishing Director of Austin Macauley Publishers, noted, “In creating this book, we want children to question what they see at the expo and the world around them. In doing so, they will develop their future skills. Encouraging enough for children to want to pick up, read and most importantly develop a basic understanding of the environment.”

So let’s check out everything this book has to offer.



The Exposition 2020 had 5 mascots for each pavilion. These mascots help you show around the expo and be your guides. The sibling duo, Rashid and Latifa are the guides while Alif, Opti and Terra are the guardians. So come on in and let’s explore what these mascots can have to offer.

  • Rashid

Rashid is a 9-year-old, smart for his age boy who is quick to learn and is full of enthusiasm. He is a caring little boy who can sometimes be cheeky. He loves discovering new things and finding out more about the world around him. He tries his best to look after the environment. He also has a liking for listening to the generations’ old stories of his family, looking up to the night sky and counting stars.

  • Latifa

Latifa is chatty, inquisitive and a smart girl. She is Rashid’s younger sister. She dreams of becoming one of the world’s greatest inventors. She passionately loves Science and Technology and is always on the lookout for learning something new. She also loves to figure out how to solve problems, puzzles and quizzes.

  • Alif

Alif is the guardian of the Mobility Pavilion. The leader of all the guardians, Alif has the responsibility of protecting the secrets of the wise Ghaff Tree Salama at the Expo 2020. He is designed to transform into any form of vehicle, Alif can swim, walk, run and even fly to take Latifa and Rashid to any path of discovery they want to go to.

  • Opti

Opti is the guardian of the Opportunity Pavilion and is also one of the three guardians tasked with the responsibility of protecting Salama’s secrets. Opti’s heart is made of pure gold and he offers Latifa and Rashid various choices during their journey of discovery. He has the special powers of opening portals through space and time.

  • Terra

Terra is the guardian of the Suitability Pavilion. She is a kind-hearted robot, who wants to feel more human than she actually is. She guides Latifa and Rashid throughout their adventure and makes sure they carry out their adventures in the best possible manner. Her mission is to protect the environment and nature. She has the secret power of turning invisible.

What the Activity Book Has for Children?

As this book is specially designed for children of age 6 to 9, by Expo 2020, it has various activities to help them learn about Science, Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Environment Preservation. There are puzzles, mathematical quizzes and other interesting activities.

Chemistry Quizzes:

It also has some activities teaching the basics of chemistry such as colouring the periodic table, while some other activities related to mobile application development. The children are taught about different types of energy through another fun-filled activity with the help of drawings and examples.

Maths and Computing Puzzles:

This activity book has some interesting quizzes and puzzles related to maths and basic computing, like coding. Children can also learn about computer applications development by solving puzzles included in this book.

Activities related to Water Conservation:

In an attempt to teach children about the sources of water and its conservation, there are a few activities that help them learn more about the importance of water and what they can do to save it.

Environment Preservation Activities:

Another very important message this expo-book gives to the kids in a fun way is to recycle the old items into new ones and are also taught about categorizing the products. By completing the puzzles, the kids will have learnt about more ways they can help protect the nature around them and be mindful of the products they use.

History and Culture of UAE:

Some other activities included in this book are designed to help the children and their parents learn more about the history, culture and important places in UAE. There is some useful information about the national bird Falcon, the National Day of UAE and some traditional days they celebrate in the UAE. In the end, the answers to all the puzzles and quizzes are given for the children to compare their results with.

In a nutshell, Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity book is the best way to help children learn useful things in an engaging and fun way. With a variety of activities, the kids will be immensely interested in finishing this book and also gain valuable knowledge about important topics; such as Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Science and Environmental Protection.

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Fiction Novels, Do They Shape the Reality or Make You Escape It?


“People talk about escapism as if it’s a bad thing… Once you’ve escaped, once you come back, the world is not the same as when you left it. You come back to it with skills, weapons, knowledge you didn’t have before. Then you are better equipped to deal with your current reality.”
― Neil Gaiman


There has been an extensive series of debates around people consuming fiction books, television, music and other sources of entertainment as an escape from the realities of their life. With the current ongoing situation of a global pandemic, many people have resorted to escape the horrors of life’s realities by binge-watching shows on Netflix, spending their nights downloading and watching movies, reading novels from romance to science fiction to contemporary fiction. Some of us are often guilty of doing this. We find an escape from life’s difficulties and challenges by hiding ourselves behind entertainment.


While this behaviour can be detrimental to the wellbeing of a person if it becomes a learned behaviour, it is considered a harmless coping mechanism when in times of difficulty. We all go through these phases in our life where we need to unwind for some time before we can face the circumstances and find out a way to solve those problems. In such times, escapism through various forms of entertainment comes to our rescue. We indulge ourselves in the world of novels we are reading, lose ourselves in a movie we are watching or find a relatable character in a drama that gives us a new perspective to look at our problems and find a solution to them. Even if we don’t get to learn something new from such sources of entertainment, it is believed that engaging in a healthy type of entertainment can help a person loosen up his stressed-out brain and body.


It is believed that reading contemporary fiction and fantasy novels plays a huge role in providing an escape from the stressors of life. We have piled up some of our contemporary fiction novels and books to read so one can unwind after a stressful week at work or escape the bitter realities of life in general. So, let’s dive into the world of books!



After a While

After a While

A romance novel from the contemporary fiction genre, this is the story of a winter-lover lady. She comes to life in winter and is fascinated by the legislative storms. She cries and longs for her lover and believes they are meant to be with each other. To buy this fascinating love story of longing, rains and pains, click here.




Ashes of a Lost Country
Ashes of a Lost Country

This is a historical account of the author’s early life in the war-torn country – Palestine. Born in the year 1950, the author’s childhood was a mix of joy, mischief and misery. When his mother died, he was sent to a boarding school in Jordan. Later in the year 1967, when Israel took hold of Palestine, he became homeless. After completing his secondary school, he was awarded a scholarship to study in Algeria. There, he found new friends in some French individuals and they, later on, invited him to France. Currently, the author lives in the United Arab Emirates. To read more of this historical fiction book about personal struggles and life in a war-torn country, buy it here.



Hiam Is the Life
Hiam Is the Life

Our next pick is an interesting short story about a young and lonely man. He is frustrated all the time and is not happy with his life. He lives inside his mind, thinking and fidgeting restlessly. Then fate brings a girl into his life who he falls in love with. This love turns his life upside down and makes it better in some ways and worst in others. Will he become a better version of himself after all the new developments in his life or would he end up being even more lonely and frustrated? To find out, buy this book here.




This book is a perfect pick from the contemporary fiction genre for escapists. The story takes us on a journey from loss to a safe harbour. From that safe harbour, we are shown what it feels like to experience boredom. It then shows us the world of fantasies, dreams and discussions. It is a simple but deep journey that takes us into a parallel reality. Grab a copy of this mesmerizing book here.




The Store of Creative Minds

The Store of Creative Minds

Our last pick for this list is a science fiction book about artificial intelligence taking over our lives and industries. In the year 2017, the world started discussing an industrial revolution where humans will live a more relaxed lifestyle because of technological advancement. This is a story of a group of young men and women who got isolated as a result of some social events. When they tried to return to their social life, they found themselves stuck. Would they be able to break free of the unseen shackles and return to what they believe is normal? To find out more, buy this fascinating sci-fi book here.




As we are in the middle of a global pandemic that has brought a lot of other miseries and horrors with it, escaping in the world of literature or movies and TV for some time is a harmless activity to bury ourselves in. Reading a book or two, binge-watching your favourite season or watching movies is the best way to de-stress from the bitter realities of life all around. Enjoy and take care of yourself and your mind in any way you think is best for you.


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10 Young Adult and Fantasy Novels We’re Reading on International Youth Day

International Youth Day is celebrated annually on 12th August by the United Nations. This day is dedicated to the young women and men and the role they play in tackling global issues and bringing change. The International Youth Day also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the problems and challenges our youth is facing. This day recognizes every young person’s right to have access to education, employment and healthcare. It also celebrates their right to dream big and hope for a better world. So to celebrate this day, we have gathered a list of some amazing books that you can read or gift to some young souls around you. So, let’s dig in and discover the best books of all time.


Jabeen Kingdom: Between the Eye and the TearJabeen Kingdom: Between the Eye and the Tear

This is a story of happiness and sadness. Tear is sure she won’t go back to her old life and the castle. But when there is news about the kidnapping of Princess Ray and the death of the two kings, Tear decides to go back and avenge the troubles in her life. Tear hopes for a new life with Eye as she witnesses there was sadness and happiness in their relationship. Buy this unique story for your young adult kids here.




Night Catchers

Night Catchers

Our next pick is one of the best thriller books on the list. This is the story of Aya and her stepbrother, Joe. When Aya moves away from the city to a new countryside with her step-brother, they discover a mysterious world with dark forces at play. Their dream life soon becomes an adventure and they witness myths and legends coming to life. The Night Catchers are challenged into fighting deities, giants, unicorns and warriors. This fight is between good and evil, which becomes a threat to Nature, bringing it on the verge of environmental disaster. Will Aya overcome all the challenges and win the fight against all odds? To unveil further, buy this young adult fantasy book here.




The Forbidden Tree

The Forbidden Tree

Hajar wants to take revenge for the death of her father who was assassinated in the huge massacre at the kings’ path. She is fighting the allies who brought her own dynasty to end. Hajar was known for her silent nature as she was never the one with the loud voice. She will now confront the Scorpio family with the same silence she is known for. But will she overcome the obstacles of her way and settle the score with her father’s killers? To read more of this mystery and thriller novel, buy this book here.



Tales from Al Baha

Tales from Al Baha

Our next pick for young readers is a collection of short stories. These stories are the childhood memories from Ghamed and Zahran. The stories are written in an easy and modern novel style so people from all kinds of backgrounds can read and understand them. A suitable gift for your young reader on this International Youth Day; grab a copy of this book here.




Nooras and Her Black CatNooras and Her Black Cat

This story of a bewitched cat will be the best present for the young blood, someone who loves fantasy and horror. Nooras’ parents bought her a pet cat but little did they know this cat would become a headache for them. The catch is bewitched and has strong powers. When Nooras’ parents try to kick the cat out of their house, they realise it isn’t that simple and easy to get rid of it. Join Nooras and her parents in their struggle to get rid of the spooky cat. Buy this book full of adventures here.



I Believed You

I Believed You

What happens when there is one love and two different faiths involved? How can one believe in faith and love together? How do you pray to God when you are in love and whose prayers are closer to God? This is the story of a love that is challenged by the test of faith. It is a perfect choice for young adults who want to see love in the light of religion. Grab a copy of this romantic book here.





The Elvish Bride

The Elvish Bride

This is an unconventional love story between a young man and an elf maiden. Tommy Trickett is a young and handsome farmer, who is sought-after by many village girls. But he is waiting for the right one to come into his life. One sleepless night, as he goes out of his house to investigate the source of some strange lights, he finds a group of elf maidens dancing on the misty sea. As they see him coming, the group marches back to their secret place. The youngest of all, however, had to be gently led away as she seems to be fascinated with Tommy. Then, right before the next full moon, she sings to him in Elvish. They start meeting each other after midnight, fall in love and get married. But just when they think everything has settled down, life throws a curveball. You can read this magical story of love by getting a copy here.


The Last War

The Last War

The last war is going to decide who the victor is. As the universe is destined to be dark and chaotic, there is light until there is hope. The story of power, calmness, strength and light, this book is a perfect gift for the visionary youth around us. Don’t forget to grab this inspiring book here.






The Kingdom of the Forehead

The Kingdom of the Forehead

Diaa is still haunted by his battle with the shadows when he was taken to the dark world. Diaa doesn’t want to talk much about the subject of that battle as it has drained him of all his energies, but deep down in his heart, he knows the war is not over yet. Buy this fantasy novel here.






Our last pick from the list of books for young adults is this contemporary fiction novel which is based on the contradictions we live our lives in. We are born to die but we fear death, we seek peace on the battlefield and are searching for integrity on the land of corruption. This thought-provoking book is a must-have for young minds who are searching for answers to life. You can buy this book here.





We hope you will enjoy International Youth Day with this list of books for young adults. You can also give these books as gifts to the young kids in your family.

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How Effective Writing and Strategy Yield A Good Book?

Writing a book that will keep its readers hooked is not a piece of cake but an art that you can learn over time. But it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and wait for the time when you will be skilful enough to write a good book. Of course, it will take some time, but meanwhile, you can learn those skills that will enable you to write a good book. Writing a good book is just one part of the process. Once you are done writing your book, there comes the most important stages; publishing and marketing. Now, you need to plan which publisher you are going to choose and how well your book marketing strategy will be. Knowing what makes a book worth reading is not just enough. On the flip side, identifying what can turn your book into a disaster is also important. We will tell you all the dos and don’ts of writing a good book that will not only make it to the bestsellers but will also be remembered for decades.


How to Define A Good Book?

Before answering this, let’s ask a few questions! Does a good book only mean the best seller? Do we love all the best-seller books? How many books that you read were not bestsellers but touched your heart? A good book is not only a best seller but also one that captivates the hearts of its readers in a way that makes them fall in love with the characters and theme of the book. On the contrary, some books might make it to the best sellers through good marketing and distribution, but you regret reading them. A good book will always be worth spending money on because reading is an investment, right?


How to Write A Good Book?

Now that we have established what a good book is, let us explore the elements of writing a good book. We have picked the three most important elements that you should always focus on while writing your book. These are:

  1. Plot
  2. Characters
  3. Pacing



The theme you are going to write about, or the plot of your book is the most important element of the book that you can’t afford to neglect. A poorly designed plot will lead to a number of loopholes in the story. Writing a good plot requires a critically appraised outline that connects the dots of the story in an engaging yet smooth way. Always take plenty of your time to brainstorm a plot. This way, you’ll write a great book.


We all remember characters from our favourite books, don’t we? What makes characters worth remembering and inspiring? It is their personality that a writer builds in a way that mesmerizes us? Be it is a hero or a villain, the appropriate personality build-up while writing a great book makes its readers fall in love with them.

Always build the personality of the characters as per the requirements of the character. One bonus tip, do not introduce unnecessary characters into your book as it will only confuse your readers.



You often pick a book, read a few pages and then put it aside and say, “Ah! It’s so slow, can’t read it.” We all have been there and simply can’t read a slow-paced boring book that is leading nowhere. We want a book to be interesting and well-paced.

Writing a book is not a child’s play, but we should not write a book merely for the sake of writing but making it engaging and worth reading is the real job. Set the pace of the story with twists and turns that eventually build up curiosity and excitement in readers and keep them hooked to the story.


How to Adopt a Good Publishing and Marketing Strategy?

A book without having a post manuscript writing plan is like you make a really good movie, but nobody knows about it, ultimately wasting all of your hard work. Writing a good book is not enough. You have to choose the right publishing services and do well-executed book marketing.  We are aware of the fact that a writer cannot do all of the work all alone. There come good publishing companies and book marketing experts that will do the rest of your work. Always go for those publishing companies that will give you maximum freedom and royalties.

Book marketing is the backbone of your book’s success. The right genre for the right readers is a must to consider before marketing your book – market wisely. Besides, online marketing, collaborations and book reading events are other ways that you can incorporate in your book marketing strategy.


We hope that following these will help you write a good book. After all, your book should reach its readers. Austin Macauley is a leading book publishing company headquartered in the UK, US and UAE. We are currently accepting manuscripts, and you can submit your manuscript to us for review.  For online submission of the manuscript, click the online submission form.


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How Book Marketing Helps Authors Reach Their Target Audience

If you take a look around you, everyone is using the internet. Whether for work, surfing the web, playing games, or just watching Netflix shows. Digital media channels, social media, and search engines are popular than ever before. Every industry is pulling up its socks to be the best. As far as the book publishing industry is concerned, it’s certainly not staying far behind the rest. In the world of the publishing industry, book marketing is a potent tool for generating book sales.

With the influx of new marketing and book promoting trends, the publishing industry has started moving towards the digital medium for book promotions and marketing. However, this does not mean physical means of promotion are abandoned. For the publishing industry, it’s a matter of placing physical marketing and digital marketing side by side, make them coexist and have a cross-channel strategy. Over the past few years, this has resulted in a new marketing strategy for the book publishing industry.

Here, we will share innovative principles of marketing through which Austin Macauley Publishers promote their authors.


1. Social Media Marketing

Austin Macauley Publishers promotes authors and their books on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Readers are constantly using social media. This medium provides the highest potential for an author to grab the attention of potential readers. Social media is a platform for authors to exchange opinions, interact with other authors, and get in touch with booksellers. Our goal is to reach out to as many readers around the globe through our social media strategies.


2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a high-performing way of promoting a book through digital mediums. Unlike generic emails that are less effective, we focus on personalized emails that target a specific group of people. The reasons why email marketing is so beneficial to grabbing the customers’ attention are:

  • Book marketing through personalized messages for each recipient.
  • It is a cost-effective method that reaches wider audience.
  • Mobile devices allow everyone to check their emails quickly.
  • Converts onlookers into buyers more than any other channel.

We analyze the consumer behaviour, demographics, and characteristic before we hit the send button! In this way, our authors’ books will be promoted in an optimal way, reaching out to potential book buyers.


3. Book Reviewers & Influencers

The number of influencers on social media platforms, especially Instagram, are monumental. The phenomenon of influencers has now consolidated the world of books as well. Many influencers are now offering book marketing services. Austin Macauley reaches out to top influencers and micro-influencers to request book reviews. Small-scale influencers have a more loyal fanbase even though their following is not as high as the top influencers. Influencers adopt numerous book marketing techniques, which benefits the sales of books. If a book gets critically acclaimed, it is bound to receive recognition and fame from the mass community of readers. After getting a book published, we make sure that our author’s book reaches the right influencer and book reviewer for reviews.


4. Author Websites

With more and more people getting connected through the internet, authors should have a website of their own. An author website can serve as a robust tool for book marketing, showcasing news, blogs, upcoming events, and anything related to an author’s personal brand. Austin Macauley Publishers provides authors with their own personalized website so that they can keep the readers posted on their book signing events, news, and anything else they would want to share with them. After all, a website acts as a central hub for book promotions and provides a communication channel to interact with the fans.


5. Blogs

The chances are that a person who loves to read books reads blog articles too. Our content writers are tasked to create engaging and attention-grabbing blogs that promote the books of our authors. Our blog articles are SEO optimized and enriched with keywords, making them rank better on the search engines. This can benefit the reach and popularity of books. The goal of blog articles is to create a buzz around the reading community. It helps promote the book across various channels, more so if it’s being shared across numerous social media platforms.


6. Ebook Marketing

Ebooks are a cost-effective and easily accessible alternative to paperbacks and hardbacks. Apart from publishing physical forms of books, we also focus on ebooks that cater to a large section of the online book community. Through eBook marketing, we want to widen the reach of our books through digital platforms where readers can access them with just one click. We even send ebooks to influencers which can also help the author get more mileage. Ebooks marketing helps establish a loyal fanbase that would keep waiting for more of your content.


7. Book Fairs & Virtual Events

It’s a universal truth that every book lover feels at home when surrounded by books. Book fairs are literary events that entice the readers. They look forward to it throughout the year. As book publishers, we participate in various international book fairs and events attended by tens of thousands of people to showcase our books. They provide an amazing platform to connect with readers from all over the world. Many authors attend these book fairs, getting a chance to interact with their fans and other authors, media houses and business giants. Over the years, exhibitors have benefited the most from book festivals and events. Our purpose in participating in book festivals is to give our authors a chance to display their literary work and learn from industry specialists. Some of the book festivals that we have been a part of include:


8. Author Interviews & News Features

Getting your book promoted through radio stations, news channels, and media stations is always great. Austin Macauley Publishers assists their valuable authors in arranging radio interviews, talk sessions with vloggers, and getting featured on the news. Hundreds of our decorated authors have promoted their books by getting featured in newspapers and magazines. In personal interviews, authors share bits and pieces of their lives to build an emotional connection with the readers and listeners.


9. Partnership with Leading and Indie Bookstores

People who love reading books relish visiting bookshops and getting lost in the magical world of books. Bookstores offer a medium for readers to come and get their favourite books in no time. Austin Macauley Publishers have partnered with various leading and Indie bookstores globally, and now most of our books are stocked in these stores!


Our partner leading online bookstores include:

  1. UAEBook
  2. DXB Book
  3. Noon
  4. Amazon
  5. Jamalon
  6. Neelwafurat
  7. Platinum Bookstore
  8. Dubai Library Distributors
  9. Keef Book
  10. Jarir Reader
  11. Book Delivery
  12. Abjjad
  13. Sanad Books
  14. The Bookshop Library
  15. Virgin Megastore


Our brick-and-mortar bookstores include:


  1. Readers Bookstore – Jordan
  2. Booktopia
  3. Knowledge Book Center – Egypt
  4. The Elite Bookstore – Egypt
  5. Alexandria – Egypt
  6. The Reader’s Corner – Egypt
  7. Dar Al-Jenan – Amman, Jordan
  8. BookLand Bookstore – Bahrain
  9. Platinum Bookstore – Kuwait (Both online and bookstore)
  10. Kinokuniya Bookstore – Dubai Mall
  11. Al Ummah Bookshop


If you are an aspiring author and want your work to be published, choose Austin Macauley, as we are one of the top hybrid publishers in the UK, US and UAE. You can submit your manuscript with us by clicking here. You can also send it online by filling our online submission form.


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10 Interesting StoryBooks to Get Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading!

StoryBooks to Get Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading

Summertime is the favourite time of the year for many kids, especially because the schools are closed and they have plenty of time to play with friends and spend days with family. Many like to go on vacations or for picnics at a nearby park. Some like to spend their afternoons swimming while others find it amusing to go for walks, ride their bicycles or read storybooks. Reading is a fun way to learn about new things and increase one’s knowledge. It is a proven fact that kids who are avid readers tend to become more focused and learned when they are older. Reading also increases their attention span, vocabulary and creativity.

Keeping in view these amazing benefits of reading, we have some books suggestions for your little ones so they can enjoy the long summer days by reading these exciting books. So, let’s splash into the world of reading.


Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary

The first book we have selected for your little one is a children’s story about a girl named Aisen. She along with her friends attend an international school. This school has students from different ethnicities and religions. This story takes us through the journey of Aisen with her friends in a diverse environment. They love their school and enjoy playing and having fun. But one day, something unusual happens which teaches them an important lesson. To find out more about Aisen and her journey, buy this book here.


Blossoming Kindness

Blossoming Kindness

Our second choice for kids’ books is a story with a lesson. Grandpa Hadid has taken four of his grandchildren on a journey to teach them about a valuable lesson of kindness. Together they learn to be more compassionate and kinder to each other and the world around them. Join Grandpa Hadid and his grandchildren in this inspiring journey of learning empathy and kindness. You can buy this book here.





Clementine and her SUPER FOOD Friends

Clementine and her SUPER FOOD Friends

If you have picky eaters in your home, then this book is a must-read for your little ones. This book is about crunchy vegetables and fruits which are superfoods but many kids reject to eat them. So, buy this book here and teach your kids about the importance of making healthy eating choices.




Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book

Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book

Most 6-year-olds or above are very much into activity books where they can solve puzzles and get creative. Austin Macauley’s activity book is the best choice for these little geniuses to indulge themselves in. So, to help your kids improve their concentration and problem-solving skills, buy this engaging activity book here.





Is It Uncool to Go to School

Is It Uncool to Go to School?

Another one from our amazing storybooks is the story of a boy named Peter. He doesn’t like to go to school. The reason behind his aversion is simple; he hates getting up early. After complaining multiple times to his mummy about this rule, his mummy decides to help him out. But how does she help Peter in a way that doesn’t make him skip school? To find out how his mummy solved this problem, buy this book here.





Lennie & the Three Paper Boats

Lennie & the Three Paper Boats

This is another great pick from kids’ books. The story of a little girl, Lennie who wins a golden ticket. She is immensely happy but this golden ticket turns her happiness into a nightmare. Lennie is trapped on a stormy island. Would she be brave enough to reach her dreams? Does she have the patience to conquer the obstacles she will face? You can read about Lennie’s journey by grabbing a copy from here.





The Lady of Colors

Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

An inquisitive bear sets out on a journey to explore the beauties and wonders of nature. The bear is amazed to see different creatures in the forest around him like a bighorn sheep, a group of bees who are busy making honey and a salmon in a creek. Join this nature-based journey by a little bear who learn about different animals, their habitats and instincts. Buy this informative book here.



The Lady of Colors

The Lady of Colors

A beautiful story about the environment – this tells the tale of an exquisite butterfly who has colourful wings. Her friend, the daughter of Eid, takes her along on a journey to see the colours and beauty of the forest. Interesting events start to take place as they roam around the forest. But some disasters are about to hit the forest. Will the Lady of colors and her friend help the forest fight off the disasters? Grab a copy of this book here to find out more.


Larry the Leprechaun

Larry the Leprechaun

This is another one of the interesting storybooks from our summer reading list for kids. Larry is a leprechaun who lives on farmer Murphy’s farm. He is the youngest of all the leprechauns, the funniest and also very cunning. He has a big crock of gold and is the only leprechaun to be ever caught by a human. Joan, farmer Murphy’s daughter, has been planning to catch Larry for a long time. But will Joan be able to get hold of the gold crock? Buy this book here to find it out yourself.




Glimpse of Jordan

Glimpse of Jordan

Our last selection for kids’ books is a fairytale adventure, set in the beautiful city of Jordan. The heroes are lime plaster statues from Ain Ghazal. Read this unique and interesting story by getting a copy of it here.



So, this summer, get hold of these fascinating books and take them with your kids wherever you go. Let us know which one was your kids ultimate favourite. Connect with Austin Macauley Publishers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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How Hybrid Publishing Can Be The Best Publishing Method?

After writing the first manuscript, many new authors believe they will soon be among the published authors, but the road to successful publishing is not so plain. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of before a book is made available to the masses. From choosing a cover to printing and marketing on the right platforms, the checklist is far from short. But here is when the book publishing house comes into play.


The process of taking a manuscript from the writer and making it publically available to read is what we call publishing. It includes several steps such as providing editorial services, designing, production, distribution, marketing and promotion. Most of the book publishing houses provide you with all of these services. There are different types of publishing which we will discuss as follow:


Different Types of Publishing

The three most commonly known types of publishing are (i) traditional, (ii) self/Indie and (iii) hybrid publishing.


  • Traditional Publishing:

    A traditional publishing house does all of the necessary work involved in publishing a book. They take care of the editing, printing, publishing and marketing of the book, without any cost to the author. Once the book is published and the sales are high, the publishing company make its money out of it. The authors also profit from the books and in some cases, they are even paid advance money before the book is published. But this model of publishing has some disadvantages such as; less creative control, low royalties, and little marketing and publicity efforts.


  • Self-Publishing:

    This is the second widely used publishing model. It is primarily the do-it-yourself publishing process where you do everything on your own. You find an editor, a proofreader, a designer and then pay them from your pocket. You will also take care of all the marketing and distribution for promoting your book. Although there is more profit-earning in self-publishing and more creative freedom, many successful authors will not recommend going through this road as self-publishing is more time-consuming.


  • Hybrid Publishing:

    If you look up ‘what is hybrid publishing?’ on the internet, you will find out that there is a kind of confusion about it. Many new authors are clueless about this relatively new kind of publishing model. This publishing model is a combination of both, the traditional and the self-publishing models. The hybrid publishing model is similar to self-publishing in a way that it has more control over the production process and desired quality. But unlike the traditional model, there is no financial risk involved for the publisher because the author contributes to the publishing cost. So, it’s a fruitful situation for both; the author and the publisher.


    Hybrid Publishing Pros and Cons:


    • Hybrid publishing offers more creative freedom to authors.
    • They typically offer better royalties than the traditional publishers.
    • A professional team works on your book who know about the technicalities involved in the successful launch of a book.
    • This type of publishing can be a bit costly.


    Why Choose It? What to look for in a hybrid publisher?


    According to IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association), there are nine criteria set up for the publisher to fulfil in order to become a professional hybrid publisher. These are as follows:


    • Define the mission and vision for its publishing program.
    • Vet submissions.
    • Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs.
    • Publish to industry standards
    • Ensure editorial, design, and production quality.
    • Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights.
    • Provide distribution services.
    • Demonstrate respectable sales.
    • Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty.



    How Hybrid Publishing is Your Best Publishing Method?


    As we have learnt about publishing and its types, we will now look into which one can be your best publishing method? We know about the pros and cons of hybrid publishing and also know about the other publishing types. So, let’s see why you should choose hybrid publishing for your manuscript.

    • If you don’t want to handle the time-consuming publishing tasks on your own, then going up to hybrid book publishers will be your best bet. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about all the editing, designing and marketing required for the successful launch of your book. They’ll do all the hard labour for you with an expert team who will carry out the publishing tasks for you.
    • If you want to have a say in every step of the book publishing process, then hybrid publishing is for you. Unlike traditional publishing, you get to have creative control of your book and can give your input.
    • They will offer you more royalties on your books than the traditional publishers.
    • Mostly, hybrid publishers are a branch of larger presses and thus have connections to people in their marketing areas. This can help you reach a far bigger audience if they make your title appear on the parent company’s catalogue.


    We hope this informative piece would help you in clearing out your confusions and making a smart decision regarding your book publishing process.


    If you are an aspiring author and want your work to be published, then choose Austin Macauley, as we are one of the top hybrid publishers in the UK, US and UAE. You can submit your manuscript with us by clicking here. You can also send it online by filling our online submission form.


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10 Important Tips and Tricks for Writing a Book

Writing your first novel is nothing less than a exciting adventure to embark on; it seems daunting yet exhilarating. It excites you to breathe life into the creative machinations of your mind by putting it on paper. It is a craft that gets your heart going yet fill you with worry, and have you questioning every passing word or sentence. Several published authors have spent months and years perfecting the process of creating their first novel – and it is understandably so!

The key to stepping your ante in the novel writing phase is formulating a plan. Like organizations create strategies before launching a new product, authors create their strategies to proceed with structuring a novel. Granting a formal structure to your plan allows you to be focused, offer clarity, and fill any gaps that may go unfulfilled.


To begin your novel writing journey, here are 10 tips to fall into your writer mode:


Plotting a Novel Idea

The initial step prompting you to jump into writing a book is an eclectic idea which gains precedence in your mind. These can be cues taken from your actual life or within the creative portions of your mind. The idea is to connect the absurd limits of your imagination with the mundaneness of reality and build a bestselling story.

Storyboard Your First Novel

Storyboarding your ideas seem the most effective in setting your narrative, effectively visualizing your sections of the book or characters, and connecting different elements within a book. This is particularly true for fiction writing. A typical storyboard will allow you to organize your narrative, effectively directs you to points of suspense, and sets in motion a much smoother process of writing than a bumpy one without a storyboard. When all your ideas and time of introducing elements are mapped out, it will make the writing easier and less time-consuming.

Research is The Key to Structuring a Novel

To grant structure, objectivity, and an element of mystique, any great plot demands 3 things – research, research, and research. One of your primary writing resources is the plethora of information awarded through extensive research. Research allows the reader to have a glimpse into creating active associations with history, actual events, or any symbolism.

Work on Character Development for the First Novel

Before you start writing a book, it is important to ponder upon and sketch character profiles to ascertain their roles in the narrative. This will allow you to build the story more vividly. Each character needs to serve some purpose within the story. Character profiling can help to build dialogue sequence, develop their auras, and build a certain perception for the readers.

Establish a Routine to Write Book

The key to maintaining consistency in writing a book is establishing a routine. Routines help to clear away any mental cobwebs which may creep up when there are dismal delays between writing conflicts or different scenes. Your creative juices are being used in the process of creating your novel, helping your mind to connect the dots. However, pushing yourself too much and not taking much-needed breaks can result in burnout and mental and emotional pressures and insecurities.

Editing and Rewriting in Novel Writing!

Editing and rewriting are the heart and soul of novel writing. It might not be the most desirable point in the steps to publish a book yet it may allow you to look at your writing from the reader’s point of view.

Whip a Striking Ending in the First Novel!

Be it a cliff-hanger or killing off your main character, the ending needs to be striking enough to maintain a stronghold in the reader’s mind. The progression towards the climax needs to be smooth, not rushed, and well-developed to grab the reader’s attention. Books belonging to any genre should end on a proper note which gives the reader a proper closure upon finishing the book. It should grant the novel some logic and structure which resonates with the reader.

Gather your Writing Resources for Novel Writing

Gathering your writing tools is crucial to entering the writer’s mode. Either you’re a pen and paper person or someone who likes to type away; it needs to be ensured that writing is not a frustrating process but a pleasant one with the right tools in hand. Most of the writers primarily use tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. However, online writing software like Scrivener and Focus Writer is also prominently used. Lastly, creating a writing corner that is without any distractions or humdrum is perfect to continue typing away your ideas.

Set Daily Milestones for Novel Writing

Setting realistic goals and milestones helps you centre yourself, and take you out of the dilemma of writing too little for the day. These realistic goals allow you to accommodate all of your tasks, including writing. Writing should be a fun activity, not taxing. These goals will motivate you, provide a proper schedule, and help avoid being guilt-tripped over the pace of your novel.

Lastly, Achieve the Objective of the Published Book!

Getting a published book is the most thrilling phase, it allows your readers to have a glimpse into your mind. There are two main types of publishing that writers often pursue; through a publishing house or self-publishing. In the case of self-publishing, the writer is responsible for handling the specifics, from the cover design to printing to marketing. In the case of mainstream publishing, publishing houses take responsibility for these specifics. They screen your manuscript and, if they find your novel has potential, you are on your way to entering the “world of the published.”

These are some of the tips to start your first novel. Meanwhile, for some inspiration, follow up on these exciting reads to have you intrigued!


Wake Up and Open Your Eyes

Wake Up and Open Your Eyes

By Karim Abdulaziz Hasan

Yasmin is a young girl with big ideas. She tries to search for meanings within her mundane life and travel through the highs and lows of her inner emotions. She tries to find the connection between her reality and her dream world; trying to break apart from the monotony of her life until the alarm rings. To read this novel, click here.





New York Underground

New York Underground

By Mohamed Abdul El-Bahrawy

New York Underground is a collection of short stories, combining elements of undergoing the dilemmas of human emotions and realizing the truths while reconciling with life. These are depictions of the struggles that the author went through – and the readers can relate to. There are transitions from reality bites to the creative limits of one’s vivid imaginations. To read this novel, click here.





Dead Uprising

Dead Uprising

By Faisal Khalaf Almukhlifi

In the age of war, Nabil, in his child-like innocence, questions the notions of war. In this story of greed and hate, Nabil navigates through the deeper constructs of human actions that contribute to humanity’s annihilation. To read this novel, click here.






The Kingdom of the Forehead

The Kingdom of the Forehead

By Abdulla Hassan Al-Farsi 

Set in the fantasy genre, Diaa sees her son, Salem, fight the battle with shadows after being captured in their dark world. Even after returning from it, Salem knows that the battle between the light and the dark has still not ended and may likely continue. Delve into the story of Salem’s fight against the darkness threatening to claim his world. To read this novel, click here.





Joy Series

Joy Series

By Soumaya Fadli

The Joy series by Soumaya Fadli paves the way for 12 different stories which are intertwined with the events that have taken place in reality. It narrates the challenges faced by powerful and dynamic personalities in attaining their goals. Curated for children, these stories aim to exemplify the idea of salvation through adherence to the principles of morality and social principles. To read this novel, click here.





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