A Brief History of Ancient Arabs

Rashed Saeed

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In their ancient history that extends thousands of years before Islam, the Arabs used to live a purely customary Bedouin life in the vast deserts scattered in the Arabian Peninsula, and they were organized in the form of different tribes and clans. Many ancient Arab reporters and historians, then Muslim and oriental historians, have affirmed that the Arabs are a nation of the ancient Semitic nations. That group of Arab and Muslim reporters, historians, and orientalists have subsequently agreed to divide the Arabs into three classes according to the age and geographic settlement in the Arabian Peninsula, which, by the way, is a pure Arab division, and the Western orientalists were not aware of it before.

Rashid Saeed Mubarak; A lover of Arab history and Islamic civilization, and everything related to the history of the Arabs before Islam and the Islamic civilization after Islam, and its developments in all fields and fields.

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