Five Poetry Books You Cannot Resist to Read This Autumn

Poetry—its creation and appreciation—is a part of our DNA. Since time began, poetry has been our emphatic companion, feeding our minds and healing our souls. It’s like lenses we wear to see the world differently, understand people and emotions more profoundly, and broaden the horizons of our thoughts…more freely.

Poets transform what we see as mundane thoughts into beautiful words. They give life to inanimate objects in such a vivid way as if they are alive, talking to us and comprehending us. And it’s after this transformation that we are able to observe beauty and purpose even in such trivial happenings. They put into words love, romance, beauty, nature, peace, dreams, compassion and humour.

Autumn—the favourite time of the year for poets and poetry enthusiasts—is upon us.  Below we have included a handful  of our poetry books. Dive into this collection and cherish this autumn with these heartfelt and powerful collections of poems.


Hearts Fell Apart

Book: Hearts Fell Apart
Author: Ahmed Saeed

Hearts Fell Apart is a book of moving poems. Standing at the crossroads of his life, Ahmad Saeed asks himself: Where is the beloved, and where is the path to her? Away from his true and innocent love, burning in the cruel period of separation, his words feel like the embers of lost love. The poems in this book will make their way into the deepest corners of your heart. You’ll find yourself in the shoes of the writer, crying when the writer cries, smile when he smiles and express the hopes of his lover’s return when he does so. Order your copy here at 30% off and give yourself a meaningful ride in the wilderness of your own heart.



So Many Hats (or Veils)

Book: So Many Hats (or Veils)
Author: Wid Kattan

So Many Hats (or Veils) is a book of poems which will compel you to ask yourself this important question: ‘Who am I and what is this hat I am wearing?’

Every one of us plays many and different roles in this one and only  life. The author represents these roles with wearing hats. Can you make a connection with someone who wears hats that you can’t understand? Hats that even seem to be intimidating? Could one wear many hats without losing oneself? These are the themes the poet explores in her poetry. Grab a copy of this thought-provoking book at 30% off here.



On Par With Emotions

Book: On Par With Emotions
Author: Daham El mezrab

What makes a book of poems so remarkable is the fact that it stirs various emotions in you simultaneously. One poem can be cathartic, another reassuring; one verse brutal, another very tender. Written to relieve personal struggles and stress, On Par with Emotions expresses emotions that force a connection with the readers. It has violated poetic laws, and has religiously followed them; has poetic madness, but devotion towards Godly mysticism too. Honestly and sincerely expressed, these poems will take you to a world of your own, providing you with the much-needed retreat into your own self. Claim a copy of this beautiful book at 30% off here.



Full Stop

Book: Full Stop
Author: Esra’a Yousef

It’s rare that a spontaneous train of thoughts strikes our mind, giving a continuous flow to words as if these words are a stream of water, liberally coming from a benevolent fountain. But when you notice this much profuse flow of words, be assured that there is a great secret behind the writer—the secret which must carry meaning for you. Full Stop is one such book. Immerse yourself in this amazing read, available at 30% off and live through the striking characters the poet has portrayed in her poetry.




Twenty Five

Book: Twenty Five
Author: Shoaq A. Aljuhani

Twenty Five is a small but beautiful anthology of poems. These poems tell the story of incidents the writer experienced in 11 months—a period covering the transition of the writer. These 11 months shaped her thoughts, her beliefs and tested her sanity in various ways. Get a copy of this perspective-changing book at 30% off here to know what happened to the writer and how she responded to the changes she saw coming.





We believe these popular poetry books will satisfy your literary taste buds. If you want to explore more, we have much more in store for you. Click here and pick your favourite titles at 30% off.

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Infuse Your International Literacy Day With Our Knowledge-Filled Educational Books

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles William Eliot




International Literacy Day is celebrated on the 8th of September across the world. Founded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the intention behind the day is to highlight the significance of literacy as an  essential human right, and to further the literacy agenda to create a more informed and sustainable society.

As the population is increasing, the illiteracy rate is increasing as well, with over 100 million people across the globe lacking basic literacy skills. The purpose of literacy day is to tackle this growing concern with the objective of ensuring every person in the world can read and write.

As an internationally renowned publishing house, Austin Macauley Publishers is playing its essential role in eradicating illiteracy.  We have a wide range of educational books for people of all ages, providing the tools to become informed and educated in the literary world.

Below are a few books to add to your bookshelf this International Literacy Day to elevate your knowledge on different topics!

Mutualism, Commensalism, and Parasitism are three naturally existing interactions between two distinct species. Symbiosis is the interaction based on mutualism, where both individuals get the benefit. In business, the term symbiosis occurs when stakeholders act as true partners for mutual gains. This book discusses the key relationships, hospitality management, and the complex operational dynamics of two major stakeholders of a hotel. The critical relationship is examined for improvement, ideal for anyone related to the hospitality industry or looking towards a career in hospitality.

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After moving to Dubai, the author Cristina  was heavily involved in uplifting the profile of the Arab world. In this book, she talks about her  ambition to bring the king’s parade event —an event celebrated for global peace —to Dubai. The event is currently celebrated in Spain on 5th January to welcome the kings and their lavish entourage. This book is a great opportunity to have a wider understanding of global peace events, their locations and traditions.

Grab this exciting book at 30% off!


This five-chapter-long book discusses multiple factors related to disasters and crisis management. It guides the reader to deal with crisis and informs about the steps needed to surpass their destructive effect. The book includes extensive information on the planning and response management of various entities. With further discussions about disasters that occurred in the past, their effects, and how they were tackled, this educational book uses real life examples and advice to help learn and develop your knowledge of how to crisis manage.

Buy this informative read at 30% off!


The book deals with the significant issue of contemporary zakat. The issue is addressed in two ways—the agricultural production cost and the exploitation of factories. The author has created a beautiful summary of the views of old and recent scholars in this educational book. The book is a wonderful guide on the topic of Zakat.

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We hope that these educational books will help increase your knowledge of areas that you might have overlooked.

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Make Your Kid an Avid Reader with Austin Macauley’s Incredible Reads

Book reading is a habit that not only helps children and young adults with their academics, but also helps them to explore their imagination and adventurous minds.

Inculcating book reading habits in children is of utmost importance for their learning and should not be missed at a younger age. You can develop this habit by reading children’s books together whether it be a bedtime story, or a daytime adventure! Set a reading time and demonstrate the love for books to them.

Austin Macauley brings a collection of interesting and moral oriented children’s books to help your children develop a reading habit.


Book: At Grandmother Hissa’s House 
Author: Abdulrahman Mohammed Almahimeed

The amazingly written children’s fictional story that is going to teach your children about different colours and shades of life and how to tackle difficulties that will occur over the span of their life.

Get a copy of this book at 30% off!


Blossoming Kindness

Book: Blossoming Kindness
Author: Yasmine Hammad

Some if not all people have the habit of speaking unkindly about themselves. Grandpa Hadid will teach you the real meaning of kindness and tolerance. Use your heart, thoughts and hands to make this world a better place.

Grab a copy at 30% off!



Munir the Millionaire

Book: Munir the Millionaire 
Author: Zainab Ali Albahrani

The inspiring story of an intelligent child, Munir, with a unique ability of keen observation. He stays updated with his surroundings and wishes to have huge sums of money once he is older. Follow his journey as he makes plans to achieve his goals.

Get a copy today and enjoy 30% off!



How a Whale and the Moon Helped Me

Book: How a Whale and the Moon Helped Me 
Author: Sarab Al Ani

The main character of the story, Yasmine, wants an electronic tablet but her father is reluctant to buy her one. Read the book to find out what she will do to get one and how a whale and the moon helped her complete her mission.

Grab your copy and avail 30% off!



To The Circus Lights

Book: To The Circus Lights 
Author: Richard Anthony Chudzynski

Marlee, Danny and George woke up one day and find out that a circus has come to their town. They decided to visit the circus, and their journey gets filled with many adventures. They are mesmerized by the events at the circus. The spectacle finishes at night, but their mother is waiting for them at home. Will they make it to home in time?

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We hope that our suggested children’s books will help your children to develop a habit of book reading.

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Autobiographies: A Collection of Our Authors’ Inspiring Life Experiences

Everyone has a story that needs to be heard. An Autobiography is a compilation of an individual’s life stories which he or she shares with readers. Through an autobiography, you can share your experiences, stories and events with the world.

There are different forms of autobiographies. A full autobiography lets you share your entire life whereas a memoir discusses a specific part or event of your life. Confessional autobiographies let people confess what they otherwise cannot while spiritual events and experiences are shared in a spiritual autobiography.

We are sharing our top inspiring autobiography books written by our authors. Give them a read to get inspired and start writing a story of your own today.

If you already have it, submit it here and become a published author with Austin Macauley.

Amina Defies Difficulties

Book: Amina Defies Difficulties
Author: Amna Faisal Husain Alshamsi

A real-life story that teaches you to not let any disability bring you down. Rather focus on strengthening the remaining senses. Whoever tries succeeds and whoever plants, enjoys the fruit.


Listen to Me

Book: Listen to Me
Author: Jawaher Mohammed Alnoami

Listen to Me is the story of Jawaher Mohammed’s life, with a message of never giving up. The writer asks a question that, is there anyone who can hear the river of tears inside someone? The answer he gets is no. Instead, he gets a feeling from within to get up and hold on to the floor that brought him down. Learn from your failures and turn them to success. An inspiring story to increase your enthusiasm and stability.

My Mister

Book: My Mister
Author: Nayla

A book based on stories regarding many misconceptions and ideas that surround us in our society. Marital infidelity can be from either partner. Some accept it, while others don’t tolerate and reject it. The responsibility of raising the next generation is thrown entirely on mothers when it is equally a fathers’ responsibility as well. In the end, the writer included a few poems by different poets for all the wonderful women out there.


To My Father in Paradise

Book: To My Father in Paradise
Author: Wadha Al-Marzooqi

To My Father in Paradise is an evocative recollection of an ailing father on his death bed. The author rues the worldly system that turns a person back to adolescence with age. She scornfully wishes to end the world that brought this misery on her beloved father. The story is reflective of the love that a daughter has for her father and how difficult it is to separate from your loved ones.

Nothing and Everything All at Once

Book: Nothing and Everything All at Once
Author: Sabrina Marie

This book is the story of the author as she embarks on the journey to recovery after being sexually assaulted. It reflects her choices to help her move on. The story is written in the present with flashbacks. Walk along with Sabrina Marie as she explains the nightmares and hidden pains after these events.

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We hope that the shared stories of these authors will encourage and motivate you to start writing your autobiography.

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Eid Blessings! Celebrating Eid Al Adha With Austin Macauley Publishers

Eid al Adha is one of the holiest celebrations of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide. The festival is also known as ‘festival of sacrifice”.

The day of Eid al Adha is celebrated on the tenth day of the last month of the Islamic calendar, Dhu-ul-Hajj. The day of celebration depends on the legitimate sighting of the moon followed by the completion of Pilgrimage to the Holy Ka’aba (The Hajj). Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Every year millions of Muslims  gather in Makkah, Saudi Arabia to perform this religious duty.

According to the Holy Quran:

“Those who can make their way, must surely once in their lifetime take the sacred journey to Makkah.”

Although the date of Eid al Adha stays the same according to the Islamic calendar but it varies on the Gregorian calendar. This is because the Islamic calendar is lunar-based (i.e. based on moon) and ten days shorter than the Gregorian calendar which is based on the sun.

History Behind Eid al Adha

The celebration of Eid al Adha is celebrated to pay homage to the Prophet Ibrahim’s (Peace Be Upon Him) devotion to Almighty Allah and his willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail. At the very moment of sacrifice, Allah replaced his son with a lamb from the heavens through the angel Jibraeel (Gabriel). The lamb was slaughtered instead. This command of Allah was a test for the honorable Prophet Ibrahim and his commitment to obey his Lord’s command without any question. This is the reason Eid al Adha is also known as the Eid of sacrifice.

Rituals of the Day

Several traditions are followed by the followers of Islam on this day. Men, women and children dress in neat clothes and gather in mosques earlier in the day to offer the Eid prayers. After the prayer, those who can afford, sacrifice one or more animals. The animal choice can vary from a goat, camel, sheep, cow or buffalo. This sacrifice is a sign of Muslim’s willingness to please and surrender before Allah as Ibrahim did. As the sacrifice is being made, Muslims say a special statement praising the highness of the Almighty. After the sacrifice is made, one-third of the meat is kept by the one and his family who has sacrificed the animal, one third to relatives, friends or neighbors and the last one-third is distributed among the poor.

Eid al Adha 2020 will be celebrated on July 31st in UAE and many other countries of the world.

Make your Eid day productive and fun with our book suggestions. Blossoming Kindness by Yasmine Hammad highlights that you are not alone if you think or speak unkindly about yourself or others. You can change into a better person if you follow some acts of kindness. Learn to counter and avoid problems in your married life with Fifty Tips for a Happy and Balanced Married Life by Dr. Mohammed Allam. Change into a better and happy person and learn the meaning of true happiness with Happiness: Get it, Keep it, Oh…And Enjoy It! by Dr. Louise Lambert. Green Leaves of a Dry Trees by Zakia Hashim Basri will teach you how to overcome your sufferings and turn them into blessings.

Get all our amazing books online at 30% off this Eid al Adha on our website.

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Austin Macauley Publishers wish you and your family a very happy Eid al Adha. May this day be filled with joy and pleasure!

Enjoy and Learn With Austin Macauley’s Educational Reads

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”  Albert Einstein


The pursuit of education is one of the most crucial aspects of life. Education is what empowers us. It gives us knowledge of the world and allows us to experience life in all its wonderful colours.

Here are our educational book recommendations to keep you busy and enhance your knowledge.


A Practice

Book: A Practice 
Author: Judith Marti Baumrin 

A Practice is a story of twelve school students taking one-on-one teaching lessons with a tutor. The tutor is a trained psychologist and explains the trials and triumphs of therapeutic tutoring. For twenty years, she practiced remedial tutoring inspired by different theories and teaching methods. Finally, she brought her approach to Horace Mann Middle School and it became the foundation for the learning-disabled children program.

Aircraft Ground Handling

Book: Aircraft Ground Handling
Author: Subash S Narayanan 

In a very simple-to-understand language, this book explains the knowledge and process involved in an aircraft’s ground handling. The book also gives an overview of agencies working at the airport, an overview of the airport, and basic aviation knowledge for interested people. Aircraft ground handling is one of the most important and crucial functions and is done by ground handling companies (GHA). GHAs have to follow strict laws which the book explains comprehensively. The processes are critical, skilled manpower is required and specialized equipment is involved to ensure the safety and punctuality. The book is bringing forth the knowledge to empower the reader.


Philosophy of Excellence

Book: Philosophy of Excellence 
Author: Dr. Abdullah Attoun

Adam was the newest creature to the human history and his uniqueness astonished everyone. His descendants, however, were divided into two groups. One group called themselves “The Unique” and had distinguishing parameters between them. The other group called themselves “The Simple” who believed that every human should be like Adam. This culture is still alive.


The Bilingual Revolution

Book: The Bilingual Revolution 
Author: Fabrice Jaumont 

Fabrice Jaumont is nicknamed as the “God Father of Language Immersion Programs” by The New York Times in 2014 because of his 25-years experience of international education and multilingual program development. He received many awards for his skills. He has applied his experience for different communities living in the United States by helping them develop bilingual courses. The Bilingual Revolution is an original story of a Brooklyn movement told from the eyes of parents and tutors. The book encourages schools to provide complete participation to normalize bilingualism as it can positively transform a child.


The Chemistry of Passion Lab

Book: The Chemistry of Passion Lab 
Author: Hiba El Ayal 

Hiba is a Lebanese, born in UAE and has diversified experience in multinational corporate companies. She is passionate about education and self-development and is creating a system that explains the step-by-step procedure to lead a life full of passion and meaning.


Get all our amazing books online at 30% off on our website.


We hope that enjoy our book recommendations of the best books to read and increase your knowledge.

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Interesting Tips to Make Your Summers More Productive

Summer vacations are the most awaited period of the year. It’s the time when either people get to sit back and relax or plan to travel and pursue their outdoor activities. This year may be a little different.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to make your summers productive while staying at home. Here’s our suggestions to make these summers productive and worth enjoying. Have a look:


If you aren’t already into this great habit of book reading, this is the best time to develop it. Vacation is the perfect time to add more books to your list. Enhance your knowledge and open up your mind. Reading reduces stress and improves your focus and concentration along with the memory. It is a constant source of entertainment not just for adults but for kids as well. The most fruitful advantage of reading is that it helps you improve your writing skills.

Here are some educational books and kids reading books suggested to keep you busy this summer.

Blossoming Kindness

Book: Blossoming Kindness 
Author: Yasmine Hammad 

Blossoming Kindness is an educative children’s read. The author ask readers whether they have a habit of speaking or thinking unkindly for others or your own self? If yes, then let grandpa Hadid teach you the real meaning of kindness and tolerance. Learn the art of using your heart, thoughts, and hands to make this world a better place.


Munir the Millionaire

Book: Munir the Millionaire 
Author: Zainab Ali Albahrani 

Story of an intelligent kid, Munir with an ability of keen observation. He keeps himself updated with the surrounding events and wants to have an ample amount of money when he grows up. Follow his journey as he makes plans to achieve his goals.


Engineering Project Management Highlighted from Design to Execution

Book: Engineering Project Management Highlighted from Design to Execution 
Author: Eng. Abdullah Theeb Qandil 

Ever fascinated by the engineering works going around in your surroundings? This book will guide you through all the steps and processes involved in planning any engineering-related work and the dangers and obstacles faced at each stage.


Linguistic Planning and Policies in the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Book: Linguistic Planning and Policies in the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia 
Author: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Tajjo 

This book answers many questions and sub-questions related to the linguistic planning experience and policies in the Baltic states and the evolution of these experiences over the period of time.


Fifty Tips For a Happy and Balanced Married Life

Book: Fifty Tips For a Happy and Balanced Married Life 
Author: Dr. Mohammed Allam 

To avoid problems in your married life, it is very important to know where these problems are coming from. Many problems can be avoided if the root cause is known. This book lists down all the hurdles and topics that hinder the happiness of a married life. Read this book to know the secrets of a happy married life.



Writing allows you to pen down all your dreams and fantasies. Writing novels, short stories, or small journals help you release stress and increases the horizon of your imagination. Writing is not as simple as it might seem. Here are some tips for all beginners.

You cannot edit a blank page so start writing. No matter how bad you write the first time but do not stop, eventually you will improve. Make sure there are no distractions around you while you are writing. Make use of the internet and your imagination. Always get a feedback for your betterment. Lastly, read a lot. The more you read, the more easily words flow while writing.

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We hope that you and your children enjoy our suggestion of the best books to read during summers and all the writing tips to make your summer productive.

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Our Top Fantasy Books For All Fantasy Lovers

For so many of us, fantasy novels are a quintessential summer read. The budding romance, intrigue, and adventure sweep the readers away from the existential drudgery of routine life. Keep yourself guessing and engaged with fascinating plots and beautiful characters. Many young readers are hooked on the genre as fantasy books provide an escape into a whole new world of imagination.

With the ongoing pandemic, there is nothing like picking up a good fantasy read tocheck out for a while. We have scoured the depths of our amazing fantasy books that are worth your time. Our must-read fantasy books feature everything you need to add a bit of magic to your life.

Some of our best fantasy books are listed below:

Legacy of Foggy Village

Book: Legacy of Foggy Village 
Author: Mezoon Alnaqbi 

Legacy of Foggy Village is a story of true friendship and a strong bond between two young men. Akihiro, who is reckless, wants the purple card so that he can be the strongest man of his village. Becoming the strongest man is hard as he faces many problems and challenges during this journey. Sometimes, he has problems with his friendships, loyalty of the people around him and many trust issues. On the other hand, Hiroushi always wanted a brother and he finds one in Akihiro.



Book: Inversion 
Author: Arwa Altaib 

The story of this book revolves around life and death. How are we living our lives in this world and how should we live our life for the better

In the author’s perspective, we try to find peace on the battlefield and integrity in the lands of corruption. Instead of living a joyful life, we spendour lives in pain, whereas, our actual life starts after death. Then why are we so scared of death?



Book: Life 
Author: Khalid 

Life revolves around how humans are constantly searching for safe harbours. In this journey, sometimes the protagonists feel that they have lost the harbour and sometimes it feels like they are on the journey of boredom. During this journey, we meet many characters but we never figure out who the characters are and what are we looking for between fantasies and dreams.


Tales from Al Baha

Book: Tales from Al Baha 
Author: Mohammad Ahmed Al-Ghamdi 

This book is all about the tales from the cities of Saudi Arabia, named Ghamed and Zahran. It is based on true events that happened more than 40 years ago in a small village located in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The author fantasizes the story in the novel so that it attracts many readers to read about history.


Searching Adventures

Book: Searching Adventures 
Author: Mezoon Alnaqbi 

Searching Adventures is full of mystery and suspense. You never know what’s going to happen next. The story is about an adventure that is waiting for Kyle who is being taken away by an unknown person to the Renion Island. After this incident, Kyle’s life completely changes.


We hope our fantasy books will help you in building your reading habits and you will enjoy reading them.

All our books are at 30% off!

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Top Inspirational Books for Women to Read in Summer 2020

Women may have a lot to say and write from their wonderful experiences at home, at professional workplaces, as mothers, wives and daughters. At the same time, every experience is a learning for them and the ones they deal with. One of the many ways to learn from others’ experiences is by purchasing a good book to read with an inspirational theme. Are you looking for suggestions about what book to read or which genre to select? We have a collection of amazing books to read for women answering all these questions.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”
-Diane Mariechild

Recommended Books to Read for Women:


Book: Homes 
Author: Dr. Nuha Talal Ibrahim Zelai

Homes is a story that relates to real houses and homes around us from people of different backgrounds. Where people are living their lives with the same routine. The story narrates a girl who is ordinary-looking and fairly normal life. It’s not about her marriage rather it expresses her sorrows through which every Arabic woman goes through in real life.



Amina Defies Difficulties

Book: Amina Defies Difficulties
Author: Amna Faisal Husain Alshamsi

This is a story based on real events explaining the experience of a person who can only use four of his senses. The author wants to encourage people who are unprivileged and can use only a few of their senses. If an individual isn’t gifted with all the senses, then one may focus on other senses and make them strong. It is all about continuous improvement and betterment.



Freedom of Choice

Book: Freedom of Choice 
Author: Amena AlBasher

Freedom of Choice relates to an incident that changed the author’s life when she comes back home and finds her mother in fear. Upon asking, the author finds out that an official report is lodged against her by a co-worker who always wants to be the best. This is the moment that changes everything. She always wanted to leave this job as she isn’t satisfied with her job. Is this the moment for her to leave the job?



Nothing and Everything All at Once

Book: Nothing and Everything All at Once 
Author: Sabrina Marie

Nothing and Everything All at Once is a story reflecting true events happened through the authors life. She explains the experience of sexual assault and how she recovers from it. This inspirational read is all about women empowerment and how women should face the world and become the best version of themselves.




Book: Grandmother Fran’s ACCIDENTAL ARSONIST 
Author: Carol Moxham Boot

This book has themes of crime. The full name of Grandmother Fran is Frances Plum. She is a native of an old farm community in Niagara County, New York. There are three main roles in this story and some side roles as well. Each character is connecting dots that will lead to the climax of the story.



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Impact of COVID-19 on Authors, Publishers and Book Readers

In recent times, the drastic growth of COVID-19 pandemic has its immediate, emotional and psychological impact on every individual worldwide. To everyone’s surprise, despite all the technological advancement and access, people are still facing a communication dilemma. This situation has now been deep-rooted among readers and writers in the publishing sector. The impact of COVID-19 on publishing industry is making it evolve and adapt digital means to operate.

For some, this period is expected to bring a monetary dropout, loss of expenses and lack of accessible resources. From the look of events, it seems that the small-scale book industries, independent bookstores and small publishing agencies may get adversely affected during these times.

This pandemic has affected published authors, book readers, publishers and distributors globally. Let’s take a look at some of its effects on those related to the publishing industry:

Big Revolutions in the Electronic Business

As we all believe that the present situation along with all its worries, has brought some untraceable revolutions in our lives. One of these is that avid readers and book enthusiasts are spending most of their time of self-isolation with digital reads including eBooks and audiobooks. With this sudden boom of interest in book reading, authors and publishers are now digitalizing the published content to catch maximum eyes and views.

Enhanced Personal Productivity

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the crossword of uncertainties has certainly brought an innovative and surprising realization of reading to even those who never preferred to read. This is because book reading is one of the easiest solutions to kill most of the time with productivity and awareness during this lockdown phase, spread almost in every part of the world. Some may consider book reading as a perfect way to procrastinate and to get away with most of their day.

Economic Decline

The economic recession has its repercussions in the purchase of books since publishers have been knocked out from east to west by shutdowns. Many public book fairs and exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed, resulting in some issues for trusted publishing houses and distributors.

Rise in Online Sales

The bombardment of eBooks on the internet has managed to increase the sales as well as brighten up the future business prospects for online dealers in the book publishing and purchasing sectors. Similarly, famous writers and readers have come to know the importance of online written content as well.

Doors of Opportunity

Various online platforms are developed where there are handy audiobooks and ebooks with easy fonts to facilitate all. Hence, turning this business into a new hub of possibilities for all aspiring authors.

Increased Social Media Presence

With the increase of social distancing and staying indoors, business and individuals have started focusing on their presence on social media. This has also urged authors and readers to interact with each other as a lot of book signings, book readingsand other similar events have been called off. Live online sessions, online question and answer discussions and other methods have helped literature lovers to stay connected with their favourite authors.

We’d like to conclude it with a hope for you to find your favourite pick online and enjoy reading it while you’re in self-isolation.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated to all our new releases every month. Use our hashtag #StayBookedStayHome if you are reading or writing a book these days.


Stay safe and happy reading!

How to Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the whole of humanity is in doom and gloom. With countries under lockdown, masses facing changes in their lifestyles, businesses struggling financially and negative news from the health sector escalating globally, it has become arduous for optimists to stay positive. In these trying times, only a positive attitude can keep stressful and worrisome thoughts away.

At times like these, aberrant thoughts overwhelm the mind, however, a little effort can act as a vital cog in the wheel of a prosperous life. Therefore, we are presenting a few tips that will help you stay optimistic during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Confine Your News Intake

While staying informed is vital, keeping a balance in your news intake is equally necessary. Do not overwhelm yourself with nerve-racking news. Remember that every post you see on social media especially, is not necessarily true. Therefore, stick yourself to authentic sources only. Instead of listening to the news the whole day, try limiting your time for the news intake.

  • Practice Gratitude

While you stay home safe and sound, keep reminding yourself of those suffering from the disease. Think of all the blessings you have and be grateful. Remember, you are not alone. The whole world is suffering. Therefore, be patient, stay home, keep safe, practice gratitude, help those in need and together we will weather this storm.

  • Meditate Regularly

Known as the exercise of the mind, meditation is a great way to calm your nerves. While you practice social distancing, follow a morning meditation routine. Breathe in all the positivity and exhale all the negativity within. It will not only keep you fresh but will also help you fight negative thoughts by releasing the endorphins which stabilize the mood and increase the feelings of well-being.

  • Revive Your Relationship with God

The belief that the Holy Master is having a keen eye on you and will not leave you alone in times of hardships itself alleviates the suffocation of difficult times. While you stay at home, work on your relationship with God. Spend some time worshipping and talking to Him daily.

Oh My God!

Book: Oh My God!
Author: Wad Hangol

Our beautiful book Oh My God! by Wad Hangol would turn you into a paragon of optimists. The book has a beautiful message of hope in it for its readers. The book is a collection of short stories that inspire readers to stay positive by attaining God’s satisfaction.




  • Write Your Heart Out

Writing is a creative outlet to express your concealed thoughts and feelings. They say writing heals your soul; therefore, we suggest you pour your heart out and give writing a shot. Talented budding-writers are already flourishing during social-distancing. Begin writing whatever you like, a story you long made up in your mind, versify your thoughts or store your life journey in the form of words. You will observe a positive change within you. Learn how to become an author by clicking here.

Once you end your story, share it with others to inspire them. You can send it to us at ‘‘ to get it published. The sense of achievement will strengthen and empower you. You can also visit our submissions page for further details.

  • Invest Time on Your Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to keep yourself busy and deviate wandering thoughts. While you stay at home with limited activities to do, find yourself a hobby that would not only be a good spare time activity but will also be therapeutic. Set a workout routine, try out your cooking skills or spend time with plants as they nurture optimism. Bring life into the hobbies you had long kept quiescent due to the busy routine. Also, practice recalling positive thoughts throughout the day.

  • Read as Many Books as You Can!

Research says reading alleviates stress up to 68%. We suggest you read books about positivity and inspirations. The following three books available at 30% off are a must-read for you.

Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It!

Book: Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It!
Author: Dr Louise Lambert

Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It! by Dr Louise Lambert is a guide to achieve long-lasting happiness through pragmatic strategies such as gratitude letter, self-compassion and giving and taking a social media retreat.




Understand, and You Will Be Happy

Book: Understand, and You Will Be Happy
Author: Azzah Bayoumi

Understand, and You Will Be Happy by Azzah Bayoumi is another inspiring read to live a happy life. The book guides the readers to understand life, choose the right paths and value time.




Overpower Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Book: Overpower Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Author: Hanan Al-bastaki

Hanan Al-bastaki’s Overpower Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an inspirational guide to deal with negativity using a set of exercises that will help readers diminish negative feelings and thoughts.




By utilizing these tips in your daily lives, you will be able to overcome your stress and stay positive during the pandemic. Share your social distancing experiences with us using #StayBookedStayHome tag on social media.

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We hope you stay safe and positive during these social distancing days!

Our Top Boredom Busters for Kids During Social Distancing

In the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the entire world and made us bound to practice social distancing. It has also restricted kids from their routine outdoor activities. At the same time, social distancing has given an opportunity to parents and children to come closer and spend quality time together. This is an ideal time for parents to instil some good habits in their kids for which they did not get much time previously. One of these habits is book reading.

Parents must develop the habit of book reading among children at a young age as it improves creativity and knowledge, brings new ideas to young minds and also enhances vocabulary and language skills. Books are also a great way to keep children busy, especially during a time when going out is not a viable option. Considering all this, an issue which may be faced by some parents is making the right choice of books for their younger ones.

To recreate the magic of storytime with kids at home and make it easier for all parents to select the right book for their kids, we have selected our top children books for you.

Here are these five fantastic reads for all the little bibliophiles out there:

Munir the Millionaire

Book: Munir the Millionaire 
Author: Zainab Ali Albahrani 

This interesting children story revolves around ‘Munir’ who is an intelligent and observant kid. His keen observance makes his mind wonder about different ideas of earning money. What will he do to fulfil his lifelong goal?




Blossoming Kindness

Book: Blossoming Kindness 
Author: Yasmine Hammad 

Grandpa ‘Hadid’ will take you through his one-week venture with his four grandkids and develop in them the real meaning of kindness, tolerance and compassion. In this beautifully written story, Yasmine Hammad teaches us how we can blossom into a kinder and conscious version of ourselves.





Book: Diversity 
Author:  Maryam Saqer Al Qassimi 

The author, Mariam is the winner of Sharjah’s Children Book Award in 2018. She highlights and celebrates the value of diversity in this book. Diversity focuses on the importance of cooperation, tolerance and teamwork. This story is a narration that will captivate young minds with attractive and inspiring illustrations.




The Strange Ring

Book: The Strange Ring 
Author: Ahlam Yahya Jhaaf 

The Strange Ring is an engaging story inspired from a folktale about a strange magical ring called The Great Name’s Ring. Three friends choose to experience an undertaking in the wake of finding the ring in an old box. They decide to go across the Arab countries. The mystery remains as what all these countries have to offer them.




At Grandmother Hissa’s House

Book: At Grandmother Hissa’s House 
Author: Abdulrahman Mohammed Almahimeed 

First of his books in kid’s genre, At Grandmother Hissa’s House is a melodious metaphorical venture for your kids to dream with their eyes open. It is a beautifully written story book for kids by the Saudi author.




All our books are at 30% off throughout the holy month of Ramadan!

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Self-Isolation: 5 Productive Things to do during Social Distancing at Home

With the world practicing self-isolation and social distancing during this unprecedented time to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, everyone is looking for ways to stay entertained at home. It might be difficult for many of us to wrap our heads around the notion of staying at home for an extended period. So far, if your life revolves around binge-watching on Netflix and you are getting weary of this routine, it’s time to try a new approach.

Take this time of self-isolation as an opportunity to catch up on all the hobbies and activities that you keep postponing due to your busy schedules. We will provide you with a nifty guide that you can undertake to make the most of your downtime.

Focus on Your Mental Health

Being separated from our family, friends, and colleagues might take a toll on our mental health and trigger feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression. While taking all the measures to protect our physical health amid COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to do little things for yourself that reflects positively on your state of happiness and gratification.

Our book, Happiness: Get It, Keep It, Oh…And Enjoy It! by Dr. Louise Lambert provides actionable strategies that can be adapted by readers to live a meaningful and happy life. The book incorporates what science has to say on the subject and how you can successfully achieve a better version of yourself. Grab this fascinating read here.

Pick up a Lengthy Novel

Research shows that book reading for only six minutes can reduce your blood pressure and relax your muscles. It gives you a nice opportunity to enter into the world of storytelling, far from reality and stimulates your imagination.

One of our finest novels, Black Swan Saga by Rod Giblett is a perfect read that will take you to places you could only dream of. The story revolves around the legend of Saint George and the Dragons. When the princess finds out about the twisted version of the events, spread by an evil lord, she attempts to let the truth prevail that ultimately leads to a battle. The author has made a conscious effort to highlight the issues of global warming and climate change in the book. Get a copy of this amazing read here.

Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Staying at home with limited exposure and activity can put a huge strain on a child’s mental health. So, parents need to ensure that their kids take precedence over work and house chores, by spending time with them to nurture their developmental needs. This takes us to the most fun and productive time in a child’s life, that is, the bedtime story.

Our delightful children’s book, The Strange Ring by Ahlam Yahya Jhaaf will take readers on an adventurous journey of three friends who find a magical ring that grants the desires. They wished for a trip across the Arab countries. To know more about the story, get a copy here.

Reconnect With God

It’s never too late to build your relationship with Allah and submit your will to His guidance. Spend time talking to God and hand your anxieties over to Him. It’s purely therapeutic!

The Knowledge and the Concepts of Creation Between Heritage and Modernity by Abdulrahman Omar Faheel Elbum is a thought-provoking read that contemplates the evolution of Islamic heritage in light of different publications. It argues about the issues of creation of the universe and human beings from these books and compares them with the interpretations of the Holy Quran. Get a copy of this remarkable book here.

Call on to Your Inner Writer

All of us have a writer or a poet inside us that is waiting to be unleashed. It is just the right time to flex your creative muscles. Dabble onto whatever your creative writing interests are, by dedicating some extra time to read a biography that motivates and inspires you to improve yourself.

Listen to Me is an incredible biography of Jawaher Mohammed Alnoami. The book provides a much-needed dose of motivation to the readers. It talks about overcoming the adversities of life and not to give up under any circumstances. Get a copy here.

We hope that you find our self-isolation advice useful and will grab onto some of our best books to read at 30% off, to keep yourself busy. If you are an aspiring author, you can visit our submissions page on our website for all the details related to submitting your manuscript.

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We wish you all a safe and healthy social distancing period!

Our Amazing Book Collection For Your Kids

Humans have been sharing stories and experiences since the start of mankind. Storybooks for kids create magic and a feeling of wonder in the world. It teaches them to love, to forgive others and to laugh. Storytelling is a unique way for kids to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures.

Brimming with great fantasies and imagination, here is the list of Austin Macauley’s top 6 children’s books for your lovely kids:

Munir the Millionaire by Zainab Ali Albahrani

Munir is a brilliant and eager observer. Due to his open observation of his surroundings, he quickly discovers the value of money and how important it is for survival and success. Munir then sets about to find out ways and opportunities to acquire lots of money when he grows up. Will he be able to succeed in his mission? Get a copy here to know.

Diversity by Maryam Saqer Al Qassimi

This children’s book is about educating children regarding different people and their opinions. Learning about the difference of opinion and ideas can help children understand different perspectives of the world. Have a look at this great read here.

Blossoming Kindness by Yasmine Hammad

Grandpa Hadid will take you through his one-week escapade with his four grandchildren Nayyirah, Adam, Milly, and Ty. Grandpa cultivates his senses towards the real meaning of kindness, tolerance, compassion, and empathy. Check out this amazingly written book to uncover the advice, lessons and guidance on how to be compassionate to others and yourself.

At Grandmother Hissa’s House by Abdulrahman Mohammed Almahimeed

This is a lovely children’s book written by Abdulrahman Mohammed Almahimeed. The author quotes Jubran Khalil Jubran as, “The nightingale is heard amidst the fields, singing out melodies in the space that the hills breathe a breeze of sweet basil. Don’t fear, my girl, For the stars can hold their tongue And the fog of night in that vineyard can cover the secrets.”

How a Whale and the Moon Helped Me by Sarab Al Ani

Yasmin wants a new personal electronic tablet but her father doesn’t want to buy her one.
Will Yasmin be able to persuade her father? Will she get her desired tablet? And how can the whale and moon help her? Give this book a read here!

Labib and the Freakish by Mahmoud Kehela

Take a plunge down the human body, embark on a mysterious and educational journey inside the human body with Labib and his freakish ghost. Travelling across the body, they encounter different obstacles in the form of organs and other components. Join them for an entertaining and informative ride here.

Children’s books give all young readers an inspiration to read, think and learn something new. These kids’ books mentioned above, like many others on our website, will definitely light a spark in the kids’ curious little minds.

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What Genres Are Being Read the Most in UAE – A Complete Guide

Sometimes it is easy as a book lover to get caught in the endless array of genres, but it does not limit an author’s ability to explore their literary horizons. As a writer, book genres control the outskirts of the storyline and how you tell it to the world. Authors need to associate their writing style into certain book genres, because it sets the tone and pace of the story, and serves as a blueprint for different types of plots that fulfils readers’ expectations.


Fiction and non-fiction can be seen as two main categories that encompass a broader spectrum of book genres like romance, horror, fantasy, thriller, memoir, and suspense. Like any other industry, fans have their favourites. Some prefer to read a budding romance book between two young souls and some have a knack for chilling suspense that keeps them on the edge of their seat.

Let’s explore a few of the book genres with some amazing book titles by our authors.




Ah, Romance! How could we ever resist you? The genre that gets our hearts racing and makes us swoon with passion and love. In romance books, the major part of the story revolves around two people falling in love and struggling to make it work. Even if the characters are strangers, in the beginning, most of the time, the stories end “happily ever after”. People pick up romance novels because they want to experience the sensual tension, intimacy, and emotions of falling in love without the risks of being left with a broken heart. This world of romance novels is one of the best-selling genres with a large fan base. If you are looking for the best romantic novels, then check our top three endearing romances that are worth your while.


This romance book narrates the story of a repressed Greek girl, bound by family values that restrict her from having a social life. She falls hard in love with an Irishman, but the cultural barrier refrains her from being with the love of her life. Will her love stand the test of time? To know more about this story, click here.

This book encourages the readers to break free from the memories that pull them down. The author draws from her experiences and shares some important lessons that will help the readers to overcome the adversities and live life to its fullest potential. Tasneem is a Palestinian born writer and she is a firm believer in the exhilarating power of words. Grab this incredible read here.

This book tells the story of a young girl who lost the love of her life. She feels betrayed and a shadow of sadness dawned on her life until one day she decides to pick up her broken heart and start all over again.




Poetry is one of the greatest forms of self-expression, but it is also one of the most elusive genres to describe. Some categorized poetry books into three sub-genres i.e. lyric, dramatic and narrative. Regardless of its form, poetry books have the power to evoke deep emotions and it instantly strikes a chord with the readers’ hearts. It wanders through the shores of unsung battles with inner demons, heartbreaks, and failures. So, if you are longing for a great poetry book, then we suggest you take a look at these amazing reads below!

This book is a beautiful collection of poems in which the author expresses her deep emotions, thoughts, and experiences that she went through in her life. Each poem is unique and contains a powerful message. Get this absorbing read here.

It is an explosion of emotions and pure yearning of the author’s heart as he remembers the love of his life. In the book, he talks about being at the crossroads and in search of a true purpose in life. The author is a gifted businessman and has received many awards for his contributions to his field.

This book is a beautiful montage dedicated to women by the greatest lovers and poets that ever lived. It digs deep into their emotions and applauds their strength and determination to fight the battles faced in life. The author is a well-travelled Egyptian poet, and she seeks to spread global culture with her poetry.


Children’s Books


Children’s books are always brimmed with amazing stories that kids enjoy reading. Parents are more inclined to buy children’s books because it inculcates good educational reading habits! It also takes a lot of skills and expertise to write a book for the younger audience. According to the research conducted by Nielsen BookScan, children’s book sales outshine adult titles, and this phenomenon continues to grow. This genre has a large market and they sell a lot more than we give them credit for. So, if you are looking for a great bedtime story or an inspirational read for your children, then we suggest you pick one of our three top picks from this genre.

The story unfolds the beautiful relationship of a grandfather with his grandchildren, who aspires to teach and cultivate important values like compassion, tolerance, kindness, and empathy. The author of the book has a sympathetic heart and believes that kind deeds, no matter big or small, can make this world a better place. Get a copy here.

This book is an amazing read for children, as it educates them about dispelling the negative stereotypes and be more accepting of cultural differences. The author is a young inspiring woman and she received the Sharjah’s children book award in 2018 for her literary contributions.

This book narrates the story of a young and intelligent boy, Munir, who discovers the value of money and is keen to find an extraordinary method to earn a lot of money. Zainab Ali Albahrani is a remarkable author and she enjoys travelling and discovering new worlds.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. Have a look at our amazing book collection of romance, poetry, and children’s genres.

Top 5 Austin Macauley Books To Read This Spring

Every year we are enriched with many incredible reads, and keeping up with all the must-read books can be challenging.

Our recommended list of titles will give you the essential dose of inspiration you need, to navigate through the realities of life. We suggest these 5 books worthy of adding to your book collection.

Listen To Me by Jawaher Mohammed Alnoami

Listen to Me is an inspirational autobiography of a young woman, who aspires to become a skilled doctor and help people through her work. In the book, she talks about her struggles to overcome the hardships of life with her unwavering resolve and determination. She encourages the readers to cope with the emotions of disappointment and rise from the painful experiences and traumas that stop us from getting on with our lives. Throughout the read, your heart will soar with love, as you will see all the failures were not strong enough to hold her back from embarking on the journey to success. Her motto in life is to never give up and keep moving ahead. Get a copy now!

Ethar’s Poetry by Ethar Alyamama

Ethar’s Poetry is a collection of beautiful poems, a montage dedicated to women by the greatest poets and lovers of all time. It speaks of the deep feelings and emotions that a woman feels. The author has highlighted some note-worthy female figures from all walks of life, who deserved appreciation for the work they have done to serve humanity. The book also talks about some critical issues like alcoholism and different characteristics of individuals that lead them to the crisis. Grab a copy of  Ethar’s Poetry here.

Labib and the Freakish by Mahmoud Kehela

Labib and the Freakish is a Sci-Fi book written by Mahmoud Kehela, who takes you on an exciting adventure of the protagonist Labib, and his mythical creatures. The book is an educational read that illustrates the importance of incorporating joy, spirit, and relaxation in your lifestyle. Get this fascinating read now!

The Bilingual Revolution by Fabrice Jaumont

The Bilingual Revolution narrates the story of the movement that took place in Brooklyn, seen through the eyes of educators and people who made the efforts to implement bilingual programs in their schools. Fabrice Jaumont, also known as “Godfather of Language Immersion Programs”, has received many awards for his contributions in the field of multilingual plan development for various European countries. The main argument frequently emphasized in the book is the inclusion of high-quality bilingual education programs in every school as it can positively transform the future and even revolutionize the country. The author has implied that the system cannot reach the desired heights unless this norm is adopted at every level. The book is a wonderful self-help guide for initiating your very own bilingual program. Click here and start your revolution today!

Philosophy of Excellence by Dr. Abdullah Attoun

Philosophy of Excellence is a thought-provoking work of Adbullah Attoun, who encourages the readers to embrace simplicity in their lives. The author draws his inspiration from the story of Adam and his descendants who split into two groups, known as ‘The Unique’ and ‘The Simple’. It challenges the prevailing view of most people who are trying to be unique by seeking money, authority, and power. Whereas, only a few are on the path to achieve peace and harmony by investing in their nature to become better human beings for the good of the world. This exceptionally beautiful written book calls out to people’s conscience to not lose sight of what is more important by being lost in the vicious circle of greed and power. Click here to get your copy today!

We hope that you will enjoy and draw inspiration from these mindful titles. To know more about our fantastic new releases, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A Complete Guide to The Sharjah Library

If you want a society of intellectuals and highly knowledgeable people, then the first thing they need is easy access to literature. Although it’s an age of internet and everything runs fast, the Library is that one place which provides you with the space you need.


A book can be your best friend but while reading, everyone wants a silent and perfect spot. For that, the library is the best option.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges

Today, we are bringing a perfect spot for all the book lovers residing in Sharjah. Yes, the title has already got your attention, it’s the Sharjah Library.

The Sharjah Library is a renowned institution and encases a wide and splendid collection of fiction and history. For all the bibliophiles, this place awaits you. Are you interested in knowing more about the famous Sharjah Library? Let’s walk together through history and know what is it that makes the Sharjah Library special.

Historical Background:

Sharjah Library is enriched with history. It was founded by Shaikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qasimi in 1925. The library is nearly 95 years old holding many stories and events in its heart. Earlier, it was supposed to be one of Al Qasimi’s private libraries, which is why it was earlier known as Qasimi Library. The library got a permanent address in 2011 and before that, it has been shifting places. The Sharjah Government was administrating the library until 1971. Later, the Ruler of Sharjah, His Highness Dr. Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi inherited the library when it came under the Department of Culture and Information.



Without any uncertainty and ambiguity, the library is capable of catering to all the needs of a bibliophile. The collection is wide and one can find some internationally renowned authors as well. It is said that approximately half a million books are encased in there. It satisfies the hunger of an enthusiastic book reader. To your surprise, they have a collection of audiobooks as well. To witness the house of wisdom, pay a visit to the library today. The library also has a collection of Austin Macauley’s books that you can get online from our bookstore as well.


The vision of the library is to develop an interest in education and knowledge among the people. It also provides information through unique services.

Architecture and Location:

The Sharjah Library is beautifully built and has breathtaking architecture. The building also attracts both, tourists and locals.

To read more about the Sharjah Library, click here.

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Top 7 Ways to Self-Promote Your Book Online

Promoting a book is not all about the book launch, it’s about reaching out to your prospective readers and telling them why they should read your book and what’s it all about. With the increasing number of newly published books every day, the book market has become too saturated for the new authors and marketing a book is one of the biggest challenges an author can face after publishing it.

Digital marketing provides integrated marketing communication tools that act as a gateway point for publishers and fans to find out about your books and you. Monetizing your loyal and large audience is all that matters when it’s all about acquiring and retaining fans through various digital marketing platforms.

In this blog, we will be sharing some of the most effective ways by which you can promote your books online and amplify the visibility of your book among your target audience.

1. Create Your Blog or Website


Having a strong online presence can help you connect with your prospective readers and gives them an idea about yourself and your work. A website can serve as a basic platform to market your books and makes it convenient for your audience who wants to read your work.

A basic author website must include, an ‘About Page’ that gives your readers an overview of your work, a ‘Books Section’ that includes the details of your publications, a ‘Blog’ which can be used to share interesting and engaging articles about the topics related to your books and a ‘Contact Information Page’ having your email, suggestions column and the links to all your social media profiles and your publishers’ should you have one.

2. Build a Following on Social Media

Along with your website, social media platforms are one of the most important places where you can promote your books. Presence on social media can help you in building your community.


Through social media, you can keep your audience updated with your upcoming books and other book promotional events. Maintaining engagement is the most important thing to build a following on social media, if you are constantly posting about your book promotion, then your followers may lose interest. To keep your followers interested, you need to constantly post engaging content about interesting topics, you can also conduct giveaway competitions, quizzes or other engaging activities. Social media audiences can also be used to increase traffic on your website that will ultimately lead to more people buying your book.


3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important way to build a community of loyal readers. As email is a personal platform, it can be a great way to know your readers personally and communicate with them individually.


The first step of email marketing is building an email list which you can easily do by putting together all your contacts (make sure you obtain their permission to send any form of marketing communication should they be based in countries with data and privacy laws), your social media contacts and by encouraging people to subscribe to your marketing emails on your website and your social media accounts. Once you’ve built your audience, keep in touch with them by sending them occasional newsletters with updates about your publications and alerts of your upcoming book promotional events.

4. Influencer Marketing:  


Create campaigns by reaching out to book readers, authors and bloggers with captive audiences. They can review your book and recommend it to their followers, you can also send them free copies of your book which they can use as a giveaway for their audience. Influencer marketing helps a lot in gaining traction.

5. Share Free Samples


Publishing or sharing free samples, excerpts or quotes from your book is an amazing way to develop the interest of readers in your books. It allows the readers to know about your book’s content in detail. Some of the potential readers are unsure about whether to buy a book or not. By sharing some of the chapters from your book online, you can help them in making their final decision. You can also share a video, reading a chapter or two from your book on your social media profiles and on your website.

6. Join Reading and Writing Forums


There are several online reading and writing forums for authors and readers where they discuss their favourite books, writing practices and share their knowledge of books with each other. You can join these forums and engage in conversations with people to share your work and reach out to an audience. Contribute openly in every discussion, offer your help, advice and share the link to your blogs or website wherever possible.

7. Promote your Books by Guest Blogging


Guest posting or blogging is a technique by which you write articles and blogs on websites that are not owned by you. This has become a very popular technique among authors to promote their books over the past few years. It’s a great way to benefit from an audience of a network of blogs and introduce yourself to passionate reading communities. To make sure that your blog or article is featured, you need to bring unique expertise in your content and write high-quality content. Do a little research about the content of a blog you’re writing for and analyse their standards. Once you identify the type of their content, write your article that fits their standards. Write as many blogs as you can and refer to your book in the author portion.

Writing and publishing a book is not an easy feat and it requires a lot of effort and hard work to create a masterpiece. That’s why it is important that you market your book to the right audience so that the readers can benefit from your page-turner. There are so many innovative and effective ways to market your books online. We hope that the above-mentioned ideas help you to build your audience and boost your book sales so that you can achieve the dream of becoming a bestselling author.

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Sharpen Your Literary Acumen Through 5 of Our Most Popular Poetry Titles

What is Poetry? It is a form of prose in literature which is written in a rhyming pattern having a rhyme and a rhythm. It can be as creative as your imagination. Many famous poets have written masterpieces in the past like the Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare or The Garden of Eros by Oscar Wilde.

Poetry is a type of literature that includes artistic writing with a flair for creativity which attempts to stir the reader’s imagination or emotions.

Here at Austin Macauley Publishers, we have some of the most versatile published poets, many of whom are based in UAE. Below are five of our top picks from our authors and their poetic masterpieces:

  1. Ethar’s Poetry by Ethar Alyamama

This book includes a description about the most beautiful of things that have been used to describe women along with words described by their lovers. It also includes a deep depiction of the feelings and emotions of a woman like her tenderness, strength, anger and revolution, her ability to diagnose disease and alleviate the pain, her maternal instincts, simplicity and selflessness and her special features, flaws and vision in her life.

The book also highlights internationally known idols and gives facts about their biographies, like the late Princess Diana and her humanitarian efforts.

Ethar Alyamama is an Egyptian poet. She obtained a diploma in Curriculum Development and took courses in HR management. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cairo University, Egypt.

Her interest amplified in reading poetry, rhetoric, history, and rearticulating real stories and legends in a poetic style which encourages reading in different cultures. She believes in the need to ‘widen the horizon’—to be open to the culture and history of other people. She adores nature and everything associated with it and deeply describes human emotions by portraying them in her poetry.

  1. Momentums by Majd Radwan

This is a mesmerizing book by one of our prolific poets. Here is an excerpt from the book:

Look what happens

When we don’t listen

To the divine music.

We lace our songs

With hurtful melodies.

Majd Radwan is a certified life coach and a copywriter by profession. Born in Syria, she is proud of her empathic nature. She holds a bachelor’s degree in French Literature and a certification in journalism. She has also worked as a contributing author. She has been published in various publications such as Yogalife MagazineRebellle Society and Dubai Poets.

  1. Fly by Sithara Palavar

Here is a beautiful stanza from one of the poems in the book:

Stories of the seasons

And the emotions we hide

Under the stormy skies

And write into the

Setting suns in summer

This is where my heart lays

And converses with yours

Into the sleepless nights

Poems for the faded, the broken-hearted, the healing and the happy. You’ll all find your voice here.

Sithara Palavar has been writing since she was just a teenager at the tender age of 14. She got introduced to the world of poetry at age 15 and fell in love with it. She has since been writing beautiful poems and sonnets. Finding beauty in little things and drawing inspiration from renowned people, she pours her heart out in her writings which reflects her feelings and emotions. At such a young age, she has the wisdom and the soul of a mature person.

  1. Twenty Old Summers by Anya Mérimèche

Enjoy this small excerpt from this young poet’s book:

Inside this collection lay the tribulations of a soon-to-be twenty-year-old, on her

Utopian quest to fight off ticking clocks and clicking locks.

Twenty slam poems and ten essays of emotional highs and lows.

Anya is a 21-year-old law student. She published her first book in 2012 when she was 15. This makes her the youngest Algerian writer in the UAE!

  1. On Loss by Razan H. Abdul Majeed 

Immaculate collection of poetry expresses raw sentiments that invoke emotion in the reader’s heart and soul. On Loss: A Daughter’s Journey Through Grief is a tribute to everyone who has known or experienced the tragedy and loss of a loved one.

Have life is to know death,

Have love is to know grief,

Have time is to know it is brief.

H. Abdul Majeed

Hamdi Abdul-Rahman Abdul Majeed is a UAE national who was born in Jordan. She grew up in Dubai and earned her education from London in the UK. She has lived a life, most people dream of. After working for 15 years in the corporate sector in Dubai, she took time off to travel the world. She has since travelled to much of Europe and Latin American countries. She spent some time in Brazil doing volunteer work geared towards sustainability and nature preservation initiatives related to the environment and involving local communities. She returned to Dubai in 2018 and established herself as a published poet through us.

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Trending Right Now: Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish

Yet another Austin Macauley Publishers novel is trending right now! This romance title named For the Bound Hearts is so gripping that once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

It’s one of the best starry-eyed novels that will not only take you into the world of love but can also help readers deal with their own painful situations.

Author Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish recently hosted a book signing event during Sharjah International Book Fair, where attendees admired her inspirational session and the book received high praise. For the bound hearts is an extremely well-written book that keeps the reader engaged in the story throughout.

Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish explores emotions of disappointment and sadness, and how these feelings can often stop us from getting on with our lives. This is a well-written expressive book which Tasneem states is a blending of the ink, emotions, tears and personal sincere feelings. The author claims that this book will not only touch the heart of readers but help them to find their true-selves, and cope with life’s difficulties and painful experiences.

She encourages and supports her readers to make sure nothing obscures their way towards healing after having wrenching experiences. The book is available in eBook and paperback.

On the 10th of September, 1994, the author Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish was born in Palestine but grew up and resided in the United Arab Emirates. She started her career in an educational section in the UAE. Tasneem loves to write and believes that writing is the best way to let out words and memories long-standing in our minds.

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Love and be loved!