Taking My Soul Home

Freha Wahla

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O’Lord, I am searching for that lost pure love.

The pure love You instilled in our hearts once.

The pure love that’s scattered into shreds now.

The pure love that connects all of us to Your oneness.

The pure love we forgot to give and receive.

The pure love that will end all hostilities and retribution.

The pure love that will end all sufferings and vengeance.

The pure love that will reunite us all one day.

The pure love that we call our ‘Soul.’

O’Lord, I need Your help to rediscover that pure love.


I want to take my Soul to its right place, called ‘home.’

This is the story of a girl who learned to smile under an overcast sky, surviving the storms that life could throw at her. She never gave up, even in the face of formidable odds, with a twinkle in her eyes. This girl had a knack for finding joy in the little things, like dancing raindrops on the pavement or singing birds in the morning.

When faced with disapproving circumstances, did she quit? Not a chance! But she also understood that in some instances, quitting is not always a sign of weakness but of strength and wisdom. It takes courage to let go of something that no longer serves us or aligns with our purpose. In a pure sense, her belief led her to a “no excuse” approach toward reaching her destiny.

Sure, the road ahead may be challenging. But guess what? This girl has got faith oozing out of every pore of her existence! She knows deep down that God will guide her through the darkness and lead her towards the light.

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1 review for Taking My Soul Home

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    A striking, emotional and yet true story of a personal journey of redemption and the power of forgiveness which is not only deeply touching but also truly spiritual. The author weaves her life journey through displaying the vulnerability of women to life’s cultural expectations and how her personal strength and her father and husband’s love protected, supported and saved her to be the strong woman that she is today.

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