Summer’s Literary Retreat: Top 10 Must-Reads for a Cool Escape

With summer temperatures soaring, what better way to escape the heat than with a captivating book in the comfort of your cool indoor oasis? Whether you’re enjoying the solace of an air-conditioned room, unwinding at a quiet café, or settling down for a peaceful evening, our top 10 picks for summer reads are here to transport you to worlds both imagined and real. From mystical tales to inspiring narratives, these books are your perfect companions for a literary escape.

20/20 Vision

Step into a clear vision of intuition and creation with “20/20 Vision,” where vibranium is real, and spaceships float above. This guidebook for the aesthetic and imaginative combines motivational insights with fictional tales set in both the past and future. It’s a must-read for dreamers and visionaries seeking inspiration amidst the mundane.

Ahmed – The Chief’s Son

Embark on an adventure with Ahmed, the son of a chief in a small Arabian village. Yearning to join in on the youthful exploits of pearl diving instead of the serious tribal duties, Ahmed’s story of friendship and discovery by the seashore captures the essence of youthful aspirations and courage.

All That’s in Between

Riot and Kinza traverse a world filled with abandonment, vengeance, and resilience. This narrative delves into the consequences of letting rage fuel life’s decisions and the depth of determination needed to pursue one’s goals.

And the Child Grows Up

A poetic reflection on growth and contribution, this book beautifully illustrates life’s milestones through the transformative experiences of a child who touches the world in profound ways, from nurturing nature to building a community.

He Was Forced.. And He Loved Me

Explore the complex interplay of societal norms, forced marriage, and concealed desires within an Arab society facing moral challenges. This story unveils the personal struggles and societal pressures facing a woman coerced into marriage, offering insights into love and resilience.


Journey to the magical city of Nubepollis, a place shrouded in mystery and magic, located above the clouds. Join Josh on his enchanting adventure, uncovering ancient secrets and learning the magical origins of dreams.


Venture into the chilling world of jinn and magic in “Possession,” where reality and nightmares merge. This collection of tales tests its characters’ bravery against supernatural threats, blurring the line between the known and the unknown.

A Sorrow Is Hidden In Me

This evocative book offers a glimpse into the pivotal years of diverse individuals, highlighting their struggles and the quiet triumphs that shape their lives. Experience a spectrum of emotions as you navigate through this rich narrative of human experience.

Just a Dream

Follow Alfa’s intense journey through the tempests of life as she battles insecurities and challenges to fulfil a cherished dream. It’s a tale of perseverance and the unexpected twists of fate that sometimes align to make dreams a reality.

These books provide the perfect literary escape this summer, offering you worlds of inspiration, adventure, and emotion to explore from the cool comfort of your favourite reading spot. Enjoy your summer of reading!

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