The Best Ebook Reader Apps 2022

The Best Ebook Reader Apps

Nowadays, you don’t specifically need the Amazon Kindle device to read ebooks. The apps we’re going to share can support a wide range of formats for ebooks and turn your tablet or smartphone into an electronic reader. There are many ebooks on the internet that you can purchase, but what happens if you don’t have an eBook reader? It’s not a problem anymore. You can simply open an ebook reader application on your tablet or phone. If you’re looking to open Mobi, EPUB, or PDF files, there’s an ebook reader app that can serve you. Check out the following for our top choices.

  1. Amazon Kindle App

There is no need for you to own the Amazon Kindle device to enjoy reading Amazon books. The Kindle app works with various devices, including Windows and Mac computers, and iOS, iPadOS, and Android mobile devices. It is able to handle books purchased from Amazon and everything from your library through Libby.

When reading, you can alter the font color, size of your text, and many other aspects. Note down and mark up texts, and make use of an X-ray feature for more information about characters and other elements. Bookmark your current page, and look up particular text.

  1. Barnes & Noble Nook

It is designed to let you read magazines, books, and other materials available from Barnes & Noble. The Nook app is compatible with WindowsiOS/iPadOS, and Android. The app can alter the font’s size and style, line spacing, margins, font justification, and screen brightness. The convenient slider bar at the bottom makes navigating the book’s pages easy.

  1. Kobo Books

Intended for both ebooks and audiobooks, the Kobo Books app is available for Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android. It allows you to download books on the Kobo Store as EPUBs or PDFs.

Tap the screen, and a set of icons will appear on the right. From there, you can experiment with font styles as well as size. You can also alter the layout and even the design. You can use your volume keys to move each page, switch the orientation, and change the page’s transition. You can highlight a word to get its definition or note it. You can save a page or browse the list of chapter headings and other specifics.

  1. Libby

Libby allows you to borrow ebooks out of the library in your area. All you require is a library card. The app is compatible with iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices. Once you have signed in using your account and library card, you can browse for books on the library’s virtual shelves.

You can alter the size of the text, the lighting, and even the book’s style. The app lets you highlight and bookmark specific pages or sections within the text. You can also look up words and swipe across the bottom of the page to go to a particular page. When you press down on a word, it allows you to view its description, mark it or find it in the book. If you’re not a fan of using the Libby electronic reader app, you can send library books you’ve borrowed using the Kindle alternatively.

Our Amazing Ebooks

Now that we have discussed some amazing ebook readers, it’s time to check out some of the best ebooks we have in our collection for our readers!

  1. All That’s in Between
  2. Adam’s First Day at School
  3. Eudaimonia
  4. Abdulla Hassan Al-Farsi
  5. Elena
  6. Ahmed’s Dreams
  7. From Ashes to Flames
  8. I Believed You

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Creative Ways to Celebrate Publishing Your First Book

Publishing Your First Book

It’s time to celebrate! You’ve invested your time, effort, and all the hard work. You’ve written, revised, proofread, edited, and formatted your novel. Now it’s out there for the world to see.

A popular way for authors to celebrate their books is to host an event. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lavish one or if you’re doing it on a budget; a celebration is a must! There are a variety of ways to commemorate this moment. You may treat yourself to a holiday or get some nice jewelry to reward your hard work and efforts. So let’s dive into how you should go about cherishing your first novel being published!

Acknowledge Every Milestone; Regardless It’s a Big or Small One

If you’re an author, you are aware that there are days when the creative juices flow like high waves and fill the pages, and you can accomplish and achieve many things. But, there are times when writing a sentence can be exhausting and tedious. You could be staring at that same page for several hours. However, each day plays a significant role and is a stepping stone towards your goal!

Similar to other occasions, it’s equally important to celebrate this day in one way or another. You must celebrate all the milestones associated with the launch of your book. For instance, your first sale or earning your first $100.

Throw a Book Release Party

Before planning your party, consider if you actually need to host a party. When you’re a first-time author with limited resources or prefer something else to cherish these moments, that’s perfectly fine and is your choice.

You can also celebrate by taking a copy of your book on a trip and record the journey of your novel’s “vacation” by posting it on social media. You could take out to dinner with the people who contributed to the book or aided you during the writing and publication process.

If you’re a first-time writer and the book is close to your heart, you must seriously consider throwing a launch party. There’s only one debut novel. It’s an enormous accomplishment, and you shouldn’t downplay its significance. If you’ve managed to publish a book that has been close to your heart, then take pride in the accomplishment.

Some Other Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Book Launch

There are numerous ways to show appreciation for all your hard work that is paying off. The kind of book you’ve written reflects how you decide to honor your own characteristics.

Here are some suggestions for ways to commemorate this significant event in your own life:

A celebratory dance is a big YES!

Get together with family and friends.

Treat yourself because you deserve every bit of it! Get a luxury item like a piece of clothing or watch, or even upgrade your writing gear.

Print a few pages or images of the book’s cover for souvenirs.

Plan Your Next Steps

Publishing your book is just the first step to creating a successful career as a professional writer. If you’re committed to making a career in writing books, just being published isn’t enough.

You now have a new task to finish, including marketing and promoting your novel. Now you must work towards becoming well-known and recognized in your field.

You may have believed that creating a story by working non-stop was challenging, and you’re done with the hard part; however, marketing books require an entirely different set of skills.

Book launch parties are an excellent way to market your book. The more enthusiastic you feel about your novel, the happier people will be, so let your excitement shine through. Invite your family, friends, fans, and people who helped you write your book. Tell them how much you appreciate their support, and they’ll be more likely to endorse your book. Word of mouth can be the most effective method to market any service or product, particularly books. Also, take plenty of pictures. You can pick photos from your book’s release, post them all in one go, and reuse them in your marketing campaigns.

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Common writing challenges

Writing is not without its challenges. Whether it be working on a personal project or with a team of people, it can be challenging. Whatever your writing niche or preferences, writers face some challenges that can limit their ability to perform.


Every writer dreads writer’s block. This problem can cause you to feel lost, whether working on a new project or trying to think of an idea. It can be stressful not to be able to come up with new ideas. Some people experience it for weeks.

There is a way to overcome this. You need to find another way to put your focus if you feel stuck. It is best to pick up a book, listen to other people’s ideas and get out of your own way. If you keep worrying about the lack of ideas, writer’s block will not be easy to overcome.


You can find creative expression in other forms even if you don’t feel your creativity while writing. You can do whatever creative activity you like, whether it’s drawing, painting, knitting, or any other art form. Sometimes we can get so focused on being able to do something that it becomes difficult to see how talented we are at other things.

Creativity doesn’t have to be limited to one idea. There are many ways to incorporate creativity into your writing. You can draw your ideas if you’re not able to express them. Visualizing your thoughts will help you to regain your creativity and give your work a fresh perspective.


Writing from home can have a negative impact on the work of writers, especially those who are working on larger projects. Writing a book that focuses on one topic can be exhausting. Writing is difficult enough without procrastination. It can sometimes be mistaken for writer’s block.

There are many ways to overcome this problem. You must first organize your workspace. You can focus on your work and keep distractions away. You can also set short-term goals that will encourage you to work harder on your projects. Your productivity can be improved by setting smaller, more manageable goals.


Last, but not least, a common problem among writers is the lack of rest. Many writers claim they experience a surge of creativity and feel like they can write for hours. Although it isn’t ideal to have writer’s blocks, you shouldn’t be able to write for hours at a time.

You will have more energy and your ability to think clearly if you get enough sleep and eat well. Many writers have trouble connecting their ideas because their minds aren’t well-rested. Your mind will be more open to new ideas, and you’ll be able to expand them.


Whatever your profession, every professional will face challenges in their job. It is important to be able to deal with each issue and make progress in your job.

These tips will help you recognize and overcome any writing difficulties you may face. Although writing can be difficult, it can be rewarding and fulfilling.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested tips and that they will be helpful to you. We wish you a successful writing career. Be a part of Austin Macauley by sharing your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form.

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Must-Read Books for Young Entrepreneurs

Must-read books for young entrepreneurs

As a young entrepreneur entering the competitive market can seem daunting. You want to know the latest trends and the best ways you can ensure you are running your business most efficiently. Young entrepreneurs are always looking for important leadership lessons.

Collecting the best leadership books is not the only way to improve your entrepreneurship skills. Taking time to work on your self-development can also enhance your ability to manage your new venture. Your mental and physical health are also important aspects of making sure you can be the best leader for your business. If you want to take a holistic approach to leadership, then it is important to study mental health books and books about health.

Why Self-Development is So Important for Young Entrepreneurs

Self-development is the process of taking the initiative to better your skills and competencies. This can also include your general understanding of important subjects for your business.

Self-development can be done by reading books, attending lectures and watching videos and listening to podcasts by other entrepreneurs who are open to sharing their lessons learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Important Takeaways for Entrepreneurs who Engage in Self-Development

  • You will keep learning so you will not lose the drive and passion for your business.
  • You will become more adaptable to new trends and changing customer demands.
  • You can learn more about important aspects of your new business-like accounting, logistics and management.
  • It will help you think out of the box and embrace new ideas while cultivating emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Formal education can land you any form of employment but it is self-education that can make you successful.
  • It is an investment in your business that you cannot afford to disregard.
  • Continuous learning will result in being able to learn faster and in a more efficient manner.

Why Reading the Best Books on Leadership and Management is Important for Young Entrepreneurs

Being able to manage your business is an important part of being a good leader. If you are new to project management, then reading the best books on leadership and management is essential.

The art of leadership is not something that comes naturally but by looking and learning from other great leaders. Being an emotionally intelligent leader is an important part of learning leadership. Looking at other leadership journeys will help you reflect on your leadership path.

Management skills are important for leaders because:

  • These skills will transform your dream or idea into something practical.
  • Running a business will mean you will need to learn how all the departments of your business run. Having sound management skills will help you manage other people who will run these areas of your business.
  • Delegating work is an important part of being a good leader. With good delegation skills, you will become an even better manager.
  • To manage effectively, you will need to communicate efficiently and learn important leadership lessons.
  • Team-work is an important part of having a successful business. With management skills, you will learn how to build an effective and efficient team.

Great Reads for Young Entrepreneurs

Now that you know why reading the best books on leadership and management is important, let us check out a few good ones that you can purchase online from Austin Macauley Publishers.

  1. Symbiosis in Hospital Management
  2. Emirates: Nothing is Impossible
  3. A Journey Goal: A Step Towards Achievement
  4. An Attempt to Understand and Communicate
  5. High Fever and Its Cure in Children
  6. Is Life as We Know It
  7. Adman Vs. Chomsky
  8. Build & Work

Important Books for Young Entrepreneurs

With a great list of essential books for young entrepreneurs, you are well on your way to learning some essential leadership lessons. Having emotionally intelligent leadership skills is an important part of running a successful business.

In addition to increasing your knowledge, you should also be looking to improve your mental and physical health by reading mental health books. Your nutrition and daily habits should be healthy and work to make you more productive.

With this great list of books, you can increase your chances of running a great business and building synergy among your team members. Learning more about different management and leadership styles and techniques will help you efficiently run your new venture.

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Best books to gift this Eid

Eid ul Adha 2022 is just around the corner. Although it’s not as popular as Eid ul Fitr, exchanging Eid gifts with your loved ones is one of the best feelings in the world! Eid is celebrated all over the world. Everyone, from friends and colleagues to extended family members, exchanges gifts to show their gratitude.

Eid al-Adha: Feast of Sacrifice

Muslims around the world celebrate Eid ul Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice. It is a major holiday that lasts three to four days. Most Muslims attend special prayers at various major mosques around the globe.

Muslims often wear new clothes, exchange gifts, and entertain their children. They also take a day off school for college students. Many Muslims do not work that day.

Eid ul Adha is a special holiday because it marks the culmination of Hajj or Pilgrimage, the fifth pillar of Islam, and is of high significance. Only those who can physically and financially afford to make the annual pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia are obligated to do so.

The Tradition of Exchanging Gifts

Arabians value exchanging gifts as a sign of strong relationships and close bonds. According to Islamic scripture, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) frequently gave and received gifts such as perfume, livestock, clothing, and food. This is why exchanging gifts has become an integral part of regional culture. Despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic in the past few years, this tradition has grown stronger. Gifts can now be ordered online to remind loved ones that even though they may be far away, we are always close to them.

Books To Gift This Eid

It is no secret that memories are made at the table across cultures. Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha by sharing meals with their families and communities and acts of charity. We’ve found some spectacular bookish gifts on this special and blessed occasion to make your Eid more special. These books make the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Eid. Enjoy these books with your friends and family. Remember, Eid ul Adha, aka Bakra Eid, is three days long, so you can buy three gifts!

Don’t forget to tell us how you plan to celebrate Eid ul Adha 2022 by tagging us on social media. For more posts related to the culture and all things bookish, keep visiting our blogs section. You can also show us some love by sharing this blog within your circle and liking our social media.

We hope that you enjoyed reading a bit about the history and tradition of this pious occasion.

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Best Children’s Books to Keep Your Kids Hooked this Summer

Best Children’s Books to Keep Your Kids Hooked this Summer

As bookcases are relegated to the storage spaces, calendars are being thrown out of the window, and the sun bathing everything in the most beautiful glow, it’s the perfect time to focus on books that match the mood. Easy-going, relaxing, nature-soaked stories are at the top of the reading list for families to relish with kids this time of the year.

The summer months are a wonderful time to adapt to reading for kids instead of running away from it. Are you heading on a beach trip with your kids, then get a fantastic picture book on the ocean or sandcastles and browse through it while at the beach. Have a picnic lunch? Take a book to read to your kids as you enjoy the perfect family time. Also, if you’re enjoying a popsicle break, you’ve got the concept. Bring your children in to enjoy an excellent read-aloud as the icy treats pour down their chins.

There are many wonderful summer books for kids to enjoy the lazy, fun, sun-filled days. These are some of our top children’s books to enjoy this summer.

Adam Has a New Neighbour

Adam’s new neighbor, Aziza, is a fantastic football player. When he sees her in the match, he fathoms whether there is more to her story. Grab a copy to know how Aziza is genuinely gifted and unique.


Blossoming Kindness

Do you sometimes find yourself consumed with negative thoughts about others or even yourself? We’ll tell you that you’re not the only one. You can develop into a kind and more conscious person when you perform regular actions of compassion.

Grandpa Hadid will guide you through the weeklong trip with his four grandkids, Nayyirah, Adam, Milly, and Ty, to nurture tolerance, kindness, compassion, and empathy. Learn the meaning behind using your heart, mind, and hands to create a better world for all in this book.


Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book

This vibrant and engaging book infused with activities, games, quizzes, and many other activities is an excellent learning resource for children from 6 to 9 years old. From the book, you’ll get to discover everything Expo 2020 Dubai offers. Also, you will learn about exciting technological developments in the environment, energy, and space travel.

Additionally, you will meet some fantastic characters, including the guardians of the Expo, Opti, Alif, and Terra, and your guides Latifa and Rashid, who will guide you the way around.


I Am a Special Kid

This is an educational story about bullying. A group of children in school bullied Issam, but he was able to surmount this issue with the help of his teacher. All of us must learn that the difference between individuals’ shapes, colors, and size is nothing to be ashamed about but a feature from God that differentiates us all. Now all the students want to be Issam’s friends. What solution did the teacher think of? Discover more by reading this story.

Lennie & the Three Paper Boats

A golden ticket transforms dreams into nightmares as Lennie gets trapped on a stormy island. Will she be able to muster the courage and determination to realize her dreams? To find out, grab a copy here.



Naas – The Brainy Falcon

Naas is an intelligent falcon with a trustworthy companion, Monk, a smart and imaginative monkey that plays an integral part in Naas’s clever rescue strategies. This book will inspire children’s imagination as they ponder bullying, infidelity, greed, and disobedience in a gentle manner.



Glimpse of Jordan

In these pages, our protagonists are lime-plaster statues of Ain Ghazal. They travel from Irbid, the bride of the north, and then to Mafraq city. There, they will meet the desert jewel, Umm Al Jimal. The enchanting sounds of bagpipes draw the Gazelles to journey from Ayyubid Rabad Castle in beautiful Ajloun and on towards the fertile and vast desert of Jerash. The Gazelles reconnect with their family members in Zarqa and then visit Al-Azraq Palace, basking in the lush oasis where birds that migrate thrive, and it is where the Arabian Oryx found its home. They come across an oasis of Zarqa, where their amazing civilization first came to illumination. However, the roads keep calling to them, taking them through Al-Salt’s historical markets and the abstract yellow mosaic houses.

The Friendship of the Peacock and the Wolf

A peacock is in danger by a lion discovers an unlikely hero. When the peacock sets off searching for the wolf that helped save his life, he discovers an unorthodox persona in the body of the fierce animal. This leads to an encounter that will alter life for the two of them. Read this captivating story here.


Sana and the Bees

To prepare for a presentation on bees, Sana visited her father’s farm with a friend to learn the details about them. Sana enjoyed herself a lot at the farm and got a present from her dad’s best friend, and it was bees. Sana went home happy and cared for the bees. However, after a few months, she revisited her dad’s friend. What made Sana visit her dad’s old friend? Learn the details regarding Sana and the Bees.

If you’re a fan of the same #SummerGoals, check out these children’s books to find out which titles kept your child’s interest more than the time it takes for their popsicles to melt.

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Enjoy reading!

Best Twitter Feeds For Book Lovers To Follow

Best Twitter Feeds for Book Lovers

Twitter has proved itself to be the most popular site for social networking for people who love books. It’s the most popular online book club that connects book lovers across the globe, providing the latest information about when the book you’ve been waiting for all year will finally be available, as well as giving you the possibility to tweet your top authors and even make your book-related fantasies become a reality by getting a response.

It’s totally understandable that sometimes you don’t feel like pulling that hefty book out of your bag while walking around in those heels on the subway. This is why this list of must-follow Twitter feeds is for book lovers. Just a few swipes on your phone, and you’ll have a plethora of book recommendations, reviews, top-10 listicles and excerpts, quotes, and endless opportunities to win books for free in just a few simple steps.

If your TBR pile isn’t quite big enough, here is a list of some Twitter profiles for those who read all day long.

Bethanne Patrick, via @TheBookMaven

Since joining Twitter, we’ve been following the writer and reviewer Bethanne Patrick, and trust us, her account is the one-stop shop for all your book-loving desires. With 206K followers, we’re certainly not the only ones in love with her.

Bookforum Magazine, via @bookforum

The Twitter feed of Bookforum Magazine is a sure sign that you’re going be able to make your mark when you follow these people. The magazine is known for its thoughtful and artistic book reviews, and its Twitter feed certainly reflects that. In addition, with their somewhat subversive tone, they’re a great source to learn about the books that may not be on the radar of other readers.

BookPage, via @bookpage

As the Twitter feed for the monthly publication of book reviews is @bookpage, you’ll see your TBR pile rising within a matter of minutes. With a wide range of interests and a vast array of all kinds of literary genres, from historical and biography to romance and mystery, there’s something to suit everyone.

Book Riot, via @BookRiot

Their slogan is “Always books. Never boring.” They meet their promise. Book Riot’s content is varied, inclusive, and funny. You shouldn’t be missing the Our Reading Lives series, either.

Books Report, via @Booksreport

Publishing book content from all over the world, Books Report is going to be the go-to resource for retweets related to books. They’re interesting and timely, and at 28.6K tweets, they don’t miss anything.

Electric Literature, via @ElectricLit

The Twitter feed of @ElectricLIt is the reason why many of us were at the AWP convention trying to track a “Yoga For Writers” poster ⁠— you already know you want one, so check out their website! Since it is the Twitter official account of non-profit Electric Literature, this feed is solely dedicated to creating an online community of writers and readers. Do not miss their recommendations for reading!

GalleyCat, via @GalleyCat

Your go-to Twitter for the latest news in the world of books. The @galleycat feed covers everything from new book releases and publishing events, adaptations of films to books, and the most recent and best essential products to meet your book-loving desires. There is much more.

Goodreads, via @goodreads

If you’re not already following Goodreads on Twitter, we do not know what you’ve been doing all these years. No one is more passionate about reading than this group, and you can also be grateful for Emma Watson’s book club for women.

New York Times Books, via @nytimesbooks

It is worth noting that the New York Times book section is an excellent source for reviews of books, reflections on the current state of reading and writing literature and many other book-related articles. Authors often come to the site to read reviews of other books, and that’s really amazing.

Guardian Books, via @GuardianBooks

The same sort of greatness in books like that of the New York Times, this account provides an excellent foundation for the East-of-the-Atlantic literary scene, including reviews, interviews with authors, and fun quips.

NY Review of Books, via @nybooks

The slightly narcissistic self-anointing as “The premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language” aside, the New York Review is a great place for readers. In addition to reviews on books, you’ll also be able to read amazingly well-written articles that cover other genres and more.

LA Times Books, @latimesbooks

Although not as popular as its east coast contemporaries, the LA Times‘ newspaper section and book blog are fantastic for reviews (which they have more of than other feeds) and author interviews and essays.

HuffPost Books, via @HuffPostBooks

Another online news source with an amazing book section, you can be immersed in HuffPost books for several days. They’re great for covering female-oriented books or for women, as well as on women. They also have a wealth of other fantastic books on diverse topics and genres.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the best Twitter feeds for book lovers to follow! If you wish to be a part of Austin Macauley Publishers, then you’re welcome to share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form.

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Tips to be an Environmental Friendly Book Lover

Reading E-books and listening to audiobooks is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your reading life environmentally friendly. Take a look at these easy tips through which you can be an ecofriendly book lover.

On June 5, the environmentally-conscious from all over the globe will commemorate World Environment Day. It’s a day to raise awareness about protecting Earth’s natural resources. There is no doubt that with rising environmental problems like global warming, we all need to do our bit and adopt environmentally sustainable practices in our daily lives to take care of the environment and protect our homes. Even the smallest things such as saving water or recycling materials, taking bikes, or walking instead of driving can make a huge difference. So what can we take on as readers? Let’s look at a few ways bookworms can aid the Earth… and not just on June 5.

Is Reading Eco-Friendly?

Sometimes, it feels like being an avid reader is the exact antithesis of a sustainable lifestyle. Every book is printed using massive, energy-consuming machines glued with potentially harmful chemicals, then shipped around the globe (increasing the carbon footprint). And don’t forget, every page is printed using a natural resource: paper. It’s certainly enough to pause eco-friendly readers and cause them to question whether the pleasures of reading really are worth the risk. But then, naturally, we realize the pleasure reading is, and the issue seems much less appealing than relaxing with a good book and forgetting about it.

Planet-Healthy Alternatives

Do not worry. We’re not suggesting that people stop reading! There are a variety of ways for readers to continue enjoying their books but with less impact on the world.

Audiobooks and E-Books

The easiest way to change how you consume your books is to move from paper books to ebooks and audiobooks. Downloading books eliminates the carbon footprint from the manufacturing and transportation of physical books. It also occupies virtually none of the space at home. A single device can house hundreds, or even thousands of books, providing you with the chance to read without guilt. Audiobooks are more beneficial as they allow you to take in more books than you would otherwise since they let you perform other, less fun tasks.

Borrowing Books Instead of Buying

If ebooks seem less enjoyable than the feeling of those beautiful pages you hold as you read, consider borrowing books instead of buying them. The library is an excellent method to access any kind of title. Book swaps are another fantastic option to read without spending extra. This means you can save money on books and only purchase an original copy if you know it will become the book you’ll keep for a lifetime and not just read it once.

The “Second-Hand” Option

Borrowing books is great, but if you want to have a copy you can hang on to for a long time, you might consider purchasing a second-hand. A used book can be the best way to make sure that a book that’s been used won’t be tossed into the garbage, and it also will mean that fewer books will need to be produced. Garage sales are an excellent option to fill your weekend, and second-hand books can be treasure troves that offer a unique setting.


What would you do if you ever wanted to get rid of your book? Think about donating it to a library, a small no-cost library, or even selling the books you’ve loved to other readers, and that’s not the only thing you could do. Books can also be recycled and turned into crafting supplies or even furniture! Covers and books that have been upcycled into notebooks and jewelry are plentiful at Etsy and fairs for the craft. This is a particularly good alternative for damaged books, missing parts, or out-of-date textbooks.

The Green Topics

There are many books to help us learn how to become more sustainable. From ethics books to farming, from food to healthy lifestyle, take a look at several books on environmental conscious subjects, and then learn about other ways to save the environment.

The Benefits of Being a Book Lover

There are several ways that being a bookworm can benefit the environment regardless of whether your home is really a library with a kitchen. If you are unable to let go of all those books, consider that having bookshelves lined up on the walls can help keep your home more insulated and helps to make it more energy-efficient. Paper books require the least amount of electricity, unlike watching television or playing video games, or logging on to the laptop at night. After the book is in your hands, reading a book while sitting is carbon neutral and completely waste-free. Fantastic!

Outside of the home reading, people are more likely to travel on the bus to work and squeeze in a little more time to read. We’ve had the privilege of taking advantage of a bus trip to sneak in one or two chapters in the past. It’s not just our commutes getting greener due to reading. Also, you’re supporting authors when you purchase their books. Helping writers is about those who work from home, which means less environmental impact.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested tips on how to be an environmentally friendly book lover. If you wish to be a part of Austin Macauley Publishers, then you’re welcome to share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form.

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How to Keep Track of the Books You Read?

Keep Track of the Books You Read

If you’re an avid reader, it’s challenging to keep track of all the books you’ve read so far or the ones you want to read in future. Besides, how many books do you actually go through over a year? Our guess is that they are many because your very presence on this blog suggests that you’re an enthusiastic reader. However, does the task of recollecting your entire library of books seems overwhelming? Well, here are some ways to track the books you’ve read in order to, at the very minimum, be able to avoid the awkwardness of book amnesia.

Maintain a Book Log

The most basic method to keep track of what you read is to keep a book journal or spreadsheet. Every time you go through n book, note the following information: the title of the book; the author’s name, the date of publication as well as the length, genre; the time you began reading the book; and then when you completed the book.

Create a Rating System

Try to create a rating system so that you’re able to keep track of how much you liked the book. You can rate the book on a scale of one to five or duplicate Amazon’s star system. If you’re looking to go further, then rate the book based on different aspects. Here are a few parameters based on which you can develop your rating system:

  • Character development
  • Book’s pace
  • Writing’s quality
  • Plot development
  • Comment on your satisfaction level while reading the book

Add Additional Information

Alongside the basic tracking data, you can include additional information about every book you’ve read, like the following:

  • What inspired you to go through the book?
  • What was your mental state like when you first got it?
  • Would you like to see additional books by the same writer? If yes, what books?
  • Did the book motivate you to learn more about a particular subject?
  • Do you know anyone who would be interested in this book?
  • What is the author’s country of origin?
  • What was the original language that the book was written in?
  • Did the book win any prizes?

Write an Overview of Your Book

Another option is to create an overview of each book you’ve gone through. After you’ve finished reading the book, put it down and record what you remember about the book. Include an outline of the plot, or some information about the characters, and the setting, and write down your thoughts about the book. You can set yourself a limit of words such as 400 or up to 750 words.

Make Your Own Amazon Review

If you would like to take it a step further, sign into Amazon and write a review of the book once you’re done reading. Make sure to be as elaborate as you can so that other people can decide whether or not they should purchase the book based on your review. When you’re looking to go back on the books you’ve read, you can check all of your Amazon reviews.

Track Your Books on Goodreads

Goodreads is an excellent platform for those who love books. Goodreads lets you accomplish the following:

  • Keep track of the books you’ve read or the ones you are currently reading or would like to read.
  • You can rate the books, and even review them, and get suggestions on what you should follow up with.
  • You can also read book reviews and news from your friends and leave comments on these reviews and updates.

Take a Shot at Literary Criticism

Keeping a journal should not just be to keep track of the books you’ve read but also to develop your literary critique abilities by writing thorough reviews of your favourite books. Why should you bother writing them? The motive is to help you understand and appreciate the books you’ve read.

Ask yourself questions like the following:

  • What’s the story?
  • What is the process by which the main character goes through during the story?
  • What’s unique in the characters?
  • What’s their most significant character fault?
  • What are the problems the protagonist has to face?
  • Do you have an antagonist?
  • Who are the other characters? What is their purpose?
  • What’s the significance in the context? What effect does it have on the overall theme or mood of the story? Does the setting represent the state of mind that the protagonists are in?
  • What is the primary issue, and how does the story develops? What’s the conclusion?
  • Does the writer use foreshadowing? Or does the writer hint readers into what will happen during the story?
  • Does the author employ symbolism when objects are intended to represent something or an idea greater than the object in itself?

Get Yourself a Book Journal

To keep track of the books you’ve read, just use the Moleskine or any similar notebook you’ve got around. You can, however, purchase a book journal. Three popular options are available:

Do Some Research on The Author

Often, the author’s personal life can have a significant influence on their work. Thus, when you’re keeping track of and analyzing the book you’ve read, it’s a great idea to conduct some research about the author.

Create a Book Blog

One method of keeping track of the books you’ve read is to create an online blog. Pick a platform for blogging and then think of a suitable title for the blog and begin posting a review of books. When someone asks you to suggest a book, then refer the person to your site. You never know; you will be able to build your own following. If you want to get some tips on becoming good at book hauls on your blog, check out our tips on a successful book haul.

Create a List of Books to Read

In the back of your notebook or book, make the list of books you’d like to study. Each time you hear about an intriguing book, put it on your list. It’s unlikely you’ll be in a bind, “What should I read next?”

Such a short amount of time, but so many books to read! You don’t want to spend time and effort reading a novel and then forget that you’ve read it or even the subject matter.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested tips to track the books you’ve read or are going to read, and they will be useful to you. If you wish to be a part of Austin Macauley Publishers, then you’re welcome to share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form.

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Best Career Options for Book Lovers

Bes Career Choices for Book Lovers

Maybe you’ve recently completed your degree in English Literature or Creative Writing. Perhaps you’re considering changing careers and pursuing a career that requires more reading. Maybe you’re already spending most of your day reading and are thinking about how you could do this and still purchase groceries. The good news is that there’s no need to starve in a room filled with new hardcovers. There are jobs available in the field of books! We’re not saying that all of these industries are simple to get into, but there are some fantastic career options for people who love reading.

Before you dive through the list of jobs for readers, be cautious about what you wish for. The most rewarding careers options for those who love books could be those that don’t require reading books. Consider if working with books for a long time will make you lose the fascination of their appeal. However, if you believe that you’re the type of person for whom the bell for a book job rings, get out there and polish your resume.


This isn’t a job for the weak of heart. However, one must get down to creating all those novels, short stories, and memoirs out of sheer passion. The only issue lies in the fact that unless you’re a famous celebrity, it is highly likely that you will need to write a complete novel before you’ll be able to land an author deal. If you want to be an author, start writing!


Your parents were lying to you that you could make an income posting your thoughts online without any hustle. Well, it’s a competitive industry. In the beginning, hone the skills by applying for staff writer jobs at websites and magazines. Once you become a prolific writer, start your own blog, get a cult following through it, and then start earning through ad sale revenue and influencer deals.

Book Reviewer

It’s possible that you won’t get an interview with a book reviewer in The New York Times right now, but plenty of smaller and more popular websites are always seeking a new review of the latest releases. Being paid to go through a novel and then discuss it can be an ideal career option for a book lover.


Librarians are the ones helping to keep the society running, you guys. They’re not just there to organize books or wear cool glasses, they’re experts in the area of library science, and they ensure that art and information are open and accessible. Becoming a librarian means you’ll be surrounded by books and do your part in saving the world.


There wouldn’t be an industry of books without editors cleaning the mess. Copy editors scrutinize an article to improve its grammar, style, clarity and accuracy. Content editors take the author’s words and turn them into a real story. If you are an editor, you’ll be able to save manuscripts and give them a brand new look that’s appeasing for the readers.


“Archivist” may sound like some kind of wizard job straight out of a George R.R. Martin novel; However, it’s a real job that you could take part in. Archivists work to examine and preserve archives. These may range from old manuscripts, diaries, and postcards to digital files and analog films. Archivists are needed in universities, museums, libraries, hospitals and corporations, as well as everywhere in between.


If you’ve ever had the chance to translate a paragraph using Google Translate, you know the value of an individual translator. Literary translators aren’t just language dictionaries; they’re storytellers that reinterpret text into a completely new language. It’s a creative profession, particularly when it comes to idioms with no translation (or the process of figuring out the middle name of Voldemort in different dialects).


Many people believe that editors and proofreaders are the same (sometimes, they can be in smaller settings). However, large publishing houses have editors to edit their work. And proofreaders are used for scrutinizing the mistakes. If you’re adept at catching errors and spotting errors, you may be able to get an opportunity to read throughout the day.


For most of us, teachers were the ones who taught us the joys of reading and the joy it is. Although they may work in stressful environments and often are underpaid, there’s no greater joy than the experience of introducing youngsters to the world of literature. It doesn’t matter if you’re keen to teach phonics or advanced literature at the college level; there are a variety of options to pick from. Even kindergartens and preschools are choices, and a lot of the teaching is played-based, but you can include literature in a variety of ways throughout the day with activities like storytime as well as tongue-twisters. In addition, elementary school teachers incorporate things like comprehension. Middle school teachers will incorporate the occasional reading comprehension, and it increases from there.

English Professor

Many professors opened the world of reading and books in a new way with in-depth dives into Langston Hughes’s work, long hours spent with Jane Austen, and close analysis of Leo Tolstoy. You may want to focus specifically on Shakespeare or prefer something broader, such as Western Literature. But this isn’t an occupation you could just enter into. It usually requires advanced degrees that require time, money, and privilege. If you can envision yourself influencing students’ minds and sharing your love for books, it’s the time to polish your skills and start working.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested career options for book lovers and that they will be helpful to you. If you wish to be a part of Austin Macauley Publishers, then you’re welcome to share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form. Stay connected with Austin Macauley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates.

Books and Activities to Relish International Day of Families

International Day of Families

On May 15, International Day of Families is observed across the world. Family is the fundamental social unit. This day is a chance to bring awareness to family issues and increase understanding of the economic, social, and demographic changes that impact families.

In 1993, the General Assembly decided in a resolution (A/RES/47/237) that May 15 every year be recognized as The International Day of Families. The day offers a chance to increase awareness of families’ concerns and increase knowledge of the socio-economic and demographic factors that affect them.

2022 Theme: Families and Urbanization

Urbanization is among the major megatrends that are shaping our world and the lives and wellbeing of families across the globe.

Sustainable urbanization is tied to the accomplishment of a variety of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets, for instance, SDG-1 (Poverty elimination) and SDG-3 (Good wellbeing and health) as well as SDG-11 (Make cities and human settlements more inclusive as well as safe, resilient and sustainable) and SDG-10 (Reduce the gap between and within nations). The SDGs and the targets are contingent on how well urbanization is managed to benefit families and improve the wellbeing of everyone living in cities.

The theme for this year, “Families and Urbanization,” will help educate people about the need for environmental sustainability and family-friendly urban policy.

Bonding Activities to Celebrate International Day of Families

International Day of Families is a chance for families to get together and discuss the various areas of importance and interest to families. It’s an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and appreciate the ones you are blessed with that are extended and close to you.

This year, International Day of Families is about the role that family members play in promoting education and the overall wellbeing of their families. We at Austin Macauley consider family to be more than the family you were born into, but also your extended relatives, your friends, and even your pets. Our definition of family is where you feel the most comfortable and secure.

To celebrate this special day, we’ve put together five bonding activities to do in the home. Make this day special in your family by using a variety of hands-on activities that show your kids how amazing their families are.

Create a Family Tree

Family trees are an excellent way to encourage your family members to learn how they have a relationship with each other. To make personalized trees, you can ask your child to sketch or draw a tree drawing. Once they are finished, hand them a variety of sticky post-it notecards to let them write their names and the names of family members.

Sing “We Are Family With Your Family

The song, We Are Family, is a perfect option to mark this special day, and there’s even a Chimpmuk version for the kids’ that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces! It is possible to play the song to introduce the subject and concept of families and have your pupils sketch outlines in the lyrics.

Play Guess Who

Everyone loves this game, and it is a fantastic way to encourage students to talk. Each member is assigned one family member. Then ask the participants to describe a family member to their partner in the best way they can. Challenge them to identify the family member’s name through the provided description. Isn’t that cute?

Create a Family Garden

Take a break in the sunshine and start your family’s garden. Children are spending longer indoors in recent years, so help your family connect by digging up a garden to puddle flowers or plants in your garden. Teach them how to cultivate, nurture and preserve their life which is a valuable skill that kids and adults can master alike. It is important to teach them about environmental preservation through such activities and the significance of planting trees. They’ll enjoy working with their hands while learning to persevere and be patient by completing tasks like making sure the garden is weed-free and well-watered. This way, your child will beautifully learn the pleasures of gardening or even how to cultivate your own food.

Make a Family Dinner Together

Home is the place where your heart is, and there is nothing more evocative of home than your family’s kitchen. It’s where families can gather together to eat delicious meals while having a good time. Research has shown that children who eat in their homes with families are less likely to be diagnosed with depression or develop an eating disorder. Additionally, having regular discussions during meal times is linked to improved communication between parents and children and increased confidence. Make the most of this day to come up with ideas with your children and make memories that last throughout the years.

Tell Family Stories

The family stories you tell are unique as everyone has a different family history. The act of sharing past and contemporary family stories will bring the entire family closer and create a timeless bridge between generations. On this day, sit in the living room with your family and share the most stories about your family’s past. The more detail you can add, the more rich and fascinating it gets for those who are listening! Your family members will not only be fascinated by stories about their great-grandparents, but they will be able to cherish the memories they will never forget.

Backyard Camping

Another excellent method to get the whole family outside is arranging an enjoyable night of backyard camping. While holidays are always a wonderful bonding time, you might be surprised at how excited your children are over the idea of camp in their very own backyard. Backyard camping can be a wonderful and family-friendly activity for everyone and even pets! All you require is a tent, pillows, blankets, and snacks, and you’re ready to go. Look over this list of backyard camping essentials to get more ideas.

Make Your Own Obstacle Course

If you’re feeling brave, why not make an obstacle course in your own home? Put together a few chairs to jump over, crawl underneath, move the chairs around to make obstacles, or create tunnels from rugs, and you’re ready to go. Kids are thrilled when parents and kids join in because they usually don’t get to witness you having fun or releasing that child in you!

Books to Celebrate International Day of Families

Books are a fantastic way to assist the younger generation to be more focused on particular topics and make them come alive. Here are some of our fantastic books you can read with your family this International Day of Families.

  1. A Human Without Colors
  2. A Thug in the Corridors of the Past
  3. All Pleasures
  4. Almost Dead Thoughts
  5. Back in Time
  6. After Maturity
  7. Dream of a Veiled Woman
  8. Age and Ink

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested tips to celebrate the International Day of Families, and they will be helpful to you.

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How to Set Your Children’s Reading Routine?

children's reading routine

Are you juggling work and personal commitments and struggling to make time to impart important life skills that you are aware your children require? Instilling a love for reading in your children from an early age can prove immensely beneficial as they grow up. You’ll cherish the joy your child experiences in reading, and the time you spend helping your child learn to read is worth every minute.

If you’re looking to help your child become an avid reader, there are a few things more crucial than keeping up with the habit of reading for your kid. It can assist in helping to build stamina for reading and inspire a lifetime fascination with books! With just a few easy steps, you will be able to transform reading into one of your child’s most-loved activities for the year ahead.

Here are some tips to help encourage reading at home. They will not only help your child across all subjects but also reintroduce them to the pleasure of reading for enjoyment independently.

Make Reading a Daily Habit

You can ensure to raise a reader as soon as your newborn gets home. DO you know why? Well, babies love the gentle sound of a reader’s voice and being snuggled on a warm lap. If you incorporate reading into your routine, your child will likely adapt to reading while growing up.

Children can begin developing a good habit of reading at home, and if you wish to learn more on how to encourage good reading habits in kids, check out the linked blog.

Read in Front of Your Kid

Let your child watch your reading if you are a fan of magazines, books, or graphic novels. Children benefit from their observations. If you’re enthusiastic about reading, your child will be able to sense your excitement.

Taking Fun Library Visits is a Must

The library is an excellent spot to find new authors and check out books at no cost. A lot of libraries offer reading sessions as well as other reading programs designed for children. Going to the library gives your child an opportunity to build excellent reading habits and observe other children who are doing the same.

Create the Space for Reading

The first thing you should remember when planning routines to read to your child is to designate the space as a separate area for reading. Ask your child’s opinion about what they find most effective. Help them organize the area and personalize it to their taste and interests. Is there any special pet to use as an ideal reading companion or a blanket or hat that you can use to read in? Even the smallest of details can create a more welcoming space to relax while reading a book.

Let Your Kids Decide the Books to Read

The trip to the library is more memorable if you allow your child the opportunity to browse and discover. Children are more likely to desire to read something they select for themselves. If you’re worried about getting the right book or subject for your child’s reading ability, then provide your child with a set of books available to select from.

Create a Schedule

Making a schedule that you adhere to when reading encourages your child to be more inclined to read independently.

“Work with your child to set a specific time each night that supports a regular routine where other things aren’t scheduled,” says Burke.

Remember that this doesn’t need to be a strict process. It can instead be a relaxed family time.

Lead by Example

One of the most significant actions is showing your child good reading behavior. Switch off the television and put down your mobile and enjoy time reading a book. Your child will discover that reading books can bring them pleasure.

Make Use of a Calendar

We recommend using visual tools so your child can see the progress they make using a calendar. You can use calendars where your child can write down the amount of time they spend reading and the days they read on, and it can be a visual aid for them.

Talk About It

While having the meals together, engaging in a lively discussion on the book your kid is reading will bring enthusiasm to their reading habits. This encourages your child’s reading habit as you discuss what they’re reading, and you can both connect over reading books. This is a fantastic method of assessing your child’s reading comprehension. It is important to talk about the book in a way that feels natural and conversational instead of taking a quiz.

Expose Your Child to Different Genres of Books

Find a book that seems interesting to your child. Explore various genres such as mystery, science fiction, comics, science-fiction, etc. The more engaged your children are with the subject, the more they will want to read!

Support Your Child

If your child is struggling with reading and becomes annoyed, step back and look at what areas he or she may be struggling with. Speak to your kids about the issue and resolve it as earliest as possible.

Reading Should Be Fun and Should Not Be Forced!

Follow these steps to help your children become excited about reading so that you can help them become more effective readers. With a bit of concentration and direction, it is possible to get your kids the boost in reading they need.

You can incorporate storytime into your child’s daily routine to encourage the love of books. The book can be a great resource when getting ready for bed. Sitting down to read with your children can signal to them that it’s time to go to sleep. It could also be at the end of the day or whenever you think they need silence. If you’re searching for good children’s books to read to your kids, check out the books from our children’s genre.

If you do this during the exact same period each day, your child will become familiar with the routine and look for pleasure in reading. If they begin to enjoy books, they will be more comfortable with them when they are able to read on their own.

Make sure you stick to your plan. The occasional day off is acceptable, but you should be sure to stick to the routine most of the time.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested tips to set up you children’s reading routine, and they will be useful to you. If you wish to be a part of Austin Macauley Publishers, then you’re welcome to share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form. Stay connected with Austin Macauley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates.

Tips and Tricks For Being Good at Book Hauls

What Exactly is a Book Haul?

A book haul happens when an individual who has (usually recently) bought books decides to post what they have purchased on any social platform. This could be shared via image posts or videos, and it is pretty common for bloggers and vloggers. In most cases, the blogger will present the books one at a time and talk briefly about each.

Book hauls are an excellent opportunity to find out about the latest books. It is possible to pick up books you’ve never known existed or get information about the book you already know but in such an intriguing way that it appeals to you. This is my absolute favourite aspect. It’s also an excellent method to keep track of the books that someone is reading since many people go through all of the books they’ve picked up in a short time. This is typically beneficial to those who don’t post about their TBRs. It’s also helpful to be aware of which books someone has to be able to gift them something, that means you don’t gift them something they already own. If you’re gifting someone a present, it could be pleasing for them to refer to you.

Top 10 Book Reviewers You Shouldn’t Miss

Below are some of the best book reviewers with epic book hauls and whatnot are not missed. If you want to know how they were able to make it happen, then read along to know some tips and tricks you can use to become successful as being a book reviewer.

  1. Shadow of a book – ظل كتاب
  2. Betaa El Kotob
  3. Akhdar
  4. Salefni Ketab or Lend me a book
  5. El Zatoona
  6. Khair Jalees
  7. Nedal Reads
  8. Eithar Al Dibs
  9. Menel Akher
  10. The Novelist

Consider Your Niche(s)

One method to stand out from other book reviewers on different social platforms is to create specific niches. If you concentrate your channel around a specific type of book or genre, you will likely develop a dedicated and specific audience quickly.

It is possible to focus on genres such as fantasy genre, romancesci-fi,  YA fictionmangamanhwachildren’s books, or mysteries. It is also possible to focus on non-fiction if that’s what you lean towards more.

You can also connect yourself to one particular author and be branded as the book blogger who reviews the most recent books of that author.

Strategise Your Content

If you’re looking to increase your reach as a book blogger, consider the type of content you’d like to release. You should think about SEO (search engine optimization). Many book bloggers fail to progress because they only organize book hauls or chat about random books. If you are posting on Instagram, for instance, you have to make sure that you’re using a variety of posts to make your feed look appealing. Posting too many static posts or videos in a row may not be the best strategy. Analyze what works best for your platform and do accordingly.

Let Your Personality Shine

You’ll notice that your subscriber counts begin to rise faster when you allow your personality to shine. This can help build the all-important parasocial connection. Your viewers will be able to enjoy your humour and become accustomed to your personality and quirks. It’s a great feeling.

Do you have kids or pets? Include them in your content and use their names often. It also helps your followers establish a relationship with you and your personal life.

Editing Skills Are a Must

You’ve got to ace your game when it comes to editing your posts and videos. Even if you’re posting a book haul on your website as a blog, making it attractive and cutting off unnecessary gibberish is the key to making people want to pay attention to it.

You’re free to make numerous mistakes and cause as many pauses as you want when recording. Editing is the other half of making a great video. Once you are at the editing stage, take out the ums and long interspersed pauses, and create the rhythm.

Retention of viewers is crucial! Therefore, make sure that your video is clear, swift, quick, and snappy. Create jokes, but make them short; stay within the rhythm of the video.

Get Creative

If you spend more time investing in editing posts and videos, you’ll be more imaginative. You’ll learn the zooming in and out feature, learn how to include text and effects, and how editing tricks can ensure that your jokes and comments stand out. Learn more; be imaginative with your editing. Look at ways to spice your posts and videos.

Most book bloggers adhere to the same structure, which is to make an image of their face talking to the camera. Therefore, be creative with edits and other effects that create something that your viewers can see and hear diverse.

Post Consistently

This is the simplest method to grow as a book-loving person on social media platforms, but it could be a challenge depending on your schedule and routine.

If you are able to post a minimum of one post or video each week consistently, you’ll see more growth on your channel. For example, people who subscribe to YouTube appreciate content that is regularly updated, and, most importantly, it is also the case with YouTube’s algorithm. The algorithm feared by many makes us do things we would instead not do in the interest of growing. Things like making clickbait titles, focusing on the most popular topics, and forcing us to update our content regularly.

Suppose you can consistently make and edit 10-20 minutes of video each time and upload new videos once or twice every week. In that case, you’ll experience more significant and consistent growth than other booktube channels.

Response to Comments

There are two motives for this: it’s an additional aspect that all platforms’ algorithms like and is an excellent way to connect with the community. Learn to get to know your regular commenters, interact with them, and respond to and like their comments. It’s good to have a community.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested tips and they will be useful to you. We wish you a successful career as a book reviewer.

If you are an aspiring writer and wish to be a part of Austin Macauley, then share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form. Stay connected with Austin Macauley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates.

All You Need To Know About Ramadan & Our Top Books To Read

Books to read during Ramadan

Ramadan is here and we could not be more excited! The month of fasting and spiritual care is sure to aid those who celebrate the festival to be more focused in how they worship God. It’s also called the month of reflection and self-improvement.

Every year, as the month of Ramadan comes around it brings with itself numerous blessings, love, gratitude, care and the remembrance of Almighty Allah. According to the Quran, Allah says:

“O you who have believed, remember Allah with much remembrance.”
(Surah Ahzab: 41)

Ramadan permits Muslim to improve the relationship with Almighty Allah. And for this, what more important than remembering Him by means of zikr and reap greater blessings from Him as it is mentioned in the holy book:

“Then remember Me, I will remember you.”
Surah Baqrah: 152)

What’s Ramadan?

The ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar is Ramadan. Muslims celebrate this holy month of Ramadan to commemorate the day that Allah has sent an angel over Prophet Muhammad to unravel the Quran in 610 AD. This event is known as ‘Laylat al Qadar’ in Arabic which means the night of power.

When is Ramadan?

The time Ramadan begins and its end changes each year because it’s determined by the Islamic lunar calendar and moon cycle. The time of the beginning of Ramadan is determined by the appearance of the crescent moon’s new phase by the religious authorities. Even though Muslims are waiting for the moon’s appearance before the first of Ramadan is revealed; however, they can predict the date of its arrival. Ramadan typically lasts from 29 to 30 days, based on when the new crescent moon appears.

What’s The Primary Motive Behind Ramadan?

In Ramadan, Muslims aim to improve their spirituality and be closer with Allah and their family members. They accomplish this by abstaining from alcohol, smoking, and sexual interactions between sunset and sunrise every day. Ramadan is also be a period for unification and spiritual reflection. Muslims devote their time to prayer in the mosque, reading the Quran and performing good actions. They give money to charities and spend time with their family members, and refrain from the temptation to gossip, lie and fight.

What is The Reason Why Muslims Observe Fasting During Ramadan?

Fasting is essential during Ramadan because it lets Muslims be devoted to their religion, grow more connected to Allah, and develop compassion and patience. It’s about feeding your soul instead of just looking after your body. It’s also among the Five Pillars of Islam which constitute the foundation on which Muslims conduct their daily lives (the other are prayer, faith charity, and the pilgrimage to Mecca).

Everyone Muslims generally follow the practice of fasting except for those who are pregnant, sick women, lactating, old, or traveling. If you don’t fast on a particular day, you can make up for them throughout the year.

What Happens at The End of Ramadan?

A three-day special festival known as Eid Al-Fitr signifies the end of Ramadan. It starts with the first glimpse of the moon’s new phase that appears in the night sky. It’s a joyful time that sees Muslims celebrating the end of fasting, praising Allah for all the blessings we have.

For three days, Muslims attend prayers in the morning and spend time with neighbors and loved ones. After that, they can enjoy a tasty traditional meal with families and friends. Children are often gifted with presents and are expected to offer them to those who are in need. In order to symbolize solidarity, Ramadan is a time that Muslims across the world gather to celebrate their faith.

Books to Read During Ramadan

One of the easiest ways to seek nearness with Allah is to recite the Holy Quran. It is the best method to remember and be connected to Allah Almighty, and nothing supersedes reciting the Quran and praying. Additionally, you must also take part in zikr for more blessings from Allah during this holy month called Ramadan.

We all know that the Quran is an essential read for all Muslims; however, if you seek other books to aid in your personal growth, don’t worry! We’ve collected some titles from different genres that you can take a look at. To celebrate unity, humility, and self-improvement, we’ve put together a list to make it easier for you to select which books to read during Ramadan! To commemorate this beautiful month of blessings, Austin Macauley Publishers brings 25% off on the entire stock. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite books today and don’t forget to use the discount code: RAMADAN25.

  1. The Modern Statistic of the Most Beautiful Names of God
  2. Pillars of Islam
  3. Sada-e-Haqq
  4. Brief History of Islamic Sects
  5. Brief History of Islamic Civilization
  6. Basics in Children’s Education
  7. Nutrition Plans

Whether you are not well-versed with the concept of Ramadan or you’re just excited at the mere mention of it, these Ramadan books will satiate your thirst for knowledge with some nutritious recipes to keep you healthy during the month and afterward. These books to read in Ramadan have a little something for everyone.

We hope that all your prayers are answered this holy month of Ramadan and that you achieve all the spiritual elevation your heart desires.

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Happy and blessed Ramadan, folks!

Top Reads This Spring Season

Top reads for this spring season

With the cold and gloomy weather behind us, we cannot wait to step into spring. The winters provided us with many opportunities to hibernate indoors and enjoy some good books. But with spring approaching, we cannot wait to check out some new spring season books.

Creating time and space to enjoy your spring reads is just as important as choosing the right book. We are here to help.

We are going to look at some great places you can kick back and enjoy some spring season books.

Welcoming the Warmth of Spring by Decluttering

Spring is the time for renewal and rejuvenation. After a long cold winter, everyone wants to clean out their closets and declutter their home and life. That means your books too!

A good way to get rid of books you have not read in a while is to schedule a time during your spring holidays to clean out your bookshelves. Instead of disposing of your books, why not exchange them for new ones at your local old bookstore. Better yet, donate to a community library so others can enjoy your favourites too.

You could also lend to your friends who may need something new to read and would love to enjoy a book that you love. Bottom line, if you have read a book then it is always a good idea to clear your shelf for more great books to read.

Now we know everyone sometimes has sentimental value for specific books and you would never want to give away what you consider the best novel of all time. For example, you would never want to give away your first Harry Potter novel. Alternatively, if you have a signed copy from your favourite author, that would not be the book to give away. So before you decide to declutter, ask yourself some questions:

  • Would I ever re-read the book?
  • Do I have an emotional attachment to the book?
  • Is this something that can be replaced with another book that would have more value to me?
  • If it is a technical or educational book, do you still refer to it for guidance?

Once you have an idea, of what needs to go and what does not you can start the decluttering process. Follow the following steps:

  • Do not remove all of your books at once. Do it shelf by shelf. This way you will not feel overwhelmed and will be able to look at each book carefully before deciding what needs to go and what stays.
  • Does a book carry some monetary value because a famous author signs it or because it is an heirloom? Maybe it is considered the best non-fiction book of all time. You can decide whether you want to save it or maybe sell it.
  • Create piles for the books you want to keep and the ones you want to give away.
  • If you have magazines, it may be a good idea to separate them and decide which ones you want to keep. Instead of storing them on your bookshelf, you may want to keep a separate plastic box for them.
  • Any books that are torn or unusable should be disposed of.
  • In the end, after you have created your donate pile, decide to who you will give your books. You want to make sure whomever you give your books to that they will be used.

Springtime Reading: Why You Should Take the Time to Enjoy Spring Reads

Reading is one of the most relaxing and important self-care activities you can do this spring season. What exactly is it about reading that promotes mental health and a sense of peace?

Well, it is more complicated than you think. When we pick up a book, we are focusing on one thing rather than multitasking, something we do throughout the day. Reading a book especially a fiction book taps into our imagination. This results in reducing stress and creating a relaxing mood.

Doctors have started using reading books as a form of treatment for various mental health problems. In the UK, for instance, doctors have started using a therapy called bibliotherapy. It helps patients who are struggling with anxiety and depression.

This spring season is a great time to catch up on any spring season books you missed. With some extra time during spring break or holiday, be sure to pack a few extra spring reads that you can enjoy. Now you know that reading is not only an enjoyable activity it is important for your mental health.

Places You Can Catch up On Your Spring Season Books

Where can you read your springtime selected books? Well, many places can serve as great reading spots, but they might not have occurred to you.

Let us go over a few:

The Train

Is your early morning commute bland? Why not liven it up with a great book. The train is a great place to catch up on your reading. It is usually quiet and a place where you will not be engaging with others. It is a great time to catch up on those spring reads you have been meaning to start.

A Restaurant or Hotel Lobby

If you are eating alone or staying in a hotel for business, why not take along a great book you can read. Often people find it awkward to eat alone, but with a selection of the best books to read, you will not feel all by yourself and can enjoy a good meal and a great book to read at the same time.

A Coffee Shop

The coffee shop down at the corner or in the neighbourhood is another great place to read a book. You visit it often, so it is familiar and probably has a few quiet corners that you can use to enjoy some recommended books to read. Why not grab a coffee and catch up on that reading.

The Park

The park is a great place to read a book, especially in the springtime. You want to enjoy the outdoors while also catching some important sunrays. Why not grab some top books to read, a blanket and make it a picnic.

The Beach

The beach is a great place to read a book. With your blanket, towel, and umbrella, you can enjoy a quiet afternoon relaxing with a great selection of top reads.

Create Your Springtime Reading Corner

Another great way to get into the springtime reading mood is to create or redecorate your reading corner. After a long harsh winter, why not add some colour to your reading corner to liven up.

Let us look at some easy and quick ways to redecorate your reading corner this spring:

  • Adding colour to your walls is a great way to liven up your reading corner. With a few splashes of paint and a bright colour
  • Add colour through accents. You can put down a bright rug or a colourful throw on your reading chair. Even a colourful art piece and be a great addition.
  • Change lighting to make it brighter. Why not add a new lamp or new light fixture with a brighter bulb. It can change the mood of your entire corner.
  • Adding fairy lights or an attractive light globe can brighten up your reading corner. So affordable and easy to do.
  • Add some greenery to your reading corner by bringing in some plants. Plants add a very nice summary and spring feel. Affordable and pleasing to the eye, you will not regret the green additions.
  • Add storage bins that are bright and colourful. Why not increase your storage space while adding some colour to your reading corner.
  • A bright abstract clock can also be a great addition to your reading corner. It will help you keep track of time while also brightening up your space.

Top Spring Reads You Can Buy Today

Let us look at some great books to read that you can buy today to start the season right. We have a great list that includes some children’s books as well. If you are looking to lay back and relax in the warm sun, then these books are just for you.

Whether it is self-help or inspirational stories about faith, we have selected the perfect list of books you can enjoy with your family.

  1. Oh My God!
  2. Pain and Hope
  3. Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) Taught Me
  4. A Father’s Dream
  5. Adam’s First Day at School
  6. After Corona
  7. All Pleasures
  8. Leading the Self
  9. Elena
  10. Unforgettable Love

Welcome Spring this year with a Good Book

Springtime is here and we have listed great-recommended books to read. With the weather warming up and more opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors, why not take along your spring season books.

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for decluttering and livening up your reading corner just in time for spring. With a fresh start and a new year ahead of us, the time is better than ever to create a nice reading space. You can thank us later!

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Popular Book Cover Trends in 2022

Book cover trends 2022

The book’s cover is the first impression for the reader of what’s coming and a promise that needs to be fulfilled. If the book cover design isn’t appealing in terms of colour palette or typeface, the book is likely to be ignored. Since the time of its publication, the book will be struggling to stand out in the sea of new releases it has to be competing with.

In the past, before the latest trends in design and clever marketing strategies prevailed the books’ stories, telling them was the sole job of the book. Nowadays, with readers increasing in both substance and style, the cover has its own tale to tell. It certainly does.

The ability to tell a story by using the book’s cover may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t need to be. Similar to clothing, book designs are heavily influenced by trends, with certain things “in” and some things “out.” No one individual decides on a trend but rather, trends grow and fade depending on what’s up and coming that excites people and appeals to their aesthetics. Based on the drastic changes we’ve seen over the past few years; let’s check out the design trends that’ll dominate in 2022.

Five of The Latest Book Design Trends

Here at Austin Macauley Publishers, we’re proud to assist our authors in deciding on what suits best for the books they write when it comes to the book covers and their wishes are our utmost priority. We’ve noticed many stunning dramatic trends in book design that have proven to be popular in 2020 and 2021 and are expected to take off by 2022.

Bold Typeface

A popular and striking trend in book covers that we predict will last until 2022 will be the bold typography – the size, font and spacing of the words. In reality, there are many stunning covers that depend almost entirely on typography to convey the message. The heavy sans-serif fonts which are scaled to an impressive size instantly grab the attention and give a sense of credibility. The fonts that are lighter in sans-serif style convey an uninhibited style yet are still dramatic when enlarged to a huge size.

To create a more emotional impact, hand-drawn fonts and hand-lettered titles are a favoured style. Hand lettering is a way to convey an easy-going and wholesome tone that’s appropriate for a variety of topics.

Minimalistic Designs

While in the past, designers would try to incorporate “everything and the kitchen sink” on a book cover that included a variety of colours, fonts, and eclectic visual effects. But now, we’re witnessing an increase in simple, clean, and minimalist designs. The book covers let the titles speak for themselves and are often accompanied by only one image.

Photography That is Creatively Used

When it comes to photographs, we’re seeing the creative usage of photography becoming an emerging trend for book design. In this fashion, the typography stays simple, even dialled-down in which a single, powerful image is the focus. In most cases, this is mixed with a lot in negative space, highlighting the main subject.

Bright Colours

One design style that you’ll frequently see incorporated in other fashions is the usage of vibrant shades. Orange and bold shades of Pink and Yellow in particular is seeing a revival but there are also a variety of shades of blue like the shades of teal, aqua and cobalt. You’ll find bright colours like those often combined with striking typography or even a single striking photo or image.

Retro Imagery

The final book design trend to take into consideration to incorporate into your next book design is the usage of images from the past, such as line art of the past or halftone images. In addition to the other elements of design, retro imagery could create a playful and irreverent tone or serve as an ode to earlier times.

Beautifully Illustrated Books

Although illustrations on cover designs are used for a long time, but the designs in recent times have always been large and heavily inspired by the major illustrators from the mid-century. While these designs continue to be in use, we start to see lighter types of illustration emerge such as Ghost Wall’s delicate flower skull. There is a recurrence of line art as well. In order to create a modern look, Matisse and Picasso’s drawings are incorporated with the usual styles.

Messianic Designs

Although minimalist designs rule the world of book covers, there are some chaotic designs that we could be seeing. Book covers are readily accessible. A chaotic design has decorative items scattered over the cover of the book. The typeface that runs from top to bottom is used to create the cover.

However, a jumble of tiny and bold fonts will be on display simultaneously. Between the text and images, other elements can also be observed. The book’s cover is made to be so intricate that it looks unique, distinct, and memorable.

Integrating Current Trends Into Your Style

When you design your cover, think about what elements you could add to your cover to incorporate some of the latest fashions for a contemporary appearance. While you shouldn’t be a slave to each trend, including some of them will convey competence and professionalism through the design of your book. They let readers know that you’re in tune with the times and can build a sense of confidence.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the latest book cover trends in 2022 and will incorporate these useful ideas while designing the cover of your book. We wish you a successful writing career. Be a part of Austin Macauley by sharing your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form. Stay connected with Austin Macauley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates.

Celebrating Poetry in All Its Forms — Poetry Books and Much More!

Poetry Books

Every year, World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21st March. UNESCO established it to recognize the unique attributes of poetry that tap into the creative side of human beings. However, how do you convince your others that this is worthy of celebration as it is common to think that poetry is only for academics and posh people! Isn’t that so?

Well, that’s not true. Here are some suggestions to commemorate World Poetry Day and get everyone around you enthusiastic about poetry. We’ve also selected some soulful poetry books from our prolific authors that will tug the strings to your hearts.

Get Everyone Involved

If you’re an academic, one of the great ways to kick off the day is to encourage people to read their favourite poems at an assembly or a special gathering. You can gather teachers and other members from your institute to participate in this endeavour. It will allow students to understand that poetry is enjoyed by everyone alike. In the course of the day, staff may also travel throughout the school and come into classes to read some poems.

Parents can get involved, too. Send a note home to inform them of how your school will be celebrating and encourage them to talk to their kids about the event following the celebration. There’s no need for dress-up because it creates too much stress on parents and detracts from the message that is centred around poetry.

It’s Time to Show off Your Talents

Poetry is intended to be read aloud and experienced in all of its splendour. So make sure that the performance should be the main focus of poetry. It’s not like introducing music to your kids without asking them to listen first. So, when you participate in a poetry reading session, approach poetry in the same as you would music. A variety of videos are accessible on YouTube. Make sure to use sound effects.

Celebrate All the Beautiful Cultures Through Poetry

One of the goals for World Poetry Day is to recognize cultural diversity and oral tradition. Ensure that you’ve got plenty of poetry from all over the globe and not just your mother tongue. Trust us when we tell you; it will open your eyes to a whole new horizon of literary talents missing from your life.

Invite a Poet

If you have time, you can invite a poet. If time isn’t a factor, or on the day, investigate local poets and invite them over to your gathering. It’s much more powerful to connect the content of an ebook to a real person, and this could be a great way to make contact.

Show and Tell

One of the fun activities you can do with your peers is to ask them to bring objects (it could be anything but normal) and use it as a stimulus to show how you employ poetic techniques like alliteration adjectives, verbs, and adjectival terms. For instance, a simple torch could be “A massive torch shining its infinitesimal light across the ceiling’s dark walls.”

Play Guess Who With Friends

Gather in groups and make teams. Write positive kennings about people you all are familiar with or even famous people. Each team then has to determine who the person is.

Start Writing Your Own Poetry

Are you inspired to write your own poems but aren’t sure how to begin? What is a better day other than World Poetry Day to write your own poem, right? You can even write a poem in collaboration with your friends. In the Japanese “Renga” poem, one person writes the initial three lines (following the 5-7-5 patterns of syllables). Then, the person following adds to that by following two lines (both seven syllables).

Concentrate on the Reactions

A sudden emotional outpour does not make good poetry. Art emerges from the depths of emotions and, in return, regenerates emotion; however, it’s not just self-expression. It is an art form: a technique that must be learned and mastered. Experiencing poetry comes different for every individual, and what one person enjoys, others might dislike.

If you’re sharing one of your own poems with others and want some feedback to improve your writing style, ask them how they feel? What do they like or don’t dislike about this poem? However, do not judge their reactions. Instead, consider this as a fantastic opportunity to improve your work. After all, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to poetry, and it doesn’t even have to rhyme. All it needs is for you to play and indulge in the beauty of language and emotions.

Best Poetry Books to Read on World Poetry Day

Now that we’ve talked about the ways through which you can celebrate World Poetry Day, it’s high time to share some of the best poetry books with our fantastic readers. We have a pandora’s box filled with beautiful collections of poems by our super talented poets.

World Poetry Day is your best chance to appreciate the work of your favourite poet and the joy that poetry gives you. This day, you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible imagination of poets by spending time reading the greatest poems ever written. If you’re not interested in poetry, you can try reading a novel or a poet that you’ve not previously read.

You could also write your own poems and then send them to us via this link. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form. Stay connected with Austin Macauley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates.

Celebrating Female Power With Inspiring Stories This International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is on March 8th. It is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of powerhouse women among us who strive for gender equality and a better world for our future generations to live in. The theme for this year is to #BreakTheBias, a campaign to encourage people to accept responsibility for their beliefs and actions and stand up against prejudice in the communities, workplaces, and educational institutes.

Even though we’ve entered 2022, most of the issues we’re still battling seem to be familiar. It’s depressing to see that we still have to discuss issues like, “Do women have equal rights and control over their decisions?” But, at least, there are a plethora of feminist masterpieces which have already provided great answers to those questions, driven by the will to fight for equality.

Learning about feminism and attempting to incorporate it into your daily life does not happen overnight, but it is a continuous process that involves a myriad of perspectives to consider when you’re learning. Even though reading the top feminist literature isn’t the only method to be involved in feminism, yet it is an excellent way to learn about and consider these viewpoints. Here’s a brief overview of our top feminist books that will help amplify your understanding of the meaning of being a feminist. These titles beautifully celebrate the power of women authors.

Be Inspired

Be Inspired by Erika Cristina

For Erika, her life is a voyage — one with stunning successes and heartbreaking moments. The dreamer in her is determined to achieve her goal of traveling the world as she said, “Our thoughts are powerful, and we are bigger than our dreams as it must always exceed our capacity to achieve them.” Despite numerous challenges, she relishes her journey of self-discovery and welcomes each day with hope and prayers. Be Inspired is her attempt to let the world know that we should break all the confines and live our lives with gratitude for all that we have.


Build & Work

Build & Work by Indu Singhal

Indu Singhal leads Visual Ace Business Solutions and Emirates Business Management International Consultants in Dubai. She developed the distinctive EBM Benchmarking Partners’ Program, which has opened the door for benchmarking in the region and serves as a platform to exchange best practices for businesses. In addition to her professional activities, she is a keen gardener and loves a getaway to the mountain.

As a successful businesswoman, Indu wrote Build & Work that sheds light on the key elements that determine a company’s success. It also provides the key lessons learned from discussions with the CEOs of award-winning companies across different areas.


A Combination of My Midnight Thoughts

A Combination of My Midnight Thoughts by Dhabya Almheiri

Dhabya is a seventeen-year-old Emirati girl who began writing poetry after realizing how important it is to be aware of one’s thoughts. It doesn’t matter if they are all roses and sunshine or overshadowed by darkness; all that matters is one should know. It will be evident throughout the book, A Combination of My Midnight Thoughts, since her poems explore “Nightmares” and “Dreams.”


A Father’s Dream

A Father’s Dream by Jacqueline Al-Towayti

Jacqueline Al-Towayti confronted circumstances in her life that prevented her from finishing her studies after middle school. Her love for novels was the reason she ventured into the world of writing, where she could express her emotions and the pain she endured throughout her life. Writing became her sole outlet to cope with the pain. Her debut novel, A Father’s Dream, took ten years in making.

It tells the story of a girl named Marianne, distinguished by her intelligence and excellence, and honors everything her father says, whether she wants that for herself or not. Little did she know life has a few surprises of its own!


Almost Dead Thoughts

Almost Dead Thoughts by Ramla Jaafar Ali

Ramla was born and raised in Bahrain and grew up in a strict environment. She grew up with much love for writing and penning down her thoughts, which blossomed into a memoir, Almost Dead Thoughts. She loves learning about different languages and treasures reading different genres of literature, such as novels, poetry, and more. Almost Dead Thoughts is a peek into the author’s mind and all her pains and struggles of existence.


And the Traditions Took You from Me

And the Traditions Took You from Me by Albahia

Albahia is a beautiful woman with high spirits who has loved reading and writing since an early age. She learned from books that were useful for her until she stepped into the realms of thoughts and poetry and wrote her heart out. Her words made an impact on the readers’ hearts. She prays to God that her first attempt will be met with success. She is grateful to God for this, and even if the beginning is not to her liking, she will not quit because the journey to success is not a burden but one she aims to relish each step of the way.

And the Traditions Took You from Me encourages us all to cut off negative people from life who do nothing but pull us down and do not deserve our love and loyalty.


Between a Dream and a Wish

Between a Dream and a Wish by Omnia Alqaisi

Omnia Alqaisi has always been fascinated with the idea of exploring self-development and learning new hobbies and skills. She offers activities for women and children in self-defense and the basic principles of martial arts. She also teaches the psychological importance of self-confidence and the best way to combat bullying in peaceful steps. For the past 10 years, she has composed poems and thoughts for this book.

Her book, Between a Dream and a Wish, spreads the message of positivity and how important it is to break the mental cycle of sadness and be the best version of oneself.


A Walk in a World’s Library

A Walk in a World’s Library by Hamsa Hussein Sarmak

Hamsa has worked with several hospitals in Iraq. She has loved reading and the universe of literature since her childhood. In this book, she is sharing her journey with readers, hoping to make a difference and create a beautiful effect on the world and draw greater attention to the benefits of reading. She took on an ambitious goal to read 100 books in one year. She showcases the results of her Year of Reading trip and how it evolved her in the debut book, A Walk in a World’s Library.


After Maturity

After Maturity by Areej Barbari

Areej Barbari hails from Saudi Arabia and is a certified instructor and coach. She is passionate about the idea of self-growth and helping others evolve. Her book, After Maturity, sheds light on different aspects of life. According to her, life is not always about taking; sometimes, it’s about giving in return. Life has its ups and downs, and one learns to appreciate it with all its glory with time.


A Thug in the Corridors of the Past

A Thug in the Corridors of the Past by Asaeyl AL Jarallah

The 22-year-old Asayel Al Jarallah enjoys the perpetual fantasies that are a part of bitter reality. A medical science graduate of the nursing department is a lover of the arts, especially painting. Her book, A Thug in the Corridors of the Past, is a riveting crime story that you wouldn’t want to miss.



We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our amazing authors’ inspiring stories and their work. If you’re an aspiring writer and want to become a part of Austin Macauley’s family, then you can share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form. Stay connected with Austin Macauley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Tips and Tricks For an Organized Writing Career

Tips for an organized writing career

As a writer, it can be challenging to organize one’s writing career and be productive all the time. After all, there are so many distractions, and sometimes it can be hard to perfect balance to adjust writing and other tasks.

So if you’ve been wondering, what’s the best method to keep writing in line with other tasks? Why it’s so difficult to manage writing while juggling the obligations of daily life? Then read along to know all the answers and find solutions.

We’re pretty sure you’ll agree that not every writer can afford the luxury of opting for it as a full-time job and have to do more than write every day. So leave other things aside for a second; even if we only talk about writing, one needs to research, plan, and find the time to sit in a quiet space to let it out on paper.

The issue is:

Can you complete all of it without losing all your focus?

In this blog, we’ll share some organizing tips to create a more efficient writing career.

If you’re thinking of being a full-time writer, then you must have your reasons. You’ve always been a writer, and people always tell you that you have a gift for writing.

How do you tell if the timing is right or have the required skills?

We encourage you to get yourself involved in the art. However, if you’re looking to go pro, make sure that you’re aware of the risks you’re getting into. Writing full-time isn’t just an activity, a distraction, or a hobby. It demands discipline. It’s just like any other job.

And let us tell you that it’s not as simple as you might think.

Oh, but the benefits and satisfaction are unparalleled…

You Must Have a Dedicated Work Station

Let’s discuss your workspace first since you won’t be able to use these organizing techniques without having a space to start with! Even if you’re not an avid cleaner, it’s not easy to get much done in a space that is strewn with action figures, books, bills, papers, and knick knacks all over the place.

If you haven’t dedicated a spot yet, you need to create an office space that is tidy as well as free from clutter and distractions. It could be easier for you to accomplish or it can be challenging based on your personal life situation. While it could seem like a wonderful idea to relax on the beach and write, it’s always feasible to have a designated workspace to you use to work.

Capture Your Ideas When The Inspiration Strikes

It’s nice to be inspired, but it’s not a lot enjoyable when you’re faced with a deadline and can’t come up with anything to write. You can solve this issue by getting thoughts from your head and putting them in writing in a secure and easily accessible location. Our most favorite story of a writer who recorded things on paper is Roald Dahl. One time, Dahl found himself stuck in the middle of traffic and had a terrific idea that could be the basis for a story he was writing. He was concerned that he would forget his idea with no pen or notepad before he reached home. Dahl took off from the car, and using his fingers, he wrote “chocolate” into the dirt on his car. This was enough for Dahl to recall his concept, which later became Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It’s now easier than ever to carry the notebook you need to keep to record ideas while on the move. You can use digital tools, such as an app for your smartphone, or purchase an inexpensive notebook that can fit into your pocket.

It’s Time to Get on Top of Your Unruly Research

As a serious writer, part of what you do is step outside of your comfort zone and then research to find the next thing. The Kindle simplifies research because it lets you highlight and add notes for the most important information you find. Using the Kindle Cloud Reader, you can browse books and locate your annotations quicker than if you were flipping through the pages of a paperback.

Evernote is a great tool for non-fiction writers as well. The app lets you label articles using terms such as “ideas,” “fiction,” or ‘copywriting,’ and anything else that comes up. If you’re looking for notes on a certain subject, it’s best to use Evernote with the tag relevant to your search, and it is like your instant personal library.

Minimize Distractions

Once you have your workspace, you must also make sure that you minimize any outside distractions. Also, based on the circumstances, it may be simpler to keep distractions at a minimum for certain than for other people. If you’re a mom, you’re aware of how challenging it is to leave the house to get work done or wait until your children are asleep to squeeze working without distractions.

You can check out these amazing tips on how you can squeeze in 4 hours per day to write.

Another method to reduce distractions is to invest in top-quality headphones that block noise.

No matter if you’re in the park or at your coffee shop of choice, it can be helpful to keep you organized and focused.

Let the Editor Walk Off the Room

You’re probably your worst critic. What do you think? If that’s the case, then you’re fired. Particularly when you’re in the early draft phase, you need to get the ideas down. Nothing will sabotage your flow, quite like the inner grammar hawk. Don’t fret about it if you realize you’ve made an error while writing your draft. It will be discovered later while you’re making edits.

Grammar, spelling, format, and templates are vital but not as vital as having something to say. Editing is a futile exercise if you don’t reach the finish line or if you never finish the sentence at all. Keep going and return to the process later.

Don’t Let Overworked About Writing Tools 

Digital writing tools of today might be effective, but you’ll devote more time searching for the ideal setup instead of writing. You need to remind yourself that Shakespeare or Tolstoy did just fine without computers or the internet.

Your writing tools on the internet are designed to help you write and are never more important than showing up putting in the sweat and tears. It’s a good idea to use as few tools as required and focus on improving your craft and forming connections with your readers.

Set Goals and Track Progress

Setting achievable goals can keep you focused and efficient. If you define your goals using steps and a timeline, you can manage your work more feasibly. Create both long and short-term goals, and add milestones on your calendar to ensure that you’re on the right track.

To ensure you reach your goals within the time you have set, be sure to keep track of your improvement. Monitoring your progress can assist you in identifying the time of day you are most efficient. You might, for instance, observe that you are more productive during the first few days of the week or in the morning. Based on this, you will know which days to focus on your most pressing tasks.

The best ways to track your progress include recording the time you worked, adding up the hours you spent on the project, and making time in your schedule to complete the tasks.

Pause and Refuel

Breaks are a great way to remain focused and productive. Breaks can keep you focused as you don’t overwork your body in a short amount of time. As a result, it is possible to be more productive for longer. In your breaks, go for a walk or grab a bite. Be sure to take your break from your workstation to reset your focus completely.

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Share the Love of Books This International Book Giving Day

International Book Giving Day

Books are the key to comprehending the world that surrounds us. Whether it’s enchanting tales by Dr. Seus, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, or history books for that matter, there is always something to be learned from them. As we grow older, it is crucial for us to be able to access these stories to study as well as to fantasize and evolve. Yet, many kids are not privileged enough to have books, or some may not be as inclined to read as their peers do. This is what led to the creation of International Book Giving Day.

International Book Giving Day was initially originated in the United Kingdom and it is now celebrated across the globe. It takes place on February 14th and is a way of encouraging the love of reading and books in children. This is a fantastic initiative that everyone can participate in. The participants do this by sharing their most loved stories and gifting the books to others. All you need to do is gift a book to a child, as simple as that. There are numerous ways you can participate in this project, so do your bit and get involved in any possible way you can.

If you are you considering donating some of your books, then there are several ways you can do this on International Book Giving Day.

Donate Your Books to the Free Little Library

Have you ever seen a birdhouse stuffed with books? Well, these are Free Little Libraries! These are libraries where you can get the book you want to read and then, in return, give the book back in exchange for it to be in their stock. There are numerous of them situated in public areas found in cities and towns across the world.

Take Part in Book Collection and Recycling Programs

There are many other international and local programs that you can contribute to. These programs give books to people who lack access to library services or locations to purchase books. The suggested programs by the organizers include Room to Read, The Book Bus, and First Book.

Give it to Someone That You Already Know

Do you want to opt for something more personal? If yes, then the best way to do that is to encourage your family members and friends to read, learn and experience a whole new world that the books offer. Share the books you love and indulge in a healthy discussion surrounding the themes. This will enable them to discover things and make them more enthusiastic about reading.

Take Part in Activities Proposed by International Book Giving Day

Visit the How To Page on the #BookGivingDay website and discover how you can become a book-giver. There are a lot of great ideas as well as beautifully illustrated bookplates and bookmarks on their website that you can download.

Our Recommendations For Young Readers:

Reading is a great way for kids to be entertained and expand the realms of their imagination, boost creativity, improve their understanding of culture, and aid in language development and learning. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the suggested books that you can share with the little ones.

Into the Arabian Sea, Hessa the Hawksbill Turtle

Into the Arabian Sea, Hessa the Hawksbill Turtle

This book is designed to teach kids, in a playful way, about the many dangers that hawksbill turtles face as they begin their journey towards the ocean. Let’s follow Hessa, an endangered hawksbill hatchling, as she fights her journey from her nest towards the sea on Abu Dhabi’s nesting beaches. Can Hessa find a way to figure out all the mysteries to get to the new home she’s been searching for? Grab a copy to find out.


Visiting the Feelings Doctor

Visiting the Feelings Doctor

This book tells the story of Luke, who had a hard time coping with the big changes happening in his life. He moved to a new country and started a new school, and all these changes made him sad and angry.

We all go through moments in life when we feel a little down. In such dire times, a visit to a psychologist can do wonders for children and their families to deal with such issues. This story aims to remove the stigma surrounding therapy.


Adam's First Day at School

Adam’s First Day at School

The first day of school can be super exciting but also nerve-wracking at the same time. In this book, the readers get to meet Adam and follow him on his journey as he looks forward to his first day at school. He is eager to make new friends and meet his teachers. What will he learn in his first lesson? Grab a copy to find out more.


Dream Land

Dream Land

When they are in Dream Land, Shamma and her buddy Dana meet a fairy named Ilah, who gives them a tour of her home. Ilah nudges the two girls to wake up, and they all head for a walk in the park. The brewing storm continues to calm down, and Shamma is amazed. This colourful read will captivate the hearts of young readers.


Larry the Leprechaun

Larry the Leprechaun

In this delightful read, the readers are introduced to Larry the Leprechaun, who is the most cunning of all leprechauns on Farmer Murphy’s farm. He has a big crock of gold and is the only leprechaun yet to be caught by a human. However, Farmer Murphy’s daughter, Joan, who was searching for his crock of gold, eventually captures him. But will she get it, or will Larry outwit her? Get a copy now to find out more.


The Mysterious Creatures

The Mysterious Creatures

This fascinating story revolves around an interesting and peculiar adventure that a boy lives through this book. We must warn you to read this book with caution because you may never know who will come to you for a surprise visit!


To The Circus Lights

To The Circus Lights

To see the circus in town, triplets Marlee, Danny and George woke up early. After deciding to go and see the circus, a thrilling adventure unfolds every step of their way. Attracted by the multitude of circus performers and animals, the spectacle is now over, and it’s time to get back. With their mother waiting for them to come to return for tea, what will they do to return to their home?


We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested titles. Book lovers around the world love this holiday. It’s a time for sharing your passion for books with others, particularly children who may not have the same access to books as you have. It’s not a mere coincidence that this day happens to be on the same day as Valentine’s Day — after all, #BookGivingDay is about two things: the love we share for books and fellow beings.

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