He Was Forced.. And He Loved Me

Mouza Alyhyai

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What a beautiful life we have! Our society always imposes customs and traditions on us with decisions we do not want, such as their keenness to marry us at an early and young age!

Why can’t we live according to our own desires?! Is it reasonable that marriage is only due to the desire of our parents to do so?! They condemn young girls to live to be wives and housekeepers!

I would like to continue my studies and live according to what I want and desire, but when I reached the age of marriage, my family insisted, and decided my fate to marry my cousin who cannot bear the idea of our relation and his heart is attached to another girl!

How will this marriage take place?! How he will be satisfied with taking me as a wife to share with him each detail of his life?! Or rather, how am I going to be satisfied with him?! What will happen to me? Will I love him and he loves me and live like the heroes of stories and novels?

Mouza Alyhyai is a great personality who does not give up.. always striving to develop herself, and always looking for opportunities to achieve her ambition. Self-confident, does not care about negative opinions, and loves constructive criticism that develops her.

Mouza always strives to create her own niche, and does not like to rush into making decisions, especially personal ones.

She is a woman with a strong personality.

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