Spark the Sparkly Dragon

Dina O. Nasr

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As usual, Danny and Sammy were heading to their school when they came across a magnificent finding that would turn the day into an exciting adventure as they made friends with a unique baby dragon.

Danny and Sammy discovered their brotherhood bond and ability to care for a baby dragon they named Spark, as they feared revealing their secret to anyone. Why did Danny and Sammy decide on that particular name for the baby dragon? Will they be able to ignore their family circle of trust?

Join Danny, Sammy and Spark on their adventurous journey to discover the true essence of friendship and family.

The book introduces the reader to the importance of respecting family bonds, honesty, caring for others, sharing, and being good listeners.

Dina O. Nasr is a Norwegian Egyptian author and an Early Years practitioner who has always been passionate about working around children. Being a mum of three curious children and an EYFS practitioner, the children always look forward to our storytelling time of countless imaginary stories, tackling a topic of their interest or teaching valuable morals. She has then realised how passionate she is about creating stories that help shape their characters and values.

Dina currently lives in Dubai with her husband and three children.

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