The Brain Is Not Just For Thinking

Lubna Khalid Alkendi

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My book is about the brain, which is the first and last engine of our bodies. I consider that the brain exists in three main parts, namely: the (Heart-Intestines-Head) And it is connected by a hormonal links and electromagnetic waves, and it forms a group that controls all vital processes, not just thinking, rather feelings, immunity, and even control the survival of the cell in its activity, or it dies and the life of the cell ends. There are factors that help in functioning efficiently. Therefore, we must focus and follow up on the children of determination through the activity of their brains. The factors that I mentioned in my book are important to help us develop and modify the brains of our children of determination.

Mrs. Lubna Khalid Alkendi, Greetings.

At the outset, I would like to express my happiness for the wonderful achievements you have made over the past few years, since the first day I met you in the training programs I have predicted this future for you, because of your passion for learning, your greed for development, and striving for everything new, you were the diligent and eager student to take information and sciences, and apply it in everything that is beneficial for the development of yourself and others,

May God bless you and direct your path.

Dr. Muhammad Nayef Harz Allah

University Professor - University of Sharjah.

Striving towards learning... She dreams big … She aspires towards new experiences.

In her great heart is a passion for people of determination, and a quest to participate in their success and integrate them into society, by her motherhood she understands them, and makes the impossible to explain their vocabulary. Her accomplishment is the result of love and effort, so I wish her to enjoy its fruit, and may God bless her efforts.

Professor: Rahma Younis Al Nuaimi

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