Philosophy of Excellence

Dr. Abdullah Attoun

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As told in the oldest story in the human history, a new creature appeared called ‘Adam’. His uniqueness astonished every visible and invisible creature since his arrival. One thing to note was that his descendants were spilt into two parties. The first party preferred to call themselves ‘The Unique’. They believed that they should distinguish themselves from others in every possible way, whether in terms of money, power or authority. The second party, one the other hand, preferred to call themselves ‘The Simple’. They believed that real uniqueness means to be like the first human, Adam, and that’s what every human should strive to be. Also, the word ‘human’ meant a lot to them. The result was and will remain that most people are trying immensely to be unique, while a few are trying to be real ‘humans’ who invest all the ‘goodness’ in their human nature in trying to be a ‘simple’ human. Nowadays, the problem is that there is a minority that owns money, power and authority, while the rest are fighting over what is left. Hence, there is a severe overcrowding of people who are seeking uniqueness. On the other hand, tranquility remains among the few people who are seeking simplicity and the ordinary.

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