Your Health is Your Wealth

Mohammed Abbas Ahmadi

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In this modern world, a person needs intensive, useful and comprehendible information, and Your Health is Your Wealth was designed and written to take into account the aspect of time (speed) and value, which is an important and vital equation, as the honorable reader benefits from the provided information in record time, in which we consider his daily preoccupations and commitments in a way that contributes to the general interest of his life. Thus, the honorable reader flies in life filled with knowledge and passion to work, and the structure of true happiness is completed with a balanced and regular equation in life along with a healthy and sound body that serves as the true wealth and bright future for man


Mohammed Abbas Ahmadi holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Northridge, USA.
He holds many courses and certificates in the world of sports and nutritional training.
He is active in the field of social communication in the world of health, advice, and health and life guidance.
He is the founding Partner of Coach Ahmadi Gym Health Institute.

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