Abdullah Rashed Al Kaabi

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In the depths of darkness

Where nightmares roam, and evil entities wake up…

In this collection of stories: The veil is torn between our world and the world of the jinn.

A group of unsuspecting individuals find themselves embroiled in a battle for their souls.

At the heart of every page, tension mounts, blurring the line between reality and nightmare.

Will they surrender to the malevolent forces that seek to consume them?

Or will they find the strength to face your family’s fears and survive?!

Get ready for a trip

To the world of jinn and magic;

Where every page drips with suspense and horror.

What you will read in the book is a collection of realistic events.

It is not a figment of imagination.

Her heroes are from the other world.

Abdullah Al Kaabi was born in Dibba Al Fujairah on 04/09/1986.

In 2009, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sharia and Law from the United Arab Emirates University.

Interested in the world of the paranormal and unnatural events.

He looked at a number of books that dealt with this aspect.

In my book entitled “The Touch,” I touched on real-life events that happened and shaped them into fictional events.

What attracted me to that world were real events that happened to me when I was young.

You will find some of them in this book.

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