Brief History of Islamic Sects

Rashed Saeed

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The Abbasid and Umayyad era in Andalusia was truly the golden age of the renaissance and Islamic civilization in various scientific, literary, intellectual, civilizational and other fields. Among the civilizational developments of this era is the emergence of the formal historical codification of the various Islamic schools of jurisprudence, such as the four schools of Sunnis and the group, Zaidi, Ibadi, Maturidi and Ash’ari… And other branches of each Islamic sect, each separately. In addition to the Islamic sects that were not destined to survive, which led to their extinction. In this book, we wanted to briefly mention the history of Islamic sects. Especially in the first three Hijri centuries, from the oldest of these to the most recent. We ask God Almighty that we have been successful in this research, and that it is in the balance of our good deeds. Finally, we would like to point out that this book examines the history of Islamic sects in brief only. It is not a specialized book that discusses Islamic jurisprudence or the principles of religion (the science of belief), or what is technically known as Islamic theology. We never claim perfection in that, and God is behind the intention first and foremost.

Rashid Saeed Mubarak; A lover of Arab history and Islamic civilization, and everything related to the history of the Arabs before Islam and the Islamic civilization after Islam, and its developments in all fields and fields.

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