The way book

Said Ghassan Maher

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In this transformative book, explore the wisdom of Laotzu, a philosophy rooted in the concept of ‘doing not-doing,’ often misconstrued as passive or defeatist. In reality, it is a powerful, active state of being that is misunderstood.

The concept may seem paradoxical at first: the less we are attached to what we love, the more love manifests within us; the less we are consumed by notions of good and evil, the more innate goodness we embody.

How does this philosophy manifest in the real world? Consider the elite athlete who, in a pinnacle moment, acts without conscious thought, striking the winning blow or executing the perfect move. This exemplifies ‘doing not-doing,’ a state in which the actor and action become indistinguishable, like fuel transforming into flame. This ‘nothing’ is, in fact, everything. It happens when we fully trust the universe’s consciousness, much like an athlete trusts their body’s higher awareness.

In a radical departure from conventional ethical norms, Laotzu offers an ethical framework free from the concept of sin or evil. Rather than seeing these as forces to be battled, he views them as symptoms of disharmony with the natural world, akin to a stained-glass window that blocks the illuminating rays of the sun and moon. In refusing to box ethics within boundaries, Laotzu opens up a generous space for compassion and understanding toward those who err.

Dive into the teachings of this book and discover how ‘doing not-doing’ isn’t a passive state but rather the ultimate form of action, a path to harmonious living and ethical behavior.


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