All That’s in Between

Fakeha S. Ansari

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Riot never thought he’d be abandoned again, but this time he’s not giving up easily. Regardless of who stands in his way.

Kinza, blinded by rage and fuelled with vengeance, sees only her goal. She’ll do anything to reach it, no matter how cruel it may seem.

Fakeha S. Ansari was born in Islamabad, Pakistan, and lived there for 9 years before moving to Cairo, Egypt, where she spent 2 years before finally moving to Dubai, UAE. She currently resides in Dubai and has been for the last 7 years.

She is a university student at the British University in Dubai, earning her Bachelors in Artificial Intelligence.

Fakeha enjoys reading books, she also likes to watch anime, TV series, and as well as movies. She has a secret talent for singing that most do not know. The author is the middle child and has an older sister and a younger brother. She enjoys spending time with her family and shares her love for chai with her parents.

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