20/20 Vision

Mayyar AlQahtani (Mila)

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Optech is an optic, a clear 20/20 vision of intuition and creations for dreamers and visionaries…aesthetic guide book of the century, founded by a low-key superhero. This book contains motivational guide, fictional stories; of the past and future where vibranium is real and spaceships are above us, and an abundance of wild.

You must believe in yourself. If you think it’s too late, and give up… life will give up on you. Though if you keep yourself grounded you will come back STRONGER, even if theres no hope.

The power of being holistic tells you who you are in the stream of creation.

A secret to dream fulfillment and the power of being holistic, finding where you are in the stream of creation. And uncovering what the universe has in hold for you by simple steps to get you through the loading process we call life.

Mayyar Hayel AlQahtani (Mila), CEO of the Metarix, was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain but is originally from Saudi Arabia. She is an artist, author, lyrical writer, producer, developer, and artificial intelligence creator. She is also the creator of the Artloids app.

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