Be Inspired

Erika Cristina

Total Pages: 420


Every morning I start my day with a good intention such as a meditation and a prayer. This gives me the clarity and strength to live each day to the fullest. I express gratitude, specially for one more day alive, along with getting the right mindset for success.

One day at a time, we get to live life to the full with love and joy.

For Erika, life has been a journey – a time of dazzling achievements and heartbreaking situations. She is a dreamer, working hard to pursue her dream of exploring the world, as for her: “Our thoughts are powerful and we are bigger than our dreams as it must always exceed our capacity to achieve them.” She has faced struggles mainly by herself, all the while on a search for self-discovery and happiness.

She has turned the lessons she learned on her journey into Be Inspired, an overpowering 365-day collection of her most honest, brave, and hopeful insights. These are her own words, along with quotes that inspire her as personal reflection and goals for life.

This is a book for everyone, everywhere, on their own journey who needs comfort, motivation, and a reason to be inspired every day.

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