Brief History of Islamic Civilization

Rashed Saeed

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The Abbasid era and then the Umayyad era in Andalusia was the golden age of the Arab-Islamic civilization renaissance in all fields: political, scientific, intellectual, religious, economic, and architectural, undoubtedly. In fact, this era is the beginning of the emergence and development of science, arts, literature, and others in Islamic civilization, and the emergence of Arab and Muslim scholars according to their specializations, of course, and their great contributions in this field. Humanity in this wonderful era of the time benefited from Islamic civilization, especially Western Europe; whose civilization was later based on this wonderful civilization, and they took the lead in the emergence and development of European and Western civilization in general in all fields in the modern era, which is known to them as the European Renaissance. Through our book, we wanted it to be as brief as possible, by highlighting the greatness of the history of our Arab and Islamic civilization, so that the sons of Arabism and Islam would be acquainted with the achievements of their venerable scholars in all fields, in order to learn and follow the impact of Arab and Muslim scholars in all their scientific and literary specializations, and to take cane The lead once again for the sake of the aspired Arab and Islamic civilizational renaissance, God willing. He is the best Lord and the best helper.  Amen.

Rashid Saeed Mubarak; A lover of Arab history and Islamic civilization, and everything related to the history of the Arabs before Islam and the Islamic civilization after Islam, and its developments in all fields and fields.

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