Stillness of the Soul

Zainab Alrustamani

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A book that deals in general with the daily matters of life that a person may encounter in his life journey. It deals with a group of topics that are indispensable for any human being to be aware of: including awareness of self, body, and relationships. It is a collection of ideas the author has to present to the reader: to think about his life and take responsibility for it instead of blaming others or the system. With a little responsibility and a sharpening of inner energy, the soul resides in the body, and the individual merges with his family and society, taking responsibility for his life, spreading love, and giving. The author also presents different concepts of life in a unique manner. In a way, that makes life a pleasure instead of a concern that we unconsciously assume responsibility for. Working on something that you love from your heart polishes life, increases the frequency of happiness, and balances a person with positive and negative life events. It is not a method but provides a different, darker point of view to the reader that he did not think of, or perhaps it tells him that some share the same thought and logic. There is no right or wrong, but there are multiple options.

An architectural engineer with a master’s degree in the same specialty, she researches on the impact of climate change on environmental development. She is interested in self-development and diving deep into self and life. Each individual has his own experiences according to the values that he desires for his life.

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