Introduction to The History of Arabic Writing

Dr. Hashim Sheet Ali

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In this book..

Dr. Hashim Sheet Ali takes you in a smooth and enjoyable way on an interesting journey into the depths of Arab history, to the early beginnings of the emergence of writing among the ancient Arabs, following the footsteps of the ancestors, for more than four thousand years from now, on the path of transformation from the rank of ignorance and backwardness to the rank of human civilization where (writing) is in its highest level…!

In this book..

The researcher aims to unify the branches of Arabic writing, both ancient and modern, in all its phases and roles that have fluctuated through the ages, in one unified writing (Arabic writing), which was codified in one unified language, which is (Arabic), in its broad general concept, no matter how different is the dialects and the diversity of the speakers, from ancient times to the present day.
This is a really worth reading book…!

Dr. Hashim Sheet Ali was born in Mosul - Iraq 1951.

He practiced dentistry for more than forty years after graduating from the University of Baghdad in 1976, and completed his postgraduate studies there in 1988.

The turning point in his intellectual life was after he was acquainted with some sources in the history of ancient Arab civilizations at the beginning of his career.

He delved into the unknowns of ancient Arab history, and his readings and interests varied, he was fascinated by the studies related to the ancient Arab people before Islam, their dialects, and their writings. The outcome of all of this was a number of studies and opinions in this field, most of which he summarized in his book “Introduction to The History of Arabic Writing”, in addition to a number of other studies, articles and translations in this field.

He is currently continuing his interests and writings in the history of writing and Arabic calligraphy!

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