Digital Field Game

Dr. Belal Moosa Al Ali

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The study deals with social media platforms, one of the most prominent aspects of the digital revolution that we live in. These platforms are increasingly witnessing a dynamic movement of development, spread and influence. Therefore, the study attempts to reveal the mysteries of this world, based on the theory of Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) as an opportunity to focus on social media platforms as a virtual playing space for the dominant parties seeking to preserve, or enhance their position in the space of this field. Bordeaux analytics is essentially an attempt to avoid treating technology as an external construct or a special case in theory, with a desire to avoid dichotomous divisions between the technology and the society or the person and the subject. The study deals with the hidden game within the social media platforms and the strategies and practices used. It delves into the study of the inhabitants, the nature of life, and the conflicts inherent within the field of social communication. It is an exploratory approach to field engineering through an internal (objective) analysis of the objective field structure by addressing the nature of relational life and the forms of field conflicts occurring, whether civil (internal) conflicts or external conflicts and underlying strategies. The study will explore how players or competitors in this space are in different positions in response to a set of capitals they have, and in the same framework we will discuss the “Game Of The Field” in this virtual space in an attempt to clarify the nature and form of the game of domination and influence, its practices and forms of differentiation through Bourdieu theory from the perspective of the conflict field.

Researcher specializing in parliamentary affairs and political relations in the Federal National Council. He specializes in historical, social and religious studies. International arbitration expert.


PhD in Modern and Contemporary History 2016, Kingdom of Morocco, Fez, Mohammed bin Abdullah University (Fez - Sais).

MA in Social History 2009, Kingdom of Morocco, Rabat, Mohammed V University.

Diploma in Diplomatic and Political Relations and Disputes of an International Character 2017, Arab Republic of Egypt, International Arbitration Commission.

Diploma in accounting.


Sheikh Rashid Award for Academic Excellence - Culture Symposium - United Arab Emirates. (2016)
Sultan Al Owais Award (21st). Best book for an author from the Emirates (2013) UAE - Dubai.
Silver Jubilee Commemoration Medal for the Unification of the Armed Forces (2002) United Arab Emirates.


The book "Trucial Emirates Through the British Press" (2017) - Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development - United Arab Emirates.
The book "The Story of the Religious Symbol" (2013) - Ras Al Khaimah Press - United Arab Emirates - Ras Al Khaimah.
The book "Ibadi Imamate and Colonialism" (2010) - Documentation and Research Center - United Arab Emirates - Ras Al Khaimah.

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