The Winter of Baghdad and Dubai

Raghad Al-Hayali

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When love and time meet, then time decides the fate of this love. Will the ending be a happy one? Or will it be very hard to imagine? We should not give in to time and the destiny that it forces on us. Instead, we should fight time, and change this destiny one way or another. But here, happiness has always been temporary, and there isn’t a happy ending like we used to read in our childhood. A happy life has never been real. Endings have always been this way. They were sad one way or another. Endings are not the same as we see them in a movie or in our dreams. Is this caused by us? Or caused by time that predetermined our destiny and left us dreaming? It is watching us from afar and laughing, because it knows what is written at the end of the path. Oh, how I wished to see happy endings lasting for days and years until the end of our lives! But we live in a very bitter reality. We wish that destiny will play its role for the future generations, and for them to learn how to draw their path with care, love and sincerity. This is how I view real life which we are living in. This book is a part of society, customs and traditions.

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