Be Positive (B+)

Houssam Sabeh Mohiedine

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Ideas and experiences are presented in the form of life skills, and are woven into a book for which the author chose the title of Be Positive.

The content flows in the form of four sections that enhance your positive thinking: The Ten Acts of Happiness, Skills for the Mind to Choose Its Positive Path, Reinforcing Positive Habits, and Be, for the Positive Mind to Form. These sections leave the reader with the option to start wherever he wants and to not stick to a specific reading order.

The writer wanted to refine his ideas in an interesting book that he would present to a specialist or an amateur, and it would be readable and understandable to all!

This format prompts us to pursue the skills included consciously and with awareness through the table of contents or serial reading of the book, as it embraces unique and related skills in a flowing fabric in simple language, and with untiring inter-divisions.

As a reader, you will find yourself enjoying reading the whole package, and waves of optimism may push you to continue reading, or perhaps you may suffice with a life skill that you read before going to bed or in the morning, so you think about it, and leave in yourself a positive desire for a renewed reading.

Be Positive is a new form of optimistic writing, written freely to be read freely!

Houssam Sabeh Mohiedine is a confident and adventurous person who began his career in 1995 as a teacher of the French language in a remote area in Lebanon. They said he would not stand for more than a year, but he continued to deliver his message for 17 more years. When he moved to training, he developed his knowledge, and he became a professor of French at the French Cultural Center.

Since 2003, in addition to his job, he added to his resume since 2005 the skill of training with the Educational Center for Research and Development in the subjects of life and vocational skills, teaching methods, sustainable development, informatics and the integration of technology with education, in addition to exceling in self-development.

In addition to the training course, he completed a PhD in history in 2009, and he is currently working as a lecturer at the Lebanese University in research methodology and analysis of historical texts in French. He has several educational, intellectual, and historical publications, and he works on several paths of knowledge that are skillfully guided by his optimism about life.

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